Ulster Towns Directory 1910: Richhill, County Armagh

From The Belfast and Ulster Towns Directory for 1910

Thirty-one and one-quarter miles from Belfast by rail.
Centre of Fruit Growing District.
Large Preserve Works in the vicinity.
Has Post Office, with Money Order and Telegraph Departments.
Population, about 460

--D. W. Kane, Postmaster.
Postmen--H. Dodds, J. Loney, C. Rountree, C. Wilson, R. Dodds, and G. Proctor

Church of Ireland--Parish Church--Incumbent, Rev. Dr. Johnson.
Kilmore Church--Rev. W. Jones, The Rectory, Kilmore
Presbyterian--Minister, Rev. John Deans, B.A.
Methodist--Minister, Rev. Elliott
Congregational Church--Rev. G. M'Murray
Stonebridge Church--Rev. J. J. Donnelly, C.C.
The Friends' Meeting House
Magistrates--James Hobson, Greenfield house, Kilmore, Richhill; J. Wilson
Dispensary Medical Officer--Dr. R. S. S. Berry, Richhill
Registrar of Births, Marriages, and Deaths--Dr. Berry
Royal Irish Constabulary--Sergeant M'Reynolds and three constables
Loan Company's Office--Managers, Messrs. F. & J. Best

Church of Ireland--No. 1, Wm. Kellegher, teacher; No. 2, The Misses Weir, teachers
Presbyterian Church N.S. -- Mr. W. M'Mahon, teacher

Benson, Thomas, furniture manufacturer
Berry, Major, The Castle, Richhill
Best, Messrs., Loan Bank
Callaghan, John, boot merchant
Callaghan, Samuel, grocer, Stone Bridge, Richhill
Dodds, Henry, postman
Falloon, John, grocer, Ballyleaney
Gardner, William, blacksmith
Griffiths, Dr. T. R., Richhill
Halligan, William, grocer, Richhill
Hardy, A., grocer
Hardy, Martha, tanner, Richhill
Hardy, T H., leather factory
Hoy, Mrs., grocer and publican
Jackson, Cranston, teacher, Mulladry, N.S., Richhill
Jackson, John, grocer and hardware merchant
Jones, Dromard, Richhill
Kane, D. W., grocer, funeral undertaker, iron and coal stores, and Post Office
Kennedy, George, publican
King, Mrs., draper
King, Thomas, general dealer
Lamb Bros., jam manufacturers, Fruitfield, Richhill
Lamb, Richard, grocer, egg, and dealer, Wheatfield, Portadown
Lavery, J., stationmaster
Loney, J., postman
Loney, Morrison, furniture manufacturer
Mallon, David, publican
M'Cann, W. J., cycle and motor agent and newsagent
M'Donagh & Fleet, furniture manufacturers
M'Mahon, John, school attendance officer
M'Mahon, William, teacher, Ballinahinch N.S., Richhill
M'Nally, David, cattle dealer
M'Nally, Edward, cattle dealer
M'Nally, George, cattle dealer
M'Nally, William, victualler
Nesbitt, George, marine stores
Nesbitt, George, pump sinker
Owlds, J., stationmaster, Hamilton's Bawn, Richhill
Patterson, R., grocer, Kilmore
Rountree, William John, furniture manufacturer
Rowntree, C., postman
Ross, George, blacksmith
Ruddock, E., N.S. teacher, Kilmore
Towell, Joseph, wholesale furniture manufacturer
Troughton, F., grocer, Ballinahinch
Wilson, Charles, watch and clock repairer
Wilson, C., postman

Albin, James, Rockmacraney
Albin, Robert, Rockmacraney
Anderson, John W., farmer and road contractor, Drumorgan, Richhill
Atkinson, Henry, cess collector, Greenmount, Richhill
Bains, Isaac, farmer, Druman
Best, J. B., J.P.
Best, Jacob B., Richhill
Best, Messrs., loan bank
Best, Mrs., Richhill
Best, R., LL.B.
Best, William, Richhill
Blakley, William, Rockmacraney
Bleakney, John, Rockmacraney, Richhill
Boyce, Mrs., Corcreevy
Boyce, R. G., Sandyvale, Richhill
Bradshaw, William, farmer, Druman
Callaghan, Samuel, Stonebridge, Richhill
Chapman, Absolam, Drumnahuncheon, Richhill
Chapman, John, Mulladry, Richhill
Clinton, Robert, Mullaghdry, Richhill
Cornwall, Wm., posmaster, Woodview, Armagh
Davidson, William, Cloughan, Richhill
Hall, Richard, Ballinahinch
Halligan Bros., Annarea, Richhill
Hardcastle, Henry, manager, Fruitfield, Richhill
Hardy, T. H., J.P., U.D.C.
Heatley, William, farmer, Druman
Hewitt, Mark, Kilmore, Richhill
Hewitt, S. J., Crewcat, Richhill
Hewitt, W. J., Balhleaney, Richhill
Hill, James A., farmer, Druman
Hitchinsin, John, Liskyboro, Richhill
Hobson, James, Kilmore, Richhill
Hutchinson, John, Cloughan, Richhill
Hutchinson, John, Cloughan, Richhill
Irwin, Johnston, Shewis, Richhill
Jackson, David, Mullaghdry, Richhill
Jackson, Steenson, Mullaghdry, Richhill
Jenkinson, Abraham, Cloughan, Richhill
Johnston, George, Kilmore, Richhill
Johnston, Irwin, Shewis, Richhill
Johnston, John, Rockmacraney
Johnston, Joseph, M'Cantrim, Richhill
Johnston, Major Richard, Kilmore, Richhill
Johnston, William, Corcreevy, Richhill
Kane, D. W., Richhill
Lamb, C. B., Sandymount, Richhill
Lamb, John, Mullaletragh, Richhill scythestone quarries
Lamb, Richard, farmer, poultry, and egg dealer, Wheatfield, Portadown
Loney, James, Corcreevy
Loney, John, farmer, Liskyborough, Richhill
Loney, Thomas, Crewcat, Richhill
Loney, William, fruit dealer, Liskyborough, Richhill
Magowan, R., Richhill
Meares, George, Cloughan
M'Allister, George, Cavan, Richhill
M'Allister, James, Cavan, Richhill
M'Callister, William, Cavan, Richhill
M'Mahon, Mary, Kilmore, Richhill
M'Nally, John, farmer and cattle dealer, Course lodge, Richhill
Nesbitt, Jackson, mailcar driver, Anarea
Pearson, Edward, farmer, Drumard Jones
Redmond, A. W., Moss Park house, Richhill
Riddall, Walter, Richhill
Rountree, Robert, Mulladry, Richhill
Rutherford, William, farmer and sexton Kilmore Church, Richhill
Singleton, Major, Liskyboro
Singleton, Wilson, Mullalelish, Richhill
Sinton, John, farmer and miller, Druman
Sintons, The Misses, Greenmount, Richhill
Spence, Thomas, farmer, Anarea
Stothers, Wilson, Cavan, Richhill
Timmins, Francis, grocer, Cavan, Richhill
Troughton, John, Mullalelish, Richhill
Troughton, Joseph, Liskyboro, Richhill
Troughton, Thomas, Drumardjones, Richhill
Walker, James, Mulladry, Richhill
Walker, Samuel, farmer and tailor, Ballyleaney, Richhill
Wilson, Edward, Richhill
Wilson, J., Hockly lodge
Wilson, William, Annahill, Richhill
Wright, James, Mulladry, Richhill
Wright, Robert, Hockly, Armagh