Monaghan County Directory for 1862

From Thom's Irish Almanac and Official Directory for the Year 1862

MONAGHAN, an inland county in Ulster province. Boundaries: N., Tyrone; E., Armagh and Louth; S., Meath and Cavan; W., Fermanagh. Greatest length, N. and S., 37 miles; greatest breadth, E. and W., 28 miles; comprising an area of 500 square miles, or 319,757 acres, of which 285,885 are arable, 21,585 uncultivated, 5,816 in plantations, 304 in towns, and 6,167 under water. The general surface is hilly, and mountainous in the N.W. and to the E., joining Armagh. The highest point of the Slievebeagh range is 1,254 feet above high sea level. The soil is of every variety; that in the more level portion, which forms the N. part of the great central limestone plain of Ireland, is very fertile, but the more hilly parts are a stiff clay, good for flax and corn, though very difficult to work. The lakes and rivers are numerous, but small; the N. Blackwater, which falls into Lough Neagh, forms a part of the E. boundary. The Ulster Canal passes through the county. The population in 1841 was 200,407; 191,301 in the rural, and 9,141 in the civic district, and in 1861 the total population of the county was 126,340, being a decrease of 74,067. The occupations are almost wholly agricultural; spade husbandry is much practised; the main crops are, oats, barley, potatoes, and flax; which latter, from its improved culture, is vastly increasing, both in quantity and in value; the culture of wheat and of green crops is increasing; the linen manufacture is reviving.

The county is divided into 5 baronies--Cremorne, Dartree, Farney, Monaghan, and Trough, and contains 23 parishes. It is wholly in the archdiocese of Armagh. The principal towns are Monaghan, Clones, Castleblayney, Carrickmacross, and Ballibay; population in 1861, 3,797, 2,388, 1,820, 2,045, and 1,652. It returns 2 members to Parliament; constituency in 1859, 5,121, and is in the North-East Circuit. The County Prison is in Monaghan, where the Assizes are held. The county is within the military district of Dublin; and there is a Barrack station at Monaghan.

The annual amount of property valued under the Tenement Valuation Act is £203,348.

Lieutenant and Custos Rotulorum.
Colonel CHARLES POWELL LESLIE, M P. (1858), Colonel of the Monaghan Militia, Glasslough, Monaghan; 48, Berkeley-square, London, W.; Carlton Club, London, S.W. [3]

High Sheriff (1861-2).
HENRY MITCHELL, esq., Drumreaske, Monaghan.

Members of Parliament for the County.
Colonel CHARLES POWELL LESLIE (1842), Glasslough, in this county; 48, Berkeley-square, London, W.; Carlton Club, London, S.W.
Sir GEORGE FORSTER, bart. (1852), D.L., Coolderry, Carrickmacross; Carlton Club, London, S.W.

Deputy Lieutenants.
Anketell, Matthew John, Anketell Grove, Emyvale [1] [3]
Blayney, Right Hon. Lord, Carlton Club, London, S.W.
Bond, Capt. Edward Wellington, Bondville, Middletown [1]
Brownlow, William, Knapton House, Abbeyleix; 29, Merrion-square, and Kildare-street Club, Dublin
Cole, Owen, Blayney [1]
Coote, Major Thomas, Brandrum, Monaghan [1] [2]
Cremorne, Right Hon. Lord, K.P., Dartrey Castle, Cootehill; 3, Great Stanhope-street, London, W.
Evatt, S. Robert Bayley, Mount Louise, Monaghan [2]
Forster, Sir George, bart., M.A. (T.C.D.), M.P., Coolderry, Carrickmacross; Carlton Club, London, S.W.
Forster, William, Ballynure, Clones [1]
French, Robert Charles Leslie, Ballybay House, Ballybay [1]
Hope, Henry Thomas, M.A, (Cantab.), F.G.S., Blayney Castle, Castleblayney; Deepdene, Dorking, Surrey; 116, Piccadilly, London, W.; Carlton Club, London, S.W. [1]
Ker, Andre Allen Murray, Newbliss House, Newbliss; Sackville-street Club, Dublin [1] [2]
Lewis, Lieut.-Col. Arthur Gambell, 43, Fitzwilliam-square, west, Dublin; and Scottstown, co. Monaghan [1]
Lucas, Edward William, Castle Shane, Monaghan [1] [2]
Madden, John, Hilton, Clones
Rowley, Henry, Cordoolough
Shirley, Evelyn Philip, M.A. (Oxon), Loughfea, Carrickmacross; Lower Eatington Park, Stratford-on-Avon; National Club, London, S.W. [1] [3]
Singleton, Thomas, Fort Singleton, Emyvale

Chairman of Quarter Sessions.
JAMES MAJOR, esq., Q.C. (1835), 13, Mountjoy-Square, North, Dublin.

Adams, John Hervey, B.A. (T.C.D.), Northlands, Shircock, Carrickmacross
Anketell, Matthew John, D.L., Anketell Grove, Emyvale [1] [3]
Anketell, Thomas, Dungillick, Emyvale
Bath, Most Hon. Marquess of, Longleat, Warminster, Wilts; 44, Berkeley square, London, W , Carlton Club, London, S. W.
Bennie, George, Farmoyle House, Ballibay
Bond, Captain Edward Wellington, D.L. , Bondville, Middletown
Boyle, Charles, Tannagh, Cootehill [1]
Brady, John, Johnstown, Clones
Brooke, Basil George, Dungannon [2]
Brownlow, James, Ballyleck, Monaghan
Cooke, William
Coote, Major Thomas, D.L. , Brandrum, Monaghan [1] [2]
Cremorne Right Hon. Lord, K.P. , D.L., Dartrey Castle, Cootehill, 3, Great Stanhope-street, London, W.
Cunningham, John, Glasslough
Dolling, Robert Holbeche, B. A. (Cantab) Manor House Kilrea, co. Derry, Sackville-street Club, Dublin [3]
Evatt, S. Robert Bayley, D.L., Mount Louise, Monaghan [2]
Fawcett, John, Drumaconnor, Monaghan Filgate, William, Lisrenny, Ardee
Forster, Sir George, bart., M.A. (T.C.D.), M.P., D.L., Coolderry, Carrickmacross; Carlton Club, London, S.W.
Forster, Lieut.-Colonel Thomas Oriel, Coolderry, Carrickmacross [1]
Forster, William, D.L., Ballynure, Clones [1]
French, Robert Charles Leslie, D.L., Ballybay House, Ballybay [1]
Goudy, John, Coolmain House, Monaghan
Hamill, David, Roosky, Newbliss
Hamilton, James, B.A. (Cantab.), Cornacassa, Monaghan; Sackville-street Club, Dublin [2]
Hawkshaw, Charles, Monaghan
Holland, John Thomas, Belle Vue, Carrickmacross
Hope, Hen. Thos., M.A. (Cantab.), F.G S., D.L , Blayney Castle, Castleblayney; Deepdene, Dorking, Surrey; 116, Piccadilly, London, W.; Carlton Club, London, S.W. [1]
Johnston, Henry George, Fortjohnston, Glasslough [1] [2]
Johnston, Thomas, Longfield, Carrickmacross
Johnstone, John Wardlaw, B.A. (T.C.D.), Cassaugh Moane, Aughnacloy
Jones, Humphrys, Carrickaderry House, Clontibret
Kenny, Plunket, Moyles, Inniskeen, Dundalk [1]
Ker, Andre Allen Murray, D.L., Newbliss House, Newbliss; Sackville-street Club, Dublin [1] [2]
Kernan, John Boyle, Rocksavage, Dundalk [1]
Lentaigne, John, M.B., Inspector-General of Prisons and a Commissioner of National Education, Tallaght House, co. Dublin; 1, Great Denmark-street, and Stephen's-green Club. Dublin [1]
Leslie, Captain John, Kiltybegs, Inniskeen, Dundalk [1]
Lewis, Lieut.-Colonel Arthur Gambell, D.L., 43, Fitz-william-square, west, Dublin; and Scottstown, co. Monaghan [1]
Lloyd, Captain Jesse, Camla, Monaghan [2]
Lloyd, Henry, Camla, Monaghan
Lucas, Right Hon. Edwd., P.C., Castle Shane, Monaghan; Carlton Club, London, S.W. [2]
Lucas, Edward William, D.L. , Castle Shane, Monaghan [1] [2]
Lucas, Thomas, Agherlane, Ballybay
Madden, John, D.L., Hilton, Clones
Madden, John, Rosslea Manor, Clones; Kildare-street Club, Dublin
M'Cullagh, James, Corfad, Ballybay
M'Cullagh, Thomas, Derryvally, Ballybay
M'Math, Andrew, Castleblayney
M'Watty, James, Castleblayney
Mayne, Richard, Castleblayney, and 6, Martello-terrace, Kingstown, co. Dublin
Minnett, Richard Allen, Derrygooney, Cortobber, Ballybay
Mitchell, Henry, Drumreaske, Monaghan [2]
Montgomery, Alexander, Delgany, co. Wicklow
Moorhead, John, M.D., Annamakerg, Newbliss
Moorhead, Samuel Rutherford, Fortwilliam, Cootehill
Morant, George, Shirley House, Carrickmacross [2]
Moutray, Whitney, Fort Singleton, Emyvale
Murray, William, Beechhill, Monaghan
Rawdon, Major-General John Dawson, Dartrey, Rockcorry; Clooneavin, Lynton, Devon; 34, Prince's Gate, London, W.
Reade, Rev. George Harrison, A.M., Enniskeen Rectory, Dundalk
Rogers, Henry, Monaghan
Rothwell, Thomas, B.A. (Oxon), Blackcastle, Navan, and Shantona, Carrickmacross [1]
Shirley, Evelyn Philip, M.A. (Oxon), D.L., Loughfea, Carrickmacross; Lower Eatington Park, Stratford-on Avon; National Club, London, S.W. [1] [3]
Singleton, Matthew (Res. Mag.), Castleblayney
Singleton, Thomas C., Fort Singleton, Emyvale
Smith, David, Clonowney, Clones
Stopford, Captain Thomas, Newbliss
Tardy, Rev. Elias, Aughamullen Rectory, Ballybay
Thomson. Robert, Thornhill, Smithboro'
Trench, William Stuart, B.A. (T.C.D.), Carrickmacross; Cardtown, Mountrath; Kildare-street Club, Dublin
Wall, Christopher Edward, M.D., Rathmines-road, Dublin; and Largy, Clones
Wright, Joseph Crowe, Carrahor, Scotstown

County Officers
Clerk of the Crown, Thomas D. Bourne, esq. (1832), 17, Harcourt-street, Dublin.
Clerk of the Peace, Maurice Peppard Warren Lewis, esq. (1854), 10, Fitzwilliam-square, west, Dublin; and Monaghan.
Deputy Clerk of the Peace, John Mitchell, esq., Monaghan, and 32, Nelson-street, Dublin.
Crown Solicitor, Maxwell Hamilton, esq. (1830), 34, Westland-row, Dublin.
Sessional Crown Prosecutor, Alexander Dudgeon, esq. (1835), 32, Nelson-street, Dublin; and Sterling Lodge, Clones.
Treasurer, Thomas Montgomery, esq. (1830), Monaghan
Secretary to the Grand Jury, John Jackson, esq. (1843). Cremorne, Ballibay, and Monaghan.
County Surveyor, William Carroll, esq. (1854), Monaghan.
County Surveyor's Assistants, Mr. John Clegg, Shantonee; Mr. Josh. Fleming, Emyvale; Mr. Wm. Gordon, Castleblayney; Mr. Bleckley, Clones; and Mr. Foster Dunwoody, Monaghan.
Sub-Sheriff, William Mitchell, esq., Tullycromin.
Sheriff's Returning Officer, Thomas Edmond Wright, esq., 35, South Frederick-street, Dublin, and Monaghan.
Coroners, Charles Waddell, esq., Lisnavane, Ballybay, and Hugh Swanzy, esq., Castleblayney.

Head Distributer for the county, Patrick Russell, esq., Monaghan.
Ballybay, Mrs. William Reed.
Carrickmacross, Mrs. George Smith.
Castleblayney, John Sloan.
Clones, Archibald Burnside.
Monaghan, Edmund Donnelly.

Cremorne, John Francis Johnston, Millmore, Ballybay.
Dartrey, James Lister, Dundrennan, Rockcorry.
Farney, east, Wm. Henry, Mullinavanog, Carrickmacross.
Farney, west, Richey Lundy, Ardragh, Carrickmacross.
Monaghan, Joseph Fiddes, Clenamully, Scottstown.
Trough, John Cargill, Aughalonghan, Glasslough.

County Inspector, John Simson Stuart, esq., Monaghan.
Sub-Inspectors' Stations:-
Carrickmacross, Thomas M. H. J. Hill, esq.
Castleblayney, Francis J. Heath, esq.
Clones, Henry Kirwan, esq.
Monaghan, Charles M'Kelvey, esq.

Place where held, Day, and Name of Clerk.
Ballybay, second Monday; Wm. Alexander Breakey.
Carrickmacross, second Friday; James Lang.
Clones, second Friday; George P. Clarke.
Castleblayney, second Friday; William Hamilton.
Emyvale, second Thursday; David D. Smyth.
Monaghan, Tuesday; John Warner.
Newbliss, second Wednesday; John White.
Rockcorry, second Wednesday; Charles Wilson.

The Board of Superintendence meets on the first Monday in each month.
Inspector and Chaplain, Rev. Henry Maffett.
Governor, John Temple, esq.
R. C. Chaplain, Rev. Patrick Clifford.
Presbyterian Chaplain, Rev. John Bleckley.
Physician and Surgeon, John S. M'Dowell, M.D.

Carrickmacross, John Arthurs.
Castleblayney, William Thompson.
Clones, John Kelly.

Treasurer, Provincial Bank.
Surgeon, Andrew Knight Young, M.D. [1]
Apothecary and Registrar, Mr. William Madden.

Poor Law Unions:-

(Co. Monaghan), 14 Electoral Divisions. The Board of Guardians meets on Tuesdays.
Chairman, Evelyn P. Shirley, esq., Loughfea, Carrickmacross.
Vice-Chairman, William Stuart Trench, esq., Essex Castle, Carrickmacross.
Deputy Vice-Chairman, John Thomas Holland, esq., Belle View, Carrickmacross.
Treasurer, National Bank, Carrickmacross.
Clerk and Returning Officer, Henry Quinn.
Master and Matron, Francis Wallace and Mary Wallace.
Established Church, Rev. Thos. St. Laurence Smith, A.M.
Roman Catholic, Rev. Jas. Jos. MacMahon.
Medical Officer, Peter Walsh, M D.
Relieving Officer, Bernard M'Caul, Carrickmacross.
Medical Officers of Dispensary Districts:-
Carrickmacross, R. M. Tagart, M.D.
Donaghmoyne, Thomas M. Fleming, M.D.
Rafeeragh, Samuel Stephenson, M.D.

(Cos. Monaghan and Armagh), 21 Electoral Divisions. The Board of Guardians meets on Wednesdays.
Chairman, Henry Thos. Hope, esq , J.P., D.L., Castleblayney.
Vice-Chairman, Robert Charles Leslie French, esq., J.P., D.L., Ballybay.
Deputy Vice-Chairman, James M'Watty, esq., J.P., Castleblayney.
Treasurer, Belfast Banking Company, Castleblayney.
Clerk and Returning Officer, Samuel M'Birney.
Master and Matron, Samuel Draffin and Caroline Smith.
Established Church, Rev. W. S. Burnside.
Roman Catholic, Rev. James M'Meel.
Presbyterian, Rev. Thomas Boyd.
Medical Officer, William Nassau Irwin, M.D.
Relieving Officer, John O'Hanlon, Castleblayney.
Medical Officers of Dispensary Districts:-
Ballybay, James W. Young, M.D.
Castleblayney, William Nassau Irwin, M.D.
Crossmaglen, Richard Donaldson, M.D.

(Cos. Monaghan and Fermanagh), 16 Electoral Divisions. The Board of Guardians meets on Thursdays.
Chairman, William Forster, esq., Ballynure, Analore, Clones.
Vice-Chairman, Jas. Richardson, esq., Summerhill, Clones.
Deputy Vice-Chairman, Henry Whiteside, esq., Cappa, Smithborough.
Treasurer, Northern Banking Company, Clones.
Clerk and Returning Officer, David Rickey.
Master and Matron, George Little and Anne Coulson.
Established Church, Rev. Thomas Hand.
Roman Catholic, Rev. James Smyth.
Presbyterian, Rev. W. White.
Medical Officer, Richard Henry.
Relieving Officers, William Thompson, Gortnawinnie, Clones; Thomas Wilson, Magheraveely.
Medical Officers of Dispensary Districts:-
Clones, Richard Henry, M.D.
Newtownbutler, James Fitzgerald, M.D.
Roslea, Alexander Knight, M.D.

(Co. Monaghan), 21 Electoral Divisions. The Board of Guardians meets on Wednesdays.
Chairman, Right Hon. Edward Lucas, Castle Shane, Monaghan.
Vice-Chairman, James Hamilton, esq., Cornacassa, Monaghan.
Deputy Vice-Chairman, Captain Jesse Lloyd, Camla, Monaghan.
Treasurer, Belfast Banking Company, Monaghan.
Clerk and Returning Officer, James Mitchell.
Master and Matron, Thos. Armstrong and Margt. Eakins.
Established Church, Rev. Henry Maffett.
Roman Catholic, Rev. Patrick Clifford.
Presbyterian, Rev. John Bleckley.
Medical Officer, William Temple, M.D.
Relieving Officer, John Douglas, Monaghan.
Medical Officers of Dispensary Districts:-
Castle Shane, Robert Donaldson, surgeon.
Glasslough, Allen Edmund Douglas, M.D., L.R.C.S.I.
Kilmore, Thomas Reed, surgeon.
Monaghan, William Temple, M.D.
Scotstown, John William Mouritz, surgeon.


[1] Have served the office of High Sheriff of the County.

[2] Are members of the Board of Superintendence of the County Prison.

[3] Are Governors of the District Lunatic Asylum.