Kilteel Castle, County Kildare

From the Illustrated Dublin Journal, Volume 1, Number 33, April 19, 1862

Kilteel Castle, Kildare

In the above sketch is represented the ruins of one of those monuments of antiquity which, in the olden time, were looked upon as the glory of this our Emerald Isle, but which are now fast falling into decay; and which, but for individuals possessing national spirit, would, in a few years, be altogether forgotten that they had ever existed. And this is one way in which we think this journal well calculated to subserve the interests of Ireland, by giving "a local habitation and a name" to some of those ancient buildings which lie scattered over the country, and which the hand of time is fast levelling with the dust.

Kilteel Castle, the subject of our sketch, lies about four miles from the village of Rathcool, and fourteen from Dublin, branching off to the left of the Naas road.

It is questionable whether the tower (which now forms part of the castle, and serves as a staircase to the interior) is not one of the many specimens of those mysterious edifices which are to be found in various parts of Ireland, usually denominated Round Towers; from the circumstance of there being the remains of an old Abbey and church near to the site, as also an ancient stone cross, (in a tolerable state of preservation,) standing in the garden immediately adjoining. The ascent to what were the several floors of the castle, is by stone steps, in the Round Tower, sixty in number, varying from seven to nine Inches in depth.

The remains of the Abbey are, at present, unimposing; and, with the exception of the gable and ruined doorway, nothing but low and ragged bite of the early walls are left.