The Irish Harpers in Belfast in 1792 (3)

“The Irish Harpers in Belfast in 1792” … continued


From The Ulster Journal of Archaeology, Second Series, Volume 1, Number 2, 1895

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Resuming the narrative of Wednesday’s meeting, we find the Harpers played in the following order the airs which each had selected:—

Dennis Dempsey* (blind), from the County of Derry, aged 68, played—

“The Dawning of the Day,” … Carolan.
“Ul a Condo Wo,” … Author and date unknown
“The County of Leitrim,” … Author and date unknown

Arthur O’Neill (blind), from the County Tyrone, aged 55. played—

“Green Woods of Truagh,” … Author and date unknown.
“The Fairy Queen,” … Carolan.
“Mrs. Crofton,” … Same.

Charles Fanning, from the County of Cavan, aged 56, played—

“Condow Deelish, or Black-headed Deary,” … Author and date unknown.
“Rose Dillon and jig,” … Carolan.
“Colonel O’Hara,” … same.

Daniel Black (blind), from the County of Derry, aged 75, played—

“The Receipt for drinking Whiskey,” … Carolan.
“Sir Alic O’Burke,” … Same.
“Thomas a Burke,” … Same.

Charles Byrne, from the County of Leitrim, aged 80, played—

“The Old Trough,” … Author and date unknown.
“Oganioge,” … The same—very ancient.

Hugh Higgins (blind), from the County Mayo, aged 55, played—

“Madam Cole,” … Carolan.

Paddy Quin (blind), from the County Armagh, aged 70, played—

“The Rocks of Pleasure.”
“Carolan’s Devotion.”
“Grace Nugent,” … Carolan.

Wm. Carr, from the County Armagh, aged 15, played—

“The Dawn of the Day.”

Rose Mooney (blind), from the County Meath, played—

“Sir Charles Coote.”
“Mrs. Judge.”
“Mrs. French, or Miss Fanny Power.”

James Duncan, from the County of Down, aged 45, played—

“Molly Astore,” … Date and author unknown.
“Morning Star,” … The same.
“Catherine Tyrrel,” … The same.

The Irish Harpers were followed by a Welshman, whose execution was very brilliant. The contrast between the plaintive tones of the Irish instrument and the bold, martial tones of the Welsh had a pleasing effect, and marked a difference of character between the two nations.

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* Dempsey is obviously an error for Hempsey or Hempson, of Magilligan, County Derry.