Ulster Towns Directory 1910: Ballycarry, County Antrim

17 miles from Belfast
Has Railway Station, with Postal and Telegraph Office.
Population, 175

--Francis M'Connell, postmaster. William Hawkins, postman

Church of Ireland--Rev. J. H. Bennett, B.A., rector
Presbyterian Church--Rev. Thos. Bartley,
B.A. Unitarian Church--Rev. W. G. Marsden

Dispensary--Charles Dundee, M.D., medical officer, registrar of births, deaths, and marriages
National School, No. 1--Principal, Jas. A. Colhoun; manual instructress, Miss Hamilton
National School, No. 2--Principal, A. G. M'Neill; manual instructress, Miss Barry

Adrain, James, Templecorran House
Allen, James, posting establishment
Bartley, Rev. T., B.A., The Manse
Beggs, W., carpenter, Bellahill
Bennett, Rev. J. Hamilton, B.A., Kilroot, Carrickfergus
Campbell, James, smith
Clugston, J., gardener, Bellahill
Dundee, Charles, M.D.
Ellis, Alexander, Bank House
English & Scottish Law Life Office--Agent, James A. Colhoun, N.S. teacher
Erskine, James, draper
Hamilton, Mrs., grocer
Hassan, J., smith, Bellahill
Hawkins, Boyd, shoemaker
Hawkins, John, stationmaster and newsagent
Hawkins, John, shoemaker
Hawkins, William, postman
Kennedy, W. H., grocer
King, R. S., Causeway Hotel
Legge, James, The Cottage
Leighton, J. A., solicitor, Springbrook
Marsden, Rev. W. G., The Manse
Millar, Alexander, carpenter
Millar, James, carpenter
Millar, The Misses, drapers and milliners
Millar, W., publican
M'Connell, Francis, postmaster
M'Cully, William, Forthill Limeworks
M'Giffin, Miss
M'Kee, Mrs., publican and grocer
M'Meekin, The Misses, dressmakers
Orr, Samuel, master mariner
Palmer, V. S., painter
Patterson, E., grocer, Bellahill
Porritt, W. F., Redhall
Sturdy, Edward H., grocer and farmer

Allen, D., North-west, Ballycarry
Alexander, J., Hillhead
Alexander, Mrs., Redhall
Barron, D., Bellahill
Barry, R., Bellahill
Barry, W., Bellahill
Beggs, Edward
Boyle, Robert H., Lockstown
Burns, Archibald, Burnside
Calwell, William, Cairnbrock
Clugston, H., Bellahill
Connor, Miss M., teacher, Bellahill N.S.
Connor, W., Bellahill
Cowan, T., Bellahill
Craig, D., North-west, Ballycarry
Davison, James, Blackhill
Davison, John, North-west, Ballycarry
Dick, John, Hillhead
Erskine, John, Blackhill
Erskine, Mrs., Lockstown
Glenn, William, Green Cottage
Hall, J., Lockstown
Hamilton, Samuel M., Forthill
Hanna, H., North-west, Ballycarry
Hay, J., Bellahill
Hay, S., Bellahill
Hawkins, B., Hillhead
Hunter, E., North-west, Ballycarry
Hunter, S., North-west, Ballycarry
Jackson, D., Bellahill
Jackson, H., Blackhill
Jackson, S., Bellahill
Magowan, W., Blackhill
M'Allister, J., North-west, Ballycarry
M'Dade, Patrick, Lockstown
M'Kee, J., Blackhill
M'Kee, Samuel, North-west, Ballycarry
M'Kee, Thomas, Oldmill
M'Keen, J., Blackhill
M'Murran, G., Bellahill
M'Murron, J., Lockstown
M'Murtry, L., Bellahill
Nelson, J., Bellahill
Nelson, J., Blackhill
Nelson, J., North-west, Ballycarry
Owens, J., Blackhill
Ridges, J., Lockstown
Ridges, James, North-west, Ballycarry
Robinson, Thomas, Leafield
Snoddy, R. J., Bellahill
Steele, Mrs., Leafield
Steele, Robert, Loughside
Stevenson, Robert, Minniebrook
Tate, Joseph, tailor
Thompson, W. J., Lockstown
White, Edward, Muttonburn
White, J., North-west, Ballycarry
Wilson, T., Bellahill