Ulster Towns Directory 1910: Ballintoy, County Antrim

Inland 60 miles from Belfast.
Shore Road to Belfast, 70 miles.
Parish and Village. Has a Post Office with Money Order and Telegraph Departments.
Area of Parish--12,757 acres.
Parish Population--2,278.
Village Population--124

POST OFFICE.--Postal Telegraph, Money Order and Savings Bank Office--Postmaster, Patrick O'Carrigan. Arrival of mails, 11-30 a.m. ; despatch, 2-0 p.m.

Church of Ireland--Parish Church--Rev Wm. Matchette, M.A., rector
Roman Catholic Chapel--Rev. Bernard Murphy, P.P., Ballinlea

Registrar of Births, Marriages, and Deaths--Dr. Dunlop, Croagh Dispensary
Royal Irish Constabulary--Serg. M'Cafferty: Constables Aiken, Kilkenny, and M'Conaghy

Ballintoy Parochial National School--Teachers, Mr. and Mrs. Anketell and Miss C. Hunter
Ballintoy National School (R.C.)--Teacher, Miss M. M'Kenna
Cloughcorr National School--Teachers, Mr. and Mrs. Macanergny
Coastguard Station--Dan. Gault, caretaker
Masonic Hall (Lodge 38)
Orange Hall (Lodge 803)

Boreland, John
Boreland, Mrs.
Boyd, Archie, blacksmith
Carton, William, The Demesne
Chambers, R. H., Demesne
Dickson, Alex., wine and spirit merchant
Doherty, James, saddler
Donaghey, John, sexton
Donegan, Mrs., farmer, The Castle
Donnelly, John, farmer, Knocksougney
Donnelly, Miss Jennie, emigration and insurance agent and agent for Lloyds
Donnelly, Mrs.
Gault, Daniel, shoemaker
Gillan, Alexander, fisherman
Jamieson, Mrs., Blackside
Kane, Mrs.
Kane, William
Kelly, James, farmer
Kelly, Mrs.
Kelly, William
Lamont, Rose
Matchette, Rev. William, The Rectory, Mount Druid
Meban, Daniel
Mitchell, Charles, fisherman
Mitchell, Jane
Morgan, D., fisherman
Morgan, D., junior
Mullan, P., boatbuilder
M'Bride, Mrs.
M'Carter & Cocker
M'Curdy, Daniel, farmer
M'Kay, Dick, fisherman, The Port
M'Kay, James, carpenter, Blackside
M'Kay, John, The Castle
M'Kay, John, fisherman
M'Kay, Nancy, grocer
M'Keighan, Mrs.
M'Kendry, Alex., carpenter and farmer
M'Kendry, Robert
M'Lernon, Ellen
M'Michael, A. J., dressmaker
M'Shane, Mrs., The Castle
O'Carrigan, P.
Roarke, Bryan, fisherman
Roarke, John, fisherman
White, Ezekiel, farmer

Baird, Robert, Maghernahare
Baird, James, Clegnagh
Black, Archie, Maghernahare
Black, Daniel, Lemenagh
Brown, Charles, Cloughcorr
Brown, Eliza, Magheracastle
Brown, Miss, Magheracastle Post Office
Brown, William, Magheracastle
Callaghan, Henry, Lemenagh
Campbell, Wm., Craigalappin
Christie, Daniel, Craiganee
Christie, Wm. H., Craiganee
Cunningham, David, Legavar
Donnelly, Alexander, J.P., Cloughcorr house
Donnelly, Mrs., Knocknagarvin
Glass, Enaes, Lemenagh
Henderson, Dr., J.P., Lemenagh
Hill, David, Templastra
Hill, John, Broughgammon
Hill, Patrick, Broughgammon
Hunter, Andrew, Legavar
Hunter, James, Legavar
MacKinnon, Thomas, Legavar
Kane, Charles, Craiganee
Kane, John, grocer, Maghernahare
Kane, Patrick, Knocknagarvin
Kane, Thomas, Ballinlea
Logan, John, Lemenagh
M'Afee, James, Lemenagh
M'Afee, John, Ballinastraid
M'Auley, Daniel, Knocksoghey
M'Bride, Hugh, Lisbellnagroagh
M'Caughan, Charles, grocer, Kilmahamogue
M'Caw, James, Craiganee
M'Caw, James, Templastra
M'Conaghy, James, Magherycastle
M'Conaghy, Robert, Knocknagarvin
M'Conaghy, Silas, Lemenagh
M'Conaghy, William, Lemenagh
M'Curdy, Alexander, Mount Druid
M'Curdy, D. R., Lemenagh
M'Curdy, Daniel, Lemenagh
M'Curdy, James, Knocknagarvin
M'Curdy, John, Lemenagh
M'Curdy, Ellen, Legavar
M'Curdy, William
M'Fall, Mrs. Susan, Elenstaughey
M'Fall, Ned, Elenstaughey
M'Gowan, Alexander, Broughgammon
M'Gowan, Daniel, Broughgammon
M'Gugan, John, grocer, Maghernahare
M'Henry, James, Elenstaughey
M'Kay, Archie, Port Bradden
M'Kay, Charles, Cloughcorr
M'Kay, James, Clegnagh
M'Kay, James, grocer, Maghernahare
M'Kendry, Archie & Neill, Craigalappin
M'Kenzie, James, Ballinlea
M'Keown, Daniel, Maghernahare
M'Lean, Alexander, builder, Magheracastle
M'Lernon, John, Lemenagh
M'Mullan, John, Templastra
M'Mullan, Thomas, Craiganee
M'Mullan, William James, Ballinastraid
Neill, Robert, Elenstaughey
Orr, Robert
Price, Andrew, Rock Cottage, Craigalappin
Price, Charles, Ballinlea
Price, Robert, grocer, Ballinlea
Purcell, Nathan, Lemenagh
Scally, Dan., Elenstaughey
Scally, Thomas, Magheracastle
Sinclair, William, Templastra