A Cross raised up in the Air

Patrick Weston Joyce

A very strange circumstance happened one time at Slane, a village in Meath near the north shore of the Boyne, where there was formerly a very celebrated religious establishment. A large heavy stone cross that stood on the green of the village was all on a sudden lifted up bodily into the air, and when it had risen to a great height, it was shattered into fragments with such violence that some of the pieces fell at Fennor on the other side of the river, some flew westwards as far as Teltown, ten or twelve miles off, while others fell at Tara lying as far towards the south.

It is a bit provoking that the old chronicler gives no further particulars. He does not tell the date, or whether the thing happened during a storm, or in a whirlwind: he has left nothing that would warrant us in hazarding a conjecture as to what gave rise to this strange story.