Anglo-Norman Lords of Cork

Henry II. made a grant of the whole of the Kingdom of Cork, except the city and the cantred that belonged to the Ostmen, to Robert Fitzstephen and Milo du Cogen. Fitzstephen made a donation of some cantreds to Philip de Barry, his sister's son. The Barrys settled near Cork to the south-west and north. They also occupied the district near Bantry. The Barrys built the Castles of Timoleague and Kilchrohane in the 13th century.

A man named Barnewell occupied in the 13th century the Berehaven district between Bantry and Castletown. There is little or nothing known of him, and likely he did not sojourn here long.

Carew also had a settlement near Bantry and built a castle at Dun-a-mare. But all these settlements in the 13th century were short lived, and the original owners were not long out of possession of their native land.

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