Trillick, County Tyrone

From the Belfast and Ulster Towns Directory for 1910

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About 65 miles from Belfast.
Market day is held on Saturdays, and the fair day on the 14th of each month
Population, 265


—Postmaster, Cornelius Magee.

Mails arrive—Week days, 4-55 a.m.; Sunday, 8-0 a.m. Mails despatched—Week days, 7-45 p.m.; Sunday, 5-10 p.m.

Bank (Ulster)—Attendance from Dromore on fair and market days. T. Gordon, manager

Dispensary—Medical officer, Dr. J. Warnock (Tuesdays, 10 to 11; Saturdays, 10 to 12 o'clock). Midwife, Mrs. O'Brien

Constabulary—Sergeant Wm. Byrne in charge

Petty Sessions—Third Tuesday each month, at 11 o'clock. W. H. Porter, clerk

Registrar of Births, Marriages, and Deaths —Dr. J. Warnock, L.M., L.R.C.P.S.I.

Trillick Loan Fund (Saturdays)—T. W. Stafford, receiver

Deputy and Assistant Registrar—W. H. Porter

Market for butter, eggs, and fowl every Saturday

Local Magistrates—E. J. Story, D.L.; Captain Gosselin, R.M.; J. B. Alexander, Major R. S. Hamilton, Geo. C. Lindrum D.L.; John Maguire, Charles Owens, Francis Campbell, James Brien, D. M'Sorley

Trillick Rural District Council—Chairman, D. M'Sorley; vice-chairman, J. M'Anespey. Councillors, who are also

Guardians of Irvinestown Union:—Drumharvey—James Henderson, Cabra, Irvinestown; Irvine Bleakley, Relagh, Irvinestown. Kilskerry—John M'Anespey, Laughterush, Kilskerry; John M'Ginn, Relagh, Kilskerry. Moorfield—John Maguire, J.P., Drumharvey, Irvinestown; James Gallagher, Stralongford, Irvinestown. Trillick—Joseph

Brown, Trillick; D. M'Sorley, Trillick. Co-opted members—James M'Grade, Knocknagor, Dromore, Tyrone; H. M'Grade, Shanmullagh, Irvinestown; P. M'Gaughey, Badoney, Trillick. Officers—Clerk and executive sanitary officer, Thomas Aiken; sub-sanitary officer, W. H. Simpson; medical officer of health, Dr. John Warnock; superintendent medical officer of health, Dr. Acheson Aiken; solicitor, F. J. O'Connor, Omagh


Church of Ireland—Kilskerry—Rev. W. E. Fleming, M.A., rector. Trillick—Rev. R. J. Mitchell, M.A.

Methodist Church—Rev. H. R. Armstrong

Roman Catholic Church—Rev. M. Maguire, P.P.

National Schools—Cloncandra, James Brown and Mrs. Martha J. Brown. Golan, F. Murphy. Grannan, B. M'Cann. Crossan, Miss Allen. Feglish, J. M'Elholm. Trillick, First, P. M'Sorley; Second, R. J. Clarke and Miss Clarke. Carryglass, T. M'Caughey and Miss M'Granaghan. Rosscor (M.), T. Teague; (F.), Mrs. Teague. Kilskerry, J. M'Bride. Kilskerry Parochial, Miss Hutchins

Ancient Order of Hibernians Hall—Division 554 sits on the first Sunday of each month


Alexander, James Browne, J.P., Shanmullagh house
Alexander, Robert, Shanmullagh
Armstrong, Mrs., dispensary
Armstrong, Robert, Corlea
Aylmer, Miss, Main street
Bird, James, barrister-at-law, Keenogue house
Bradley, Mrs., Main street
Brannon, Hugh, Cavanamara
Breslin, Charles, Main street
Brien, James, J.P., Dernagilly house
Brien, John, Glengeen lodge
Brien, William, Glengeen lodge
Brown, James, Press correspondent, Cloncandra National School
Brown, Joseph, R.D.C., Scotia cottage
Brown, William, Main street
Brunt, James, Main street
Campbell, Francis, J.P., Shanmullagh
Campbell, John, Main street
Cluff, John W., Main street
Coulter, Robert, Skeogue
Crawford, Constable, Main street
Crozier, Wm., Drumash
Cumiskey, Joseph
Daly, Margaret
Eaton, Miss, Main street
Edgar, Anthony, Girgadis
Everton, Fred., Red Letter Kennel, Main street
Fitzsimmons, E., postman
Fleming, Rev. W. E., Kilskerry rectory
Gallagher, James, Main street
Gervis, G., postman
Gilliland & Sons—Mr. Wilkin, manager
Gould, C. H., & Co., Main street
Hamilton, Major R. S., J.P., Lakemount
Henderson, James, Springhill
Henderson, Mrs., Main street
Henderson, William, Shanmullagh
Hilliard, Jane, Main street
Hilliard, John, Main street
Holland, W. J., Main street
Jervis, John, Main street
Jervis, Mrs.
Jervis, William, Main street
Johnston, Wm., Trillick stationmaster
Keegan, Constable, Main street
Keenan, Francis, Main street
Kerr, Robert, The Commons
Law, Richard, Main street
Lendrum, George Cosby, J.P., D.L., Corkil
Leonard, E., postman
Leonard, John
Lipsett, L. R.
Logan, John
Logan, T. H.
Morrison, James, Main street
Morrow, Daniel, Main street
M'Brine, John, Main street
M'Cann, Henry, postman
M'Carney, John, Cavanamara
M'Caughey, Daniel, Main street
M'Caughey, Hugh, Main street
M'Clintock, Constable, Main street
M'Gee, C, postmaster
M'Gee, Ellie Agnes, telegraph clerk
M'Girr, Owen
M'Nabb, Patrick
M'Sorley, D., J.P., R.D.C., Main street
M'Sorley, James, Main street
Nixon, Robert, Skeogue
Nixon, Thomas & R., Grannon
Porter, W. H., C.P.S., Main street
Prentice, Christopher, Main street
Saunders, Mrs., Main street
Scott, J., Main street
Smith, Miss, Main street
Sproul, Mrs., Daisyhill
Stafford, Robert, Ballyard
Stafford, Thomas W., Main street
Stafford, Mrs.
Stone, Mrs., Keenogue house
Story, Evelyn, J.P., Errington lodge
Thompson, George, Main street
Tully, T., Imperial and Commercial hotel
Warnock, Dr.
Watson, Robert, The Harp
Wiggians, Constable, Main street
Wilson, Mrs.


Artificial Manure Agents—Cornelius Magee, D. M'Sorley, W. H. Porter, Harp Exchange
Auctioneers and Valuers—Joseph Brown, James M'Sorley, John M'Anespey and Terence Tully
Blacksmiths—Richard Law, John Nevin
Boot and Shoe Warehouses—D. M'Sorley, C. H. Gould, R. Moffitt, Harp Exchange
Boot and Shoemakers—James M'Kenna, John M'Brinn, Frank Kelly
Bundoran Junction—Stationmaster, J. Bell
Butcher—Hugh Toney
Butter Merchant—John Campbell
Carpenters—T. Logan & Sons, George Bartley
China and Delph—Mrs. Magee, Robert Moffitt, Harp Exchange
Contractors—-Thomas W. Stafford, William Armstrong
Coopers—Thomas M'Cann, James M'Cann
Corn Mills—A. Ervine, J. Blakely, J. Murphy
Drapers—-Daniel M'Sorley, C. H. Gould
Dressmakers—Miss Bradley and Mrs. Law
Drugs, Oils, and Paints—C. M'Gee, Harp Exchange, W. H. Porter, James M'Sorley
Emigration Agents—Cornelius Magee, Jos. Brown, W. H. Porter, James M'Sorley
Egg Merchants—Owen and Patrick M'Girr, George M'Laughlin, John Campbell, Harp Exchange Co.
Farm Implement and Machine Agent—Robt. Coulter, Skeogue
Grocers and Provision Merchants—Cornelius Magee, J. M'Sorley, Frederick Everton, W. H. Porter, T. Tully, G. K. Gilliland, Robert Moffitt
Hardware Merchants—C. Magee, W. H. Porter, G. K. Gilliland, C. M'Gee
Harp Dairy—Hamilton, manager
Leather Merchants—D. M'Sorley, J.P., and C. H. Gould
Marine Dealer—C. Keenan
Newsagents—C. Magee, James M'Sorley, D. M'Sorley, J.P.; G. K. Gilliland, W. H Porter, Robert Moffitt
Patent Medicines—C. M'Gee
Posting Establishments—C. M'Gee, T. Tully, W. J. Holland, and James M'Sorley
Retailers of Bread—C. Magee, G. K. Gilliland, J. M'Sorley, Frederick Everton, and T. Tully
Railway Station—-Stationmaster, William Johnston
Retailers of Fresh Butter—C. Magee, J. M'Sorley, W. H. Porter, J. Scott
Seed Merchants—C. M'Gee, G. K. Gilliland, W. H. Porter, and Harp Exchange
Stone Masons—James Thompson, John Corry, and Charles Thompson
Stationery—C. M'Gee, W. H. Porter
Tailors—Henry M'Cann, Paul M'Cann, and J. M'Grade

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