Toomebridge, County Antrim

From the Belfast and Ulster Towns Directory for 1910

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36 miles from Belfast by rail. Petty Sessions District of Toome, Quarter Sessions District of Antrim, Union of Ballymena, Barony of Upper Toome, and Parliamentary Division of South Antrim. The area is estimated at 10 acres, and the population at 210. There is a market on Tuesdays for the sale of agricultural produce; a flourishing cattle fair the second Tuesday of each month, and hiring fairs on each Tuesday in May and November

POST OFFICE, with Money Order and Telegraph Departments and Savings Bank

—William Ellis, postmaster

Royal , Irish Constabulary—James Smith, sergeant.
Dispensary Medical Officer—Dr. Mewhirter, registrar of births, deaths, and marriages
Midland Railway (N.C.C.)—James Gillespie, stationmaster
Inland Navigation—John M'Connell, locks inspector
Foyle and Bann Fishery Co.—Andrew King, inspector
Northern Banking Company (open on Tuesdays)—Mr. Hanna, manager


Colonel S. A. M. Bruce, John Keenan, William Holmes, R.M.; B. Meenan, James Grant, Thomas A. Kelly, Dr. R. Love, J. P. Butler


Cargin—Rev. J. Fullen
Duneane Presbyterian—Rev. R. Elliott
Duneane, Church . of Ireland—Rev. T. Egerton, rector
Moneyglass R.C. Church—Very Rev. C. S. Quinn, P.P., V.F.; Rev. J. M'Lester, C.C.


Carlane (male)—J. Mulholland, teacher Carlane (female)—M. Laverty, teacher Culnafay (male and female)—T. H: Pullin, teacher Duneane (C.I.)—Miss M'Cullough, teacher Duneane (Presbyterian)—Miss Milling, teacher Moneynick (female)—Miss M'Williams, teacher; Miss M. A. Lagan, assistant teacher Gortgill (male and female)—M. J. O'Grady, teacher; Miss K. M'Cormack, assistant teacher


Lough Neagh Fishermen's Union—Rev. P. Moore, president
Ulster Farmers' and Labourers' Union—John Black
Duneane Co-operative and Dairy Society—Thomas Wilson, manager


Barton, Robert, coal merchant
Bell, Alexander, farmer
Bell, John, farmer
Berry, Henry, farmer
Brady, Bernard, supply stores
Brady, John, blacksmith
Bruce, Colonel S. A. M., J.P., The Lodge
Campbell, Mrs. Ellen, grocer and newsagent
Carey, Hugh, carpenter and farmer, Gortgill
Catherwood, Henry, grocer and general merchant, Creagh
Connolly, Miss, draper
Corr, Arran, fish merchant
Corr, Mrs., draper
Cranna, Hugh, farmer
Creighton, M.
Dagney, John, merchant tailor
Dale, John, poultry breeder
Darragh, John, farmer, Millquarter
Devlin, Charles, farmer, Aghacarnaghan
Devlin, D. H., farmer, Killyfast
Devlin, Hugh, farmer and road contractor, Killyfast
Devlin, Lawrence, ex-sergeant R.I.C.
Devlin, Luke, farmer
Donnelly, Charles, railway porter
Doyle, James, fish merchant
Doyle, Samuel, labourer
Egerton, Rev. T., The Rectory
Ellis, Henry, water bailiff
Ellis, Wm., postmaster and C.P.S.
Erwin, Robert, farmer
Essler, H. R., egg merchant
Fagan, Hugh, tailor, Moneyglass
Gamble, Francis, fish merchant
Geelan, Patrick, bar tender
Grant, Francis, proprietor Tourist and O'Neill Arms Hotel
Grant, James, J.P., Toome house
Green, James, Union lodge
Hume, John, railway porter
Jones, Mrs. K. H., Moneyglass house
Kelly, Hugh, spirit merchant, Cargin
Kelly, James, farmer, Duneane
Kennedy, John, farmer, Grange
Kennedy, Sarah, publican, Grange
King, Andrew, inspector of fisheries
Lagan, Hugh, millowner and farmer, Grange
Laverty, Henry, farmer, Drumderg
Laverty, Henry, farmer, Ballylurgan house
Laverty, John, farmer
Lennox, Charles, timber merchant
Locks, William J., mason, Moneyglass
Louden, Patrick, fresher
Lynch, Thomas, bar tender
Mallon, Michael, spirit merchant, Cargin
Marron, James, farmer, Gortgill
Marron, K., boot merchant
Meeson, James J., V.S.
Meeson, Mrs. M. A., spirit merchant
Mulholland, Mrs., draper
M'Cann, Chas., farmer, Killyfast
M'Cann, Mrs. P., Glen house, Ballylurgan
M'Coy, Alex., plumber
M'Coy, Jane, Moneyglass Post Office
M'Coy, John, farmer, Moneyglass
M'Corey, John, Drumderg
M'Cormick, Denis, rural postman
M'Cormick, Mrs., proprietress Commercial hotel
M'Court, Francis, grocer, Moneyglass
M'Cutcheon. F., constable R.I.C.
M'Erlane, Chas., farmer, Grange
M'Erlane, Jos., publican, Moneyglass
M'Erlane, Patrick, farmer, Drumraymond
M'Grogan, Felix, farmer, Brecart
M'Keown, Mrs., grocer
M'Keever, Arthur, poultry dealer
M'Keever, Daniel, farmer, R.D.C.
M'Laverty, Patrick, labourer, Moneyglass
M'Lernon, Edward, rural postman
M'Manus, Charles, R.D.C., spirit merchant, Duneane
M'Millan, John, farmer and bailiff, Drumraymond
M'Millen, John, carpenter
M'Millen, Mrs., hardware merchant
M'Quaid, Wm., carowner
M'Veigh, James, rural postman
Neill, James, bootmaker
O'Boyle, Bernard, Drumderg
O'Boyle, James, Gallagh
O'Boyle, Patrick, Ballinamullan
O'Donnell, Dan., R.D.C., farmer, Gortgill
O'Donnell, Henry, farmer
O'Neill, Charles, farmer, Drumraymond
Richardson, George, Mullaghan
Richardson, Samuel, Mullaghan
Robertson, Patrick, Mullaghan
Scullion, Thos., postmaster Crosskeys P.O.
Shivers, Arthur, farmer, Brecart
Stafford, Henry, farmer
Stewart, Francis, grocer and general merchant
Stewart, Mrs. John S., Glenwillow Grange
Toal, Daniel, farmer
Toal, Francis, Brecart
Wilson, John, farmer
Wilson, Robert, Carlane
Wilson, Wm., Ballydugan house

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