Strabane, County Tyrone and Lifford, County Donegal

From the Belfast and Ulster Towns Directory for 1910

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The staple industry is shirtmaking.
Market days—Tuesday and Wednesday.
Fairs—18th February, 12th May, 1st August, and 12th November, and first Thursday in other months.
Population, 5,033
Lifford—Population, 446

POST OFFICE, with Money Order and Telegraph Departments, Main street, Strabane—M. Creighton, postmaster
POST OFFICE, Lifford—Mrs. Bryson, Postmistress
Petty Sessions Office—Wm. Keatly, clerk
R.I. Constabulary, Abercorn square—M. Holmes, D.I.; Head-Const. M'Govern
Commissioners of Affidavits—Wm. Keatly, W. C. Macdevitte, R. Hamilton, and John Elliott
Registrar of Marriages—W. J. Ingram, Strabane; deputy, J. R. Donnell, Strabane
Registrar of Births, Deaths, and Marriages—Dr. Trimble, Strabane
Strabane Coroner—John Elliott, solicitor
East Donegal Coroner—Edward Gallagher, J.P., Strabane
Physicians and Surgeons—John Britton, M.D., L.R.C.S., Derry road; J. C. Boyd, M.B., Lifford; J. J. M'Nicholl, Main street; John M. Trimble, M.D., Newtown house; W. L. Stevenson, M.D., Abercorn road
Excise Office, Abercorn road—T. O'Nolan
Inspectors of Markets—C. V. Noone and W. Stuart, B.E., borough surveyor, Strabane
Recreation Park Co.—James Hill, secretary
Solicitors—Strabane—John A. F. Simms, James Toner, Tohn Elliott, Thomas Elliott, Robert Burke, LL.D.; W. P. Moody, John M'Cay, H. C. Cochrane, W. Wilson, Edward Clarke, H. T. Gallagher. T. E. Nelson, LL.D.; Colhoun & King, J. S. Weir
Urban District Council—J. Toner (chairman), E. Conroy (vice-chairman), J.
White, R. J. Blair, John Perry, J. Ellis, C. Brown, J. M'Grosson, J.
M'Menamin, O. Canavan, J. M'Dermott, and M. Bradley
Town Clerk—T. B. Feely
Magistrates—T. W. D. Humphries, E. T. Herdman, D.L.; John A. Taylor, John Britton, M.D.; Robert Smyth, Patrick M'Menamin, Captain William Knox, D.L., Clonleigh, Strabane; John O'Flagherty, John Reilly, Edward Gallagher, Jas. Lowry, Milltown cottage; W. E. M. Smyth, Gallony house; James Stewart, Liskey; Major J. R. Bailie, Ballyfatton; Alexander Weir, Drumbuoy house, Strabane; Captain Ricardo, Sion mills, and James Bradley, Strabane
Strabane Technical Committee—Rev. A. H. Delap (chairman), Very Rev. Dr. M'Hugh, P.P.; Rev. J. M'Elhatton, P.P.; Rev. C. K. Toland, Rev. E. Clarke, J. A. Taylor, J.P.; F. N. Durnion, E. Conroy, J. White, J. Toner, J. Dillon, and R. J. Blair


Church of Ireland, Bowling green—Rev. A. H. Delap, incumbent; Rev. J. Williams, curate. Churchwardens—E. T. Herdman, Major J. R. Bailie
First Presbyterian Church—Rev. E. Clarke.
Second, Derry road—Rev. C. K. Toland
Methodist Church—Rev. J. Whittaker
Roman Catholic Church—Very Rev. Dr. P. M'Hugh, P.P.; Rev. J. M'Glynn, C.C.; Rev. P. Tracey, C.C.; Rev. A. O'Neill, C.C.


Banks (branches)—Belfast Banking Co., Ltd., Main street—D. B. Keers, manager; J. L. Joyce, teller. Provincial Bank of Ireland, Main street—W. A. Scott, manager; J. P. Lawlor, teller. Ulster Bank, Limited, Abercorn square—Mr. Hoy, manager; Mr. Houston, teller. Hibernian—J. Byrne, manager. There is a branch of. the Northern Bank open on Tuesdays and fair days, 10 to 2

Gas Works—Thomas Reilly, manager

County Infirmary, Lifford—J. C. Boyd, M.B., surgeon and physician

Union Workhouse (Counties of Tyrone and Donegal). Board meets on Tuesdays. Joseph Malcolm, master; Mrs. Malcolm, matron; relieving officers, James M'Naul, Strabane, and J. M'Naught, Castlefin; D. G. Ingram, clerk and returning officer

Dispensary, Newtown House—J. M. Trimble, M.D.

Intermediate School, Woodend—W. Bamford, B.A.

National Schools—Lifford, T. Gould, teacher; First Presbyterian Church, John Millen, B.A., and Miss Black, teachers; Barrack street, Mr. Durnion, teacher; Parochial, Bowling green, T. Brady, teacher

Lifford Prior School—A. J. Gloster, M.A., head master; Mrs. Gloster, head mistress

Strabane Academy—Aeneas Kerr, M.A., head master; Miss Kerr, assistant

Music Teachers—Miss Gray and Miss Connolly

United Counties Club—President, Duke of Abercorn; hon. secs., E. C. Herdman and H. C. Cochrane

Strabane Catholic Men's Association—President, Rev. J. M'Elhatton, P.P.; secretary, J. M'Gonigle

Stationmasters—A. Moore, G.N.R., and E. Boyle, B.D.


Abercorn, The Duke of, Baronscourt
Aikin, A. W., saddler, Castle street
Anderson, John, merchant, Main street
Anderson, John, cycle agent, Castle street
Baillie, Major, J.P., Melmount
Bannagan, James, nurseryman, Chapel st.
Bates, R., & Co., merchants, Abercorn sq.
Baxter, H., saddler, Bridge street
Blair, R. J., printer, bookseller, stationer, newsagent, and toy dealer, Main street
Boyd, John, M.D. and surgeon, Donegal County Infirmary
Britton, J., J.P., M.D., L.R.C.S., Hazelwood
Browne, Charles, wine merchant
Bruce, E. & M., drapers, Main street
Buchanan, John, cycle agents, Railway rd.
Burns, Thomas, pawnbroker, Back street
Burroughs, J., photographer, Railway road
Casey, T., grocer and publican, Castle pl.
Clarke, James, Porthall
Clarke, P., wine and provision stores, Lifford
Clarke, Rev. Edward
Clarke & Co., wholesale wine and spirit merchants, Main street
Cochrane, Hugh, solicitor, Church street
Colhoun, John, grocer, Main street
Connor, Mrs., milliner
Conroy, Michael, draper, Main street
Craig & Ferguson, grocers, Main street
Davison, J., plumber and gasfitter, Newtown street
Delap, Rev. A. H., incumbent
Dillon, James, butcher, Bridge end
Dillon, Messrs., & Sons, butchers, Castle place
Divine & Co., tea merchants, Main street
Doherty, Mrs. R., publican, Main street
Donnell, J., coal and timber merchant
Donnell, S., & Co., general merchants
Donnelly, J., butcher, Markethouse street
Doran, P.. baker, Main street
Dougherty, William, cooper, Townsend st.
Dowd, Ellen, Ulster hotel
Dunne, James, publican, Main street
Elliott, John, Castle house
Elliott & Sons, The Castle
Ewing, John, jeweller, Castle street
Feely, R., painter, Main street
Feely, Thomas B., Tulagh-na-greine
Fulton, William, Edymore
Fury, T., publican, Patrick street
Gailey, J., grocer, Main street
Gallagher, Edward, J.P., merchant, Main street
Gallagher, John, publican, Markethouse
Gallagher, J., merchant tailor, Main street
Gallagher, P., solicitor, Bowling green
Gallagher, R., photographer, Main street
Gormley, Mrs., publican, Patrick street
Gormley, R., publican, Lifford street
Gormley & Browne, merchants, Abercorn square
Gosselin, Captain, R.M., Melmont, Strabane
Gray, John, & Co., boot and shoe makers, Main street
Grey, E., printer, bookseller, and stationer, Main street
Hamilton, Andrew, ironmonger, emigration agent, and funeral undertaker, Main street
Hamilton, R., grocer, Abercorn square
Harpur & Sons, merchants, Main street
Harte, A. J., watchmaker, Castle street
Harte, W., publican, Lifford
Herdman, Captain J. C, Camus
Herdman, E. C, Carricklee house
Herdman, E. T., D.L., Sion mills
Herdman & Co., flax and tow spinners, Sion mills
Hill, James, & Co., Castle street
Honeyford & Co., butter and egg merchants, Castle street
Howie, Mrs., stationer and newsagent
Humphreys, T. W. D., J.P., Donaghmore
Hunter, Miss, Derry road
Hunter, Rev. A., Croghan house, Lifford
Jarvis, John, delph and china merchant, Main street
Keatly, William, Bowling green
Kelly, P., publican, Main street
Kennedy, Edward, Mourne hotel
Kennedy, James, merchant, Main street
Kilgrove, J., grocer, Meeting-house street
King Bros., merchants, Castle street
Knox, Capt. Wm., J.P., D.L., Clonleigh house
Law, Mrs., plumber and gasfitter, Abercorn square
Leggat, G., grocer and spirit merchant, Lifford
Lowry, A. & J., grocers, Main street
Lowry, James, J.P., Milltown cottage, Strabane
Mackay, J. A., auctioneer and valuator
Magee, Miss Ruby, telephone call office, Railway street
Maguire, Hugh, auctioneer, New street
Mahaffey & Co., merchants, Abercorn square
Marshall, Messrs., chemists, Main street
Mellon, John, wholesale and retail draper and boot merchant, Butcher street
M'Anaw, D., baker
M'Anaw, J., baker, Castle street
M'Anaw, D., merchant
M'Cafferty, Daniel, builder, contractor, &c, Lifford street
M'Clay, James, builder, Bridge end
M'Colgan, John, spirit and boot merchant, Main street
M'Cosker, J. & G., painters, Main street
M'Crorey, W., press correspondent, Patrick street
M'Crossan, J., merchant tailor, Townhall street
M'Devitt:, Miss, publican, Railway road
M'Devitt, William, pawnbroker
M'Elhenny, T., baker and confectioner, Main street
M'Elwaine, C. J., Commercial hotel
M'Fadden, Bernard, secretary of the Donegal County Council, Lifford
M'Ilwaine, C. J., Farmers' Inn, Castle st.
M'Ivor, James, wholesale wine merchant
M'Kee, P., draper, Main street
M'Kenna, John, grocer and fruiterer, Railway street
M'Lay, E.B., M.R.C.V.S., Main street
M'Menamin, C, spirit dealer and posting establishment, Castle street
M'Menamin, John, Meeting-house street
M'Menamin, P., J.P., Castle place
M'Williams, R. & N., hardware merchants, Townhall street
Northern Steam Laundry, Railway road
O'Callaghan, P. J., Castle street
O'Connor, E., coachbuilder, Bridgend st.
O'Donnell, H., wine and spirit stores, Lifford
O'Flaherty, John, J.P., The Grove, Urney
Orr, J. L., M.R.C.V.S., Main street
Perry, John, Market street
Quigley, John, spirit merchant, Abercorn square
Quigley, P., butcher, Main street
Quigley, Thomas, butcher, Abercorn square
Quigley, Thomas, sen., wine merchant, Railway road
Quinn Brothers, harness makers, Abercorn square
Rae, D., fruiterer and confectioner, Leeper's brae
Reilly, John, J.P., Bowling green
Reid, J., Erin Arms hotel, Lifford
Rennison, Rev. Wm., Leckpatrick
Rodgers, F. J., jeweller, Main street
Russell, J. W., steam baker and manufacturing confectioner, Church street
Russell, W., draper, Manchester house
Sayers & Co., drapers, Main street
Simms, J. F. A., solicitor
Simms, James, Abercorn Arms Hotel and posting establishment
Smith, Robert J., merchant, Main street
Smyth, Robert, J.P., merchant, Canal basin
Snodgrass, A., grocer, Main street
Stapley & Smith, shirt factory, Barrack st.
Stevenson, Oliver, draper, Main street
Stevenson, Robert, Main street
Stewart, Captain A. M., Killendarragh, Lifford
Stewart, James, J.P., Liskey, Strabane
Stewart, M'Donnell & Co., shirt factory, Derry road
Taylor, John, J.B., iron and brass foundry
Taylor, Wm. J., draper, Main street
Thompson, C, commission agent
Thompson, Miss, Victoria Temperance Hotel, Main street
Toner, James, solicitor, Railway road
Trimble, Dr. John M., Newtown house
Tynan, J., grocer, Bridge end
Weir, Alex., J.P., auctioneer, Abercorn sq.
White, James, hardware merchant, Main st.
White & Co., cabinetmakers, upholsterers, and undertakers, Railway street
Wilson, Wm., solicitor, Bowling green
Wright, A., draper, Main street
Wisheart, J., boot merchant, Main street

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