Rathmullan, County Donegal

From the Belfast and Ulster Towns Directory for 1910

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Three miles from Fahan Railway Station.
Beautifully situated on the Banks of Lough Swilly.
Fairs, 19th of each month.
Population, 512


—William Henderson, Postmaster
R.I. Constabulary—Head-constable, J. Dusting; Sergeants Macnamara and Ballentine
Schools.—Robertson N.S.—D. Kelly, principal.
Roman Catholic N.S.—Male, P. O'Donnell, principal; female, Miss A. M'Ginty


Anderson, Mrs., newsagent
Batt, Charles L., C.P.S.
Batt, Colonel T. E., J.P., Rathmullan house
Batt, Miss Mary, Pier road
Begley, John, carowner
Brock, Mrs., grocer
Browell, Lieutenant L., Castle place
Callaghan, Patrick, spirit dealer
Coll, Wm., spirit merchant and carowner
Cowan, Mrs. C. grocer, Main street
Davies, Mrs., Pier house
Deeny, Edward, contractor
Doyne, Colonel
Duthie, Mrs., Priory, Castle place
Edwards, Peter, Hollymount
Ferry, Patrick, boatbuilder
Gallagher, Rev. J. J., P.P.
Gallagher, Thomas, draper
Graham, Miss W., telegraphist G.P.O.
Hart, Charles H., general merchant
Henderson, William, postmaster
Kerr, George, coastguard officer
Lennon, W. S., D.I. R.I.C.
Lloyd, Rev. W. B., A.M.
Long, Mrs., Seaview
Loughnan, Dr. M.
M'Call, J., Drumhalla house
M'Farland, Rev. John, P.M.
M'Garvey, Samuel, grocer and carowner
M'Grory, Daniel, publican and newsagent
M'Mackin Bros., carowners
M'Menamin, M., Arms Hotel
Patton, John, butcher
Sheridan, John, contractor and builder
Sheridan, T., carpenter
Stewart, Robert, grocer
Todd, S., blacksmith
Toye, Bernard, pilot
Ward, John, spirit dealer and coal merchant

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