Rathfriland, County Down

From the Belfast and Ulster Towns Directory for 1910

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34 miles from Belfast.
Market town, 2 miles from Ballyroney
Railway Station.
Has Post Office, with Money Order and Telegraph Departments.
Market days—Tuesday and Saturday
Fairs—1st Wednesday of each month


—Frederick Wilson, postmaster

Conveyances—A mail car arrives at Rathfriland from Newry at 5 a.m., and leaves every evening at 7-40. The day mail leaves Rathfriland at 7-0 a.m., and arrives at Newry at 8-45 a.m., and returns at 9-40 a.m., arriving at 11-10, and returns to Newry at 2-0 p.m., arriving at 3-25 p.m., and returns at 5-20 p.m. A mail car leaves Castlewellan at 9-30 a.m., arriving at Rathfriland at 11-10, returning at 11-20 a.m., arriving at Castlewellan at 1 p.m. Rathfriland is also connected with the Gt. Northern Railway system at Ballyroney (about 2 ½ miles distant). Cars run to and from each train, and goods are conveyed to and from the station by cartage


Church of. Ireland, Church street—Rev. Isaac Harte, M.A., rector; Rev. Wm. Deans, curate

First Presbyterian Church, Newry street—Rev. James Wilson, LL.D.; Second—Newry street, Rev. T. J. Harrison; Third:—Newry st., Rev. G. T. Cooper

Methodist Church, Church st.—Ministers, various

Covenanting Church, Castle street—Rev. Buchannan, B.A.

Friends' Meeting-house—Newry street

Baptist Meeting-house—Downpatrick street.

Roman Catholic Church, Newry street—Rev. T. Gallery, P.P.; Rev. Greenan. C.C.


Branch of Belfast Bank, Church street—S. J. Rea, manager; R. D. Kerr, cashier; J. H. Clarke, bookkeeper
Branch of Hibernian Bank—A. Palmer, manager; D. O'Toole, cashier; J. O'Kelly, bookkeeper
Gas Works—J. Davidson, secretary
Dispensary, Main street—Dr. D. Laverty, physician, surgeon and apothecary
Registrar of Births, Marriages, and Deaths—Assistant registrar, Joseph Davidson
Rathfriland Sabbath School Union Library—W. Wilson, librarian
Young Men's Christian Association, John street—D. Murphy, secretary
National Schools, Newry st. and Commons—Mrs. Lenon & Mr. White
Petty Sessions Office, Market street—-W. Fegan, clerk


Adams, D., hardware, grocer and provision merchant, Castle street
Adams, D. J., general merchant, Main st.
Anderson, Wm., farmer, Drumnascamph
Annett, J., horsebreaker, Rathfrifand
Annett & Son, drapers, Main street
Arnott, John, horse dealer, Newry street
Bass, R., Friends' Home missioner, Newry street
Battersley, J., Dromore street
Beattie, Mrs., grocer
Bell, D., farmer, Ballycashone
Bell, D., Newry street
Bell, John, grocer
Bell, J., barber, Main street
Bell, Robert, stationer, Main street
Bell, Robert, farmer, Kiltariff
Bell, R., painter, Dromore street
Bell, R., turf dealer
Bell, R., farmer, Ballycashone
Bell, Wm., tailor and draper, Downpatrick street
Bell, W., emigration agent and publican
Benagh, S., seed merchant
Bennett, John, fruiterer
Bingham, Alex., publican, Dromore street
Bingham, John, Tullyquilly
Bingham, J., publican
Bingham, R., shoemaker and leather store, Main street
Boyd, J., engineer
Bradley, P., Dromore street
Brady, H. G., draper, Church street
Brady, Robert, Kiltariff
Brown, Patrick, Dromore street
Brooks Bros., publicans
Bruce, Wm., brickmaker and bricklayer
Bullock, Isaac, blacksmith
Campbell, S., delph merchant
Cantley, David, builder
Cantley, George, shoemaker, Downpatrick street
Cantley, J., builder
Cantley, Samuel, farmer, Aughnavallog
Carson, Thomas, farmer and cow keeper, Tullyquilly house
Carter, Joseph, publican, Church street
Casey, Samuel, team owner
Cassidy, J., draper, Church street
Chambers, J., Drumnascamph
Cochrane, W., tinsmith, Newry street
Conor, P., flax and seed merchant
Connor, P., lodging's, Downpatrick street
Copeland, Isaac, Newry street
Cooper, Rev. G. T., M.A., The Manse, Newry street
Corbett, R., J.P., millowner and grain merchant
Cosgrove, J., Dromore street
Cowan, S. E., grocer
Cromie, James, farmer, Drumgreenan
Cromie, John M., farmer, Drumdrinagh
Cromie, Samuel, farmer, Drumgreenan
Cromie, Samuel, farmer, Aughnavallog
Cromie, T., saddler, Main street
Crooks, R., grocer, Downpatrick street
Cupples, W., tailor and draper, Dromore street
Dalzell, Mrs., Temperance Hotel
Dalzell, Hugh, farmer, Aughnavallog
Dalzell, Robert, carpenter, Newry street
Davidson, Joseph, poor law officer
Davison, David, millowner, Drumnascamph
Davison, James, Ballynagappog
Davison, John, Ballynagappog
Davison, Samuel, farmer, Drumnascamph
Deans, Rev. W., Downpatrick street
Depoe, R., carowner, Downpatrick street
Devlin, Mrs., grocer and publican
Devlin, Thomas, publican, Downpatrick st.
Dickson, A., butcher, Newry street
Dickson, James, farmer, Ballygorianmore
Dickson, Joseph, Newry street
Dodds Bros., drapers, Newry street
Douay, J., coachbuilder and publican
Dougan, D., White Gates
Downey, A., butcher
Downey, D., publican, Church street
Downey, F., butcher, Downpatrick street
Downey, John, spirit grocer, Church street
Downey, Lawrence, publican, Church street
Downey, L., general dealer and butcher, Downpatrick street
Downey, Sam, horse repository, Newry st.
Downey, Samuel, & Sons, blacksmiths
Doyle, James, J.P., Closkelt
Dunleavey & Co., drapers, Main street
Edgar, William, tailor, Main street
Elliot, Dr., Dromore street
Ervine, John, Ballymagna
Fegan, John, Kiltariff hall
Fegan, Wm., P.S.C.
Fitzpatrick, Daniel, saddler, Church street
Fitzpatrick, James, cooper, Downpatrick street
Fitzpatrick, Owen, publican & undertaker, Downpatrick street
Foster, Joseph, leather merchant, Dromore street
Fryer & M'Spadden, solicitors, Dromore st.
Gartlan, A., Cabra house
Gilchrist, S., insurance agent, Dromore st.
Graham, Alex., farmer, Drumlough
Graham, Mrs., draper, Dromore street
Hall & Son, boot merchants, Downpatrick street
Hall, R. H., boot and shoe merchant
Hands, Thomas
Hanna Bros., grocers and provision merchants, Main street
Hanna, David, grocer and provision merchant, Church street
Harbinson, John, farmer, Grallogh
Harbinson, Joseph, farmer, Grallogh
Harbinson, J., grocer
Harbinson, Robert, farmer, Grallogh
Harbinson, W., farmer, Tullyquilly
Harbinson, W., farmer, Granshaw
Hardy, Miss, publican, Main street
Hart, Miss, dressmaker
Hart, Wm., farmer, Cavan
Hart, Wm., farmer, Tierfergus
Harte, Rev. Isaac, Rectory, Drumballyrony
Harrison, Rev., Manse, Newry street
Henning, James, grocer, Cavan
Henning, T., grocer, Downpatrick street
Heron, Dr., J.P., coroner
Heron, Richard, farmer, Tierfergus
Heron, R., grocer, Church street
Herron, James, carowner, Ballyroney
Heslip, J., watchmaker, Church street
Heslip, Mrs., leather store, Main street
Heslop, S., insurance agent
Hillis, Robert, farmer, Tieragorey
Hudson, R. J., newsagent, stationer and cycle agent, auctioneer, and valuer, Dromore street
Hutchinson, R., seed merchant, Dromore street
Ingram, John, grocer
Ingram, Samuel, farmer, Tierkelly
Ingram, Samuel, farmer, Ballyroney
Irvin, Jos., poultry merchant, Downpatrick street
Irwin, J., coal merchant and grocer, Newry street
Johnston, D., dealer, Dromore street
Johnston, J. B., auctioneer and hotel proprietor
Johnston, Saml., blacksmith, Ballynagappog
Johnstone, James, draper
Johnston, Wm., grocer, Dromore street
Kennedy, John, Dromore street
Keer, Mrs., farmer, Hinchago
Kirk, A., Lessize
Kirk, A., emigration agent and publican, Dromore street
Kirk, Andrew, jun.
Kirk, James, Newry street
Kirk, Marmaduke, Aughnavallog
Kirk, William, farmer, Aughnavallog
Knox, R., farmer, Tierkelly
Knox, Stewart, farmer, Tierkelly:
Lavery, Dr., dispensary medical officer, Dromore street
Lawson, Joseph, horseshoer, Church street
Lawson, Mrs., grocer, Downpatrick street
Lawson, R., carpenter, Newry street
Lawson, S., grocer, Ardarragh
Linton, J., Tierfergus
Linton, T., gardener
Logan, Rev. J., Lessize house
Loughlin, M., farmer, Lisnamulligan
Lowry, Edward, J.P.
Lutton, R., grocer, Dromore street
Lyons, Alexander, farmer, Tullyquilly
Lyons, James, farmer, Tullyquilly
Lyons, John, farmer, Tullyquilly
Lyons, Samuel, farmer, Ballycashone
Magee, James, Downpatrick street
Magiffin, Robert, Newry street
Magill, George, carpenter, Newry street
Magin, L., Downpatrick street
Magin, Thomas, Downpatrick street
Maginn, D., Dromore street
Maginn, James, publican
Maginn, P., general dealer, publican, and team owner, Downpatrick street
Malcolmson, Alex., builder, Newry street
Malcolmson Bros., contractors
Martin, R., farmer, Moneygore
Minnis, D.
Mitchell, John, farmer, Grallogh
Moffett, J., seed merchant, Downpatrick st.
Moore, E., leather merchant
Moore, Mrs., publican, Downpatrick street
Morrison, J., provision merchant
Morrow, Rev. W., Drumdrinagh
Mulholland, W., Newry street
Mulligan, Alex., J.P., Katesbridge
Mullin, Robert, Newry street
Murnin, B., publican, Catties lane
Murphy, Alexander, tailor
Murphy, D., grocer and provision merchant, Church street
Murphy, Hubert, Main street
Murphy, John, process server
Murphy, John L.
Murphy, Martha, grocer, Newry street
M'Aleavey, J., R.D.C., publican and grocer
M'Alinden, J., butcher
M'Anuff, J., tailor
M'Auley, mill owner, Drumlough
M'Auley, Miss, dressmaker
M'Avoy, J., tailor, Newry street
M'Avoy, J., emigration agent and publican, Downpatrick street
M'Avoy, P., millowner
M'Callister, W. J., lodgings, Downpatrick street
M'Candless, Dr. R., M.D.
M'Cann, P., grocer
M'Caughey, P., publican and grocer, Church street
M'Cauley, David, grocer and hemstitching agent, Drumadonald
M'Clenaghan, J. M., C.C., J.P., Church st.
M'Comb, A., The Stores, Newry street
M'Comb, Francis, farmer, Ballygorain
M'Combe, D., painter
M'Combe, J., horse trainer, Rathfriland
M'Combe, W. J., farmer, Ballycashone
M'Conville, Edward, refreshment rooms, Church street
M'Conville, P., old clothes dealer, Church street
M'Conville, P., publican
M'Cracken, J., draper, Newry street
M'Cracken, J. A., Cattles lane
M'Cready, John, farmer, Drumnascamph
M'Creedy, R. J., Downpatrick street
M'Creight, Mrs., publican, Downpatrick st.
M'Crum, S., farmer, Lessize
M'Dowell, Robert, J.P., Knock house
M'Doweil, Robert James, Edengarry house
M'Duff, John, tailor, Newry street
M'Duff, Joseph, tailor, Newry street
M'Gloughlin, J. T., J.P., millowner
M'Grath, James, newsagent, Downpatrick street
M'Grath, Mary, grocer
M'Greagh, J., carter, Newry street
M'Grorey, Mrs., draper, Church street
M'Ilroy, Michael, publican
M'Ilroy, Mrs., grocer and hemstitching agt., Katesbridge
M'Kay, John, J.P., Cabra towers, Cabra, Newry
M'Kee, David, farmer, Drumnascamph
M'Kee, J., Bann hill
M'Knight, J., blacksmith, Moneygore
M'Knight, Robert, school teacher
M'Knight, R. J., Dromore street
M'Linden, H., Newry street
M'Linden, J., dealer, Dromore street
M'Neill, Mrs., grocer, Downpatrick street
M'Neilly, Miss, grocer, Banfield
M'Neilly, Stewart, farmer, Ballycashone
M'Polin, J., tinsmith
M'Polin, J., refreshment rooms, Main street
M'Polin, P., publican, Downpatrick street
M'Spadden, George, Newry street
Napier, W., merchant, Main street
Nesbitt, Joseph, carowner
O'Hagan, Miss, publican, Newry street
O'Hara, J., Newry street
O'Hare & O'Hagan, solicitors
O'Reilly, Eliza, house agent, Downpatrick street
Orr, William, estate agent
Osborne, J., grocer and hemstitching office
Osborne, S. W., grocer, Church street
Park, J., sen., coal, hardware and seed merchant, Church street
Patterson, John, Dromore street
Patterson, W., mill owner, Ballycashone
Peters, Samuel, publican, Main street
Piper, R., brickmaker
Price, John, cattle dealer, Downpatrick st.
Price, Susan, confectioner, Downpatrick st.
Rea, Samuel, farmer, Drumdrinagh
Rea, S. W. J., Lessize
Read, J., painter
Reavey, H., blacksmith, Dromore street
Reavey, P., blacksmith and carowner
Reid, John, Newry street
Riley, Miss, dressmaker
Ronan, William, J.P., Kinghill
Ross, Alexander, farmer, Aughnavallog
Ross, John, painter
Ross, Joseph, farmer, Rosconnor
Ross, R., Ballymagna
Rowan, Alex., sewing agent, Dromore st
Rowan, Hugh, grocer, stationer and newsagent, Dromore street
Rowan, John, Church street
Rowan, Thomas, grocer
Ryan, A., fruiterer
Ryan, M., Main street
Stevenson, R., engineer, Downpatrick street
Shannon, T., chemist and druggist, Main st
Shaw, James E., grocer, Downpatrick st.
Sheppard, Rev. W., Ballyroney
Shieran, Mrs., publican, Main street
Shilliday, G., farmer, Moneygore
Shilliday, James, farmer, Cavan
Shilliday, J., boot merchant, Church street
Shilliday, S., Tierfergus
Shilliday, William, farmer, Cavan
Sloan, James, watchmaker, Main street
Sloan, P., flesher, Newry street
Smith, James, carter
Smith, P., hairdresser
Spiers, Andrew, grocer, Clanmaghery
Spiers, G., Dromore street
Spiers, Moses, hardware merchant and
grocer, Downpatrick street
Spiers, Samuel J., farmer, Clanmaghery
Spiers, W., postman, Downpatrick street
Spiers, W., painter
Stephenson, R., machine manufacturer
Stevenson, R., engineer and motor car expert
Stewart, Alex., J.P., Reuhan bridge
Stewart Bros., cattle dealers, Reuhan bridge
Stewart, F., grocer and newsagent, Newry street
Stewart, John, farmer, Seafin
Stewart, John, shoemaker, Newry street
Stewart, Joseph, farmer, Ballyroney
Stewart, R., sen., saddler, Downpatrick st
Stewart, R., jun., saddler, Newry street
Strain, J. H., publican, Main street
Swan, Miss, Grallogh house
Thompson, John, Downpatrick street
Thompson, J. H., draper, Church street
Thomson, S., grocer
Toman, John, J.P., auctioneer for Great Northern Railway (Ireland), Marquette house
Toman, S., publican and grocer, Downpatrick street
Toner, Hugh, cattle dealer, Newry street
Torney, H., grocer, Dromore street
Trimble, John, plasterer, Newry street
Trimble, Joseph, plasterer and slater, Newry street
Trimble, Miss, dressmaker
Trimble, S., carpenter, Lenish
Walsh, William, grocer, Lenish
Watson, James, grocer
Watson, J., & Son, confectioners, Main st
Watterson, D., farmer, Ballynagappog
Wear, E., summons server, Rathfriland
Webb, E., watchmaker, Church street
Weir, James, farmer, Cross
Weir. John, restaurant keeper
Weir, J., grocer
Weir, W., implement works, Ballyroney
Wilson, F., postmaster
Wilson, J., overseer for Inglis
Wilson, Rev. James, LL.D., Manse, Newry street
Wilson, Wm., agent for Lipton, Newry st
Wray, J. C, Belfast Bank
Wright, C, tailor, Downpatrick street
Wright, James, farmer, Drumnascamph
Wright, Mrs., dressmaker
Wright, William, farmer, Aughnavallog
Wright, W., assistant engineer, Newry st
Wylie, Andrew, coal and hardware merchant, Newry street
Wylie, James, The Grove
Wylie, J., seed merchant, Grove
Wylie, R., grove
Young, Robert, Ballyroney
Young & Co., drapers, Main street

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