Rasharkin, County Antrim

From the Belfast and Ulster Towns Directory for 1910

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Three miles from Kilrea Railway Station.
Parish and Village.
Telegraph Office—Kilrea.
Fairs—16th November.
Population—parish, 4,616; village, 255


—John Elder, postmaster.

Arrival of mails daily at 9 a.m. and 6-30 p.m.; Sundays, 9 a.m. only. Despatch of mails at 7-45 a.m. and 3-40 p.m.; Sundays, 3-30 p.m. only. Local postmen—Robert Wilson, Robert Steele, and James Kyle

Nearest Railway Station—Kilrea, which is over 3 miles distant. Persons coming from Belfast will find it more convenient to travel by 6-30 a.m. and 3-30 p.m. mail trains to Cullybackey station, and from thence by mail cars to Rasharkin

Petty Sessions—Last Tuesday each month, at 12 o'clock

Telegraph Office—Kilrea, which is over 3 miles distant. An additional fee of 3d. for delivery of telegrams


Church of Ireland—Sunday services, 12 noon and 6 p.m.—Rev. William Bigley, M.A., rector
Presbyterian Church—Sunday services, 12 noon and 6 p.m.—Rev. William John Jamison, B.A., minister
Roman Catholic Church—Rev. J. Quinn, P.P.; Rev. Randal M'Cudden, C.C.
Local Registrar for Births, Marriages, and Deaths—Dr. Keers


Captain Armstrong, D.L.. Culmore house; Robert Cramsie, barrister-at-law; John Dempsey, J.P.; Dr. Keers, Donovan house; William Moore, K.C., M.P., D.L.; Samuel M'Henry, J.P.; Alex. Robinson, J.P.; Andrew Keers, J.P., Knockans; Daniel Wallace, J.P.

Dispensary—Dr. Keers, J.P., medical officer

Royal Irish Constabulary—Sergeant Alcorn and five constables

Schools—St. Andrew's N.S.—Mr. Ridney, principal; Miss Moore, assistant. Rasharkin No. 1. N.S.—Mr.

Wallace, principal; Miss Hays, assistant. Dreen N.S.—Mr. and Mrs. M'Garry, teachers. Ballymaconnelly School— Miss Carson, principal. Crushybracken—Mr. James Carson, principal; Miss Rea, assistant. Maboy—Mr. R. S. Kilpatrick, principal


Adams, Richard, cattledealer
Bigley, Rev. Wm. M.A., The Rectory
Cairns, Thomas, labourer
Cairns, Samuel J., labourer
Carson, James, N.S. teacher
Connolly, John, road contractor
Crawford. Samuel, labourer
Dickey, Andrew, farmer
Doherty, Joseph, labourer
Dunlop, John, flax mill owner
Ewart, James, civil bill officer
Gamble. Robert, labourer
Glass, Robert, blacksmith
Gormley, Henry
Graham, Margaret
Harvey, Irwin, farmer
Harvey, Robert, pensioner
Hayes, Alexander, builder and contractor
Hayes, Robert, carpenter and contractor
Hunter, John, blacksmith
Jamison, Rev. William J., B.A., The Leap
Kearney, Mrs.
Keers, Dr., J.P., Donovan house
Kilpatrick, William J., farmer
Madden, John, labourer
Madden, Robert, labourer
Molloy, Charles, publican and grocer
Mooney, R. J., tailor
Muldoon, Mrs.
Mulholland, William, bootmaker
M'Afee, Daniel, publican and grocer
M'Aleese, Joseph, bootmaker
M'Aleese, Peter, builder and contractor
M'Alery, Joseph, bootmaker
M'Atamney, Patrick, labourer
M'Auley, John G. C, traveller
M'Auley, Mrs., publican and grocer
M'Cart, Daniel, labourer
M'Caughern, Miss, publican
M'Clenaghan, William, cycle manufacturer
M'Cudden, Rev. Randal, C.C.
M'Erlaine, John, stick dresser
M'Garry, Patrick, teacher
M'Ilmoyle, Wm., labourer
M'Intyre, John, carpenter
M'Irlane, Thomas, labourer
M'Kinney, James, stonemason
M'Lean, James, road contractor
O'Neill, Mrs.
Patterson, James, publican and posting establishment
Quinn, Rev. J., P.P., Parochial House
Shaw, Thomas G., publican and grocer
Simpson, Robert, flax mill owner
Smith, John, farmer and secretary of creamery
Smith, Misses, drapery & grocery establishment
Steele, Edward, labourer
Wallace, Daniel, J.P., farmer
Wallace, John, farmer
Wallace, Wm. J., farmer and general merchant
Young, Mrs.


Bellingham, Thomas, Culmore
Connolly, Charles, farmer, Drumack
Crawford, George, farmer, Drumack
Dysart, James, Granagh
Dysart, Robert, farmer, Crushybrackin
Dysart, Thomas, Granagh
Elder, James, R.D.C., Ballydonly
Ewart, James, labourer
Forbes, Robert, Churchtumlaght
Fullerton, Samuel, farmer, Culmore
Harvey, J. T., R.D.C., farmer, Moneyleck
Holmes, John, farmer. Slavney
Lynn, W., retired schoolmaster, Gortahar
Lynn, Wm., jun., Press correspondent, Gortahar
Magennis, General, The Lodge, Finvoy
Marks, George, farmer, Ballydonly
Mays, John, farmer, Culmore
M'Caughern, Robert, farmer, Lisnagava
M'Henry, Samuel, R.D.C., J.P., Moneyleck
M'Laughlin, James, publican, M'Laughlin's corner
M'Laughlin, James, jun., auctioneer and valuator
O'Fee, Daniel, Dreen
O'Hale, Felix, Tehorney
Rea, George, farmer, Chrushybracken
Ross, Thomas, millowner
Scott, Robert J., Granagh
Smith, Robert J., farmer, Rosepark
Smyrell, George, farmer Ballymaconly
Wallace, John, teacher, Lisnagava
Wallace, Samuel R., Culmore
Wilson, Robert, farmer, Granagh
Wilson, R. J., Gortahar
Wilson, Samuel, R.D.C., farmer, Drumcon
Wilson, Samuel, farmer, Granagh
Wilson, Samuel, farmer, Tamlaght
Wilson, Thomas, Gortahar

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