Raphoe, County Donegal

From the Belfast and Ulster Towns Directory for 1910

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6 miles from Strabane Railway Station.
A Market Town and Parish; has Post Office, with Money Order and Telegraph Departments.
Market day, Saturday.
Fairs, first Saturday after 11th January, February, March, April, July, September, October, and December.
Parish population, 2,749; town population, 804


—J. G. MacCleary, Postmaster.

Telegraph Office opens from 8 a.m. on week-days; 9 a.m. till 10 a.m. on Sundays. Money Order and Savings Bank Office open from 9 a.m.. till 6 p.m. and on Saturdays till 8 p m. Arrival of mails from all parts, 6-35 a.m. and 10-20 a.m.; despatch, 8-15 a.m. and 7-15 p.m.

Stamp Office—Distributor, John G. MacCleary

Magistrates—William J. Stewart, Castlefin; James B. Gamble, Castlefin; George Hyndman, Trentagh; T. B. Stoney, Oakfield park; W. Gallagher, Castlefin; Thomas Holmes, Convoy; G. B. Butler, R.M., Ramelton; James Clarke, Port hall; Thomas Hamilton, Raphoe

Petty Sessions Clerk—Robert Thompson

Commissioner for taking Affidavits in the Superior Courts—Robert Thompson

Collector of Poor Rates—J. Magee, Ballybofey

Registrar of Births, Deaths and Marriages— William E. MacFeeters, M.D.; deputy-registrar, Thomas Hamilton

R.I. Constabulary—Joseph Smyth, D.I.; Thomas J. Burke, head constable; sergeants John Doherty and William Love, and seven constables

Poor-Law Guardian—J. M'Feeters


Church of Ireland—Raphoe Cathedral—Rector, Rev. Canon M'Quaide, M.A.

First Presbyterian Church—Rev. Samuel Meeke, M.A.

Second Presbyterian Church—Rev. James Craig Wallace, M.A.

Roman Catholic Church—Rev. Patrick Blake, P.P.


The Northern Banking Co., Ltd.—Manager, Joseph Orr; Cashier, John Sinclair; junior clerk, Bertram Haire

Dispensary—Medical Officer—Dr. William E. M'Feeters; chairman of committee, Duke of Abercorn; hon. secretary, Wm. M'Clintock. Dispensary is in the hands of the district councillors—Wm. Glenn, John M'Feeters, James Duncan, Captain Stoney, and Charles M'Cormick

Educational Institutions—Royal School—Principal, P. J. Bain; assistant, A. E. Layng, B.A.; Episcopal National School—James Gillespie, teacher; Presbyterian National School—Mr. Wm. J. Dunn, teacher; Roman Catholic National School—Mr. Furey, teacher; Female National School—Mrs. B. Sweeney, teacher; Foster House (Ladies) School—Miss W. A. Bain


Agricultural Implement Maker—T. Cathers

Baker—J. C. King

Blacksmiths—Wm. M'Shane and Thomas Cather

Boot and Shoemakers—-R. T. White and John MacFeeters

Builders—James Baird and Joseph Chambers

Butchers—Tom Patton, John Duffy and Patrick Duffy

Butter and Egg Merchants—W. F. Bigger, Matthew Irwin, Thomas Hayes, James Russell, Thos. Hamilton, M'Loughlin, Roulston, and Mark

Cabinetmaker—Matthew Mitchell

Carpenters—-James Baird, M. Lindsay, Charles Parker and James Thompson

Carriers or Carmen—B. M'Elhinney, Jas. M'Daid, J. Rodgers & Sons, E. M'Daid

Cattledealers—H. Carlin, John Hayes, John Duffy, Joseph C. Hagan, P. M'Ginley, and M. M'Monagle

Cycle Agent—Leo W. Mulhern

Delph, Glass, and China Warehouses—-Thomas Hamilton and Matthew Irwin

Dressmakers — Miss O'Hagan, Mrs. M'Shane, John Moffatt, Miss Henderson, Mrs. M'Devitt, James Duncan, and John M'Gregor

Emigration Agents—Thomas Hamilton and C. M'Cormick

Grocers—-Thomas Hamilton, J. C. King, Matt. Irwin, C. M'Cormick, G. L. Craig, Snodgrass & Co.

Fowl Dealers—Hugh Stevenson and Samuel Stevenson

Hardware Merchants—Thomas Hamilton, J. C. King

Herring and Dried Fish—Snodgrass & Co.

Hotels—-Thomas A. Holmes, Joseph Roulston, Mary Anne Duddy

Insurance Agents—Liverpool and London and Globe—William M'Clintock; Life Association of Scotland—Thos. Hamilton; The United Kingdom Temperance and General Provident Institution—R. T. White; Scottish Equitable—Joseph Orr

Leather Merchants—J. MacFeeters, R. T. White

Loan Fund—Treasurer, D. Wilson, solicitor; clerk, Robert Craig

Meal and Flour Dealers—Thos. Hamilton, J. C. King, Matthew Irwin, J. G. MacCleary, C. M'Cormick, Geo. L. Craig, and Snodgrass & Co.

Milliners—Miss O'Hagan, John Moffatt,

Newsagents—-Matthew Irwin, Thomas Hamilton, John Moffatt, Charles M'Cormick, and Mrs. M'Laughlin

Painters and Glaziers—M'Cosker Bros.

Photographers—M'Cosker Bros.

Posting Establishments—T. Hamilton, Wm. Lapslie, O. O'Hagan, Edw. Lapslie, James S. Laird, John Craig, Mrs. Duddy, and R. S. M'Clure

Process Server—James Turner

Public-houses—Owen O'Hagan, C. M'Cormick, James Laird, John Craig, Mrs. C. M'Loughlin, P. F. M'Glinchy, J. Caher, J. S. Laird, and T. Perrie

Refreshment Rooms—Raphoe Temperance Cafe Co., Ltd.—Miss L. Thompson, manageress

Registration Agent—John Woods, Castlefin

Saddlers—Wm. Russell and Alex. Baxter

Seedsman—J. C. King

Solicitors—David Wilson, W. P. Moody, James Toner

Stationers—T. Hamilton, Matthew Irwin, J. G. MacCleary

Tailors—T. Hamilton, John M'Geehan

Timber and Iron Merchants—T. Hamilton, J. C. King

Traction Engine—John Rodgers & Sons

Watchmaker and Jeweller—Fred. Rodgers, Strabane and Raphoe

Woollendrapers—Miss Porter, J. M'Gregor, J. Moffatt, and Miss O'Hagan


Blackburn, William, Burnside
Blair, James, Broadlea
Brooks, Mr., Codoun
Colhoun, Josias, Scottstown
Craig, Robert A., Ballyholey
Craig, Samuel, Broadlea
Crilly, John, Magherahee
Dickey, John, J.P., Carnone
Douglas, John, Ardvarnock
Eaton, William, Windyhaw
Eaton, Thomas, Tops
Graham, John, Ballyholey
Graham, Marshall, Dromore
Hamilton, Thomas, Coolaghey
Hamilton, Thomas
Harper, Cochrane, Greenhill
Holmes, James, Braehead
Holmes, Robert, Creggan
Holmes, Samuel, Creggan
Irwin, George, Carnone
Laird, David, Burnside
Laird, Francis, Braehead
Laird, John, Shanagh
Laird, William, Lismontigley
Lowry, Andrew, Argrey
Lowry, William A., Argrey
Miller, William, Burnside
M'Clintock, William, Magherahee
M'Clure, R. S., Gortaquigley
Porter, Robert, Tops
Rankin, William, Dromore
Russell, Richard, Damback
Russell, William. Braehead
Scott, T., Argrey
Sheldon, Robert, Magherasolis
Sheldon, W. A., Magherasolis
Smith, William, Argrey
Steen, James, Dromore
Stoney, T. B., J.P., Oakfield
Witherow, William J., Ardvarnock
Wray, James H., Ballyholey

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