Portrush, County Antrim

From the Belfast and Ulster Towns Directory for 1910

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AITKEN, JOHN, Golf Club Maker to the Royal Portrush Golf Club; Branch, 8 Main Street (Tobacconist)
AITKEN, MRS., Board and Apartments, Brunsfield House, 10 Main Street
Allen, Samuel, posting establishment and grain merchant, Eglinton street
Allison, R., boarding house, Causeway st.
APSLEY HOUSE, Causeway View, High-Class Boarding—Mrs. W. Crighton, Proprietor
Arrell, W., posting establishment, Eglinton street
Auld, Miss, fruiterer and confectioner, Eglinton street
BAM FORD, JOHN, & SON, House Agents, Auctioneers, Grocers, Confectioners and Emigration Agents for Allan Line, Main Street
BARRIE, MRS., Boarding House, Stranmore Villa
Baxter, J. D., decorative painter, Eglinton terrace
Bishop, E., boot and shoe shop, Main st.
Black, H. A. G., refreshment rooms and confectioner, Main street
Blair, J., fruiterer, Main street
BOGGS, J. C. W., M.P.S.I,, Medical Hall, Main Street
Boggs, C. M., L.D.S., Main street
Boggs, Miss, draper, Main street
Bothwell, D., grocer, Bath street
Bradley, Mrs., spirit grocer, Causeway st.
BROWN, MRS., Boarding House, 15 Golf Terrace
Brownlee, J., apartments, Golf terrace
Brucianna, tobacconist and confectioner, ice cream vendors
Buchannon, W., portal inspector and agent
Pearl Assurance Co., Causeway street
Burns, restaurant, Quay head
Camac, J., income tax and rate collector, Eglinton street
CAMERON, THOMAS, Butcher, Atlantic Avenue
CAMPBELL, MRS., Apartments, 33 Kerr Street
Campbell, Mrs., grocer, Causeway street
Campbell & Chambers, grocers, Main street
Carson, Miss, apartments, Bath terrace
Caskey, J. H., draper, stationer and fancy warehouse, Main street
Caskey, Miss, dressmaker, Abergeldie, Main street
Charlton, Mrs., boarding house, Eglinton st
Charlton, Miss, newsagent, china and delph depot, Eglinton street
Christie, D., carpenter, builder and posting establishment, Causeway street
Christie, D., ironmonger, plumber and gas-fitter, Main street
CHRISTlE, MRS,, Strand View Boarding House, 8 Bath Terrace
Cloghor Boarding House—Mrs. Rankin, proprietress
CLOSE, MRS., Boarding House, Golf Terrace
Cochrane, R., carpenter and builder, Causeway street
Cooper, S., agent Prudential Assurance Co.
Coyle, Miss, grocery, restaurant, drapery & fancy goods, Main street
Craigtown Dairy, Antrim place—A Thompson, proprietor
CRAIG-VARA HOUSE, Boarding Establishment—Mrs. M'Larnon
Cunningham, W. I., emigration agent for White Star Line
Curley, Francis, merchant tailor, Main st.
Davis, T., butcher, Main street
Dixon, Mrs., apartments, Mark street
Dixon, Mrs., apartments, Eglinton street
Dunard Boarding Establishment, Lansdowne crescent—J. A. Davies, manager
Dunlop, A., posting establishment, Victoria cottage
Dunseath, Mrs., Alexandra Hotel
Dykes, Mrs., Alston boarding house, 15 Lansdowne crescent
Eason, Charles, & Son, newsagents, Railway Station
Elkes, J. H., Swiss Bazaar, Quay head
Esdale, Mrs., boarding house, Lansdowne crescent
Fall, D., & Son, coal merchants and agents for Lloyd's, Lansdowne crescent
Farren, Mrs. W., boarding house, Kerr st.
Farren, W. J., painter, plumber and gas-fitter, Main street
Farquharson, A., confectioner, Main street
Ferguson, Mrs., boarding house, Causeway street
Fisher, J., posting establishment, Causeway street
FITZPATRICK, MISS P. C., Seabank House, Apartments
FITZPATRICK, MISS, Ossory, Boarding
Fleming Bros., contractors, Lansdowne cres
Fleming, John, dairyman and posting establishment, Antrim place
Fleming, James, fruit and fowl dealer, Causeway street
Fleming, James, refreshment rooms, Bath st
Fleming, Miss, boarding house, Lansdowne crescent
Fleming, Thomas, boot and shoe shop, Main street
Flynn, B., bakery, grocery & confectionery, Causeway street
Gaston, Mrs., Warren Boarding House
Gaston, R., proprietor Derry and Antrim Laundry
GEEHAN, MRS., Boarding House, 9 Lansdowne Crescent
Gibson, Percy, publican, The Quay
Gillan, Hugh, publican, The Quay
Govan, J., boarding house, Causeway st.
Graham, Alex., carpenter and builder, Lansdowne crescent
Gregg, Robert, plasterer, Kerr street
Gregg, Wm., manager Salmon Fishery
Hall, James, dairyman, boot and shoe shop, Main street
Hamill, W. J., posting establishment, Causeway street
Hamilton & Co., drapers, &c, The White House
HAY, MISSES, Dunluce Boarding House, Causeway View
Hill Bros., drapery and fancy goods, Main street
Hopkins, J., & Co., boat builders, Kerr st.
Houston, Miss, apartments, Causeway street
HUGHES BROS., Butchers, Main Street
Hughes, Miss, Princess Restaurant, Main street
Hunter, James, posting establishment, Eglinton street
Irish Columner Basalt Co., Ltd.—-Robert Johnston, managing director
Jackson, Miss, boarding house, Kerr street
KAMAYOR, N., Jewellery & Fancy Goods, 20, 53 and 87 Main Street
Keenan, M., stationmaster
Kelly, Andrew, grocer, china & delph shop, Causeway street
KELLY, J., & CO., Cycle Agents, Islandmore
Kelly, James, boat builder, Causeway st.
KELLY, MRS., Islandmore, 101 Causeway Street, Apartments or Board
KELLY, MISS, Prospect Boarding House, [?]6 Lansdowne Crescent
KEELING, MRS., Carlyon, Boarding House
Knox, J., emigration agent, Educational Board's officer
Lee & Co., photographers, Lansdowne crescent
LEECH, Main Street, Studio
Lee's Studio, Bath street
Lewis, W., solicitor, Osborne Hotel
Lindsay, Miss, apartments, Mount Royal
LLOYD, WILLIAM, Ladies' and Gent's Tailor, Atlantic Avenue
LOGAN, MRS., Boarding House, 37 Kerr Street
Lowry, Miss, secretary Irish Decorative Art Association, Main street
Lyons, Miss, apartments, Eglinton street
LYONS, MRS., Apartments, 19 Mark Street
LYNN, MRS., Select Boarding, Haddon House, Bath Square
Macauley, H. A., solicitor, Stranmore
Macbeth, Mrs., Mervue Boarding House
MACFARLANE, MRS., Skerry-Bhan Private Hotel, 3 Lansdowne Crescent
Macrory, J., jeweller and hairdresser, Main street
MALVERN BOARDING HOUSE, 7 Mark Street—Mrs. Moore
Martin, J. C, M.D., J.P., surgeon, Mark street
Moon, Mrs., apartments, Kerr street
Morrow, W. J., tobacconist and up-to-date boot shop, Main street
MURDOCK, S., Merchant, Clerical, and Ladies' Tailor, Bath Street
Murphy, Sticky-Backs
Murry, S., posting establishment, Princess terrace
M'Allister, Hugh, builder & plasterer, Kerr street
M'Allister, J., fruiterer and confectioner, Main street
M'Allister, W., cafe, Dunluce street
M'Candless, D., stationer and fancy goods, Atlantic avenue
M'Candless, J., ironmonger, plumber, gas-fitter and cycle agent, Main street
M'Candless, Mrs., servants registry, Victoria street
M'Candless, R., decorative painter, Railway terrace
M'Cann, S., dressmaker, Causeway street
M'Carter, Miss, apartments, Causeway st.
M'Clure, Miss, Rothesay Boarding House
M'Collum, W. J., fruit and fowl dealer, and tobacconist, 51, 51a Main street
M'CONAGHY, C., Spirit Grocer, House Agent, Fruiterer and Poulterer, Main Street
M'Connell, Mrs., boarding house, Causeway street
M'Cormick, refreshment rooms, Main st.
M'CULLOCH, W. L., Fish Merchant, Main Street
M'Culloch, Mrs., apartments, Braeside, Bath street
M'Fadden, J., dairyman, Main street
M'Feeters Bros., drapers, Main street
M'Ilree, Mrs., apartments, Eglinton street
M'Kane, W., posting establishment, Eglinton street
M'Kay, M., apartments, Causeway street
M'Kay, Mrs., boarding house, Eglinton st.
M'Kenna, Mrs., grocer and restaurant, Main street
M'Lernon, W. J., artist, White Hall (Dhu Varren)
M'Mullen, Miss, apartments, Victoria st.
M'Nally, B., Central Bar, Main street
M'Neill, Wm., posting establishment, Spring Garden House, Causeway street
M'Quilken, Miss, dressmaker, Mark street
Oddinwood, F., manager Northern Counties Hotel
Orr, Miss, apartments, Causeway street
Peden, John, posting establishment, Dunluce street
PEPPER, Stationer, Fancy Store, Boot and Shoe Shop, 6, 30, and 32 Main street
Porter, W., M.D., surgeon, Mir-a-mir, Causeway view
Rankin, John, dairyman, grain and general merchant, Cloghor
Rankin, R., dressmaker, Causeway street
Rea, Miss, apartments, Kerr street
Riddel, J., cafe, Dunluce street
Ritchie, Rev. Wm., Glenmanus lodge
Rohdick, J. A., jeweller, tobacconist, and hairdresser, Main street
Russell & Bacon, newsagents and stationers
Sandford, E., fruiterer and confectioner, Main street
SANDFORD, J., Grocer, Fruit and Fowl
Merchant, and Insurance Agent, Main Street
Scott, A. C, grocer, druggist, ironmonger, auctioneer and house agent, Main st.
Scott & M'Kay, drapers and milliners, Causeway street
Shaw, D., posting establishment, Mark st. lane
Simmons, Miss, servants registry, Kerr st.
Sinclair's Antique Gallery, Main street
SLOAN, MISS, Apartments, 20 Kerr Street
Sloss, W., grocer, Causeway street
SMITH, MISS, Apartments, 4 Kerr Street
SMITH, H., Fish Merchant, Main Street
Smith, H., blacksmith, Quay head
Smith, Miss, apartments, Victoria street
Smith, Sarah, cafe, Kerr street
Smyth, Mrs., fruit and fowl dealer, Atlantic avenue
Snedden, James, grocery, confectionery, and refreshment rooms, Harbour view
Stanton, Miss, boarding house, Kerr street
Steel, Miss, boarding house, Dunluce villa
Stewart Bros., spirit grocers and game dealers, Main street
Stewart Bros., cycle agents and hardware merchants, Eglinton street
Strathdee, Mrs., Thistle boarding house, Princess street
Sturrock, D. P., bakery and confectionery, Quay head
Sunderland, A. D., painter, Dunluce street
Thompson, James, posting establishment, Causeway street
Todd, J., posting establishment, Causeway street
Watt, J. R., & Son, coal merchants and steamboat agents, Kerr street
Woods, Miss, newsagent and fancy warehouse, Main street
WRIGHT, W. T., Grocer, Eglinton Street
Wright, Mrs., boarding house, 13 Mark st.
WRIGHT, MISS, Bellview Boarding House, 40 Eglinton Street


Allison, Colonel, The Shola
Armour, Rev. J. B., Dhu Varren
Black, The Misses, The Whins
Beresford, General J. P. Craig, Dhu Varren
Boyle, James, J.P., Ballymacrea
Cox, Miss H., Arderin
Crawford, Mr., Carnalridge N.S.
Crookshank, R., Glenmanus
Dick, H., Carnalridge
Dripps, W. J., Drumard
Dunlop, S. J., J.P., Ballywillan
Glen, Miss, Glenvale
Hamilton, Dr., Magherabuoy
Hamilton, Miss. Rathmore
Harvey, Mr., Dhu Varren
Hazlett, Miss, Rockryan
Leckey, Harry, Beardiviile
Leckey, Hugh, J.P., Beardiville
Leslie, Carter, Dhu Varren
Macauley, H. A., solicitor, Stranmore
Moody, Alex., Salisbury terrace
Murry, Colonel, Cool-na-Slee
M'Lernon, R., White hall
Pottinger, Miss, Salisbury house
Price, Mrs., Mount Stewart
Richardson, Miss, Craigentemple
Robinson, Mrs., Greenogue
Russell, J. M., Bernerside
Shannon, Mrs., Tyra Marine, Dru Varren
Smyth, Rev. R., Ardiveer
Sparrow, Mrs., Rockryan
Stewart, Anderson, Glenmanus
Stewart, Miss, Mount Stewart
Stott, Mr., Seacourt
Watt, F. H., J.P., Westport house
Well, Rev. H. B. A., Ballywillan
White, Miss, Ardaneer
Young, Wm., J.P., Lisnavarna

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