Portrush, County Antrim

From the Belfast and Ulster Towns Directory for 1910

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67 ½ miles from Belfast by rail on Midland Railway. A Seaport and Watering Place and Urban District.

Its temperate climate and excellent Bathing Facilities make it a popular summer resort

Population, 2,010

His Honour Judge Orr—" . . A place like Portrush which is a celebrated watering place, and one of the best golfing centres in county, and greatly resorted to in the summer time by tourists from all parts of the United Kingdom."

Portrush possesses, in addition, one of the finest Roller Skating Rinks in the United Kingdom.

Portrush has a half-holiday, shops close at 1 p.m. on Wednesdays, from 1st October to end of April.

POST OFFICE—Miss Percy, Postmistress. Hours of attendance—Week days, 8 a.m. to 8 p.m.; Sundays, 9 a.m. to 10-30 a.m. There are five arrivals and nine despatches on week days; one arrival and one despatch on Sundays


Belfast Banking Co. (Branch)—W. J. M'Murray, manager; R. Bailie, cashier

Town Hall—Caretaker, Wm. E. Carter

Urban District Council meets in Town Hall first Monday in each month at 12 o'clock. Chairman, T. Bamford; vice-chairman, W. T. Morrow; A. Farquarson, Councillor A. Moody, H. Davidson J. Hetherington, W. J. Morrow, M. Cameron, H. Simpson, J. Kelly, J. M'Callum, Miss C. Hamilton, W. I. Cunningham, clerk

Petty Sessions are held on the third Wed- nesday in each month in the Town Hall at 12 o'clock noon; Mr. Holmes, resident magistrate; C. Forbes, clerk

Magistrates—Sir Francis E. M'Naghten, Bart.; Dr. J. C. Martin, Lord M'Naghten, Dr. Traill, W. Young, Jas. Boyle, H. Lecky, R. M. Douglas, Captain F. H. Watt, and S. J. Dunlop

County Councillor—-Sir F. E. M'Naghten, H.M.L.; res., Dundarane, Bushmills

Customs Officer—Charles Bennett

Commissioner for Oaths—C. Forbes

Coastguard Station—J. A. Wait, chief officer

Constabulary Barracks, Railway place—T. P. B. Townsend, district inspector; Thomas Frazer, sergeant in charge


Golf Club—President, Lord M'Naghten; secretary, L. S. Anderson; hon. trea- surer, W. J. M'Murray. Ladies' Branch —Hon. secretary, Miss K. W. Brownrigg

Cricket Club—J. Long secretary

Hockey Club—Miss Brown, secretary

Gents' Hockey Club—J. Pepper, secretary

Tennis Club—Secretary, Colonel Allison; treasurer, Miss Martin

Badminton Club—Secretary, Colonel Allison; treasurer, Miss Beresford

Football Club—President, L. F. Carter; secretary, A. Stewart

Gymnasium Club—J. Graham, instructor

District Nursing Association—Miss H. Cox, secretary; Miss Forrester, nurse

Fire Brigade Station, Kerr street—Superintendent, W. J. M'Murray; secretary, R. Carton

Giants Causeway Tramway Co.—Directors, A. Traill, J.P., LL.D., M.D., S.F., T.C.D., chairman; C. M'D. Stewart; J. S. Moore, W. A. Traill, C.E.; sec- retary and manager, Daniel Fall

Gas Works—Manager, W. C. Pinkney; secretary, T. Bamford

Medical Officer of Dispensary—Dr. William Porter

Mutual Improvement Association—President, Rev. J. M'Connell, B.A.; vice-president, A. C. Scott; hon. treasurer, A. Graham; hon. secretary, A. Stewart

National Lifeboat Institution—The institution is supported by voluntary contributions. Treasurer, W. J. M'Murray, Belfast Bank; coxswain, T. Patton

I.O.G.T.—Northern Star Lodge 132 meets in Town Hall every Tuesday

Portrush Harbour Co.—Directors, Sir F. E. M'Naghten, Bart., D.L.; Thos. Wray, H. A. M'Auley, Captain F. H. Watt, J.P.; R. Cramsie, H. M'Ildowney; secretary, Mr. MacLaughlin; harbour master, T. Marten

Portrush Purple Heroes L.O.L. 742 meets in Town Hall at 8 p.m. first Wednesday in each month. Captain Watt, W.M., D.M.C.G.M.; secertary, Wm. Faren

Portrush Union Blue Masonic Lodge 1008 meets in Town Hall on first Monday of each month. Mr. Carter, secretary

Portrush Winter Gardens Company—D. M'Glaughlin, solicitor, Coleraine, sec.

Working Men's Club, Main street—C. Leach, secretary


Mark Street N.S.—W. White, principal

Kelly Memorial—J. M'Clatchie, principal

Ladies School—Miss Stark, Dhu Varren

Roman Catholic N.S.—Miss Reason, principal

Surveyor and Architect—A. J. Clark

Sanitary Officer—James Southern


Baptist Church—Pastor Freeman. Service at 3-30 in Town Hall. C.E. Society—Miss M'Ilree, secretary

Ballyreagh Mission Hall—R. Allison. Service, 7-30 p.m.

Church of Ireland—Rector, Rev. A. E. Ross, B.D.; curate, Rev. R. P. Meredith; organist, W. Depauley. Morning service, 11-30; evening, 7

Methodist Church—Minister, Rev. Thomas Scott. Morning service, 11-30; evening, 7

Portrush Evangelistic Mission, Causeway street—F. Charlton, secretary

Presbyterian Church—Minister, Rev. J. M'Connell, B.A.; precentor, H. Black. Morning service, 11-30; evening, 7

Reformed Presbyterian Church—Morning service, 11-30; evening, 7

Roman Catholic Church—Rev. John Campbell, P.P., assisted by Rev. Ryan. C.C. Morning service, 10 a.m. during winter months, and 12 noon in summer months; evening service, 7 o'clock

Y.W.C.A., Rath Yara, Lansdowne crescent

G.F.S., Parochial Hall—Miss Crookshank, secretary


ALEXANDRA, 11, 12 Lansdowne Crescent—Proprietors, Mrs. Dunseath and Miss Dobbin
Central—Messrs Hamilton & Co.
City—Miss M'Conaghy, manageress
Coolnagee—Messrs. Hamilton & Co.
Eglinton—J. Gibb, manager
Golf—Miss M'Crea, proprietress
Hamilton's, Coolnagee
Imperial— P. M'Kenna, proprietor
Lancashire Temperance—Mrs. Taylor
Lismara, Lansdowne crescent—H. A. G. Black, proprietor
Lloyd's Commercial Temperance, Kerr st.
LONDONDERRY, Main Street—W. Markland, Proprietor
Metropole—J. Elcot, manager
MEYOLA PRIVATE HOTEL, 20 Mark Street—Miss Donaghy, Proprietress
Northern Counties—F. Oddinwood, manager
OSBORNE—Mrs. Hurst, Proprietress
ROYAL, Lansdowne Crescent—Miss Dunn, Proprietress
Railway—P. Bradley, proprietor
Ramore—Mr. M'Nally
THE ESPLANADE, Bath Terrace—Misses Hill, proprietors
Windsor—Messrs. Hamilton & Co.
York—Mrs. Watt

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