Pomeroy, County Tyrone

From the Belfast and Ulster Towns Directory for 1910

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49 miles from Belfast by rail. Parish and village. Market day, Tuesday. Fairs, second Tuesday of each month. Area of parish, 15,951 acres. Parish population, 3,742. Village population, 390

POST OFFICE, Telegraph Office, Money Order Office, and Savings Bank—Mrs. M. Kelly, sub-postmistress; William Wallace, telegraph messenger; Miss M. Crawford, assistant clerk Magistrates who preside at Petty Sessions— Robert T. G. Lowry, Peter Shields, Captain Gosselin, R.M.; William D. Henry, Patrick Traynor, John Dorris, Captain Lowry. Clerk, J. Ellison, C.P.S.


Pomeroy Parish Church—Rev. James Hamilton, rector Altedesart Parish Church—Rev. William Glenn, incumbent Pomeroy Presbyterian Church—Rev. Robt. Kelly, B.A. Roman Catholic Church—Rev. J. M'Elduff, P.P.; Pomeroy and Altmore, Rev. P. Cush, C.C.


No. 1 National School—R. Kelly, teacher; Mrs. M'Coy, assistant
No. 2 National School—Henry Sinnamon, teacher; Mrs. Sinnamon, assistant
Dispensary—F. C. Mann, M.B., registrar for births, marriages, and deaths; William Henry, J.P., assistant registrar
Stationmaster, G.N.R.—Mr. Lanktree
Lowry Estate Office—J. Ellison, clerk; Colonel Alexander, agent; James Ramsey, bailiff
R.I.C. Barrack—Sergeant Waterman
Ulster Bank, Limited (Branch)—S. R. Magill, manager
The Pomeroy Co-operative Agricultural and Dairy Society, Limited, Pomeroy, Co. Tyrone; J. Grant, manager


Agnew, J., hairdresser
Begley, Peter, labourer
Bigley, Peter, draper and fancy warehouseman
Bigley, Miss Minnie, dressmaker and fancy warehouse
Boyd, J., R.I.C.
Boyle, Francis, publican and grocer, Cappagh
Branigan, John, lodging-house keeper
Brimage, Mary A.
Brogan, Patrick, constable R.I.C.
Bustard, Thomas, retired shepherd
Carr, J., R.I.C.
Carr, J., signalman, G.N.R.
Cobain, J., mason
Coil, Hugh, labourer
Conway, Mrs.
Conway, P., labourer and lodging-house
Corr, Francis, tailor
Corr, Hugh, baker and grocer
Corr, John, letter carrier
Corr, P. E., teacher Crosscavnagh N.S.
Corry, James, watchmaker
Curran, James, labourer
Dailey, Peter, labourer
Dailey, John, labourer
Daily, Robert, farmer
Daly, Mrs.
Devlin, James, farmer and cattledealer, Mabuoy
Devlin, P., merchant
Donnelly, John, dealer
Donnelly, Peter, sub-postmaster, Galbally
Dundas, Miss, coffee-house manager
Ellison, William, sexton
Finn, Mrs. Mary, Ivy Cottage, Altmore
Ford, Robert, blacksmith and grocer
Foster, James, grocer
Fox, Patrick, merchant
Gallagher, P., constable, R.I.C.
Glass, George, labourer
Glass, James, labourer
Glass, Richard, valet
Glenn, Rev. William, incumbent
Graham, Thomas, grocer
Grimes, Mrs., chemist and grocer
Groogan, Margaret
Hamilton, Charles, farmer, Altmore
Henry, William, farmer
Herron, James, cattle dealer
Hughes, Joseph, grocer and farmer
Hughes, Joseph S., agent for Prudential Insurance Company
Hughes, Mrs.
Johnston, Matthew, tailor and outfitter
Johnston, Robert, mason
Kane, Charles, carpenter
Kane, John, horsedealer and carpenter
Kane, Patrick, shoemaker
Kelly, John, blacksmith
Kelly, Miss, dressmaker
Kelly, Mrs.
Kelly, M., grocer
Kelly, Patrick, publican and horsedealer
Kelly, Paul, labourer
Kennedy, John, labourer
Kerr, Edward, nailer
Kerr, Joseph, letter carrier
Lavery, S. A., letter carrier
Lavery, Thomas, letter carrier
Logan, Mrs., draper and grocer
Long, J., breadserver
Loughran, James, labourer
Lowry, Lieut-Colonel R. T. G.
Loy, Patrick, tailor
Lynn, Margaret, lodging-house
Martin, D. G., letter carrier
Martin, W. J., letter carrier
Mills, Dennis, labourer
Mills, Michael, labourer
Mitchell, Mrs., dressmaker
Mitchell, Thomas, labourer
M'Aleer Bros., coal and timber merchants and undertakers
M'Aleer, James, Lowry Arms Hotel
M'Aleer, Peter, farmer and dealer
M'Bride, N., grocer
M'Cann, Patrick, saddler
M'Court, John, grocer
M'Creash, P., blacksmith
M'Crory, Thomas, dealer
M'Cullagh, James, shoemaker
M'Cullagh, Peter, grocer, hardware merchant, publican, and auctioneer
M'Cullagh, Toal, bootmaker
M'Elhatton, Misses, fancy warehouse
M'Gaughan, B., grocer and spirit dealer
M'Gaughan, Miss, grocer and draper
M'Gaughan, Mrs., dressmaker
M'Geary, Mary, lodging-house keeper
M'Geough, Mrs. E., publican Galbally
M'Gorry, John, draper, grocer, publican
M'Govern, Patric, publican, farmer, Cappagh
M'Guone, James, grocer, draper
M'Guone, Malachy B., publican and grocer
M'Guone, Terence, publican, grocer, and shipping agent
M'Gurk, John F., draper and grocer
M'Kearnan, Mary, milliner
M'Kernan, John, shoemaker, etc.
M'Kittrick, William, labourer
M'Laughlin, T., lodging-house keeper
M'Nelis, Michael, horse dealer, Cappagh
M'Sorley, Miss, draper and milliner
Nugent, James, cardriver
O'Hagan, Miss, dairymaid
O'Neill, Arthur, farmer
O'Neill, Charles, labourer
O'Neill, Isaac, carowner and farmer
O'Neill, Isaac, Bellmore Arms Hotel
O'Neill, Miss, merchant and dressmaker
Rafferty, Bernard, porter, G.N.R.
Rafferty, Patrick, butcher and cattle dealer
Rafferty, Patrick, draper and grocer, and sub-postmaster, Cappagh
Rafferty, Peter, night signalman
Ramsey, Annie, dressmaker
Reid, Robert, labourer
Richardson, Thos. S., postmaster, Gortavoy
Quin, Hugh, publican, grocer, and farmer
Quin, James, blacksmith
Quin, Joseph, newsagent
Quin, Michael, saddler
Quinn, J., Glenburrish
Rainey, Alexander, grocer and farmer
Reid, Mrs., publican
Sampson, William, draper
Shields, Peter, J.P., Barracktown house, Altmore
Sinnamon, Henry, porter, G.N.R.
Smyth, Mrs. A. J., Gortinderragh house
Sweeney, Miss
Taggart, Rev. H., C.C., Galbally
Tally, Patrick, Galbally
Taylor, Mrs.
Trainor, Patrick, grocer and farmer
Trainor, Patrick, jun.
Trainor, P., horse trainer
Wallace, Wm. J., sexton
Wright, James, gamekeeper, Camlough lodge
Young, William, farmer and carter

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