Pettigo, Counties Donegal and Fermanagh

From the Belfast and Ulster Towns Directory for 1910

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Has a railway station and post office, with money order and telegraph departments. Market day, Monday, 20th of each month. Population, 382


—William W. Reid, postmaster.

Postmen, Wm. Alexander, West Alexander, Jos. Gallagher, James G. Gallagher, Patrick Gallagher, George Ogle O'Donnel, Edward Owens, T. Meehan, J. Reilly


Church of Ireland—Rev. Thomas C. M'Gee, rector; sexton, William Wark


Methodist—Rev. William Clark and John H. Hynes

Roman Catholic—Rev. Dr. M'Meel, P.P.; Rev. P. Maguire, C.C.


Female National—Miss Lizzie Wilson; Miss Wortley, assistant; Miss Bell, monitor; and Miss Hall

Pettigo Male National—Philip S. Howkins

School teachers near town—Mr. Somers, Miss M'Cabe, Boa Island; Mrs. O'Halloran, Aghnahoo; Miss Strong, Gortnessy; Miss Reid, Tamlagh; Mrs. Shannon, Tullyvogie; Mrs. D. Funston, Carnatressy; Miss Stewart, Clonelly

Petty Sessions Court—Fourth Tuesday of every month. Resident magistrate, Captain C. H. Crosbie. Magistrates, Hezlett Hamilton Aiken, George M'Crea, Captain Barton, D.L.; James M'Cullagh, Francis Britton, F. W. Barton, Thomas Flood. Hamilton Robinson, clerk of petty sessions

Belfast Banking Company—Mr. Pentland, manager

Pettigo Creamery—Robert Henderson, presi- dent; Belfast Bank, treasurers; John Robinson, secretary and manager

Civil Bill Officers—James Chittick and John Gallagher

Commissioner to Administer Oaths in the Supreme Court of Judicature in Ireland—Robert Read

Dispensary—Pettigo, J. W. Dickson; Clonnell, Dr. Frank Cooper. Attendance, Tuesday and Saturday

Pettigo Mills—Corn mills, flax mills, saw-mills; T. Johnston, millwright and owner

Termon Creamery—F. Food, secretary; William Johnston, manager

R.I. Constabulary—Sergeant Lewers and five men

Independent Order Good Templars—W. W. Read, C.T.; Miss Gilmore, secretary

County Councillors—John M'Hugh, Pettigo; D. J. Flood, Pettigo

District Councillors—John Anderson, Gortican; John Gilmore, Pettigo; John S. Collins, William West Read, William Graham, A. Johnston, P. M. Gallagher, Croaghbrack; John M'Grath, Carnatressy; Joseph M'Govern, Rushen; John Boyd, Corlave

Bakery—Robert Read, proprietor; Lawrence M'Coll and Geo. Gibson, bakers

Blacksmiths—Robert Johnston, James Elliot, John Burton

Butchers—George Morrow, William Cox

Carpenters, &c.—Christopher Robinson, Thos. Humphries, George Freeborn, Thomas Henderson, A. Freeborn, G. Bartley, and W. and R. Shaw

Cycle Agent and Repairer—Wm. George

Elliott Drapers—H. H. & T. A. Aiken, John S. Collins, Robert Read, Michael Gal- lagher, James Elliott, Thomas M'Brien, John Humphries, John Flood, L. & M. M'Kee Dressmaking Establishments—Mrs. Freeborn, H. H. & T. A. Aiken, Robert

Read, County Fermanagh; Miss Doherty, Miss Duncan, Miss Quin, Miss Bannon, Mrs. W. J. Graham

Druggit, &c.—F. Read, Main street

Game keepers—Alexander Saddler, Terence Doud, J. M'Farlane, and John Elliott

Grocers, Flour Merchants, &c.—John Gilmore, B. M'Grath, Elizabeth Elliott, John S. Collins, Mrs. T. W. M'Brien, H. H. & T. A. Aiken, Robert Read, George M'Crea, A. J. M'Hugh, Thomas M'Brien, John Humphries, M. Gal- lagher, D. J. Flood, James Elliott, F. A. Read, Terance M'Garrigle

Hotels, &c.—Thos, Aiken, Aiken's Hotel; Red Lion, D. J. Flood; Family Hotel, Jane Lyttle; White Swan, Miss Fogarty; White Hart, Mrs. M'Hugh; Mrs. Patchell, M. Johnston

Lodging-houses and Restaurants—Elizabeth Robinson, William Virtue, James Morrow, Elizabeth Begly, Miss Duncan, Andrew Brennan

Newspaper Agents—Robert Read, Thomas Aiken, D. J. Flood, James Elliott, Wm. Alexander, Miss Elliott, John Gilmore, George M'Crea

Painters—I. Booth, J. Graham

Sewed Muslin Agents—Christopher Robinson, Joseph Wilson, John Gilmore, John S. Collins, E. Gorman

Shoemakers—Hugh Quinn, William Rankin, Peter Gallagher

Leather Merchants—Thomas M'Brien, Geo. M'Crea, James Elliott, H. H. & T. A. Aiken, M. Gallagher

Stationmaster—Michael Shields; head porter, Alexander Robinson; signalman, James Harvey

Tailors—Peter Doherty, James Doherty, Patrick M'Caffery

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