Newtownstewart, County Tyrone

From the Belfast and Ulster Towns Directory for 1910

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Picturesque Market Town.
Fishing in the adjacent rivers.
Market Day, Monday.
Fair, last Monday of each month.
Population, 1062


—Miss Baxter., Postmistress. Rural post goes to Gortin, Drumquin, Glenhall, Cranagh, Dooish, Plumbridge, Ardstraw, Leglands, Baronscourt, Drumlegagh, at 6 a.m.; Derry and Strabane, 9 a.m.; Omagh, Portadown, Belfast, Dublin, and Belfast Railway Post Office, Dublin, and Holyhead and Kingstown Packet, viz.:—English and Scotch letters at 3-30 p.m. Second mail to Dublin, Holyhead, and Kingstown Packet, Great Northern Railway, Omagh, Belfast, and Derry and Strabane, at 9-45 p.m. Mails received from Great Northern Railway, and Dublin, Omagh, and English letters, &c, received at Post Office at 5 a.m., and another at 10-55 a.m.; town delivery, 7 a.m. Belfast and Scotland at 10-55 a.m., and Derry and Strabane at 3-30 p.m. Parcels Post delivery—7-0 and 10-30 a.m., and 7-0 p.m. Clerks in Post Office—S. M'Mahon, A. Noble; J. Hegarty, telegraph messenger
Magistrates—Messrs. E. T. Herdman, Wm. Hood, P. Lafferty, John Love, Wm. T. Millar, Brook house; Charles M'Ivor, Mourne lodge; J. H. Mellon, J.P., Main street Royal Irish Constabulary—J. H. Richardson, D.I.; Head-Constable John Cox, and seven men


Church of Ireland—Incumbent, Rev. T. J. Dodds, Deerpark. Churchwardens—N. Tipping, James Patterson
Presbyterian Church—Rev. David Morton
Wesleyan Chapel—Rev. E. Bennett
Roman Catholic Church—Rev. W. M'Laughlin


Northern Bank—John Whiteford, manager; J. Bennett, cashier
Orange Hall
Union Hall— William M'Cloy
Town Hall—B. Gillespie
National Model School—Boys, Thomas Faulkner, headmaster; J. Nesbitt, pupil teacher; girls, Miss Ryan, headmistress; Miss M'Namee, assistant; infants, Mrs. Lyttle, head mistress; Miss M'Roberts and Miss R. Brown, assistants
National School—Mr. Brown, and Mrs. G. Fisher, teachers
Registrars of Births, Marriages, and Deaths—Dr. Lyle, registrar; William M'Cloy, deputy registrar
Abercorn Hotel and Posting Establishment—Mrs. Marshall
Castle Hotel and Posting Establishment—James Roche
Maturin Baird Arms—John Baird


Mail cars leave for Drumquin, Plumbridge, and Gortin at 6-15 a.m.


Anderson, John, wheelwright, Mill street
Arbuckle, James, auctioneer, &c, Back street
Arbuckle, Thomas, tailor, Mill street
Ashenhurst, John, grocer, Dublin street
Baird, John, Maturin Baird Arms Hotel
Ballintine, James, rural postman, Dublin st.
Barber, Francis, Grange
Barton, William, carpenter, Back street
Bogle, Mrs., Dublin street
Breslin, P., publican, Main street
Campbell, Mrs., grocer, Main street
Campbell & Patterson, saddlers, Main st.
Coles, Sergeant
Crenan, Michael, lodging house, Main street
Crowe, John, Mill street
Crowe, Mrs., Mill street
Devine, John, Victoria cottage
Dick, Ezekiel, farmer, The Cottage, Glenock
Donnell, Charles, Back street
Donnell, Samuel, Dublin street
Donnelly, Robert, Dublin street
Dunbar, David, cooper, Sandy row
Dunbar, John, tailor, Rathkelly
Dunbar, William, tailor, Main street
Duncan, Miss, dressmaker, Mill street
Duncan, Oliver, carpenter, Mill street
Duffy, Charles, cooper, Mill street
Fowler, John, boot and shoemaker, Back st.
Gallagher, Andrew, butter and egg merchant,
Cow market
Gallagher, James, publican
Gallagher, John, butcher, Main street
Gallagher, William, butcher, Main street
Gibson, John, Dublin street
Gillespie, Bernard, ironmonger, Mill street
Graham, Mrs., refreshment rooms, Main st.
Gray, J.
Harkin, P., publican, Main street
Harper, Thomas, Mill street
Haslett, David, boots, Abercorn Hotel
Hegarity, John James, boot and shoemaker, Main street
Hegarity, Miss, Back street
Hegarity, William, Mill street
Hegarty, Mrs., Main street
Henderson, Thomas, grocer, Main street
Henderson, W. R., agent
Hempton, Samuel, contractor, Hawthorne cottage
Hood, Miss, Main street
Hood, Miss, cafe and temperance hotel
Hood, W. H., auctioneer, Dublin street
Hood, William, farmer, Pubble cottage
Hood & Co., general drapers, hardware, guano, and seed merchants, and undertakers
Irwin, Barton, Main street
Jack, George, Mill street
Jack, Miss, dressmaker, Mill street
Jameson, Robert, Dublin street
Johnston, John, Rathkelly
Johnston, J., R.I.C., Dublin street
Johnston, William, R.I.C.
Kane, Mrs., lodging house, Dublin street
Kelly, John, publican, Mill street
Kerr, Alexander, Orange Hall
Kerr, Alice, tailoress and outfitter
Kerr, R., Dublin street
Kirk, Hugh, rural postman
Lancashire and Yorkshire Accident Insurance Co., Ltd.—Agent, William M'Cloy, Sefton house
Laughlin, Miss, dressmaker, Mill street
Laughlin, W. J. M.
Little, William, teacher, Dublin road
Loftus, Constable, R.I.C.
Lyle, William, M.D., Dublin street
Lynch, J. J., fowl merchant, Methodist lane
Lyttle & Co., woollen drapers, Main street
Macklin, Robert, farmer, Deerpark
Maloy, Bernard, fowl merchant, Main street
Marks, George, petty sessions clerk, Castle
Marks, Miss, Dublin street
Mathews, Mrs., publican, Main street
Millar, Samuel, farmer, Crosh house
Montgomery, James, temperance hotel
Moore, James, farmer, Grange
Moore, Robert, farmer, Woodbrook
Moore, A., auctioneer, &c, Milltown
Moore, John J., farmer, Grange
Moorehead, Alexander, Sandy row
Moorehead, Joseph, Moyle road
M'Aleer, Michael, wine and spirit merchant, Castle Brae
M'Bride, Hugh, publican and grocer, Main street
M'Cloy, William, Sefton house
M'Colgan, Thomas, jeweller, Back street
M'Conway, Mick, grocer, Main street
M'Cormick, James, Rathkelly
M'Crossan, P., boot and shoe maker
M'Crossan, Robert, publican, Dublin street
M'Cullagh, C, boot and shoe maker, Dublin street
M'Cullagh, M., tailor, Back street
M'Cullagh, M., Main street
M'Cullagh, P., rural postman
M'Fadden, Owen, R.I.C., Dublin street
M'Fadden, Sergeant, R.I.C.
M'Farland, Miss R., publican, Main street
M'Gee, John, R.I.C.
M'Gee, Robert
M'Glinchey, James, grocer, Sandy row
M'Gorman, Thomas, rural postman, Main street
M'Hugh, H., general draper, Main street
M'Ilhatton, Robert, coachbuilder, Back street
M'Ivor, Charles, Mourne Lodge
M'Kee, William, R.I.C.
M'Keown, John, Newtownstewart
M'Kinley, Wm., grocer, Mill street
M'Laughlin, S., town postman, Mill street
M'Namee, Edward, carpenter, Back street
M'Namee, John, carpenter, Back street
M'Namee, Mrs., grocer, Mill street
M'Namee, Patrick, farmer, Dublin street
Nelands, David, grocer, Main street
Oliver, Andrew, gamekeeper, Deerpark
Patterson, James, signalman, G.N.R.
Patterson, porter, G.N.R.
Proxter, William
Rankin, Dr., Mill street
Robinson, James, publican, Main street
Robinson, T., coachbuilder, Main street
Robinson, Thomas, blacksmith, Mill street
Roche, Patrick, Main street
Roulston, R., provision merchant & butcher, Main street
Scott, George, stationmaster
Scott & Co., millers, grain and flour merchants, Mill street
Sinclair, W. J., C.B.D., Dublin street
Smyth, Mrs., millinery & mantle warehouse, Main street
Sproul, James, grocer, Dublin street
Stewart, John, Grange terrace
Tait, John, watchmaker and jeweller, and photographer, Mill street
Tait, Joseph, saddler, Main street
Tipping, N., farmer, Deerpark
Toland, James, Dublin street
Vaughan, Robert, farmer, Pound street
Walsh, W. B., Prudential assurance agent
and schoolmaster, Main street
White, Mrs., Grange
White, Miss Sarah, Mill street
Whitford, John, manager, Northern Bank
Williams, Captain, Pebble cottage
Wilson, Alex., Deerpark
Wilson, John, draper, Main street

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