Newtownhamilton, County Armagh

From the Belfast and Ulster Towns Directory for 1910

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Nine miles from Castleblaney Railway Station.
Has Post Office, with Money Order and Telegraph Departments.
Market Day, Saturday.
Fairs, last Saturday of each month.
Population, 687


—Miss Jenkins, Postmistress


Church of Ireland—Rev. R. J. Ballard, M.A.
Presbyterian Church—Rev. Charles I. Jamison, B.A.
Roman Catholic Chapel—Rev. P. Ker[?]ey, P.P.; Rev. A. P. Smyth, C.C.


Synge National School—W. J. Warmington, teacher; Miss Frazer, assistant

Townsend National School—A. Burns, teacher; Miss Donaldson, assistant

Newtownhamilton National School—Thomas Gribbin, teacher; Miss Annie Carraher, assistant

Dispensary—W. J. Dawson, M.D.

Registration of Births, &c.—W. J. Dawson, registrar; W. H. Starr, assistant registrar and auctioneer

Ulster Bank (Armagh Agency—Saturdays)—James Moore, manager; agent for Standard Life Assurance Co. and Royal Insurance Co.

Magistrates who preside at Petty Sessions—R. G. Bull, R.M.; Hugh G. Douglas, J.P.; Patrick Conville, J.P.; Thomas O'Hare, J.P.; J. M'Geeney, E. Blacker, P. G. Shaw, D. Craig, D. L. Meares, General A. F. Harte-Synott, Michael Smyth, W. J. Robb

Clerk of Petty Sessions—W. H. Starr, Commissioner for Oaths and auctioneer

Solicitors—Patrick Lavery, Fisher & Fisher and J. J. O'Hagan

Police—District-Inspector, W. H. F. Sidley; Head-Constable Groves; Sergeant Boyd; Constables Gervan, Hopkins, Reid, and Connell


Andrews, Samuel, shipping agent and auctioneer
Ardis, A., druggist and general merchant
Ardis, David, grocer
Ardis, Eliza J., grocer
Arthur, Mary, laceworker
Baillie, Elizabeth, grocer
Bailie, Mrs. Sarah Ann, grocer
Beacom, William, pensioner and dining-rooms
Bingham, David, entertainment
Bingham., W. J., sexton Presbyterian Church
Boyd, George, labourer
Boyd, Mary, laceworker
Boyle, Edward, egg dealer
Bradley, James, grocer
Bradley, John, labourer
Brennan, A., smith
Brennan, Eliza Jane, farmer
Burke, James, publican
Burke, Mrs., dressmaker
Burke Bros., drapers
Burns, John R., rate collector
Burns, Robert, music teacher
Burke, Sarah Ann, grocer
Callaghan, John, smith
Canning, P., coachbuilder and spirit merchant
Cannon, Frank, grocer and dining-rooms
Carson, William, carter
Clarke, Mary, laceworker
Clernan, Patrick, labourer
Collins, Hugh, labourer
Collins, James, labourer
Collins, John, labourer
Cooke, Alexander, flesher and farmer
Cooke, Henry, farmer and publican
Cooke, John, butcher and mill owner
Cooke, Joseph, pig sticker
Cooke, Joseph, farmer
Cooke, Robert, general dealer
Cooke, Watson, pig sticker
Copeland, James, carter
Copeland, Samuel, carter
Copeland, Samuel, jun., carter
Cosgrove, Francis, hardware merchant
Cosgrove, M. A., publican
Crummy, Terence, bootmaker
Daly, Thomas, labourer
Dawson, J., publican
Dennison, John, labourer
Devine, P., publican
Farley, Peter, labourer
Feehan, Patrick, labourer
Forsythe, James, tailor
Frazer, William J., publican and grocer
Fulton, James, shoemaker
Glenney, Thos., grocer and farmer
Gordon, George, millworker
Hamill, P., saddler
Hamilton, W. J., labourer
Hannaway, Ann, laceworker
Hannaway, Mrs., Margaret
Hannaway, Rose, entertainment
Hart-Synot, General Arthur Fitzroy, J.P.
Harvey, Ann
Harvey, Edward, labourer
Hawthorne, John, publican and farmer
Hawthorne, William, draper and seed merchant
Hearty, Owen, pedlar and general dealer
Hearty, Thomas, entertainment
Holland, Arthur, Co.-Operative Stores
Hughes, Francis
Hughes, James, carowner
Hughes, Joseph, lodging house
Hughes, Peter, publican and baker
Hunter, Susannah, farmer
Irwine, Jane, publican and undertaker
Johnston, Catherine, laceworker
Johnston, Mrs.
Kean, Margaret, milliner
Kelly, Terence, labourer and lodgings
Lennon, Annie, dealer
Lutton, J., smith
Mackin, Thomas, publican and grocer
Magee, Edward, draper and cycle agent
Magowan, H. E., ordnance surveyor
Maguire, John, labourer
Malcolmson, Miss, milliner
Mallie, Mrs. Mary
Mallie, P. & T., hardware, grocers, &c.
Mallie, Thomas, White Cross Hotel
Marron, Miss J., publican
Martin, John, carter
Mason, S., labourer
Matchett, William, publican
Mayne, C. H., painter and decorator
Mitchell, David, P.L.G., civil bill officer
Molloy, Peter, carter and farmer
Montgomery, Miss M., dressmaker
Mooney, Miss, grocer
Morgan, James, bootmaker
Morriss, Bridgett, grocer
Morriss, Mrs., publican
Murphy, John, farmer
Murphy, Mrs., publican
Murphy, J., butter and egg merchant
Murray, Margaret, laceworker
M'Bennett, Catherine, grocer
M'Bride, William, carpenter
M'Clean, William, publican
M'Clure, William, draper
M'Connell, John, draper
M'Coy, James, army pensioner
M'Cullagh, Robert, carpenter
M'Cullagh, H. V., hairdresser
M'Donald, Joseph, labourer
M'Donald, John, postman
M'Ferron, Miss M.
M'Gaw, David, grocer
M'Geown, Francis, flesher and grocer
M'Geown, John, entertainment and cattle dealer
M'Geown, P., sexton R.C. Church and shoemaker
M'Gervay, road foreman and tobacconist
M'Guigan, Mary, labourer
M'Kee, A., grocer
M'Kee, Miss M., draper
M'Kee, Peter J., publican and undertaker
M'Lernon, Mrs. L., grocer
M'Mahon, Mrs. Margaret, grocer
M'Mahon, Michael, bootmaker
M'Mahon, P., grocer and china merchant
M'Manus, P., spirit merchant
M'Murray, Joseph, spirit merchant
M'Parland, F., auctioneer and spirit merchant
M'Vey, Joseph, labourer
O'Neil, John, labourer
O'Rourke, Alice, laceworker
O'Shaughensay, Alice, grocer
Parkinson, Robert, grocer
Paton, Samuel, saddler
Paxton, Miss, publican
Paxton, William, cattle dealer and spirit merchant
Preston, James, publican
Preston, Thomas, grocer and weighmaster
Preston, W. J., carter and farmer
Rafferty, Mary
Rutledge, Adam, grocer
Slane, Michael, jun., labourer
Slane, Matthew, grocer
Slane, Peter, vanman
Smyth, Mrs. M., draper
Starr, G. F., grocer, boot and shoe merchant
Starr, W. H., insurance agent, C.P.S. and auctioneer
Steen, John, boot merchant, grocer, and cycle agent
Stenson, Miss, grocer
Taylor, David, labourer
Tiernan, Miss K., dressmaker
Trodden, William, sewing agent and stationer
Troddon, Patrick, bootmaker
Watt Bros., builders
Watson, John, labourer
Whisker, John, smith
Wylie, Thomas, sexton Church of Ireland

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