Newtownards, County Down

From the Belfast and Ulster Towns Directory for 1910

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Griffith's Valuation for the Union of Newtownards 1863
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Bell, John, Ballygrainey
Boyd, Alexander, Ballyblack
Boyd, John, Ballyalton
Boyd, Thomas, Greengraves
Boyd, William, Drumhirk
Campbell, James, Cottown
Campbell, William, Cottown
Cooper, Robert, Cunningburn
Crawford, William John, Ballyharry
Crawford, William Henry, Ballysallagh
Cumming, Thomas, Greengraves
Dunn, Thomas, Granshaw
Ferguson, Edward, Ballyrogan
Ferguson, Hugh, Castleavery
Ferguson, Hugh, jun., Greengraves
Ferguson, James, Loughrie's Couse
Ferguson, Nathaniel. Ballycullen
Ferguson, Robert, Ballymagreechan
Ferguson, Samuel, Greengraves
Finlay, John, Ballyhaft
Gilliland, J., Castleavery
Hall, James, Ballysallagh
Kennedy, David, Greengraves
Millar, John, Ballysallagh
Milliken, Hugh, Ballyrogan
Milliken, Samuel, Ballyskeagh
Miskelly, Henry, Ballygrainey
Miskelly, Hugh, Granshaw
Moore, John, Milecross
Moore, John, Killearn
Moore, William John, Ballyalicock
M'Connell, Hugh, Tullynagardy
M'Cready, J., Cronstown
M'Cutcheon, Andrew, Ballywatticock
M'Cutcheon, Samuel, Ballyskeagh
M'Dowell, John, Granshaw
M'Kee, Robert, Drumawhey
M'Kee, William, Ballyskeagh
M'Kibben, Alex., Greengraves
M'Morran Bros., Castleavery
Orr, Henry, Cronstown
Patterson, Alexander, Drumhirk
Patton, Hugh, Comber road
Patton, Henry, Ballyalicock
Quirey, John, Granshaw
Rankin, William H., Ballyblack
Stewart, William, Cottown
Warden, Alex., Cottown
Warden, John, Cunningburn
Warden, Robert, Ballygrainey
White, William, Drumhirk
Wilson, D., Ballymagreechan
Woods, William, Ballyrea
Wright, James, Ballysallagh

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