Newtownards, County Down

From the Belfast and Ulster Towns Directory for 1910

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Griffith's Valuation for the Union of Newtownards 1863
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Adams, George, Balfour street
Adams, W., manager Ard's Weaving Co., Victoria avenue
Adgey, John, carter, East street
Aicken, F., cooper, Ann street
Aicken, Hugh, sexton, Mill street
Aicken, Miss, grocer, George street
Allen, Rev. Robert, South street
Allison, Mrs., Church street
Anderson, Charles, factory manager, Frederick street
Anderson, James, sexton, Mill street
Anderson, Miss, school teacher, Victoria av.
Anderson, Miss, embroidery agent, Frances street Little
Anderson, Wm., grocer, Movilla street
Apperson, George, Great Frances street
APPERSON, JAS., Proprietor Commercial; Temperance Hotel, Conway Square
Apperson, James, grocer's assistant, Mary street
APPERSON, JOHN, Motor Cycle and General Engineer, 31 Frances Street
Apperson, John, grocer and agent, Mark st
Ards Coal Co.—John Moore, proprietor—Pound street
Ards Dining Rooms, Court street
Arnold, Robert, manager, William street
Arnold, Wm., grocer and boot merchant, William street
Bailey, R., M.D., surgeon, Conway square
Bailie, George, stationer, &c., Conway sq.
Bailie, Miss, stationer and newsagent, High street
Bailie, Mrs., grocer, Great Frances street
BAILIE, SAMUEL, M.R.C.V.S., Veterinary Infirmary, 3 Castle Street
Bailie, John, spirit dealer, Frances street and Regent street
Bailie, James, cabinetmaker and furniture dealer, High street
Baird, D. R., spirit dealer, Frances street Little
Baines, David, process server, East street
Barr, Wm. John, coachbuilder, Donaghadee road
Beattie, James, plasterer, Mill street
Beattie, James A., draper, Movilla street
Beattie, John, pawnbroker, Great Frances street
Beckett, Robert J., clerk, Frances street Little
Beggs, Henry, blacksmith, Greenwell street
Belfast Banking Co., Ltd., Regent street
Bell, Robert G., embroidery agent, Victoria avenue
Black, S. H., hardware merchant, High st
Black, Samuel H., Court square
Blakely, William, draper and commission agent, Church street
Blow, James, The Croft, Belfast road
Boal, Mrs. William, bootmaker, Great Frances street
Boyd, Mrs., grocer, Wallace street
Boyd, Rev. T., Londonderry villa, Bangor road
Boyd, Wm. R., breadserver, Greenwell st.
Boyle, Mrs., newsagent and stationer, North street
Brett, T. A., draper and outfitter, Great Frances street
Brian, Robert, grocer, East street
Brown, Henry, spirit dealer, Conway sq.
Brown, James A., commission agent, High street
Brown, J. J., commercial traveller, Great Frances street
Brown, Robert, builder & contractor, Shore road
Brown,' R. J., grocer, Balfour street
Burch, James, grocer, Greenwell street
Burch, Mrs., grocer, Mark street
Burns, James, spirit dealer, Greenwell st.
Burrows, H., spirit dealer and coachbuilder, North street
BURROWS, JOHN, Cycle Engineer, 66 North Street
Byers, James, draper, Movilla street
Byers, Joseph H., chemist and druggist, Great Frances street
Campbell, S., cycle agent, Castle place
Campbell, Thomas, carpenter, Greenwell st
Cardy, Stewart, East street
Carse, R. A. M., cycle agent, South street
Caughers, James, coach painter, Great Frances street
Caughey, D. J., house decorator, Great Frances street
Caughey, James, printer, house painter, undertaker, posting establishment, &c, Great Frances street
Caughey, Mrs. R. B., Saraville, Frances st
Cavan, James, North street
Chappell, Henry, C.E., M.R.I.A., The Grove, North street
CHERRY, JAMES M., Pharmaceutical Chemist, 24 Great Frances Street
Christie, Robert, 16 Castle street
Christie, Robert, jun., 4 Court square
Clarke, Tames R., draper, Wallace street
Clarke, Mrs. James, Frances street
Clarke, Robert, agent, Balfour street
Clifford, Captain, Salvation Army, 33 Court street
Clint, James, dairyman, Movilla street
Coffey, Wm., grocer, Greenwell street
Cole, Philip A., principal Technical School, Victoria avenue
Colville, Miss, Victoria terrace, William st
Colville, Mrs. James, Victoria avenue
Connolly, R. J., grocer, Church street
Cooke, R., pensioner, Court street
Cooper, James, farmer, Balfour street
Copeland, John, spirit dealer, West street
Copeland, John, Westmount, Belfast road
Copeland, Robert, tailor, Greenwell street
Corry, David, embroidery agent, James st.
Corry, Samuel, assistant manager, Victoria avenue
Couser, Miss, fancy warehouse, High street
Cowan, Joseph, Temperance Hotel, Movilla street
Crawford, Isaac, grocer, Wallace street
Crawford, Samuel, spirit dealer, Mill street
Croft, Miss, assistant teacher, Victoria av.
Crolly, Rev. G., P.P., Parochial house, Ann street
Crooks, Wm., tailor, Regent street
Crumlin, Robert, butcher, Mill street
Cullen, Patrick, yarndresser, Ann street
Cumming, R., bootmaker, Great Frances st
Dalzell, Mrs. D., Hanna's buildings, Court street
Dalzell, J. B., fowl dealer, Frances street Little
Dalzell, Robert, cooper, Castle street
Davidson, Mrs., grocer, Mark street
Davis, Andrew, carowner, Court street
Davison, Miss, school teacher, Victoria av.
Dawson, Mrs. Wm. J., grocer, Frances st. Little
Dawson, Mrs. R., grocer, Greenwell street
Dawson, Thomas, builder, Castle street
Delacy, Colour-Sergeant R.I. Rifles, Victoria avenue
Dempsey, J., The Crescent
Denard, David, mason, Balfour street
Devoy, John, saddler and harness maker, Court square
Dickson, Alex., Brook house
Dickson, Alex., & Sons, nurserymen and florists, Royal Nurseries
Dickson, George, J.P., Milecross
Dickson, Gordon, solicitor, Milecross
Dickson, Hugh, Glen house
Ditty, Wm., Londonderry estates office, and Mountstewart
Doggart, Adam, carpenter, Frances street Little
Doggart, Alexander, insurance agent, John street
Doggart, Alex., bootmaker, Mark street
Doggart, Hugh, painter, East street
Doggart, James N., grocer, East street
Doggart, John, representative Royal Liver Friendly Society, Greenwell street
Doggart. Thomas Watters, postman, Mary street
Doggart, William L.. clerk. Mary street
Doggart, Miss, school teacher, Mary street
Doherty, John, plumber and gasfitter, Pound street
Donnan, H., hardware merchant, High st
Donnelly, A., block printer, William street
Donnelly, Miss, grocer, William street
Donning, Wm., coach painter, Court st.
Dornan, Charles, tailor, High street
Douglas, David, straw merchant, Great Frances street
Douglas, Thomas, builder, Movilla street Upper
Dowie, Wm. J., mechanic, Marquis street
Drake, Thomas, Danecroft, Belfast road
Drake, Thomas, & Co., grocers, High st.
Dugan & Co., drapers, The London House, Conway square
Dugan, Miss, dressmaker, High street
Dunlop, Archie, postman. Church street
Dunn, Isaac, straw merchant, Flush hall
Dunn, Robert, J.P., Dunalton
Dunn, Wm., coal importer, Regent street
Eadie, John, spirit dealer, Zion place
Edgar, Robert, boot merchant, High street
Ennis, John, spirit dealer, Castle place
Ferguson, Robert, grocer, Zion place
Ferguson, Wm. James, assurance agent, Balfour street
Ferguson, Wm. James, Hemstitching Co., West street
Ferris, C, furniture dealer and aerated water bottler, Regent street
Filson, Alex., draper, Mill street
Finlay, David, stonemason, Marquis street
Finlay, Hugh C, school attendance officer, Great Frances street
Finlay, Isaac, grain merchant, Court street
Fitzpatrick, Constable, R.I.C., Marquis st.
Fleming, John, fish merchant, North street
Fleming, Miss, district nurse, Church street
Forsythe, Robert, flax buyer, Shore road
Foster, George, tenter, James street
Foster, Isaac, woodturner, North street
Foster, Mrs. Isaac, lodgings, Great Frances street
Foster, Miss, dressmaker, Victoria avenue
Foster, Robert, painter & decorator, Regent street
Frackelton, Rev. Henry, Wesleyan manse, Regent street
Francis, Mrs. James, spirit dealer, Great Frances street
FRANCIS, SAMUEL, House and Land Agent, Regent Street
Freeland, James, clerk, North street
Fulton, Miss, grocer, South street
Galway & Boas, solicitors, Castle street
Garrett, David, hairdresser, North street
Garrett, Miss, school teacher, North street
Garrett, Miss, refreshment rooms, Castle st
Gas Works—W. H. Roberts, manager—Mill street
Gaw, Mrs. William James, flesher, Great Frances street
Gibson, Hugh, dairyman, Court street
Gibson, Mrs., grocer, Zion place
Gibson, Thomas, colporteur, Balfour street
Gilfillan, Thomas P., grocer, West street
Gill, Hugh, contractor, Church street
Gilmore, Wm., evangelist, Court street
Gill, Mrs. Wm., road contractor and spirit dealer, Church street
Gilmore, M., plumber, Ann street
Glasgow, F. C, general draper, High street
Glenn, Samuel, sexton, Meeting-house lane
Gordon, Jas. A., school teacher, Mary street
Gordon, Joseph, tailor and draper, Conway square
Gordon, Miss, dressmaker, South street
Gordon, Miss, spirit dealer, Greenwell st
Gordon, Sergeant, R.I. Rifles, Balfour st
Gordon & Co., grocers, High street
Gordon, J. A., & Sons, builders, Ann st.
Goudy, J., & Co., grocers, High street
Graham, Rev. R., 31 Great Frances street
Graham, V., clothpasser, James street
Graham, Hugh, & Sons, carowners, Frances street Little
Graham, Wm., & Sons, solicitors, High st.
Grant, John, manufacturer, Victoria avenue
Grant, Samuel, manufacturer, Marquis st.
Grant, Wm., cloth manufacturer, Movilla st
Gray, Alex., embroidery agent, Mark street
Gray, Archie, postman, Mill street
Gray, Wm. R., postman, Greenwell street
Gregory, J. G., school teacher, Victoria avenue
Hamilton, E., flesher and cattle dealer, Court street and Greenwell street
Hamilton, Miss, lodging house, Church st.
Hamilton, Robert, weaving agent, Balfour street and West street
Hanna, Patrick, saddler and spirit dealer, Movilla street
Hanna, T. S., commission agent, Court st.
Hanna, Mrs., grocer, Court street
Hanna, John, & Co., builders, undertakers, &c, South street
Hannan, George, tailor, Balfour street
Harkness, H., draper, William street
Harris, J., bugler, R.I.R., Balfour street
Harris, Miss, school teacher, Castle place
Harvey, John, bootmaker, High street
Harvey, Samuel, pawnbroker, High street
Hedley, Samuel, barber, Great Frances st.
Hedley, Wm. James, watchmaker, Mary st.
Henry, Lieut. J. S., R.N.R., Frances street
Henry, R. S., "Newtownards Chronicle"
Henry, Mrs. Wm., Chronicle buildings
Heron, Alex., fruiterer, Conway square
Heron, Andrew, fruiterer, North street
Heron, David, greengrocer, Great Frances street
Heron, Mrs. James, dressmaker, North st.
Heron, John, grocer, Mill street
Heron, John, potato dealer, Great Frances street
Heron, Samuel, assistant manager, Victoria avenue
Heron, William, merchant, Victoria avenue
Heron, Wm., dealer meal, flour, &c., Movilla street
Hill, Joseph, draper and grocer, Balfour st.
Horner, Miss, dressmaker, Regent street
Hughes, Colour-Sergt., R.I.R., Church st.

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