Moville, County Donegal

From the Belfast and Ulster Towns Directory for 1910

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Nineteen Irish miles from Londonderry.
Seaport and Market Town.
Excellent bathing accommodation.
Market day, Thursday.
Fairs, last Thursday of each month.
Population, 1,163


—Miss E. A. M'Laughlin, Postmistress
Bank—Belfast Banking Company, Limited—G. Gorman, manager; J. Speers, clerk
Dispensary—Charles O'Reilly, M.D.
Registrar of Births, Marriages, and Deaths—Charles O'Reilly, M.D.
Commissioner for Taking Affidavits—Daniel H. M'Dowell
Clerk of Petty Sessions—Danl. H. M'Dowell. Court is held on first Tuesday in each month
Coastguard Station—Lieut. D. H. Hewitt, R.N., inspecting officer for the district
R.I. Constabulary—John A. Marks, district inspector
Church of Ireland—St. Columb's Church—Rev. Ernest H. Nunns, rector
Presbyterian—Rev. Joseph MacCorkell
Methodist—Rev. J. H. Hutcheson
Roman Catholic—Rev. James Hassan, P.P.; Rev. W. O'Doherty, C.C.
Custom House Officers—T. W. Tweedie, J. Hill, D. Grace, D. M'Cormack


Anderson, Mrs., Gulladuff house
Baird, Andrew, grocer
Baird, Mrs. Matilda, grocer
Baird, Mrs. Thomas, & Son, grocer, hardware, and shoe merchant, Malin rd. and Bath terrace
Baird, William T., J.P., merchant and auctioneer, Main street
Barr, Patrick, tailor, Malin road
Beattie, Thos., & Sons, boatbuilders, River row
Beatty, Mrs., Prospect Hotel, James street
Bonner, James, carpenter, Malin road
Bourke, Kate M., milliner, Malin road
Bradley, John, J.P., merchant
Burns, Mrs., Foyle street
Carey, Mrs., Church road
Carlin, Hugh, boot, shoe, and coal merchant
Carlin, William, grocer, Main street
Cook, Samuel, grocer, Market square
Corrigan, W. J., publican, Market square
Coyle, Philip, mason, Malin road
Crumlish, John, butcher, Market square
Devlin, J., Limefield
Doherty, Charles, carpenter, Main street
Doherty, Daniel, baker, Malin road
Doherty, Hannah, draper, Malin road
Doherty, John, baker, Main street
Doherty, Wm., draper, Malin road
Duffy, Alfred, publican, Market square
Duggan, William, butcher, Main street
Dysart, The Misses, St. Columb's terrace
Elkin, John, civil bill officer, River row
Evans, Major H. F., J.P., Cairngariff
Farren, Mrs. Hugh, publican, Foyle street
Foster, James, coachbuilder, Malin road
Fulton, William T., grocer, Bath terrace
Gallagher, Bernard, tinsmith, Malin road
Gallagher, James, & Sons, builders, Quay st
Gillen, Constable, Malin road
Gillen, Mrs. Rose, publican, Main street
Glacken, John D., draper and clothier, Malin road
Glendinning, J. C, N.S. teacher, Malin road
Gorman, G., manager, Belfast Bank
Harkin, Patrick, Malin road
Harold, Bernard, grocer, Quay street
Harold, Edward, fish merchant, Quay street
Haslett, Colonel P., Carrownaff house
Hassan, Rev. James, P.P., Parochial house
Hemphill, James, blacksmith
Henderson, J., publican
Hewitt, Lieutenant D. H., Admiralty house
Higgins, Miss, draper, Main street
Irvine, Mrs., Montgomery terrace
Kane, John, coal merchant, Quay street
Kelly, William, auctioneer, Main street
Kelly, Wm., plumber
Kennedy, David, steamboat captain, River row
Kirkland, Henry, carpenter, Malin road
Lee, Hugh, Ravenscliffe Hotel
Lee, John, Ravenscliffe Hotel
Lee, Joseph, postman, Hope cottage, Malin road
Long, Elizabeth, grocer, Malin road
Loughrey, John, publican, Main street
Major, Miss, Montgomery terrace
Marks, John A., district inspector, Rosebank
MacCorkell, Rev. Joseph, The Manse
Mackey, Mrs., dressmaker, James street
Mercer, Francis, grocer, Market sq.; agent for Lipton, Limited
Mills, Margaret, boot and shoe shop, James street
Montgomery, Mrs., St. Columb's
Montgomery, Rev. H. H., Newpark
Morse, Captain, Church row
Mulhern, James, sexton St. Columb's Ch., River row
Muller, Mrs., Bath terrace
Mullen, John, Ravenscliffe Hotel
M'Cauley, Eugene R., shoe merchant, Main street
M'Cauley, James, saddler, Malin road
M'Connell, John, hotelkeeper
M'Creery, Miss, Montgomery terrace
M'Curry, James P., clerk, River row
M'Curry, S., car proprietor
M'Daid, John, blacksmith, Malin road
M'Daid, Michael, mason, Malin road
M'Daid, Patrick, mason and greengrocer, James street
M'Devitt, James, Main street
M'Donald, James, & Sons, boatbuilders
M'Dowell & Co., drapers, Malin road
M'Dowell, Daniel H., clerk of petty sessions, Malin road
M'Dowell, Mrs. James, wine and spirit merchant, James street
M'Dowell, Edward, & Co., grain merchants, Malin road
M'Fadden, Miss, confectioner and grocer, Bath terrace
M'Glinchey, Andrew, grocer, Bath terrace
M'Groarty, John, cardriver
M'Ivor, Miss E., Ravenscliffe Hotel
M'Keague, Robert, River row
M'Keague, William, fisherman, River row
M'Kinney, Elizabeth, baker and publican, Malin road
M'Kinney, Patrick, Anchor Tavern
M'Laughlin, A., & Co., drapers, Bath terrace
M'Laughlin, James, J.P., grocer and draper, Malin road
M'Laughlin, M., carpenter, Main street
M'Laughlin, Miss E. A., post office, Bath terrace
M'Laughlin, Wm., carter, Main street
M'Mullan, James, constable R.I.C., Main st
M'Sheffrey, Edward, publican, Market sq.
Newell, Edwin G., M.D., The Wilderness
Norris, William, grocer, Malin road
Nunns, Rev. E. H., St. Columb's Rectory
O'Donnell, David, clerk, Foyle street
O'Reilly, Charles, M.D., Main street
Peoples, George, grocer, Main street
Quigley, Hugh, Montgomery terrace
Rawdon, M., publican, Malin road
Scott, Mrs., Market square
Smith, John, grocer and publican, Malin road
Sproule, Mrs. Esther, superioress convent
Steen, George, fisherman, River row
Sweeney, Bryan, Montgomery terrace
Sweeney, Mrs. Isabella, delph merchant, Malin road
Toy, Catherine, publican, Malin road
Toy, Miss, James street
Treacy, Mrs. Mary, Alexandra Hotel, Foyle street


Anderson, John, Redcastle
Baird, John, Ballyrattan
Barr, Charles, Glencrow
Bonner, Michael, Cooley
Bonner, Mrs. A., Glencrow
Burns, George, Greencastle
Burns, Robert, Greencastle
Burns, Thomas, Greencastle
Butler, Alexander, Claggan
Butler, John, Listaragan
Campbell, David, Castlecary
Carmichael, Mrs. M. E., Ballylawn
Cochrane, Honourable Ernest G. L., Redcastle
Craig, Rev. Runsie S., Moville Rectory
Craig, Robert, Carrownaffe
Crosbie, Mrs., Castle house, Greencastle
Crumlish, Daniel, Mossyglen
Doherty, John, Terryrone
Doherty, Patrick, Glencrow
Doherty, Michael, Terryrone
Donaghey, Samuel, Seaview
Douglas, William, Ballyrattan
Elkin, Edward, J.P., Lekemey house
Elkin, Isaac, J.P., Leitrim house
Elkin, James, Termnone
Gillin, Michael, Ballyneely
Gurney, Hugh, Drung
Havlin, James, Clare
Hegarty, Walter, Shrove
Hemphill, George, Carrownaffe
Henderson, Ralph, Kindroyhead
Hughes, William, Ballyrattan
Kearney, Ellen, Ballybrack
Kelly, Cornelius, Mossyglen
Kirkland, Robert, Cooley
Lafferty, Charles, Moneydarragh
Lepper, Robert, J.P., Foyle View, Redcastle
Little, Miss, Portavela
Lynch, Daniel, Glencrow
Montgomery, James, Ballynelly
Morrison, James, Drumaweir
Murphy, Philip, Clare
M'Candless, Abraham, Ballynelly
M'Cormick, John, Tardrum
M'Clellan, Miss, Manor house, Greencastle
M'Gowan, John, Carrickmaquigley
M'Keague, Robert, Cullduff
M'Glinchey, James, J.P., Redford
M'Gowan, James, Cullinean
M'Laughlin, Patrick, Moneydarragh
M'Neece, Colonel, Castlecary
M'Sheffrey, James, Clare
Nolun, Foster, Greencastle
Norris, Samuel, Termone
O'Donnell, Con., Carrowtrasna
Parke, Thomas, Ballynelly
Ramsay, Robert, Tardrum house
Rawdon, Michael, Ballybrack
Smith, George, Drumaweir
Thompson, James, Gulladuff
Warnock, Joseph, Gulladuff

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