Moorfields, County Antrim

From the Belfast and Ulster Towns Directory for 1910

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Moorfields is a station on the Ballymena and Larne Railway, and is about six miles to the south-east of Ballymena

Public Works—Moorfields Dyeing and Finishing Co.
Presbyterian Church—Rev. D. Cummins.
National School—Teachers, T. E. Lavelle and Lizzie Surgeoner
Postmaster—J. White.
Letters received from Ballymena and Belfast at 9-10 a.m.; despatched at 3-25 p.m.
Moorfields Football Club (Ass.)—Captain—D. Clarke; secretary—W. J. Montgomery; treasurer—W. J. Allen
Residents—W. J. Kennedy, J. Carse, Robert Todd, Mrs. Montgomery, Mrs. Surgeoner, R. S. Todd, manager Moorfields Dyeing and Finishing Works; J. Clarke, grocer; D. Beattie, grocer; A. Surgeoner, Robert Surgeoner
Castlegore District—D. Bell, W. Houston, W. M'Connell, Miss M'Cord, M. Redmond, John Byrne, John A. Russell, James M'Cord, Francis M'Cord, D. Currie, W. Ritchie, Thomas Johnston, George Gardner, James Boyd, Samuel M'Clean. Collin—John Crawford. Cross—Robert Adair, Robert Service, S. Wilson, Graham Davison, G. Fleck, H. Anderson, J. Megaw, H. Millar, W. H. Esler, J. Houston, J. M'Cullough, J. Agnew

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