From the Belfast and Ulster Towns Directory for 1910

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Fifty-two miles from Belfast by rail.
County town of county Monaghan.
Distributing centre for agricultural produce.
Noted for its Butter Market.
Market Days, Wednesday and Saturday.
Fair Days, First Monday of each month.
Population (1901 census), 2,932

POST OFFICE, Mill Street

—Richard Clarke, Postmaster
Constabulary Station, Glasslough street—District Inspector, Thomas Cahill; Head Constable Given
Courthouse, Church square—James Moore, caretaker


Church of Ireland, Parish Church, Church square—Rev. Canon Bradley, rector; Rev. R. Tyner, curate
Presbyterian Church—First Monaghan, Rev. J. A. Allison; Wm. Wright, sexton.
Second, Rev. J. Cargin, M.A., The Manse; John Walker, sexton
Methodist Church, Market street and New road—Rev. N. R. Haskins
Roman Catholic Cathedral—Rev. Patrick M'Kenna, Lord Bishop of Clogher; Rev. H. O'Neill, administrator; Rev. E. M'Adam and Rev. J. J. M'Namee, curates


Banks—Belfast Banking Co., Ltd., Dublin street—T. F. Moody, manager; Provincial Bank of Ireland, North road—A. M'Allen, manager; T. C. Exshaw, cashier; Ulster Banking Co., Ltd.—A. M'Cartney, manager; Wm. Kerr, cashier; Hibernian Banking Co.—J. F. Pinchan, manager; Savings Bank, Hill street—Henry Rogers, manager
Dispensary, Mill street—Dr. James Henry
Fever Hospital—Secretary, William Martin; surgeon, J. C. Hall, M.B.; apothecary, Dr. M. R. Whitla
County Council—Thomas Toal, J.P., chairman; D. C. Rushe, B.A., clerk; accountant, R. M'Sherry; clerks, P. M'Gough, J. Reid, O. Connolly
Town Clerk—James Boylan
Clerk of the Crown and Peace—William M'William
Clerk of Petty Sessions—Charles Doogan
Temperance Cafe—Manager, James Barnes
Registrar of Births, Marriages, and Deaths—William Swan
District Lunatic Asylum—Resident physician, Dr. Donaldson; assistant physicians, Dr. Conlan and Dr. Nary; clerk, T. Gallagher
Gas Works—Manager, R. Harrison
Great Northern Railway—Wm. Johnston, stationmaster
Infirmary—Surgeon, J. C. Hall, M.B.; assistant surgeon, Dr. Whitla
Union Workhouse, Kinacloy—Master, Fras. M'Carvill; matron, Miss M'Nally
Monaghan Technical School—Headmaster, Br. D. C. Curtin
Monaghan Model School—Headmaster, J. B. A. Eagleson; headmistress, Mrs. Forgrave; assistant, Miss Latimer
Infant School—Head mistress, Miss Dunwoody; assistant, Miss Robinson
Rossmore Estate Office—Jas. M'Gowan, agent
Orange Hall, North road—Caretaker, Edw. Armstrong


Allison, Rev. J. A., The Manse
Barry, W. F., county surveyor, Tir Keenan
Barber, J. T., hairdresser, North road
Benson, S., plumber, Dublin street
Black, William, Ballyleck house
Black, R., creamery manager
Breakey, H. J., draper, bootmaker, auctioneer, and valuator, Diamond and Church square; res., The Hill
Burnside, S. R., Market street
Campbell, Mrs., painter and glazier, Market street
Carson, John, carpenter, Glasslough street
Clarke, B. & T., publicans, leather and provision stores, Stag Hotel, Dublin street
Clarke, Richard, postmaster, North road
Coffey, Robert, Coolshannagh
Coffey, The Misses, boot warehouse, Market street
Condell, John, grocer and hardware merchant, Diamond
Condell, Mrs. George, Klondyke house
Connolly, James, The Shambles
Connor, H., cabinetmaker and upholsterer
Corr, James, cattle merchant and butcher, Church square
Coyne, Dr. M., Church square
Crawford, Dr., Castleshane
Crawford, Samuel, butcher and farmer, Dublin street
Crawford, William J., grocer, Diamond
Crawford, Mrs., & Sons, blacksmiths, Dawson street
Creighan, P., gunsmith, Dublin street
Doherty, A. G., coachbuilder, Park street
Doran, J., clerk of works, The Terrace
Drumm, David, painter, Diamond
Dougan, R., printer, North road; res., Hill
Duffy, F., saddler, Glasslough street
Dunwoody, F., J.P., Mill street
Dunwoody, J. F., solicitor, North road
Eakins & Lyons, boot warehouse, Church square
Edgar, Miss, butcher, Diamond
Evans, Francis, painter, Dublin street
Evans, John, press correspondent
Fiddes, Captain, Holywood house, Scotstown
Fiddes, Joseph, Clenamully, Scotstown
Gallagher, Thomas, Westenra terrace
Gaulfield, William, collector, Glasslough st.
Gillespie, John, solicitor, Mill street
Gillespie, The Misses, Church square
Gillfeder, James, printing establishment
Gordon, James, Cornock
Gormley, Bernard, publican, Park street
Graham, Edward, agent for Wordie & Co., Belfast
Graham, E., & Co., wholesale butter and egg merchants, Dublin street
Graham, James Alex., hardware merchant, Diamond
Graham, T., solicitor's clerk, North road
Greacen, R., proprietor Westenra Arms
Hotel, Diamond; and Temperance
Hotel, Mill street
Green, E. H., J.P., Cappagh lodge
Gunn, M., cattle dealer, Park street
Hall, Dr., J. C, Rowantree terrace
Hamilton, Mrs., Cornacassa
Harper, John, draper, Diamond
Harrison, Miss, plumber, Market street
Harrison, Mr., gas manager, Gasworks
Haskins, N. R., Methodist minister
Henry, Dr. James, Swan park
Henry, S. R., chemist, The Diamond
Henry, Thomas, grocer and provision merchant, Diamond
Holland, Joseph, publican, Diamond
Holland, W., saddler, Dublin street
Hughes, J. Francis, Dublin street
Irwin, David, publican, Market street
Irwin, Mrs., Beech hill
Jackson, Matthew, Tyleadon
Jenkins, Mrs., stationer and fancy warehouse, The Diamond
Keenan, Daniel X., solicitor, Glasslough st.
Kelly, Peter, spirit dealer, Mill street
Kennedy, Ross, publican, Market street
Keown, James, grocer, Dublin street
Keown, Thomas H., chemist, Mill street
Kerr, James, photographer, North road
Kierns, P., Railway Hotel
Knox, Mrs., Diamond
Lardner, H. W., commercial traveller, Swan Park
Lardner, J. C. R., M.P., Swan Park
Leeman, H. G., woollen draper, Diamond
Leetch, J., tailor, Dawson street
Logan, John, news and emigration agent, 12 Market street
Loughran, T. E., veterinary surgeon, Mill street
Lowry & Co., drapers, Market street
Lucas, E. S., Castleshane Castle
Lynch, George, Canal stores
Maguinness, P., publican, Church square
M'Guinness, P., publican, Market street
Mallen, Michael, general merchant, Dublin street
Marley, Essey, fishmonger, Market street
Martin, W. H., land agent, Castleshane
Martin, William, solicitor, Mill street
Mayne, J. A., cashier Belfast Bank
Mitchell, Harry and Samuel, Rosefield
Mitchell, Joseph, Carahor, Scotstown
Mitchell, J., carpenter, Latlurkin
Mitchell, Samuel, clerk of Union Workhouse and Rosefield
Mitchell, R., draper, Market street
Moffet, R., draper, Diamond
Monaghan, Creamery, Town of, Dawson st.
Moody, T. F., Knockroe house
Moody, T. F., manager Belfast Banking Co., Ltd.
Moore, James, commissioner of affidavits
Morrow, William, shoemaker, Glasslough street
Mullen, James, grocer and spirit merchant, Market street
Mullen, James, publican, Park street
Mullen, Peter, boot warehouse, Market street
Murray, E., boot warehouse, Market street
MacConkey, The Misses, dressmakers, Market street
M'Aleese, Mrs., Market street
M'Allan, A., North road
M'Auley, C, Kildreeney and Hill street
M'Caddam, P., publican, Market street
M'Caldin, J. & J., Church square
M'Caldin, W. A., baker, grocer, and general merchant, Diamond
M'Cann, Messrs., fruiterers, North road
M'Cardle, J., grocer and baker, Dublin st.
M'Cardle, Mrs., publican, Toll Bar
M'Carney, T., tailor, Dublin street
M'Carron, William, publican, The Shambles
M'Cartney, A., Ulster Bank
M'Clelland, Robert, gunsmith, Old Cross square
M'Connell, A. E., V.S., Swanpark
M'Coy, Mrs., nurse, Tullyherm cottage
M'Dermott, John, coachbuilder, Dublin st.
M'Elnay, Thomas, carpenter, Market street
M'Entee, P., publican, Park street
M'Fadden, James, butcher, Dublin street
M'Gee, A., carter, Glasslough street
M'Gill, P. J., press correspondent
M'Govern, T., publican, Glasslough street
M'Gowan, James, estate office, Mill street
M'Gowan, Mrs., grocer, Glasslough street
M'Kenna, B., publican, Church square
M'Kenna, H., publican, Market street
M'Kenna, Joseph, fishmonger, Dublin street
M'Kenna, Mrs., draper, Glasslough street
M'Kenna, Patrick, tea merchant, Market st.
M'Kenna, P., plumber, Glasslough street
M'Ninch, R., reporter
M'Phillips Bros., grocers, Market street
M'William, R., solicitor, Holly Lodge, Mill street
M'William, Wm., clerk of crown and peace, Corlatt house
Nelson, Mrs., farmer and road contractor, Cormeen
Nolan, Mrs., news-agent, &c, Dublin street
Nolan, P., J.P., contractor, Hill street
O'Brien, Hugh, merchant, Old Cross square
M'Kenna, Dr., the Roman Catholic Bishop of Clogher, The Palace
Palmer, Sergeant, R.I.C.
Parke, R. H., LL.D., solicitor, Swan park
Patton, David, grocer, spirit dealer, and ironmonger, Market street
Peacock, R., bootmaker, Killymarley
Pinchin, J. F., Hibernian Bank
Pollock, James H., Coolmain house
Rafferty, Mrs., grocer, Market street
Rafferty, Patrick, J.P., flax merchant, Mill street
Reilly, T. H., organist, Coolshannagh
Richardson, Edward, J.P., Poplar Vale
Ritchie, J., watchmaker, The Diamond
Rogers, Brendan J., organist, Cathedral, Swan Park
Rogers, Harry, J.P., estate agent, The Hill
Rogers, G. S., solicitor, The Hill
Ronaghan, S., schoolmaster, Dublin street
Ross, D., J.P., Legacurry
Ross, J., solicitor, Glasslough street
Ross, J. M., Liscarney
Rossmore, Lord, Rossmore park
Rushe, D. C, solicitor and clerk to the Co. Council, Church square
Ryan, William, farming implement and jobbing establishment
Schofield, J., farmer, Annahagh
Scott, T. K., druggist, Dublin street
Shannon, A. C., manager, Northern Standard
Sherry, Edward, Stanley terrace
Sherry, Mrs. Maggie, spirit dealer and grocer, Dublin street
Sherry, Miss, ladies' nurse, Stanley terrace
Sherry, Patrick, saddler, High street
Simmonds, The Misses, drapers, Diamond
Slowey, James, baker, Market street
Smith, William, grocer, Market street
Smith, T., publican, Market street
Stewart, Mrs., dressmaker
Swan, William, auctioneer and proprietor "Northern Standard," Diamond
Swan, W. H., sub-sheriff, Tullyherm and Diamond
Swift, James, bootmaker, Glasslough street
Taylor, H. M., watchmaker, Dublin street
Tierney, Francis, publican, Dublin street
Tierney, The Misses, drapers, Dublin street
Toner, J., horticulturist, Stanley terrace
Treanor, O., publican, Market street
Treanor, John, auctioneer and publican, Dublin street
Tucker, William, Mill street
Turley, J. J., press correspondent
Tyackle, Ernest P., county inspector of police
Ward, C. H., tailor, Dawson street
Webster, Charles, publican, Glasslough street
Whelan, J., publican, Glasslough street
Whitla, M. R., M.D., apothecary, Diamond; res., The Hill
Wilkinson, Joseph, contractor, North road
Wilson, J. H. M., surveyor, Drumbear house
Wilson, John, smith, Dublin street
Wilson, Mrs. West, Cortolvin
Wilson, R. A. Lennon, chemist and photographer, Church square (successor to Surgeon Rush)
Wilson, Francis, relieving officer, Glasslough street
Wilson, Thomas, Newgrove
Woods, Charles, publican, Dublin street
Woods, John, Mill street
Woods, J., butter merchant, Lakeview
Woods, Mrs., Mill street
Woods, Peter, Park street
Wrice, William, carowner, Mill street


A Village between Monaghan and Clones


—Mr. A. C. Moorhead, Postmaster.
Mails are despatched by trains leaving at 2-46 and 7-14 p.m.


Church of Ireland—Rev. Robinson, rector, Drumsnatt
Presbyterian—Rev. Rose, M.A., minister
Roman Catholic Church—Rev. Canon Maglone, P.P.
School—Miss Kerr, principal; Miss Manely, assistant
Stationmaster—T. Foster
Royal Irish Constabulary—Sergeant Boyle in charge


Hanna, T. W., J.P., Brookvale
Toal, Thomas, J.P., County Council, Monaghan
Moorhead, James, general merchant
Kerr, R. J., grocer and seedman
Reid, R., publican
M'Cabe, John, publican
Gibson, William, market gardener and nurseryman
Treanor, Patrick, tailor

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