Moira, County Down

From the Belfast and Ulster Towns Directory for 1910

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Fourteen and a half miles from Belfast by rail.
Parish and Village.
Has Railway Station and Post Office, with Money Order and Telegraph Departments.
Fairs, first Thursday in February, May, August, and November.
Population, 395


—Sara Hull, postmistress.
Letters delivered in town by postman at 7-0, 9-0, and 10-0 a.m., and 5-40 p.m. Free rural delivery of letters, commencing at 6-35 a.m., to the townlands of Clare, Bottera, Ballymagarahan, Lurganaville, Magherahinch, Aughnadrumon, Aughnafasker, Balloogan, Derrydrumult, Ballycanal, Drumbane, Gartnamoney, Innisloughlin, Magheramesk, Trumra, Megaberry, and Mullaghcarton
Post-messenger or runner from Lurgan to Moira every morning at 6-25 a.m., arrives at Moira, and is despatched from Moira to Lurgan at 8-20 p.m.
Daily Mail to Dublin and Belfast Railway Post Office, North, 7-50 a.m.; day mail to Dublin and Belfast Railway Post Office, South, and England, at 4-50 p.m.
Arrivals—Mails from Dublin, England, and Belfast Railway Post Office at 8-50 and 9-50 a.m., and from Railway Post Office at 5-30 p.m.
Petty Sessions held last Wednesday in every month. Magistrates—Messrs. James L. Douie, A. E. Brush, G. M'Kitterick, J.P.; T. H. Brownrigg, M.D., J.P.; Henry Mathers, J.P.; Alfred Waddell, J.P.; and James M'Cullough, J.P. Mr. Hatch, clerk of petty sessions
Brownrigg, T. H., M.D., J.P., registrar of Births, Marriages, and Deaths
Royal Irish Constabulary—Sergeant M'Hugh
Barony Cess Collector—John Taylor


Church of Ireland—St. John's, Rev. W. E. Hurst, rector; Aghalee, Rev. Douglas Scott
Presbyterian Church—Rev. R. G. M'Farland
Methodist Church—Rev. John Cullen
Unitarian Church—Rev. William Wetherall


Agnew, Miss, teacher Maramesk N.S.
Agnew, Samuel, farmer, Soldierstown
Agnew, William John, farmer
Allen, James, farmer, Gortnamoney house
Archer, William, teacher Megaberry N.S.
Balmer, John, farmer, The Glen
Bateman, Henry, farmer, Edenmore
Bateman, Isaac, farmer, The Forrest
Bateman, John, spirit dealer
Bateman, Swift, farmer, Edenmore
Beattie, Thomas, farmer, Beattie's quay
Beckett, Matthew, Magheramesk
Bell, Edward, farmer and publican, Thornbrook
Bell, John, grocer
Bell, John T., egg dealer
Bennington, Charles, superintendent Agricultural School, Brookfield, Moira
Best, Richard, Magheramesk
Best, E., Broommount
Boyce, Mrs. Robert, farmer, Megaberry
Boyce, William, farmer, Megaberry
Boyle, Arthur, farmer
Boyle, Henry, farmer, Lady bridge
Boyle, Henry, farmer
Brown. James, farmer, Tullaleoob
Brownrigg, T. H., M.D., dispensary officer, Fairmount house
Bunting, John, sexton Moira Church
Bunting, J. H., N.S. teacher
Bunting, Mrs. F. E., N.S. teacher
Bunting, Robert, farmer, Bottear
Burns, Charles, farmer, Gortnamoney
Carlisle, John, Railway tavern
Carroll, William John, haberdasher
Catney, James, farmer, Lurganville
Catney, Terence, farmer, Megaberry
Cherry, W. S., clerk
Clarke, John, farmer
Clarke, William, blacksmith, Soldierstown
Clarke, William, publican
Clokey, John, farmer
Connor, Joseph, teacher Brookfield N.S.
Corbett, John, farmer
Corbitt, George, farmer, Edenmore
Culbert, Jacob, Primrose hill, Megaberry
Davison, James, farmer, Yew-tree Hill, Megaberry
Deans, Alex., Carcoohin house, Magheramesk
Douglass, John, farmer
Douie, Captain
Edwards, Thomas A., stationmaster
English, James, caretaker Trumery graveyard
Erwin, George, farmer, Fortwilliam
Erwin, John, dairyman
Erwin, Joseph H., grocer
Fagan, John, farmer
Fletcher, James, farmer, Avenue foot
Fletcher, Mrs., farmer, Avenue foot
Gamble, N., shoemaker
Grant, John, coachman
Green, Thomas, farmer and cattle dealer
Green, Mrs. Alfred, farmer, Bottear house
Greer, James B., farmer, Drumbane
Hammond, Henry, farmer, Soldierstown
Hammond, James, farmer, Lagan View
Hammond, James, farmer, Grove Hill
Hendry, Mrs., drapers
Harper, Rev. T. B., Waringfield
Hurst, Rev. W. E., The Rectory
Heaney, John, farmer, Laney
Heron, Thomas, farmer, Carman's Inn
Hewitt, Alfred, carpenter
Hewitt, James, farmer, Legmore
Hill, Joseph, grocer, Megaberry
HULL, JOHN, Limeburner, Megaberry Lime Works, Megaberry
Hull, J. E., carpenter, Kiln View cottage
Hull, Samuel, boot and shoe maker
HULL, THOMAS, Mulloughcarton Lime Works
Hull, W. J., farmer, Lisnabellaw
Irwin, Gardner, farmer, Turmra house
Kearney, Edward, farmer, Bottear
Kerr, George, farmer, Darginstown
Kerr, Mrs., farmer, Gortnamoney
Kidd, John, farmer, Trumery
Lavery, Charles Bann, weaving and white work, Avenue Foot, Moira
Lavery, Henry, farmer, Train View Poobles
Lavery, James, weaver
Law, James, tailor
Law, Thomas, farmer, Laney
Legitt, Peter, publican, Megaberry
Lennon, Thomas, precentor Presbyterian Church
Levison, John, flesher
Logan, James, farmer, Church hill
Logan, Mrs. Isaac, farmer, Ballymagarahan
Lynass, John, farmer, Bottear
Magee, Anthony, farmer
Magee, William, farmer
Malcolm, James, farm manager, Brookfield, A.S.
Martin, J. G., farmer, Feney
Marwood, Peter, saddler
Mattchet, Thomas
Milass, T. R., posting
Moore, William, farmer, Trumery
Morgan, Henry, labourer
Morrison, John, dairyman
Mulholland, Mrs., farmer, Eden hill
Mullan, William, fowl dealer
Murphy, Mrs. J. B., Megaberry
Murphy, Wm. John, farmer, Flatfield
M'Areavy, John, farmer, Megaberry
M'Cartney, James, butcher
M'Caw, John, precentor United Presbyterian Church
M'Clean, James, tailor
M'Clellan, Alexander, shopkeeper
M'Clelland, George, coachman and gardener
M'Clelland, William, railway porter
M'Clelland, weaver, Magheramesk
M'Clure, Jane, grocer
M'Clure, John, farmer, Blaney's Bush, Magheramesk
M'Connell, William, farmer
M'Connell, Fred., estate bailiff
M'Corry, William, surfaceman
M'Corry, William J., labourer
M'Cullough, James, farmer, Hunter's hall
M'Cullough, Thomas, baker and farmer
M'Dowell, R., newsagent
M'Geown, The Misses, dressmakers
M'Kitterick, George, J.P., farmer, Kilmore
North, John, school-attendance officer
Palmer, Job, shopkeeper
Patterson, Robert, farmer, Legmore
Rollins, Alfred, farmer
Rollins, George, tailor
Rollins, Thomas, farmer
Russell, William, farmer, Megaberry
Scandrett, Miss, agent white work, and grocer
Scott, Sergeant-Major
Sheperd, William, farmer, Trumery
Spence, Henry, farmer, Megaberry
Spence, Joseph, farmer, Trumery
Spence, Robert M., farmer
Smith, W. J., Trumery
Stewart, James, carpenter
Stewart, Jane, lodging-house
Stewart, Thomas, farmer, Creenagh
Swain, Edward, farmer, Moira
Swain, James, farmer, New Orchard
Titterington, John, farmer, Trumery
Tolerton, Robert, farmer, Trumery
Turner, James, farmer
Turkington, Charles, smith and plough maker
Turkington, Robert, letter carrier
Turkington, Thomas, carter and farmer
Turner, Samuel, farmer, Bottear
Turtle, F. G.
Turtle, James, carpenter, Megaberry
Upritchard, William, entertainment and lodging
Waddel, Alfred, limeburner, Whiting works
Walsh, John, farmer, Creenagh
Watson, W. H., farmer, Creenagh
Watson, W. J., farmer, Bay-tree hill, Megaberry
Watters, James, farmer, Edenmore
Weir, John, sexton of Methodist chapel
Wells, James, farmer, Legmore
Whitefield, Isaac, carpenter, Brookfield, A.S.
Wilson, Mrs. Mary, farmer
Wilson, Mrs. Sarah, Berkwick hall
Wilson, Mrs. Reid, farmer, Edenmore
Wilson, Andrew, farmer, Clare hill
Wilson, W. J., signalman, Magheramesk

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