Milford, County Donegal

From the Belfast and Ulster Towns Directory for 1910

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Village Ten miles from Letterkenny.
Market Day, Friday. Fairs, 23rd of each month.
Population, 366


—R. M'Causland, postmaster.
Mails arrive at 8-55 a.m. and 7-50 p.m.; despatched at 6 a.m. and 4-5 p.m.
Magistrates who preside at Petty Sessions—G. B. Butler, R.M.; J. A. Diamond, J.P.; A. Manning, J.P.; and W. H. C. Clarke, J.P.; Thomas Stewart, J.P.; Hugh M'Devitt, J.P.
Clerk of Petty Sessions—Samuel A. Baxter
Insurance Agents—R. M'Causland, T. Stewart


Church of Ireland—Rev. S. Foot
Presbyterian—Rev. W. J. Young, B.A.
Reformed Presbyterian Church—Rev. W. J. Moffett, B.A.
Roman Catholic—Rev. Andrew Logue, C.C.


Male and Female National School—J. O'Sullivan
National Schools—Male, Wm. Crawford, teacher; female, Mrs. B. Dickson
Dispensary—W. H. C. Clarke, M.D., medical officer
Workhouse—J. Blayney, master
Fever Hospital—Miss Mackey, nurse


Alcorn, A. J., grocer
Alcorn, James, blacksmith
Alcorn, William, cooper
Baker, Edward, sergeant R.I.C.
Baxter, S. A., hotel
Blaney, J., workhouse master
Boyce, Joseph, shoemaker
Buchanan, James
Buchanan, William, grocer
Campbell, W. J., grocer
Clarke, Dr., Lake View
Clarke, W. H. C, medical officer
Conaghan, P., saddler
Cullen, Bernard, jun., boot and shoemaker
Diamond, James A., wine and spirit merchant
Dickson, Baptist, painter
Gallagher, Anthony, tailor
Gallagher, John, boot and shoemaker
Gallagher, Patrick, civil bill officer
Glenn, Francis, wine and spirit merchant
Hazlett, Mrs., dressmaker
Hazlett, Robert, carpenter
Hegarty, Robert, poultry dealer
Kincaid, William, publican
Logue, Andrew, C.C.
Maguire, Mrs., china merchant
Morrison, Captain, ss Gannimore
Mooney, William, carpenter and contractor
Moore, Samuel, blacksmith
Moore, William, blacksmith
Muneley, Miss, cafe manager
M'Cafferty, Patrick, poultry dealer
M'Cafferty, P., baker
M'Causland, R., postmaster
M'Coach, Miss, dressmaker
M'Cosker, Patrick
M'Creadie, M. A., hotel keeper
M'Dermott, Patrick, carpenter and publican
M'Devitt, Hugh, hotel
M'Elhinney, Miss, dressmaker
M'Elhinney, Mrs., china merchant
M'Elwee, Anton, draper
M'Gettigan, James, baker
M'Gettigan, Patrick, butcher
M'Mahon, James, miller
M'Mahon, Samuel, carpenter
Osborne, John Allen, solicitor
Rainey, S. B., draper
Registrar of Births, Marriages, and Deaths—Samuel Watters
Russell, William, grain merchant
Scott, Joseph, grocer
Strain, Jerry, mail contractor
Strain, John, butcher
Stewart, John, Temperance Hotel
Stewart, Thomas, shipping agent and merchant
Sweeney, John, baker
Sweeney, John, shoemaker
Sweeney, Messrs. C. & J., grocers
Sweeney, Mrs., butter and egg merchant
Waters, Samuel, registrar of births, marriages, and deaths
Watters, J. M., auctioneer
Watters, Samuel, clerk of Union
Whoriskey, J., butcher and poultry dealer
Wilson, William, builder and contractor
Young, W. J., B.A., Presbyterian minister


Allen, William, Farquhar
Campbell, James, Cratlaugh house
Dickson, Charles, Gortmacall
Gamble, James, Cratlaugh
Hamilton, Charles, Tyrhomen
Hunter, John, Carmoney
Hunter, John, Rossgarrow
Johnston, Mrs., Gortnavern
Johnston, Samuel, Tyrhomen
Matson, Mrs., Glassnant
Morrow, Thomas, Farquhar
M'Connell, Robert, Lagg
M'Ilwaine, Mrs., Gortmacall
M'Nutt, James, Gortmacall
M'Nutt, Robert, Aughanurson
M'Nutt, Samuel, Tyrehomen
Patterson, Colin, Glenkeen
Patterson, John, Glenkeen
Patterson, Matthew, Urbleshinney
Sproule, Mrs., Fern hill
Stevenson, Alex., Ballygay
Stewart, Andrew, Loughnakey
Watters, J. M., Farquhar
Young, Samuel, Gortmacall

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