Killough, County Down

From the Belfast and Ulster Towns Directory for 1910

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Thirty and a-half miles from Belfast.
Coast Village.
Population, 449

POST OFFICE, Telegraph, Money Order, and Savings Bank

—John Montgomery, Postmaster; Miss Gertrude M'Murray, post office clerk
Bank—Northern—Attendance from Downpatrick every Wednesday—W. B. Martin, manager
Dispensary—Medical Officer—Dr. A. M'Comiskey, registrar of births, marriages, and deaths
Coastguard Station, Castle Park—George Buckly, boatman, in charge (pro tem)
Viscount Bangor National School—Teacher, Miss Gardner
Killough National Schools—Male—Teacher, M. Buckley. Female—Teacher, Miss Denvir; assistant, Miss L. M'Cann
Police Barrack—Sergeant Rowe
Shiels Institution—G. M. Swail, superintendent


Church of Ireland—Rev. J. O'Flaherty, rector
Roman Catholic Church—Rev. P. M'Cambridge, P.P.; Rev. Patrick M'Coy, C.C., Bright
Methodist Church—Rev. Charles Clayton minister (attends fortnightly from Downpatrick)


Branney, Thomas, grocer, farmer, and carowner
Breen, Hugh, retired C.G.
Breen, Theobald, retired Naval officer
Brown, Archibald, landsteward
Browne, General A. S. M., St. John's Point
Buckley, M., school teacher
Burke, Henry
Burns, W. J., fisherman, Barrack street
Burton, Mrs. C. A., publican
Connelly, James, carowner
Collins, Mrs. S.
Connolly, Richard, Pearl Assurance agent
Convery, William, grocer and dealer, Crew
Cottar, Mrs. J., Inishowen house
Craig, Hugh, Thomas, rural postman
Crangle, John, retired master mariner
Crangle, William, farmer, St. John's Point
Carson, Matilda, Ballylig, farmer
Cargil, Samuel, shoemaker and Prudential Insurance agent
Crawford, W., Rossglass, farmer
Chambers, Thomas, farmer
Craig, Josiah, farmer
Cumine, Dr. S. S. P.
Cumine, Miss Parkinson
Davidson, Mrs. Jane
Davidson, Mrs. Ellen, grocer
Denvir, Mrs. S., The Square
Dougan, R., grocer and refreshment rooms
Duffy, William, tailor
Ferrigan, Bernard
Finlay, Hugh, rent agent, estate bailiff, harbourmaster, and deputy registrar of births and deaths
Fitzsimons, John
Fitzsimons, Patrick, fishdealer
Fitzsimons, William, farmer, Crew
Flynn, Wm., Hunter & Co., Bungalow, hon. sec. Lifeboat
Forsythe, James, Bright, postmaster
Foy, Bernard, retired farmer, Rossglass
Gardiner, E., retired school teacher
Gartland, John, retired A.M.C.
Gartland, Mrs. J., district nurse
Gracey, Lieut.-Col. Alex., R.I.R., Ballyhosset
Gribbon, Richard, farmer, Tullycarnon
Hanna, Edward, farmer, Lisoid
Hanna, Mrs. E., grocer
Hawthorn, Charles, farmer
Hawthorn, Edward, farmer
Henderson, Miss, dressmaker
Hughes, Wm., farmer and mill owner
Hunter & Co., provision and general merchts
Hunter, Miss F., The Stores
Irvine, Richard, surfaceman
James, W. J., retired lightkeeper
Keown, Mrs. Mary, fish dealer
Keating, Mrs.
Kelly, C. R., J.P., potato, grain, and coal merchant
Lynn, Eliza, grocer
Maginnis, Joseph, farmer, Rossglass
Magorian, Mrs., farmer, Ballygilbert
Milligan, George, sailor
Montgomery, George, farmer, Ball}'gilbert
Montgomery, John, postmaster and farmer
Montgomery, Mrs. Thomas, farmer and shopkeeper, Rossglass
Moore, John, farmer, Ballyligg
Moore, Mrs. John, farmer, Ballyligg
Moore, Mrs. James, farmer, Ballyligg
Moore, Robert, farmer, Ballyligg
Moore, W. H., farmer, The Grange
Morgan, Hugh, fisherman
Murphy, Francis, spirit and general mercht.
Murphy, James, grocer and farmer
Murphy, Patrick, farmer, Rossglass
Mulvenny, George, shoemaker and postman
Mulvenny, George T., jun., town postman
Munce, Alex., farmer
Munce, James, retired supervisor
Munce, Mrs. E., Harbour view
Munce, Mrs. M. A., Sunnyside
M'Cance, W. J., carpenter
M'Cann, Miss L., assistant teacher Killough National School
M'Clean, Daniel, cycle mechanic
M'Clure, William, blacksmith
M'Comiskey, A. W. S., The Square
M'Comiskey, Mrs. E., The Square
M'Convey, Patrick, farmer
M'Cormick, Patrick, blacksmith
M'Cracken, Rev. John Bright, Rectory
M'Cready, James, farmer, St. John's Point
M'Evoy, Thomas, clerk
M'Gonigle, Jane E.
M'Ilmale, Patrick
M'Ilmale, Robert, fisherman
M'Kee, Miss, manageress Bangor Arms Hotel
M'Keown, R., retired grocer, Rossglass
M'Kermitt, Edward, fish dealer
M'Lean, John, mariner
M'Lean, Patrick, farmer, Rossglass
M'Mahon, F., farmer
M'Mahon, Michael
M'Murray, John, flesher
M'Master, Mrs.
M'Sherry, James, sailor
Nelson, Samuel Robert, farmer
Nelson, Mrs. M., The Square
Nougher, John, stationmaster
O'Brien, John
O'Flaherty, Rev. J., The Glebe
O'Prey, Bernard, harbour pilot
O'Prey, D., lifeboat coxswain
O'Prey, Robert, fisherman
Parkinson, Dr. Samuel, Cumine
Phelan, Robert, chief light keeper
Quirk, Robert, farmer, Tullycarnon
Porter, M. J., farmer, Ballyhossett
Ranaghan, Mrs. Thomas, farmer
Ranaghan, Nicholas
Rogan, William, farmer, Rossglass
Ryan, Patrick
Savage, Mrs. Bridget, Park Hotel
Savage, William, merchant, Lisoid
Scott, Mrs., Sea Breeze
Scott, William John, barber
Seeds, Moses, farmer
Shanks, H. (Hunter & Co.), The Square
Small, George, fisherman
Smyth, Mrs. William, farmer, St. John's Point
Smyth, William, carter
Swail, G. M., Shiels Institution
Steele, Mrs. B., Marine villa
Steele, Robert, banker, Marine villa
Straney, James, farmer
Spiers, Henry, farmer
Taylor, Henry, fisherman
Taylor, Robert, sailor
Teer, Thomas George, carpenter
Tier, Mrs. G., farmer
Torney, Ellen, lodging-house keeper
Vaughan, Thomas, publican
Venney, Mrs. Bernard, Rossglass
Walsh, Captain Charles
Walsh, John, sailor
Ward, John, farmer, Lisoid
Watterson, D., publican
West, Thomas, fisherman, Palantine lane
Williams, Reginald, bookkeeper, The Stores

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