Keady, County Armagh

From the Belfast and Ulster Towns Directory for 1910

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Forty-one and a quarter miles from Belfast.
The Staple Industry is Linen and Bleaching.
Market Day, Friday.
Fair Day, Second Friday in each month.
Population, 5,513


—Mrs. A. Jordan, Postmistress; H. M'Williams, J. A. Wilson, Jos. Ewart, J. Duffy, Thomas Sleator, B. Breen, postmen.
Mails from Dublin and all parts of the South, likewise from England, arrive every morning at 6-35 and also at 10-0, and are despatched every morning at 9-55.
Letters from Scotland, via Armagh, arrive every day at 2-20, and are despatched every morning at 10-0, and every evening at 8-0
Petty Sessions Third Monday of each month, and Town Court second Saturday of each month
Clerk of Petty Sessions—Henry J. Dobbin
Magistrates—-Thomas Small, Michael Smyth, Patrick Watters, Robert R. Murphy, P. G. Shaw, Hugh Douglas, William J. Reilly, G. M'Bride, James E. Calvert
Constabulary Station—Sergt. R. Callaghan and Acting-Sergt. Connolly, Constables Cahill, Bookless, Donnelly, Carey, Hadnett, James Traynor, Carey
Urban Councillors—Michael Smith, chairman; Patk. Comiskey, Patk. Watters, Peter Senagh, Daniel Dumigan, Geo. M'Bride, B. Fegan, J. Arthurs, Michael Smyth, J.P.; and Robert O'Neill. Meets First Monday in each month. Peter M'Knight, town clerk
Keady District L.O.L. No. 8—District Master, R. R. Murphy, Esq., J.P., Lislea house, Keady; Deputy District Master, George Fleming; Secretary, A. W. Gordon, Keady; Treasurer, Wm. Hawthorn
Registrar of Births, Marriages, and Deaths—Dr. Henry H. Dorman, Keady


Church of Ireland—Rev. M. B. Hogg, A.M.
First Presbyterian Church—Rev. W. G. Lundie, B.A.
Second Presbyterian Church—Rev. Geo. Steen, A.M.; Rev. Samuel H. Martin, B.A.
Roman Catholic Chapel—Rev. Canon Coyne, P.P.; Rev. J. M'Aleer, C.C.; Rev. J. M'Donnell; and Rev. P. Devine, C.C.


Northern Bank—G. A. Alister, manager; Wm. J. Kerr, cashier
National Schools (Parochial)—J. A. Ford, principal teacher, and Miss Smyth, assistant.
Second National School—J. Anderson, teacher; Miss Maultsaid, assistant
Roman Catholic Schools—The Christian Brothers, teachers.
Girls—The Nuns of St. Clare, teachers
British Workman Insurance Co.—Johnston Boyd and W. F. M'Cormick
Dispensary—H. H. S. Dorman, M.D., surgeon, dispensary doctor
Hospital—Miss B. A. Steele, nurse
Keady Linen Company, Limited—J. E. Calvert, managing director
Prudential Insurance Co.—John Nugent and Frank Cassidy


Adams, John, linenlapper and greengrocer
Allan & Co., grocers and general merchants
Ardis, Samuel, Armaghbrague
Arthur, James, fancy goods merchant and auctioneer
Beatty, Robert, caretaker, Orange hall
Blackstock, Thomas, bootmaker
Blakley, John, shoemaker
Boyd, Robert, bootmaker
Boylan, Peter, stonemason
Boylan, Peter, labourer
Burns, Henry, grocer and delph merchant
Callaghan, Thomas, shoemaker and cycle agent
Campbell, John, publican and carowner
Campbell, James, carter
Campbell, John, shoemaker, The Pound
Campbell, John W., spirit merchant
Carberry, Thomas, cattle dealer
Carolan, Bernard, tinsmith
Carvill, Miss, publican and carowner
Cassidy, Francis, Chapel street
Cassidy, James, saddler
Cheevers, George, chemist
Cheevers, George, publican
Clarke, Eliza, spirit merchant
Co-Operative Store—James Bates, manager
Cochrane, Thomas, barber
Connolly, John, breadserver
Coyne, Rev. Canon
Cummins, William, grocer and hardware merchant
Curry, James, contractor, Ballinagalleagh, Tussegh
Dobbin, Henry J., C.P.S.
Dorman, H., M.D.
Duffy, John, postman
Dunbar, William, nailer
English, Mrs. Ellen, publican, drapery es-
tablishment, and hotel keeper
Ewart, John George, Drumderg
Ewart, Joseph, postman
Fegan, Bernard, draper and outfitter
Fegan, Mrs. F., grocer
Finlay, Luke, watchmaker
Fitzpatrick, Patrick, cattle dealer
Fitzpatrick, Thomas, tailor
Gibson, Richard, Lagan
Gibson, Thomas James, C.B.O. and insurance agent, Tullinamologue
Gibson, William, labourer
Golligly, James, tailor
Golligly, John, shoemaker
Gorman, Patrick, tailor and draper
Graham, Mrs., draper and outfitter
Green, J., barber
Heanon, Thomas, butcher
Hogg, Rev. M. B., rector of Keady Parish Church
Hollywood, James, vandriver
Hueston, John, grocer
Hughes, John, linenlapper
Hughes, John, grocer, New Holland
Hughes, Laurence, carpenter
Hughes, Mary Ann, grocer
Hugheston, James, sexton
Hugheston, Mrs. J., boarding-house & grocer
Hugheston, Steven, shoemaker
Huston, William, plasterer
Kingsmill, Mrs. Joseph, Cargalisgarron, Derrynoose
Kirk & Son, linen manufacturers, Annvale, Keady
Lenagh, Mrs. Patrick, dressmaker
Lenagh & Comiskey, drapers
Lenagh, Patrick, stonemason
Leonard, Thomas, pedlar
Mallon, Thomas, victualler
Martin, Rev. Samuel H., Dunlargue house
Menary, William, commercial traveller
Mone, James, tea merchant and grocer
Mone, John, blacksmith
Mone, Thomas, spirit merchant
Morgan Bros., drapers
Morgan, James, cattle dealer
Morgan, James, labourer
Morgan, Patrick, butcher
M'Aleavy, Miss, dressmaking establishment
M'Ardle, Mrs., greengrocer
M'Bride, George, J.P., grocer and leather merchant
M'Cann, Bernard, Drumderg
M'Cann, Edward, tailor
M'Coey, John, carpenter
M'Coey, Patrick, carpenter
M'Cone, Patrick, boarding-house
M'Connell, John, boarding-house
M'Cormick, Wm. F., grocer and hardware merchant
M'Cullagh, William, grocer and provision merchant
M'Geeney, Michael, hotel-keeper
M'Grory, James, nailer
M'Guire, Michael, billiard-marker
M'Gurk, James, painter
M'Ilrath, Samuel, publican
M'Ilroy, James, bootmaker and house agent
M'Kee, Wm., carpenter and contractor
M'Kenna, Mrs., boarding-house
M'Kenny, Mrs. James, spirit merchant
M'Knight, Wm., bootmaker and grocer
M'Quade, Patrick, millwright
M'Quade, Peter, millwright
M'Whirter, Nathaniel, grocer and sub-postmaster
M' Williams, Hugh, postman
Nesbitt, James, hardware merchant
Nicholson, John, grocery and hardware establishment
Nicholson, J., farmer
Nugent, Bernard, cattle dealer
Nugent, John, auctioneer and insurance agent
Nugent, Patrick, carter
Nugent, William, carrier
O'Hara, James, cattle dealer
O'Neill, Patrick, barber
O'Neill, Robert, coachbuilder and cycle agent
Pogue, Joseph, stonemason
Price, Samuel, jun., linenlapper
Rainey, James, carpenter
Rainey, Mrs., grocer
Reilly, W. J., J.P., grocer and hardware merchant
Reps. of the late B. & T. Woods, grocers and spirit merchants (Mrs. Woods)
Rice, John, blacksmith
Richardson, William, spirit merchant
Rodgers, Robert, wine and spirit merchant
Shaw, William, grocer and egg buyer
Sheridan, Michael, cardriver
Short, Henry, spirit merchant
Small, Thomas, J.P.
Smyth, Michael, spirit merchant
Steele, William, bootmaker
The Christian Brothers
Thompson, Joseph, leather merchant and grocer
Walker, Mrs. M., merchant
Watters & Smyth, drapers and outfitters
White, David, tenter, cycle agent, and mill manager to The Linen Co., Main street, Keady
Wilson, Alex., bootmaker, Dunlargue
Wilson, Thomas, bootmaker
Woods, Arthur, grocer


Adams, Wm. James, Tullinamalogue
Anderson, James, Tullyglush
Armstrong, John, Drumderg
Armstrong, William, Mowillian
Baird, George, Curryhughes
Boyd, Andrew, Brackley
Boyd, James, Tullinamalogue
Boyd, Mrs. Mary Ann, Dunlargue
Bradley, Francis L., Tullyglush
Breen, Bernard, Clea
Breen, John, Clea
Breen, Matthew, Clea
Brooks, Robert, Drumhirk
Brown, Mrs., Killyreavy
Burke, Francis, Rathcarberry
Burke, John, Lower Darkley
Burke, Mrs. John, Rathcarberry
Calvert, James E., J.P., Darkley
Campbell, David, Ravenhill
Campbell, John W., Keady
Campbell, Nathaniel, Dunlargue
Campbell, Robert John, Ravenhill
Cashlea, Arthur, Madden
Cassidy, John, Tullyglush
Coleman, Archibald, Armaghbrague
Conry, Michael, Granemore
Coulter, John, Cargaclougher
Craig, W. J., Knockravin
Curran, Thomas, Clea
Curry, Robert, Iskeymeadow
Daly, James, Clea
Dalzell, Robert, Carnagh
Devine, James, Cargaclougher
Devlin, Joseph, Drumhirk
Devlin, William, Drumhirk
Dobbin, H. J., Rathcarberry
Donnelly, Francis, Cargaclougher
Dorman, Dr. Henry H. S., Keady
Douglas, Hugh, J.P., Mountain lodge
Ewart, James A., Drumderg
Faloon, James, Drumderg
Fitzpatrick, Patrick, Keady
Flannigan, William, Crossmore
Fleming, John, Corkley
Fleming, George, Corkley
Foster, John, Mowillian
Frazer, George, Carramoil
Freeland, James, Lagan
Gibson, Joseph, Dunlargue house
Gibson, Mrs.
Gibson, Richard, Lagan
Gibson, Thomas Allen, Madden
Gibson, Thomas, Dunlargue
Gibson, Thomas J., Tullinamalogue, civil bill officer and insurance agent for Pearl Life Assurance Co.
Giffin, Samuel, Clea
Gordon, Andrew, Dundrum
Gordon, George, Dundrum
Gorman, Mrs., Dunlargue
Hall, James, jun., Mowillian
Hall, John, Fernaloy
Haughey, James, Dunlargue
Hill, John, Dunlargue
Hill, Samuel, Killyreaney
Hughes, George, Clea
Hughes, Henry, Granemore
Hughes, James, Armaghbrague
Kelly, Adam, Armaghbrague
Lawson, William, Lagan
Lawson, Robert, Derryhennett
Lenagh, Arthur, Rathcarberry
Loughlin, Thomas, Clea
Lutton, James, Iskeymeadow
Macklin, Francis, Clea
Macklin, Michael, Clea
Mann, Mrs., Tullinamalogue
Menary, Joseph, Drumhirk
Menary, William, Roan
Merry, James, Lagan
Mitchell, Thomas, Crossmore
Moore, Alexander, Tullinamalogue
Moore, Francis, Tassagh
Moore, John, Tassagh
Moorecroft, Mrs. James, Corkley
Murphy, R. R., J.P., Lislea
Murray, Joseph, Clea
M'Anally, Michael, Clea
M'Anally, Terence, Clea
M'Ardle, Francis, Tullyglush
M'Ardle, Hugh, Mowillian
Morrison, Wm., Tullinamalogue
M'Ardle, Peter, Cargaclougher
M'Bride, Robert, Crossdened
M'Bride, William J., Tullyglush
M'Cabe, James, Lower Darkley
M'Carten, Thomas, Mowillian
M'Carten, William, Mowillian
M'Coey, Michael, Rathcarberry
M'Cormick, Mrs., Lower Darkley
M'Coy, George, Armaghbrague
M'Gleenan, Michael, Tullyglush
M'Gurk, Michael, Lower Darkley
M'Haffey, John, Mowillian
M'Haffey, Robert, Mowillian
M'Ilreth, William, Drumhirk
M'Kenna, John, Crossmore
M'Kenna, Robert, Iskeymeadow
M'Kenna, William, Iskeymeadow
M'Knight, William, Keady
M'Mahon, Felix, Tassagh
Nicholson, John, Keady
Nugent, Felix, Lower Darkley
Nugent, Patrick, Cargaclougher
Rafferty, Bernard, Lower Darkley
Rafferty, Dan, Lower Darkley
Rafferty, John, Tullyglush
Reilly, William J., Keady
Rennighan, Patrick, Clea
Robinson, William, Iskeymeadow
Rodgers, Robert, Keady
Rodgers, William, Derryhennett
Russell, Abraham, Aughagurgan
Short, Cornelius, Clea
Short, Henry, Keady
Slavin, Francis, Clea
Slavin, Peter, Clea
Sleator, James, Iskeymeadow
Sleator, James, Hermitage
Small, Alexander, Keady
Small, Kate, Keady
Smyth, Michael, Keady
Teacey, Andrew, Drungreenagh, Keady
Teacey, James, Drungreenagh, Keady
Teacey, John, Drungreenagh, Keady
Tughan, John, Knockravin
Tughan, Samuel, Tullyglush
Twynam, Thomas, Tullyglush
Waddell, Samuel, Dunlargue
Walker, James, Drumhirk
Walker, Jenkinson, Drumhirk
Walker, Mrs. John, Mowillian
Walker, William, Mowillian
Wallace, Mrs., Annavale house
Warnock, John, Corkley
Warnock, Mrs. Margaret, Armaghbrague
Watson, Alex., Crossmore
Watson, David, Crossmore
Watson, David, Keady
Watson, Joseph, Crossmore
Watson, Mrs. Annie, Crossmore
Watson, Samuel, Dunlargue
Williamson, Maxwell, Dunlargue
Williamson, Samuel, Roan
Wilson, Andy, Derryhennett, Keady
Woods, Mrs. Mary, Keady


Cars leave Keady for Armagh at 7-10, 9-0, 10-0 a.m., 3-0 and 8 p.m. Cars leave Armagh for Keady at 5-25, 9-30 a.m., 1-0, 4-16, and 6-20 p.m.; leave for Castleblayney at 2-30 p.m., arriving from Castleblayney at 10-0 a.m.

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