Islandmagee, County Antrim

From the Belfast and Ulster Towns Directory for 1910

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Sixteen and a half miles from Belfast, reached by the Midland Railway (N.C.C.).
Population 2281


—Telegraph & Savings Bank
Inward Mails 8 a.m. and 7-20 p.m.; Outward 6-55 a.m. and 4-55 p.m. Miss A. Dick, Postmistress; John Busby, Oscar Legge, Andrew M'Ilwaine, Jas. M'Kinstry, Alfred Wilson, Robert Ross, Postmen


National Schools—Kilcoan—Dixon Donaldson, principal; Miss M'Master, assist.
Mullaghadubh—Thos. Douther, principal; Mrs. Douther, assistant.
Mullaghboy—John M'Ilmoyle, principal; Miss Dick, assistant.
Brown's Bay—Thomas Parke, principal; Miss M. A. Parke, manual instructress.
Ballymoney—Moses Jackson, principal; Mrs. Jackson, instructress
School Attendance Officer—H. Dick dispensary—Charles Dundee, M.D., medical officer
Coastguard Station (Portmuck)—C. Beattie, chief officer
St. John's Masonic Lodge No. 162—Rev. T. Egerton, W.M.; John M'Ilmoyle, sec.
Orange Lodge No. 1962—James Wright, W.M.


Church of Ireland—Rev. J. H. Bennett, B.A., rector, Kilroot house; Rev. T. Egerton, B.A., curate, Causeway villa
First Presbyterian Church, Kilcoan—Rev. D. Steen, B.A.
Second Presbyterian Church, Mullaghboy—Rev. H. H. Macready
Chester Avenue Presbyterian "Puritan" Church, in connection with Second Islandmagee—Rev. J. Mitchell, minister
Methodist Church—Mr. William Cole, evangelist, Whitehead


Adair, Agnes, Mullaghboy
Adair, Robert, shoemaker, Millbay
Adrain, Jane, Balloo
Agnew, Ezekiel, Ballylumford
Agnew, John, Woodbine cottage
Aicken, Eliza, Gransha
Aiken, James, coal merchant, Millbay
Alexander, James, Drumagurland
Alexander, John, Carnspindle
Alexander, Mrs., Mullaghdubh house
Alexander, William, Ballydown
Alexander, William, Ballymoney
Allen, James, Langdale house
Allen, James, sailor, Rose place
Allen, Joseph, Cloughfin
Anderson, Joseph, Ballycronanmore
Anderson, Joseph, Ballycroanmore
Armour, John, Whitehouse
Arthur, A. M'G., master mariner, Mullaghboy
Arthur, J., master mariner, Langdale house
Arthurs, James, publican, Millbay
Arthurs, Robert, Ballytober
Arthurs, S. G., master mariner, St. John's cottage
Auld, John, master mariner, Port Davey
Auld, Robert, farmer, Port Davey
Baird, William, Temple Effin
Barbour, William J., Temple Effin
Barry, Mrs., Hillhead, Mullaghdubh
Beattie, Charles, Portmuck
Bell, Davis, publican, Millbay
Bell, John, Ballydown
Bell, John, farmer, Dundressan
Bell, William, Ballycronanmore
Blair, James, farmer, Ballypriormore
Blair, Thomas, farmer, Ballytober
Blair, Samuel, jun., farmer, Ballytober
Bowen, David, Cloughfin
Bowen, Thomas, Cloughfin
Boyd, James, Mullaghdubh
Boyd, Margaret, Balloo
Boyd, Robert, Mullaghdubh
Bowler, Rose, Loughhead
Braiden, William J., Drumagurland
Brennan, Henry, farmer, Gransha
Brennan, Henry, jun., Ballykeel
Brennan, John, Forde cottage
Brennan, Mrs. Isabella, Gransha
Brennan, W. K., Gransha
Browne, Ann, Ballykeel
Browne, J. W., Spring Vale
Browne, James, farmer, Balloo
Browne, Jane, Cottage, Gransha
Browne, Mary, Ballyprior
Browne, Mary Ann, Mullaghdubh
Browne, N., Castletown
Browne, Robert, Clan-Ferran
Browne, Samuel, master mariner, Bayview, Mullaghdubh
Browne, Sarah, Castletown
Browne, W. T., farmer, Mullaghdubh
Browne, William, farmer, Loughford
Burns, Jennie, Millbay
Burns, Thomas, Carnspindle
Burton, David, Ballyharry
Busby, John, postman, Kilcoan
Busby, William J., sailor, Gransha
Calwell, Samuel, Mullaghdoo
Cameron, Eliza, Craig Lee
Cameron, James, Gransha
Cameron, James, Cloughfin
Cameron, John, Temple Effin
Cameron, Miss, dressmaker, Mullaghdubh
Cameron, Thomas, Longford
Cameron, William, Castletown
Cameron, William, Temple Effin
Campbell, Alexander, Dundressan
Campbell, John, tailor, Carnspindle
Campbell, Margaret, Dundressan
Campbell, Mrs. Andrew, Hollow house
Campbell, Robert, Ballymuldrough
Campbell, R. J., Baliymuldrough
Campbell, Thomas, Mullaghboy
Campbell, William, Ballymoney
Campbell, Wm., master mariner, Mullaghboy
Carson, Hugh, Ballyharry
Carson, John, Ballylumford
Chapman, John, Ballyprior
Chism, William, master mariner, Cloughfin
Coburn, Andrew, Ballycronanmore
Coburn, Thomas, Ballytober
Colville, James, Ballymoney
Colville, John, Ballymuldrough
Connelly, Daniel, Cloughfin
Connor, Sam., Temple Effin
Conway, James B., Hillsport
Craig, Ellen, grocer, Ballyharry
Craig, John, Portmuck
Crawford, Jas. W., The Nursery, Mullaghdubh
Creighton, D., Dundressan
Darragh, Daniel, Drumagurland
Davidson, John, Ballykeel
Davison, Matilda, Gransha
Dawson, John, Carnspindle
Dick, Hugh, Ballymoney
Dick, James, Drumagurland
Dick, James, Mullaghboy
Dick, John, Mount Pleasant
Dick, John, Balloo
Dick, John, Loughford
Dick, John, joiner, Erection cottage
Dick, Mary, Ballylumford
Dick, Mary, Kilcoan
Dick, Robert, Mullaghboy
Dick, Robert, builder, Cloughfin cottage
Dick, Robert, master mariner, Kilcoanbeg
Dick, Robert, ferryman, Ballylumford
Dick, Thomas, Croft cottage, Gransha
Dick, W. J., boatbuilder, Ballylumford
Donald, Robert, Ballymoney
Donaldson, Dixon, Ulva house
Donaldson, John, Ballycronanmore
Donaldson, Mrs. Jane
Donald, Patrick, Mackeen's buildings
Donnan, David, Cloughfin
Donnan, William, Ballymuldrough
Donnan, William, Mullaghdubh
Donnelly, Thomas, Millbay
Douther, John, farmer, Ballycronanmore
Douther, John, jun.
Douther, Robert, Ballytober
Dowther Bros., builders and contractors, Islandmagee and Whitehead
Duff, Alexander, Ballykeel
Duff, James, Pebble place, Ballykeel
Duff, James, Castletown
Duff, John A., Downshire cottages
Duff, John A., newsagent, Loughford
Duff, Samuel, sailor, Ballymuldrough
Duff, Samuel, Cloughfin
Duffy, John, Ballymuldrough
Dundee, Charles, M.D., J.P.; residence, Redhill, Ballycarry
Dunleavy, George, Ballylumford
Earls, Isabella, Gransha
Earls, James, D.C., Gransha
Earls, Jane, grocer, Mullaghboy
Edwards, George J., Portmuck
Ellison, William, Mullaghboy
English, Alexander, Fairview, Castletown
English, Alex., Ballylumford
English, Margaret
Esler, Andrew, Balloo
Esler, William, Balloo
Faulkner, Joseph, Mullaghboy
Ferguson, John, master mariner, Boghill
Ferguson, Daniel, master mariner, Rose Lawn, Ballystrudder
Ferguson, John, Boghall, Ballystrudder
Ferguson, Mary A., Carnspindle
Ferguson, Sara, Gransha
Ferris, Robert, Ballylumford
Flack, John R., Ballymoney
Fleck, David, Broom cottage, Gransha
Fleck, James, Mullaghboy
Fleck, John, Ballydown
Forbes, Jane, Castletown
Forbes, Mrs., Kilcoan
Forde, Archy, Kilcoan
Forde, John, Whitehouse
Forsythe, Alex., Ballycronanmore
Forsythe, Francis, manager limestone quarries, Kilcoan
Forsythe, Mrs. M., Ballyharry
Forsythe, Samuel, farmer, Mullaghboy
Forsythe, William, carowner, Mullaghboy
Foster, Rose, Kilcoan
Fullerton, John, farmer, Kilcoanmore
Fullerton, Robert, Kilcoanmore
George, Archy, Kilcoan
Gettinby, James, Kilcoan
Gibson, J., Sunnybank
Gibb, Miss, music teacher, Ballyharry
Gibb, Robert, Castletown
Gillespie, Nancy, Ballydown
Gillespie, William, Carnspindle
Gordon, Robert, Temple Effin
Grant, Robert, Ballykeel
Gray, William, Carnspindle
Greer, Robert, Cloughfin
Grey, Miss, Kilton cottages
Grey, Susan, Mullaghboy
Guiler, Mary, Castletown
Guthrie, J., Mullaghdubh
Hamilton, Alex., mariner, Ballyharry
Hamilton, A., master mariner, Millbay
Hamilton, George, sailor, Kilcoanbeg
Hamilton, Gilbert, posting establishment, Kilcoan
Hamilton, James, master mariner, Millbay
Hamilton, Joseph, Ballyprior
Hamilton, Thomas, sailor, Carnspindle
Hanna, Mr., Vine cottage, Ballymuldrough
Hanvey, Eliza, Gransha
Hanvey, Mrs., Belvidere lodge
Hanvey, William, mariner, Kilcoanbeg
Hart, Mrs., Ashmore
Hawthorne, Isabella, Ballymuldrough
Hawthorne, James, Ballymoney
Hawthorne, John, Upper Gransha
Hawthorne, Jane, Ballymuldrough
Hawthorne, Mary, Ballymuldrough
Hawthorne, Thomas, Ballykeel
Hawthorn, James, sailor, Castletown
Hawthorn, Robert, Castletown
Hawthorn, William, Balloo
Haveron, William, Loughford
Hay, Mary J., Portdavey
Heddles, Agnes, Ballymoney
Heddles, Daniel, Ballymoney
Heddles, Mrs. James, Isle house
Heddles, Robert, Erection house
Heddles, Robert, Kilcoanbeg
Heddles, William, farmer, Balloo
Heggan, Daniel, Gransha
Heggan, John, Cloughfin
Heggan, Mary, Drumgurland
Heggan, S., farmer, Castletown
Heggan, Thomas, Oak cottage
Heggan, William, Cloughfin
Heggan, William, jun., sailor, Gransha
Heggan, W. J., Gransha
Henderson, Isabella, Cloughfin
Henderson, Robert, Cloughfin
Henderson, Thomas, Loughhead
Hazelton, Rev. Edward, Sunbrae
Higginson, William, Dundressan
Hill, Alex., Ballyprior
Hill, Arthur, Kilcoan
Hill, John, Hill's Port
Hill, Thomas Drumagurland
Hill, Thomas, Kilcoan
Hill, Annie, Mullaghdubh
Hill, Arthur, farmer, Ballytober
Hill, H. B., farmer, Kilcoanmore
Hill, James, farmer, Ballykeel
Hill, John, farmer, Portmuck
Hill, John, farmer, Hillhead cottage
Hill, Mary, Mullaghdubh
Hill, Mary Isabella, Ballytober
Hill, M. H., farmer, Drumagurland
Hill, Robert, farmer, Clover Vale
Hill, Robert, Cloughfin
Hill, Thomas, farmer, Hillhead, Ballykeel
Hill, Thomas, farmer, Ballykeel
Hill, Timothy, farmer, Gransha
Hill, William, Portmuck
Hill, John, Mullaghdubh
Hollis, Samuel, Portmuck
Holmes, David, farmer, Ballycronanmore
Holmes, E. H., The Gobbins
Holmes, Hunter, Navigation School occupier
Holmes, John, farmer, Annavale
Holmes, Mariott, Balloo
Hopkins, Alexander, Ballycronanmore
Hospital, Bessie, Castletown
Houston, Elizabeth J., Mona view
Houston, Fred., carrier, Oak cottage, Ballystrudder
Houston, Robert, farmer, Ashgrove, Cloughfin
Houston, Samuel, farmer, Hillside house, Cloughfin
Hughes, Francis, Portmuck
Hughes, William, commission agent, Laurel cottage
Hunter, Annie, Castletown
Hunter, Nathaniel, New church
Irvine, Mary Ann, Mount Pleasant
Irvine, Robert, Mullaghdubh
Jackson, Andrew, Drumagurland
Jackson, Anne, Ballyprior
Jackson, Agnes, Loughforde
Jackson, George A., Ballydown
Jackson, James, jun., Mullaghboy
Jackson, James, master mariner, Mullaghboy
Jackson, Luke, D.C., Jacksonville
Jackson, William, farmer, Ballydown
Jackson, Samuel, Brayhead house
Johnston, Agnes, nurse, Ballykeel
Johnston, James, Copeland View
Johnston, Robert, jun., sailor, Ballykeel
Johnston, George, Gransha
Johnston, M. J., grocer
Johnston, Samuel, Castletown
Jones, Andrew, Ballymoney
Jones, Edward, Ballykeel
Jones, John, vanman, Cloughfin
Jones, John, Mullaghboy
Jones, Joseph, master mariner, Mullaghboy
Kain, Eliza, Mullaghdoo
Kain, Eliza, Mullaghboy
Kain, Mrs., Ballystrudder house
Kain, James, jun., Mullaghboy
Kain, Sarah, Gransha
Kane, Andrew, Mullaghdubh
Kane, James, Ballytober
Kane, James, builder, Oak cottage
Kane, James, sen., Portmuck
Kane, James, Gransha
Kane, John, sailor, Spring cottage
Kane, Mrs. George, Mullaghdubh
Kane, Thomas, Mullaghboy
Kane, Thomas, farmer, Ballytober
Kane, William, farmer, Barney's Point
Kennedy, James, Castletown
Kennedy, William, Castletown
Kerr, Alex., Dundressan
Kerr, David, Mullaghboy
Kerr, Hugh, Portmuck
Kerr, James, Portmuck
Kerr, Hugh, Ballydown
Kerr, James, Carnspindle
Kerr, Jenny, Drumagurland
Kerr, John, grocer, Mullaghboy
Kerr, Patrick, Sunnyside
Kerr, Thomas, Drumagurland
Kirkland, T. H., Clonallen
Laird, James, farmer, Ballyharry
Laverty, Mrs., Breezemount, Ballykeel
Laverty, Robert L., Gransha
Laverty, William H., Castletown
Legge, Oscar, postman, Loughfin
Leighton, J. A., solicitor, Mullaghdubh
Lewis, William J., Ballykeel
Long, John, farmer, Ballystrudder
Long, William, farmer, Gransha
Long & Co., grocers, Wilburn cottage
Lowry, Allen, Ballylumford
Lusk, James, master mariner, Dundressan house
Macaulay, Robert, mariner, Thornhill
Macaulay, Samuel, Mullaghdubh
Macaulay, Sarah, Thornhill
Magill, Agnes, Millbay
Magill, James, farmer, Gransha
Magill, James, carpenter, New Church
Magill, John, farmer, Temple Effin
Magill, William, M.D., Temple Effin
Mahaffy, Margaret, Ballykeel
Mahaffy, John, Ballykeel
Mann, David, sailor, Ballydown
Mann, David, master mariner, Corner house
Mann, Isabella, Ashfield, Cloughfin
Mann, John, master mariner, Hillview cottage, Cloughfin
Mann, Margaret, Balloo
Mann, Mary, Millbay
Mann, Mrs. Alexander, Gransha
Mann, William, master mariner, Millbay
Mann, William, farmer, Cloughfin
Mann, Thomas, sailor, Ballytober
Mann, Thomas, farmer, Castletown
Matier, Margaret, Ballykeel
Matier, Mary, dressmaker, Mullaghdubh
Mawhinney, Mrs., Bogside house
Mawhinney, William, farmer, Ballyprior
Mawhinney, William, master mariner, Ballycronanmore
Millar, William S., Ballykeel
Milliken, Alex., Ballymoney
Milliken, James, Millbay
Milliken, Samuel, master mariner, Loughford
Milliken, Sarah, Ballymoney
Milliken, T., J.P., Loughhead
Milliken, William, Loughlands
Milliken, W. M., Ashmore
Milner, Rev. James, Ballyharry
Mitchell, R. H., blacksmith, Boghall
Mitchell, William, Sycamore cottage
Moffett, James, Portmuck
Montgomery, Hugh, Ballycronanbeg
Montgomery, Hugh, Drumagurland
Montgomery, James, Drumagurland
Montgomery, John, Drumagurland
Montgomery, Thomas James, Ballyprior
Montgomery, William, Drumagurland
Montgomery, Lucy, Drumagurland
Montgomery, Susan, Ballyprior
Montgomery, Thomas, Ballycronanmore
Moore, Martha, Ballytober
Moore, James, Ballykeel
Moore, John, Castledown
Morrow, David, Thornfield
Morrow, Mary, Gransha
Morrow, William, Carnspindle
M'Alister, Eliza, Mullaghboy
M'Alister, James, Mullaghboy
M'Allister, Alex., Cloughfin
M'Allister, Nathaniel, blacksmith, Portmuck
M'Cabe, James, Carnspindle
M'Callam, Margaret, Belvedere lodge
M'Cafferty, John, Carnspindle
M'Callion, Henry, Mullaghboy
M'Callion, James A., Mullaghboy
M'Calmont, Alex., Portmuck
M'Calmont, Andrew, Mullaghboy
M'Calmont, William, Mervue, Ballydown
M'Calmont, Hugh, Mullaghboy
M'Calmont, David, Ballykeel
M'Calmont, Jenny, Balloo
M'Calmont, Alex., Dundressan
M'Calmont, Andrew, Dundressan
M'Calmont, James, Ballymoney
M'Calmont, James, Portmuck
M'Calmont, Robert, Mullaghboy
M'Cartney, Robert, carowner, Riverside house
M'Clelland, James, Portmuck
M'Clelland, Margaret, Portmuck
M'Clelland, Margaret, Ballyprior
M'Clenaghan, Robert, farmer, Gransha
M'Clenaghan, R., carpenter, Ballykeel
M'Clenaghan, William, Ballytober
M'Clelland, S., farmer, Portmuck
M'Cracken, The Misses, Ballykeel
M'Cready, Maggie, Ballylumford
M'Cready, Margaret, Carnspindle
M'Cready, Rev. H. H., The Manse
M'Cready, Thomas, Ballydown
M'Ferran, Margaret, Castletown
M'Ferran, Robert, Clan-Ferran
M'Garrell, Samuel, Temple Effin
M'Gladdery, Margaret, Ashdale
M'Gookin, Hugh, Ballydown
M'Gowan, Ellen, Ballylumford
M'Gowan, John, Ballylumford
M'Gowan, James, Ballykeel
M'Gowan, James, Castletown
M'Gowan, Mrs., Shore cottage
M'Gowan, William, Balloo
M'Gowan, W. J., Cloughfin
M'Grady, James, Cloughfin
M'Ilgoram, Samuel, Ballycronanmore
M'Ilmoyle, John, Mullaghboy
M'Ilroy, John, Dundressan
M'Ilwain, Andrew, Kilcoan
M'Ilwain, James, Ballymoney
M'Ilwain, John, Carnspindle
M'Ilwaine, Alex., Kilcoan
M'Ilwaine, Andrew, postman, Ferndene
M'Ilwaine, Hugh, Castleton
M'Ilwaine, James, Millbay
M'Ilwaine, John, Millbay
M'Kay, Hugh, Carnspindle
M'Kay, James D., Ballycronanmore
M'Kay, Robert, Ferndene, Kilcoan
M'Kay, William, jun., Loughford
M'Kay, William, sen., New Church
M'Kay, William, grocer, Brown's Bay
M'Keen, Thomas, Ballycronanbeg
M'Kee, James, farmer, Gransha
M'Kee, John, Portmuck
M'Keen, Mrs., Seaview house
M'Keen, William, Castletown
M'Keen, William, Ballycronanbeg
M'Kinstry, James, postman, Ballylumford
M'Kinstry, John, Ballylumford
M'Lenaghan, James, Ballyprior
M'Lernon, William, New Church
M'Lernon, Mrs., Craig-y-nos, Blackhead
M'Master, Arthur, Mullaghdubh
M'Master, J. B., Gransha
M'Master, W., master mariner, Gransha
M'Maw, Robert, farmer, Dundressan
M'Mullan, Mary, Drumagurland
M'Murtry, Eliza, Mullaghboy
M'Murtry, Hugh, Gransha
M'Murtry, James, Kilcoan
M'Murtry, Johanna, Sunnyside
M'Murtry, John, Fairview cottages, Castletown
M'Murtry, John, Castletown
M'Murtry, Mrs., Sunnyside cottage, Ballydown
M'Murtry, Samuel, Ballycronanmore
M'Murtry, Sarah, Strathmore lodge
M'Murtry, William, Ballykeel
M'Neilly, Andrew, Mullaghboy
M'Neilly, James, Mullaghboy
M'Neilly, John, Mullaghboy
M'Neilly, Martha, Mullaghboy
M'Veigh, William, Kilcoan
Napier, John, Ballylumford
Napier, Lizzie, grocer, Ballydown
Nelson, Andrew, Gransha
Nelson, John, Kilcoan
Nelson, James, master mariner, Rose place
Nevin, Mary, Ballykeel
Niblock, Alex., Mullaghdubh
Niblock, Andrew, Mullaghdubh
Niblock, Ann, Mullaghdubh
Niblock, James, sailor, Acre house
Niblock, F. W., farmer, Gransha
Niblock, William, Breezemount
Niblock, William, Cloughfin
Nicholson, John, Kilevan
Noteman, W., farmer, Ballyharry
Nugent, William, Castletown
Orr, Ephraim, Ballymuldrough
Orr, Isabella, Ballyprior
Orr, Mary, Ballymoney
Orr, R. James, farmer, Gransha
Orr, William, farmer, Green Oge
Osborne, Mrs., Mullaghdubh house
Parke, Thomas, Ballylumford
Parker, John, The Nursery, Mullaghdoo
Patterson, Patrick, master tailor, Cloughfin
Picken, Alex., Loughford
Pollin, Nathaniel, blacksmith, Mullaghboy
Purdy, John, Kilcoan
Quaite, Hugh, blacksmith, Gransha
Quaite, John, farmer, Gransha
Reid, James, Rose place
Reid, Miss, Rose place
Rennie, Miss, Erection house
Richards, J., Portmuck
Robinson, Mrs., Laurel place
Ross, Andrew, Mullaghboy
Ross, James, master mariner, Portmuck
Ross, Jenny, Mullaghdubh
Ross, John, Mullaghboy
Ross, John, butcher, Millbay
Ross, John, flesher, Mullaghboy
Ross, Mary, Ballymuldrough
Ross, Robert, ferryman, Millbay
Ross, Robert, farmer, Ballymoney
Ross, Robert, Laurel place
Ross, Robert T., Ballymoney
Ross, Samuel, Ballylumford
Ross, Thomas, grocer, Gransha
Ross, Thomas, Mullaghdubh
Ross, William, master mariner, Portmuck
Scott, James, Kilcoan
Simms, Mrs., Mullaghdubh
Smiley, Hugh H., Ballylumford; residence, Dromain, Larne
Smith, Mrs. Mary, Kilcoan
Smyth, Charles B., farmer, Cragoran
Smyth, Edward C., Cragoran
Smyth, Robert, Mullaghboy
Smyth, Samuel, Mullaghboy
Smyth, Sarah, Temple Effin
Smyth, Thomas, Castletown
Snoddy, Robert, shoemaker, Boghall
Spence, James, Ballydown
Stanley, Alfred, Castle Chichester
Stanniforth, Samuel, Castletown
Steele, Miss, Mount Pleasant
Steen, Rev. D., The Manse
Stewart, Agnes, Mullaghdubh
Stewart, George, mariner, Ballykeel
Stewart, Jane, Millbay
Stewart, Mrs., Belvidere lodge
Stewart, Sarah, Millbay
Stitt, Mrs., Kilton house, Mullaghdubh
Strahan, Robert, grocer, Ballyharry
Swanson, W. J., Portmuck
Tear, James, Ballydown
Templeton, David, Portmuck
Templeton, Hugh, Mullaghboy
Templeton, James, Ballymoney
Templeton, James, boot merchant, Mullaghboy
Templeton, John, Ballycronanmore
Templeton, John, Mullaghboy
Templeton, Mary A., Portmuck
Templeton, Robert, Ballycronanmore
Templeton, Samuel, Drumagurland
Templeton, Thomas, Ballymoney
Templeton, William, Portmuck
Thompson, Mary, Upper Gransha
Toal, Martha Ann, Mullaghdoo
Treevy, John, Castletown
Turtle, William, Castletown
Tweed, William, Boghead
Walker, John, Ballymoney
Walker, Sarah, Ballytober
Wegg, George R., Castletown
Wells, John, Castletown
Welsh, David, Mullaghdubh
White, Henry, Balloo
Wilkinson, John, Castletown
Wilson, Alfred, postman, Loughford
Wilson, Andrew, farmer, Gransha
Wilson, Edward, Kilcoan
Wilson, Hugh, Ballymuldrough
Wilson, John, Ballymoney
Wilson, Margaret, Rose cottage, Ballymuldrough
Wilson, Marshall, Ballycronanmore
Wilson, Mary, Mullaghdubh
Wilson, Mrs. Andrew, Ballykeel
Wilson, Robert, joiner, Gransha
Wilson, Robert, Carnspindle
Woodside, James, Ballykeel
Woodside, Mrs., Seaview cottage
Woodside, William, carowner, Kilcoan
Wright, Andrew, master mariner, Mullaghboy
Wright, Esther, Gransha
Wright, James, Mullaghboy
Wright, James, carowner, Portmuck
Wright, Thomas, master mariner, Gransha
Wylie, James, Castletown
Yeates, Thomas, Ballylumford
Young, Thomas, engineer, Templeton cottage

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