Groomsport, County Down

From the Belfast and Ulster Towns Directory for 1910

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17 ¾ miles from Belfast.
Fishing village.
Railway Station, Bangor.
Population 264


—Miss Curragh, Postmistress.
Letters arrive every morning at 9, and evening at 5. Sundays at 10-30 a.m.
National School—Principal, Mr. Burns; and two assistants
Places of Worship—Church of Ireland—Rev. S. S. Holmes, M.A.; Presbyterian Church, J. A. W. Mulligan, M.A.
Groomsport Model Yacht Club—President, Mr. Campbell Gardner; commodore, Mr. W. Orr, harbour master; treasurer, W. N. M'Fadden, Belfast; secretary, John Gunning. Club holds races two evenings each week from 1st May until end of August, and meets first Friday in month all the year round


Aird, Jane, Balloo
Aird, John, farmer, Orlock
Aird, Wm., Orlock
Agnew, Robert, farmer, Balloo
Andrews, John, farmer, Balloo
Andrews, Robert
Auld, John, blacksmith
Barnes, David, fisherman
Barron, William, labourer
Bell, Hugh, labourer
Beattie, John
Bell, John, mason
Blackwood, J. W., Ulster Bank, Belfast
Boag, Robert, Violet lodge
Boal, James, lodgekeeper, Glenganagh
Campbell, Miss, dressmaker
Clifford, John, fisherman
Conroy, Anna
Conroy, George, labourer
Cummings, James, labourer
Curragh, Miss, postmistress
Cush, Mrs., Ivy hill
Cuthbert, Alex., shoemaker
Cuthbert, William, labourer
Duthie, John, landsteward
Emerson, James, boat builder, Balloo
Emerson, Mrs. James
Ferguson, Hyndman, Belfast
Finlay, James, farmer, Balloo
Gamble, Robert, farmer, Ballyminetra
Gardner, Campbell, Main street
Gardner, R. B., Main street
Gardner, Mrs. Campbell, Holme cottage
Gaw, Wm., labourer
Gunning, David, Ballycormick
Hamilton, James, labourer
Harrison, Hugh, farmer, Ballycormick
Heyburn, Robert, fisherman
Heyburn, Samuel, fisherman
Heyburn, Wm., Orlock
Holmes, Rev. S. S., M.A., The Rectory
Hunter, George, fisherman
Jordan, Mrs. Jane
Kimpson, Mrs., Ballycormick
Kennedy, John, gardener
Kerr, Mrs.
King, Miss, schoolmistress
Kinghan, Samuel, D.L., Glenganagh
Knight, Thomas, Balloo
Lindsay, James, labourer
Major, Peter, labourer & sexton of Church of Ireland
Mason, Mrs.
Maxwell, Mrs. J. P., The Lodge
Mooney, Margaret, Balloo
Mulligan, Rev. J. A. W., M.A., The Manse
Murdock, Mrs. Ross, dressmaker
M'Afee, Mrs., grocer, draper, and general haberdasher
M'Cann, Alice
M'Caw, Agnes
M'Caw, Mrs. Grace
M'Clenaghan, James, publican
M'Clune, William, fisherman
M'Cutcheon, Robert, farmer, Balloo
M'Dowell, R. W., mill manager
M'Larnon, John, sexton
Nelson, Andrew, plasterer
Nelson, Hugh, labourer
Nelson, Miss Agnes J.
Niblock, Alex., sailor
Niblock, James, sailor
Niblock, John, pilot
Niblock, William, fisherman
Orr, Daniel, sailor
Orr, Hugh, sailor
Orr, William, jun., pilot
Orr, William, sailor
Patton, Robb, Ballycormick
Patton, John, Ballycormick
Perceval-Maxwell, The Misses, Groomsport house
Robb, John, warehouseman
Russell, Thomas, labourer
Russell, William, landsteward
Semple, Robert, carpenter
Shaw, Jane, Balloo
Smith, Mrs. Heyburn, grocer
Speers, William, landsteward, The Farm
Stewart, John, carowner
Summers, John, labourer
Tanner, Mrs. Jane
Tanner, William, bootmaker
Trimble, Thos., labourer, Balloo
Tosh, Ross, fisherman
Tate, Robert, Orlock
Wales, Mrs.
Waterson, Henry, fisherman
Waterson, Hugh, fisherman
Waterson, Hugh J., bricklayer
Waterson, James, fisherman
Waterson, James, jun., pilot
Waterson, John, fisherman
Waterson, Peter, fisherman
Waterson, Robert, pilot
Waterson, William, yachtsman
Waterson, Wm., jun., fisherman
White, Samuel
Wright, James
Wylie, Mrs.

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