Greyabbey, County Down

From the Belfast and Ulster Towns Directory for 1910

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Griffith's Valuation for the Union of Newtownards 1863
...includes Grey Abbey
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Twenty-seven and a-half miles from Belfast.
Agricultural District.
Population, 563


—William Curry, Postmaster.


Church of Ireland—Rev. Oliver Goldsmith, M.A.
Presbyterian Church—Rev. John Anderson
Unitarian Church—Rev. Thomas Munn
Constabulary Barrack—Sergeant Craig; Constables M'Nulty and Bennett
Cricket Club—James Bell, secretary; James Mawhinney, treasurer
National School—Senior department, Marshall Hill, principal; infant department, Miss Paterson
Registrar of Births, Marriages, and Deaths—Dr. P. M'Arthur

Anderson, Rev. John
Askin, Robert, publican
Baird, Hugh
Bell, James
Brooks, George
Bunting, E.
Byers, Thomas
Carlton, Mrs.
Carson, John
Carson, Mrs. Jane
Corry, William, post office and newsagent
Davidson, W. J., weaving agent
Dunn, James
Goldsmith, Rev. Oliver
Hays, R.I.C.
Hill, Marshall, school teacher
Hutton, William, U.D.C., Ballygrangee
Mawhinney, John, rural postman
Montgomery, Major-General W. E., D.L., Greyabbey house
Morrison, J.
Morrison, R., jun., posting establishment
Morrison, W.
Muckle, Mrs.
Murphy, J.
Murphy, Richard
M'Arthur, Dr. P.
M'Cartan, J.
M'Conkey, Miss
M'Cullough, Hugh, sen., labourer
M'Cullough, Hugh, jun., tailor
M'Cullough, J., relieving officer
M'Cullough, Montgomery
M'Dermott, Thomas, rural postman
M'Given, Mary Ann
M'Kay, John
M'Keag, Thomas
Patterson, E.
Phair, James, agent
Pritchard, John
Purse, Miss E.
Reid, Samuel
Shanks, William
Taylor, William
Warnock, Henry
Warnock, Mrs. Jane
Warnock, Thomas
White, Elizabeth
Wilson, D. H.
Williamson, Robert C.


Askin, William, Ballynester
Bailie, J., Ballyboghilbow
Baird, Andrew, Blackabbey
Baird, J., Ballynester
Barnes, David, Kilnatierney
Barnes, James, Kilnatierney
Bowden, S., Tullycavey
Brooks, Samuel, Ballybrain
Brown, James, Cardy, Tullycavey
Brown, James, Ballygarvin
Brown, John, Ballymurphy
Brown, Alex., Ballymurphy
Brown, Joseph, Ballygarvin
Brown, Joseph, Tullycavey
Byers, William, Ballyboley
Carlton, William, Cardy
Caughey, W. J., Ballybrain
Davidson, Andrew, Bally murphy
Davidson, William, Ballyatwood
Dorrian, Alex., Ballyboley
Ennis, Wm. James
Erskine, John, Ballyboghilbow
Finlay, Andrew, Ballygarvin
Finlay, Mrs., Ballyuranullen
Foster, John, Ballyboley
Gibson, John, Ballybrain
Gibson, Robert, Ballygarvin
Hall, Thomas, Ballyboghilbow
Hamilton, James, Ballyboley
Johnston, J., Ballyboley
Johnston, Mrs.
Kerr, J., Ballybrain
Little, George, Killyvolgan
Little, Mrs., Blackabbey
Mateer, James, Ballyboley
Milling, B., Gordonall
Morrow, Samuel, Cardy
M'Avoy, John, Ballyuranullen
M'Cormick, J., Killyvolgan
M'Cormick, W., Tullycavey
M'Cullough, Alex., Ballyboley
Pritchard, John, Ballyatwood
Regan, Thomas H., Greyabbey
Reid, Francis
Walker, Joseph, Ballyboghilbow
Walker, Joseph, Blackabbey
Walker, W. J., Tullycavey
White, John, Blackabbey
Woods, W. J., Blackabbey
Wright, Francis, Ballyboley
Wright, Mrs. M., Ballymurphy
Wright, Thomas

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