Gracehill, County Antrim

From the Belfast and Ulster Towns Directory for 1910

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Gracehill is a Moravian Settlement, in the Barony of Lower Toome, two and a half miles west of Ballymena, and was purchased from Lord O'Neill in 1765 by the authorities of the Moravian Church.


—Miss Green, Postmistress.

Letters arrive, 8-45 a.m.; 12-35, 6-10 p.m.

Despatched, 7-40 and 11-35 a.m., 3-35 p.m.

Moravian Church—Bishop P. Asmussen, agent, F. Trager, M.A.

Gracehill Academy—F. Trager, principal

National School—Miss Moore

Shopkeepers, Residents, etc.—Mrs. Bayne, Mrs. A. Boyd, J. Cathcart, Mrs. Chestnutt, J. Craig, D. Craig, Henry Craig, Mrs. Crawford, Hugh Dick, J. Gillen, James Grant, J. Greene, Mr. Hilton, James Hasley, Miss Hamilton, W. Erwin, Mrs. Kilpatrick, Mary Lennox, J. Mairs, Miss Magee, Miss Martin, J. Millar, Mrs. Morton, Ed. M'Clure, Ellen M'Clure, J. M'Quiggan, Mr. MacLaine, W. J. M'Neill, J. Mitchell, Thomas M'Cann, Mrs. M'Kendry, J. M'Neice, Thomas Nicholl, J. Nicholl, W. Ramsey, J. Rea, J. Reid, J. Sloan, J. Stevenson, J. Taylor, E. Telford, H. Taylor, J. Weir, H. Weir, W. Wilson

Gloonan—H. J. Clarke, D. Boyce, J. Reid

Straid—D. Barkley, J. Cameron, John Craig, James Craig, James M'Dowell, R. Orr, D. Clarke

Straid Mill—A. Weir, Robert Weir, R.D.C.; James Weir

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