Gilford, County Down

From the Belfast and Ulster Towns Directory for 1910

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There is a number of flax and yarn spinning and bleaching works in this district


—Miss Hunter, postmistress.
English and Scotch Mails arrive 9-5 a.m.; despatched 4-30 p.m.
There is a mail car travels between Gilford and Portadown thrice daily


Church of Ireland—Rev. Oswald Scott and Rev. E. A. Myles, Tullylish Rectory
Presbyterian Church—Rev. John Cochrane
Methodist Church—Rev. John Elliott
Roman Catholic Church—Rev. P. P. Campbell, P.P.; Rev. M'Givern, C.C.


Branches of the Belfast and Northern Banks, open on Fridays from 12 till 2 p.m.
English and Scottish Law Life Office—Agent, James Blane, Ballydoughan
Petty Sessions held last Wednesday of each month—William M'Cormac, clerk
Phoenix Fire Office—Agent, James Doak
Registrar for Births, Marriages and Deaths, and Dispensary—Dr. Robert Martin
Royal Irish Constabulary Barracks—Sergt. Balmer in charge


Dunbarton—W. Manwell, Miss M'Fall, Miss K. W. Hunter, Miss S. Muldrew, and Miss Brown
Gilford—Mr. Hadden, Mrs. Wells and Miss Manwell
Castle Hill—Mr. and Mrs. Boyle and Miss Boyle
Town Commissioners—Dr. Johnson, George
Livingstone, Thomas C. Rodgers, G.
B. M'Connell, Moses Kinley, E. J. Kennedy, S. A. M'Connell, Nicholas M'Cormick; John Roberts, town clerk


Adamson, Thomas, hacklesetter, Ann street
Allen, Mrs., Castle street
Anderson, Robert, cycle agent, Newry road
Barr, Miss, dressmaker, Dunbarton street
Boyd, Nurse, Mill street
Boyle, William, N.S. teacher, Castle street
Brennan, Mrs., grocer, Dunbarton street
Brown, George, bleacher, Dunbarton street
Brownlee, Joseph, farmer, Drumarrin
Cameron, Charles, shoemaker, Dunbarton street
Carleton, Miss, The Castle
Cassels, Edward, confectioner, Dunbarton street
Cochrane, Rev. John, The Manse
Connolly, James, grocer, Newry road
Coulter, John, farmer and cattle dealer
Cunningham, J., tailor, Stramore road
Curran, William, dairyman, Tandragee road
Craig, James, victualler, Dunbarton street
Doak, James, Dunbarton street
Doak, Joseph, salesman, Dunbarton street
Eccles, John, hairdresser, Dunbarton street
Edgar, J., Mountpleasant
England, James, farrier, Bridge street
Fowler, Wm., car proprietor, Stramore rd.
Fox, Peter, spirit merchant, Bridge street
Kinley, George, victualler, Castle hill
Getgood, Miss, The Towers, Tullylish
Gibney, Michael, pensioner R.I.C., Mill st.
Gough, David, dealer, Dunbarton street
Gough, J. H., correspondent, Bannview terrace
Gough, Wm., dealer, Dunbarton street
Gough, Miss, dressmaker, Castle hill
Graham, Arthur, mill operative, Dunbarton street
Greer, Miss, dressmaker, Mill street
Greer, William, mechanic, Mill street
Hanna, A. I., shoemaker, Dunbarton street
Hanvey, C, hotel proprietor, Mill street
Harland, James, farmer, Drumarrin
Harper, Wm., greengrocer, Dunbarton
Henderson, Mrs., Ann street
Higgins, A. & N., drapers, Dunbarton st.
Hillen, I., marine store dealer, Main street
Hillen, Mr., farmer, Kernan
Houston, Mr., manager Co-operative Stores, Dunbarton
Hughes, Mary Ann, spirit grocer, Bridge street
Hunter, James, farmer, Mullabrack
Hunter, Miss, post office, Dunbarton street
Hynds, Miss, confectioner, Main street
Johnston, Dr. J. B., Castle street
Joyce, Miss A., draper, Dunbarton street
Joyce, H., grocer, Dunbarton street
Joyce, S., confectioner, Dunbarton street
Kennedy, E. & J., drapers, Dunbarton st.
Kennedy, J., Greyhound Bar, Dunbarton st.
Kennedy, Miss, milliner, Dunbarton street
Kinley, James, victualler, Dunbarton street
Kinley, Moses, cattle dealer, Mill street
Kinley, Thomas, spirit merchant, Mill street
Lappin, W., newsagent, Dunbarton street
Lavery, Mr., farmer, Kernan
Law, William, farmer, Birch grove
Leckey, Mr., farmer, Kernan
Lilburn, Miss, dressmaker and draper, Dunbarton street
Livingston, George, dealer, Dunbarton st.
Livingston, Ross, sen., spirit merchant, Dunbarton street
Livingston, Thomas, farrier, Hill street
Lockhart, Thomas, J.P., farmer, Kernan house
Lynas, Mr., mill manager, Dunbarton
Lytle, William, dairyman, Stramore road
Magennis, John, nailer, Castle street
Manwell, William, teacher, Dunbarton st.
Martin, Joseph, mason, Bridge street
Martin, Robert, mechanic, Mill street
Martin, R., mason, Bridge street
Martin, Miss, Dunbarton street
Moffatt, Miss, dressmaker, Dunbarton street
Montgomery, Mr., Stramore lodge
Mulholland, Wm., mill overlooker, Ann st.
Murphy, Patrick, dairyman, Hill street
M'Auley, M., Tullylish house
M'Brinn, Mrs., milliner, Mill street
M'Burney, Robert, mechanic, Ann street
M'Cardle, J., road contractor, Ballynagarrick
M'Chestney, R., head clerk Banford Bleach Works Co.
M'Clelland, Miss, draper and milliner
M'Clinchy, M., mill operative, Mill street
M'Connell, S., spirit merchant, Mill street
M'Conville, B., victualler, Dunbarton st.
M'Cormick, Mrs., grocer, Dunbarton
M'Crory, R., jeweller, Dunbarton street
M'Cullough, Thomas, foreman mechanic, Glen cottage
M'Dowell, Robert, boot and shoe maker, Bridge street
M'Dowell, John, rural postman, Woodview
M'Dowell, Wm., car proprietor, Castle st.
M'Fall, Miss, Bridge street
M'Ilroy, D., draper, Dunbarton street
M'Keown, Wm., dairyman, Dunbarton
M'Neill, Mary, confectioner, Castle street
Neilson, David, land steward
Parkinson, Henry, grocer, Mill street
Patterson, J., grocer, Mill street
Pentland, Joseph, mason, Dunbarton street
Phenix, Samuel, posting and undertaking, Dunbarton street
Phillips, Alex., tailor, Dunbarton street
Pim, Miss, Moyallen manor
Purdon, Major, Stramore
Ready Cash Co., milliners and drapers, Dunbarton street
Richardson, Mrs., Moyallen house
Richardson, Steven, Drumlin hill
Richardson, Wakefield, Moyallen grange
Ring, Mrs., Dunbarton street
Roberts, John, town clerk and stationer, Dunbarton street
Rogers, T. C, flax manager, Dunbarton
Sallins, A., carpenter, Dunbarton street
Sallins, E., baker, Castle hill
Savers, spirit merchant, Castle street
Scott, Rev. Oswald, The Vicarage
Seaton, Mr., Stramore road
Sinton, Arthur, Stramore house
Sinton, F. B., bleach green owner, Banford house
Smith, Mrs. Edward, spirit merchant, Dunbarton
Smith, I., grocer, Main street
Steele, Alexander, engineer, Dunbarton
Steenson, Joseph, blacksmith, Dunbarton
Stewart, Miss, dressmaker, Castle street
Stewart, Thomas, carpenter, Castle street
Thompson, Alexander, grocer, Mill street
Thompson, Wm., insurance agent, Stramore road
Tougher, John, Kernan
Turley, Hugh, clerk, Dunbarton street
Uprichard, Albert, Banvale
Uprichard, W., Elmfield house
Vaughan, Thomas, mill overseer, Dunbarton street
White, James, coal yard, Dunbarton street
White, S., grocer, Dunbarton street
White, W. J., confectioner, Main street
Whiteside, John, carpenter, Bridge street
Whiteside, Moses, Birch grove

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