Garvagh, County Derry

From the Belfast and Ulster Towns Directory for 1910

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64 miles from Belfast.
A Market Town.
Market day, Friday
Fair day—First Friday each month
Population, 562


—Miss A. M. Wallace, postmistress.
Mails are arranged to arrive at 9-6 a.m., 12-15 p.m., 3-2 p.m., and 6-8 p.m.; delivery from five to ten minutes later. Despatched at 8-24 a.m., 12 noon, 2-45 p.m. and 5-45 p.m. Sundays—Arrive at 12 noon; despatched at 1-45 p.m.; box closes five minutes earlier
Petty Sessions—Clerk, Jas. Rankin; court held last Thursday of each month.
Summons server and C.B.O., J. Martin, Garvagh
Royal Irish Constabulary—Sergeant George Patton, in charge of station; inspector of weights and measures, Sergeant Geo.Patton, Garvagh
Ulster Bank—Manager, John Niblock;
cashier, Alex. L. Stewart
Medical Officer Garvagh Dispensary District—Dr. A. M. Adams, L.R.C.P.S
Registrar of Births, &c.—A. M. Adams
Assistant Registrar—H. M'Alister
Nurse and Midwife—Miss Hegerty


Church of Ireland—Errigal and Desertoghill Parish—Rev. W. H. Morrison, LL.D., rector; Rev. W. Willis, curate; Major Smyth and Thomas Montgomery, churchwardens; Rev. W. H. Morrison, parochial secretary; Lieutenant-Colonel M'Causland, parochial treasurer
Presbyterian—First Garvagh, Rev. Thomas Madill, LL.D.; Second Garvagh, S. B. Thomson, B.A.; Third Garvagh, Rev. W. J. Stronge, M.A.; Moneydig, Rev. William M'Cay; Ringsend, Rev. R. J. O. Moore
Reformed Presbyterian Church—Rev. H. Mack, Drumbolg, Tamlaght o'Crilly
Roman Catholic—Errigal Parish, Rev. Jos. M'Keefey, P.P.; Rev. Patrick Gormley, C.C. Desertoghill Parish—Rev. Jas. M'Guiggan, P.P.; Rev. Harkin, C.C., Kilrea


Canning, Hon. Leopold E. S. G., D.L., Garvagh house
Dempsey, B., Cornamuckla, Aghadowey
Dempsey, Charles J., Belfast; and Cornamuckla, Aghadowey
Garvagh, Lord, D.L., Dundrum, Dublin
Hegarty, Thomas, Movanagher, Kilrea
Hezlet, Colonel, Bovagh, Aghadowey
Kerlin, Philip, Garvagh
Macausland, Lieut.-Col., Woodbank house
Morrison, Hugh R., Moneydig
O'Hagan, Daniel, Glenkeen
Rankin, Robert P., Lisbuoy, Killykergan, Coleraine
Rankin, William, New Park, Killykergan, Coleraine
Smyth, Major A. C, Ballintemple, Garvagh
Stronge, C. E., Lizard manor, Aghadowey
Wallace, Henry J., Movenis
Welch, Captain, R.M., Bann view, Toome


Ballyagan—Mrs. Elizabeth Alexander
Boleran—Thomas Gill
Carhill—James Rentoul M'Neary
Cullyramer—Miss Brown
Garvagh Female—Mrs. Kate M'Shane
Garvagh Male—Alex. M'Cotter, principal; Miss Agnes Dickson, assistant
Glen Ullin—John M'Nicholl
Lisnacreaghog—Patrick M'Nicholl
Magheramore—John Corrigan, principal; Miss Stewart, assistant
Moneydig—James Anderson
Moyletrakill—Thomas Moore
Ringsend—T. Love, principal; Miss Carrick, assistant


Errigal and Desertoghill Band of Hope—Secretary, Miss E. Macausland
Garvagh Britannia Flute Band—James Fleming, secretary
Garvagh Church of Ireland Temperance
Society—Secretary, Rev. W. H. Morrison, LL.D.
Garvagh Co-Operative Agricultural & Dairy Society, Ltd.—David M'Millan, secretary and manager
Garvagh Football Club—Secretary, James Fleming
Garvagh Cycling Club—Secretary, Samuel Milliken, Garvagh
Garvagh Rifle Club—Captain Morrison, captain
Garvagh Unionist Registration Association
Garvagh Working Men's Association—Robt. Graham, secretary
Grove Co-operative Agricultural and Dairy Society, Ltd.—W. J. Hilton, Dullaghy, secretary


Canning Arms—John Johnston, proprietor
Commercial—Mrs. John O'Kane, proprietress
Imperial—Albert Moore, proprietor, grocer
Royal—Hugh Wade, proprietor, grocer, wine and spirit merchant
Derry Central Railway—Wm. John Boyle, stationmaster


Anderson, Mrs. W. J., Ardavon
Blake, Alexander, grocer, fruiterer, &c.
Boylan, Daniel, licensed publican, grocer & wool agent
Bradley, John, carpenter
Bradley, William, pump sinker
Bradshaw, Rev. W.
Brown, Mrs. David, grocer and haberdasher
Caldwell, Miss, dressmaker
Campbell, John F., land surveyor & valuer, Gortacloghan
Canning, Hon. Leopold, Garvagh house
Canning, Mrs. William, laundry
Cathcart, Mrs. W., laundry
Cathcart, William, blacksmith
Clarke, W., & Sons, bleachworks, Moneycarry
Cooke, William
Cox, Robert, builder and contractor
Coyle, James, cooper
Craig, Miss Susan, grocer
Crowe, William, fowl dealer
Cunningham, Alex., coachbuilder and steam sawyer
Cunningham, John, saddler
Dallas, George, watchmaker and jeweller
Dickson, Thomas, grocer, grain and provision merchant
Dunlop, John, grocer, grain and meal merchant
Elder, Thomas, butcher and fowl dealer
Ferris, Mrs. J., haberdasher and milliner
Fleming, Samuel, blacksmith
Fleming, William, boot and shoe merchant
Garvagh, The Lady, Hermitage
Getty, R. H., Danesfort
Gilmore, Miss, sewing agent
Gilmour, Archibald
Gilmour, Matthew, grocer, egg, grain and provision merchant
Henry, Mrs. Mary, lodgings
Henry, William
Johnston, Matthew, tailor and clothier
Johnston, Thomas, butcher
Kearney, Barney, grocer
Kerlin, Philip, Garvagh
Lamont, Robert, grocer
Linton, Joseph, grocer; agent Convoy Woollen Co.
Macausland, Lieutenant-Colonel R. C., Woodbank house
Macausland, The Misses, Woodbank cottage
Managh, Miss Mary, fancy warehouse
Mann, Alex., watchmaker and jeweller
Marks, John, jun., postman
Milliken, David, tailor and clothier
Molyneux, Miss, embroidery
Moore, Robert, & Co., clothiers, woollen drapers, and cycle agents
Morrison, H. R., J.P., Oakfort
Mulholland, William, butcher
Mullan, James, cattle dealer
Mullan, Patrick, tailor
M'Alister, H., solicitor's clerk & insurance agent
M'Cloy, Miss Lizzie
M'Keeman, Mrs. William, woollen draper
M'Leod, Albert, saddler
M'Master, Alexander, tailor
M'Millan, Alexander, boot and shoe manufacturer and leather merchant
M'Millan, John, Inchaleen, poor rate collector and sub-sanitary officer
M'Neary, Wm. J., baker and confectioner
M'Nichol, James, post cars
M'Nicholl, Michael, licensed publican
M'Shane, John, cattle dealer
O'Connell, Charles, cattle dealer
O'Connell, Miss Sarah, licensed publican
O'Connell, Patrick, butcher
O'Connor, Thomas, barber
O'Kane, Darby, licensed publican
O'Kane, Echlin, licensed publican and cattle dealer
O'Kane, Mrs. P., dressmaker
O'Kane, William, solicitor
O'Kane, William, shoemaker
O'Mullan, James, grocer, &c.
O'Neill, John, blacksmith
Rafferty, Mrs. T., grocer
Ranken, Wm., J.P., Newpark
Reid, Miss, dressmaker
Robertson, Robert, grocer, hardware, bookseller, and general merchant
Robertson, William, corn miller and grain merchant
Roxborough, Samuel, grocer
Shaw, Samuel, boot and shoe manufacturer, leather merchant and grocer
Skelly, John, painter, glazier, and paper-hanger
Smyth, Major Arthur, Ballintemple house
Stewart, Mrs. Charles, grocer and egg merchant
Stewart, Mrs. Henry, grocer and egg merchant
Turner, Alex., carpenter and woodwright
Turner, William, steam saw mill
Wallace, H. J., J.P., Movenis
Whiteside, Miss, dressmaker
Wilson, James, woollen draper


Adams, R. J., Gortfad—-flax
Boylan, Charles, Tirkeeran—corn and flax
Campbell, Alexander, The Green—corn
Clarke, W., & Sons, Moneycarry—beetling
Cochrane, J., Shanlongford, Ringsend—corn
Cunningham, Alexander, Garvagh—saw
Hegarty, J. H., Ballynakelly, Blackhill—corn and flax
Loughlin, T. C., Moyletrakill—flax
Millen, R. J., Shanlongford, Ringsend—flax
Mullan, Hugh, The Green—flax
M'Fetridge, Torrens, Boghilbuoy—corn and flax
Robertson, William, Garvagh—corn
Robertson, Wm., grocer and china ware
Turner, William, Ballynameen—saw
Wallace, H. J., J.P., Movenis—flax
Wallace, John, Crockindollagh—flax
Wilson, James, Ballyagan—flax
Young, John, Ballynacally—flax


Adams, Robert John, Gortfad
Adams, William James, Gortfad
Armstrong, Robert John, Dullaghy
Canning, Robertson, Gortfad
Boyce, Robert J.
Boylan, Daniel, J.P., Tirkeeran
Brookes, James, Inchaleen
Campbell, John, Gortacloghan
Canning, Robertson, Gortland
Carrick, James, Ballynacally More
Caskey, James, Craigmore
Clarke, Matthew, Ballyagan
Clyde, John, Bellury
Cooke, James, Dullaghy
Dinsmore, William, Culnaman
Dunlop, John, Killyvalley
Elder, Paul, Gortfad
Fleming, Joseph, Belraugh
Fleming, Thomas, Killyvalley
Fullarton, James J., Lisachrin
Gilmore, James, Boghilboy
Gilmore, Thomas, Killyvalley
Gilmore, Wm. T., Killyvalley
Glass, Robert, Moyleatroy
Glenn, Solomon, Liscall
Governor, John, Craigall
Hagan, Daniel J., Glenkeen
Henry, Daniel, Gortnamoyagh
Henry, Edward, Tamneymore
Henry, John, Bellury
Hazlett, Samuel, Moneydig
Hilton, William James, Dullaghy
Homes, Robert, Moyleatroy
Houston, Thomas D., Gortacloghan
Johnston, John, Garvagh
Kane, Mark, Laragh
Kennedy, Samuel, Lisnamuck
Kennedy, Samuel, Culnaman
Kerlin, Philip, Garvagh
Kerr, John, Glenkeen
Linton, Robert, Cah
Linton, William John, Carballintober
Long, Samuel, Cullyramer
Miller, Mrs. Thomas, Inchaleen
Moore, Robert, Carballintober
Morrison, Hugh R., J.P., Moneydig
Mullan, Bernard, Belraugh
Mullan, Dan., Ballintemple
Mullan, Hugh, Cuilbane
Mullan, William, Meavemacknogher
M'Cahy, Alexander, Ballylame
M'Cay, Rev. William, Carrowreagh
M'Clenaghan, Robert, Bellury
M'Clelland, Thomas, Ballinameen
M'Connell, Robert, Ballintemple
M'Cooke, Archibald, Moyleatroy
M'Curdy, John, sen., Shanlongford
M'Fetridge, John, Cah
M'Fetridge, Thomas, Cullyramer
M'Fetridge, Torrens, P.L.G., Boghilboy
M'Grath, John, Inchaleen
M'Kee, David, Carballintober
M'Lenaghan, John, Carballintober
M'Neary, Thomas A., Garvagh
M'Pherson, Joseph, Freugh
M'Shane, Cormac, Altduff
Neely, Robert, Craigavole
O'Connell, Patrick, Garvagh and Boleran
O'Kane, Bernard, Maybuoy
O'Kane, Bernard, Ballintemple
O'Kane, Joseph, Glenkeen
Robertson, Robert, Crockindollagh
Robinson, Hugh, Cah
Shannon, William, Cuilbane
Smyly, Cunningham, Killyvalley
Stewart, Hugh, Killyvalley
Stewart, James, Kurin
Stewart, Joseph L., Lisachrin
Stewart, Robert, Ballynameen
Stewart, Robert, Gortfad
Torrens, Robert, Culnaman
Toye, Wiliam, Cullyramer
Walker, John, Mettican
Wallace, Henry John, J.P., Movenis
Wallace, James, Bellury
Wallace, James W., Trienaltenagh
Wallace, William, Trienaltenagh
Warwick, John, Inchaleen
Watley, Robert, Ballintemple
Wells, Thomas K., Ballintemple
Wilson, James A., Ballyagan

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