Dromara, County Down

From the Belfast and Ulster Towns Directory for 1910

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Twenty miles from Belfast.
A Market Town.
Market day, Tuesday.
Fair day, first Friday in each month.
Population, 123.


—Postmistress, Miss Mary Mallon.
Mails received from Dublin and Belfast at 5-25 a.m. and at 4-5 p.m. Despatched at 8-50 a.m. and 6-5 p.m. Telegrams can now be sent from this office. Mails arrive at Gransha Post Office every morning on mail car at 7-10 a.m. and 5 p.m. From Ballynahinch via Dromara mail car. Postmen—Wm. Lavery, Robert Walker, Wm. Walsh, Wm. Wilson, R. J. Cunningham, S. Bowman, Jas. M'Nallen, G. Bryson


Church of Ireland—Rev. W. F. Wilkinson, rector
First Presbyterian Church—Rev. W. G. Glasgow, B.A.
Second Presbyterian Church—Rev. W. Gregg
Covenanting Church—Rev. Warnock
Roman Catholic Chapel—Rev. John Savage, P.P.


Teachers—Artana, John Creighton and Miss Latimer; Carnew, G. Gamble; Carnew, Miss Agnes M'Fadden; Dromara, Wm. Scilley and Miss Lizzie H. Harte; Ballykell, S. Crawford; Finnis, Patrick Bradley; Emma L. Byrne, manual instructress; Muninabane, P. Conway; Mrs. Brannigan, manual instructress
R.I. Constabulary—Acting-Sergeant Thomas Woolsey, ex-officio inspector of weights, measures, food, and drugs; Constables William Welsh, Colquohoun M'Cormack
Local Registrars for Births, Marriages, and Deaths—Dr. Herron and James Barr


Alexander, J., R.D.C., farmer, Ballykeel
Archer, Miss, grocer, Finnis
Atcheson, Thomas J., spirit grocer, Gransha
Bailie, M., farmer, Moybrick
Barr, James, bootmaker, farmer, and auctioneer
Barr, Samuel, bootmaker, farmer, C.B.O., and auctioneer
Begney, Mrs. M'Cashin, grocer, butter and egg merchant, and farmer
Bell, Joseph, farmer, Artana
Bell, Samuel, fowldealer
Bell, William, rate collector, Kinallen
Bond, John, farmer, Gransha
Bradley, Patrick, Dromara
Branagh, James, farmer, Derry
Campbell, James, farmer, Begney
Campbell, John, J.P., woollen draper and farmer
Campbell, Samuel, farmer, Slavenaboley
Campbell, Mrs., Crossgar
Campbell, Mrs.
Carson, A., farmer, Moybrick
Carson, James, farmer, Levallyreagh
Cauley, A., farmer, Derry
Chambers, James, farmer
Chambers, Joseph
Chambers, J., grocer and farmer, Ballykeel
Chapman, John, power loom factory, Glen
Conway, P., teacher, Munninabane N.S.
Corbett, William J., farmer, Aughnaskeagh
Corry, Wm., farmer, post office, Ballykeel
Crawford, Samuel, N.T., Ballykeel
Cumming, William John, farmer
Cunningham, Wm. refreshment and lodgings and posting
Davey, Owen, farmer, Drinn
Dennison, Hugh, ex-teacher, newsagent, & farmer
Dennison, William, farmer, Enogh
Dickson, T. H., spirit dealer and grocer
Dodd, Robert, farmer, Woodford, Dromara
Dodds, Robert, J.P., Woodford, Dromara
Dornan, B., farmer, Finnis
Douglas, Samuel, grocer, farmer, and post office, Grancha
Doyle, Arthur, farmer, Moybrick
Doyle, M., farmer, Finnis
Ervin, S. J., farmer
Fairley, Jas., butcher
Flynn, D., farmer, Crossgar
Fulton, Moses, Tullyniskey post office and farmer
Gamble, Anne Jane, grocer
Gamble, George, farmer, Moybrick
Gamble, Henry, spirit dealer
Gamble, Hugh, grocer and refreshments .
Gamble, John, grocer, Crossgar
Gamble, Mrs., grocer, Artana
Gamble, Robert, Glen cottage, Carnew, Kinallen
Gregg, Henry, Ash Vale
Hamilton, James, farmer
Hart, Samuel, grocer, farmer and millowner
Henning, Hugh, farmer, Carnew
Henning, Mrs., farmer, Carnew
Henning, Robert J., farmer, Carnew
Herron, Dr., Crossgar
Heron, Dr. A., medical officer of dispensary
Hunter, Wm., farmer, Aughnaskeagh
Jackson, George, photographer
Jass, James, bootmaker
Jones, Hugh, farmer, Moydalgan house
Jones, J. H., grocer and farmer, Beechhall, Aughnaskeagh
Kelly, Mrs. C, farmer, Dree
King, Jas., spirit dealer, grocer, and farmer
Kingan, Thomas, farmer
Lowry, William, farmer, Finnis and Slavenaboley
Mallon, Mrs., haberdasher, grocer, spirit dealer, and farmer
Marshall, John, farmer, Moybrick
Martin, John, farmer, Aughnaskeagh
Martin, Joseph, farmer, Finnis
Maxwell, John, blacksmith, Dromara
Maxwell, Miss, dressmaker
Meeke, William B., Carnew cottage
Mercer, Mark, farmer, Moybrick
Mooney, James, farmer, Gransha
Moore, James, grocer, Moybrick
Moore, Mary Anne, dress & mantle maker, Dromara
M'Allister, B., farmer, Drinn
M'Allister, C, farmer, Drinn
M'Allister, James, farmer, Dree
M'Auley, Mrs. M. J., grocer and farmer
M'Calla, William, farmer, Moydalgan
M'Callister, C, farmer, Munninabane
M'Callister, C, P.L.G., Drinn
M'Cann, John, farmer, Moybrick
M'Cann, Mrs., farmer, Moybrick
M'Cann, T., P.L.G.
M'Cartan, Miss L., farmer, Crossgar house
M'Caw, John, millowner and farmer, Tullyniskey
M'Cauly, Robert, farmer, Dromara
M'Cauley, Wm. G., farmer, Carnew house
M'Cloy, John, farmer
M'Evoy, Francis, farmer, Artana
M'Evoy, Hugh, grocer and spirit dealer
M'Evoy, Peter, butcher, Artana
M'Key, Francis, farmer, Drinn
M'Key, James, farmer, Moybrick
M'Key, James, farmer, Finnis
M'Key, John, farmer, Dree
M'Key, Neil, P.L.G., Drinn
M'Key, Peter, farmer, Drinn
M'Kenny, Mrs., farmer, Gransha
M'Kenny, Mrs. James, farmer, Drinn
M'Neill, John, farmer, Moybrick
Nicholson, George; farmer
Nicholson, James. P.L.G., J.P., farmer
Nicholson, James, P.L.G., R.D.C., farmer
O'Hare, James, farmer, Moybrick
O'Neill, Bernard, spirit dealer and farmer
Patterson, James A., publican, Dromara
Patterson, Mrs., farmer, Aughnaskeagh
Patterson, Mrs., farmer, Finnis
Reain, David, farmer, Finnis
Redmond Brothers, grocers and farmers, Gransha
Rogan, Patrick, spirit dealer and flesher
Rogers, Miss E. R., dressmaker, Derryvale
Rogers, R., P.L.G., R.D.C., farmer, Derry
Scott, John, grocer and farmer, Gransha
Shaw, William, farmer, Begney
Simpson, David, farmer, Finnis
Skelly, Mrs., farmer, Marybrook, Dromara
Skelly, William, farmer, Artana
Skelly, Mrs., farmer, Moybrick
Skelly, John, farmer
Sommerville, C, farmer, Artana
Sommerville, Miss, ex-teacher, Dromara
Sommerville, Mrs., grocer
Stafford, John, shoemaker, Dromara
Steele, Thomas, tailor, Dromara
Stewart, R., grocer, farmer, and millowner
Taylor, Moses, Larch hill
Thompson, Mrs., grocer and dressmaker, Slavenaboley
Wallace, Miss, grocer, Finnis
Waugh, George, J.P., Scion hill
Welsh, Jackson, blacksmith
Wilkinson, Rev. W. F., Rectory, Dromara
Wilson, John, carpenter
Wilson, William, spirit dealer, farmer, and post office, Kinallen

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