Cullybackey, County Antrim

From the Belfast and Ulster Towns Directory for 1910

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36 ¼ miles from Belfast.
Staple Industry is Bleaching Linens.
Population about 500


— Postmistress, Mrs. Robert Rea.
Mails arrive at 7-50, 11-30 a.m., and 4-25 p.m.; and are despatched at 9 a.m., 5 and 7 p.m.


Cunningham Memorial Presbyterian Church—Service, 12 a.m. and 6 p.m.
Reformed Presbyterian Church—Service, 12 a.m.
United Free Presbyterian Church—Service, 12 a.m. and 6 p.m.—Rev. Jonathan Townsley, M.A.
Roman Catholic Church of Ease attached to Roman Catholic Chapel, Ahoghill—Service, 10-30 a.m. Parish priest (Ahoghill and Cullybackey), Rev. Rawe, P.P.
Police Barracks—Sergeant M'Minnis
National Schools—Male and Female—Principal teachers, Mr. James M'Gavock and Miss Maggie Leitch; assistant teachers, Mr. Tom M'Whirter, Miss Annie Gore, Miss Blair, and Miss Wilson
Finishing Works, The Maine Bleaching & Dyeing Works, Ltd. (Cullybackey and Fenaghy)—Mr. William Young, J.P., owner; James M'Gowan, Hillhead, manager
Hillmount Bleaching Co.—Messrs. Frazer & Haughton, Ltd.


Adgar, Margaret
Barkley, Mary
Barr, James
Barr, Hugh
Beggs, Mrs.
Bullentine, Samuel
Caldwell, Miss
Christie, Ellen
Coleman, Samuel, blacksmith
Compton, Dick
Craig, James
Crossman, Miss, grocer
Dalas, John
Darragh, John
Davidson, Miss
Davison, Miss Lizzie, dressmaker
Davison, William, jun., mason
Dick, W. S. R., M.D.
Douay, Wilson
Evans, Samuel
Faraghan, George
Finnegan, James
Finnegan, John, millwright
Fleming, Rev. H. M.
Frances, P. A., technical lecturer
Glass, James, shopkeeper
Gordon, Hugh
Gordon, Mrs., publican
Graham, Mrs., dressmaker
Grant, John, sen.
Green, John, finisher
Greer, John, shoemaker
Hall, Joseph
Herbison, Andrew, contractor
Herbison, Robert, millwright
Herbison, Robert, mason
Herbison, Robert, blacksmith and shopkeeper
Hillis, William, mason
Holmes, John
Houston, Mrs. David, shopkeeper
Houston, John
Jackson, James
Keenan, James, butter and egg merchant
Keenan, William, shopkeeper
Kennedy, Alexander
Kernohan, John
Kernohan, Robert
Kernohan, William
Kilpatrick, Thomas
Knowles, James
Lecky, William
Leetch, Mrs., shopkeeper
Leetch, The Misses, Lis-na-rede
Leith, William
Letters, Robert, saddler
Logan, Mrs.
Love, Andrew
Love, Bella
Love, Hugh
Lynn, James
Lynn, Miss Mary
Lyons, Rev. T. A., B.A.
Mailey, John
Marks, Samuel, blacksmith
Marrs, Margaret
Marshall, David
Marwood, Robert, car poster
Millar, Miss M. J.
Montgomery, James G., builder
Moore, William, J.P., Moorfield
Murdock, John
M'Anally, Miss, publican
M'Clean, R.
M'Clenaghan, John, newsagent
M'Cloy, George
M'Clure, Mrs. James
M'Collum, Andrew, butcher
M'Cord, Thomas
M'Cracken, The Misses, dressmakers and drapers
M'Fadden, Edward
M'Fall, James, millwright
M'Gowan, James, dyer
M'Guigan, Fred
M'Guigan, John, carpenter
M'Ilrath, King
M'Ilroy, Mrs. Jane
M'Ilwrath, Thomas, farmer, Dunnygarron
M'Kee, David, carpenter
M'Kee, James, farmer, Dunnygarron
M'Keen, Mrs.
M'Kelvey, Andrew
M'Kelvey, Hugh
M'Kelvey, William
M'Kendry, Archibald
M'Kendry, Archy
M'Kendry, Moses, shopkeeper
M'Kendry, William, shopkeeper
M'Keown, Mrs. Jane
M'Laughlin, William
M'Nickle, James
M'Whirter, Robert
O'Neill, Robert, grocer
Parkinson, Alexander
Paul, Patrick
Peacock, Joseph
Raphael, Mrs. E. A.
Robinson, James
Russell, Nathaniel
Russell, Alexander
Sanderson, Samuel
Sands, Miss E.
Simpson, James, M.D.
Simpson, Robert M.
Smyth, Miss, grocer
Staveley, Hugh
Stewart, James
Stewart, John
Stewart, Thomas
Swann, Mrs. John
Swann, Samuel
Thompson, Joseph
Topping, George, shoemaker
Turtle, Adam, car poster
Wallace, James, bicycle shop
Walker, Robert
Watterman, Randal
Watterson, Robert, stationmaster
Wilkinson, Mrs. William
Wilson, Gregg, farmer, Dunnygarron
Wilson, Miss Mary
Wilson, Samuel
Wiseman, George
Wiseman, Robert
Wiseman, Speer
Witherspoon, Thomas
Woodrow, Mrs. Jane
Wylie, Lizzie


Frazer, J. W., J.P., Hillmount
Haughton, T. W., Hillmount
Kirkpatrick, George S., Hazelbank
Moore, William, J.P., Moorfield
M'Gowan, James, Hillhead
M'Neill, Edmund, J.P., Craigdunn
Patrick, The Misses, Dunminning
Power, Miss, Ardvernis
Robinson, S. J., Dromona
Rowan, Colonel, J.P., Mount Davys
Townsend, Rev. H.
Young, William, J.P., Fenaghy


Black, Thomas
Boyd, David, butter and egg merchant
Calderwood, David, Fenagh Castle
Calderwood, Matthew, sen.
Calderwood, Matthew, jun.
Calderwood, William John, Burnside
Calderwood, William J., Dunnygarron
Carson, William, J.P.
Cassidy, James
Cowan, Alexander, Drumrankin mills
Darragh, Alexander
Dougherty, Joseph, grocer, Ballyclose
Duncan, John, Whitepark
Getty, Matthew, Dunnygarron
Given, Thomas, Markstown
Harkness, John, shopkeeper & farmer, Dreen
Kennedy, Nathaniel, Dreen mills
Kerr, James, Grouba mills, Craigs
Kernohan, William, Dreen
Kilpatrick, William, Dreen mills
Knowles, James, shopkeeper and farmer, Fenagh
Logan, Mrs., Markstown
Loughridge, James, Cullybackey
Loughridge, Robert, Cullybackey
Mairs, Alexander
Martin, J., Ballyclose
Millar, Alexander, Cullybackey
M'Gaw, James, Markstown
M'Ilroy, James, Dreen
M'Ivor, Thomas, Dunnygarron
Neely, Samuel, grocer
Reid, Thomas, carpenter, Cullybackey
Shaw, Mrs.
Simpson, Joseph, Dreen
Simpson, Thomas, Cullybackey
Simpson, Thomas, Whitecraig
Swan, Abraham
Thompson, William, Cullybackey
Wilson, Robert

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