Comber, County Down

From the Belfast and Ulster Towns Directory for 1910

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Griffith's Valuation for the Union of Newtownards 1863
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Eight miles from Belfast.
Market day is held every Tuesday.
Its chief industry is Linen.
There are two very important Distilleries.


—Miss Patterson, postmistress.
Letters from all parts arrive every morning at 8 and 9-50.
Despatches, 6-20 and 7-35 p.m. Letters from Downpatrick and intermediate places arrive at 9 a.m. and despatched at 2-35 p.m.


The County Down Railway carries the mail, and Frank Morrow (from Killyleagh) calls at the Post Office every morning (Sundays excepted) at 9.
Ballydrain, Postman once daily
Constabulary Station, Mill street—Sergeant Dinsmore; Constables Lynch, Ruddle, Ryan
Inland Revenue Officers—Mr. Collins, supervisor; I. B. O. Walsh, Timothy Carrol; Probate Officer, Jas. A. Beatty, residence, Osmaston


Parish Church, Square—Rev. George Smith, rector
First Presbyterian Church, High street—Rev. Dr. Graham
Second Presbyterian Church and Manse, Killinchy street—Rev. R. J. Semple, M.A.
Unitarian Church and Manse, Mill street—Rev. Thomas Dunkerley
Wesleyan Methodist Chapel, Bridge street—Various ministers each Sunday


Erasmus Smith's School, Square


Adair, John, J.P., Ballygraffin
Allen, Mrs., Unicarville
Anderson, The Misses, grocers, glass and
china merchants, Mill street
Andrews, Arthur, Carnesure House
Andrews, Herbert W., The Old House
Andrews, Mrs. John, Castle street
Andrews, John M., Maxwell court, managing director
Andrews, John, & Co., flaxspinners
Andrews, Thomas J., J.P., The Square
Andrews, The Right Hon. Thomas, D.L.,
Ardara, chairman of the Belfast & Co.
Down Railway Company
Berkeley, Mrs. William, Nurseryville
Berkeley, Mrs., Castleavery
Blair, John, bookkeeper, High street
Blakely, Orr, & Sons, Knocknasham Mills
Boyd, William, J.P., Ballywilliam
Brown, Samuel, miller, Maxwell Court Mill
Caughey, Alexander, secretary, Distilleries
Collins, Edward, wholesale and retail grocer, tea, flour, and provision dealer, and coal merchant, The Square
Corbitt, James, Brownlow street
Coulter, Hamilton, Newcomber House
Culverwell, George P., Ashdene
Davidson, Samuel, draper, Castle street
Drake, Samuel, draper, Mill street
Dugan, Alexander, stonemason
Dunkerley, Rev. Thomas, The Manse, Mill street
Dunn, John, Mossbank
Ferguson, Mrs. James, Railway street
Ferguson, Nathaniel, The Moat
Finlay, Frank, engineer, High street
Fisher, James, Camperdown
Geddis, Alfred
Gibson, Jacob, saddler, Bridge street
Graham, Rev. Dr., The Manse, First Comber Presbyterian congregation
Glover, Alex., posting establishment, Mill street
Gunning, John, carpenter, Brownlow street
Hamilton, David, Trench house
Hedley, Joseph, gas works, Mill street
Henry, Dr. Robert, dispensary doctor; registrar of births and deaths
Henry, Robert, M.D., High street
Henderson, William, Cullingtra house
Herron, John, Ballyhenry
Herron, Robert, Ringcreevy
Hope, W. J., grocer, Mill street
Hunter, J., mill manager
Hunter, D. S., schoolmaster
Huxley, Thomas, flax mills, Joseph's bridge
Jeffrey, Mrs., spirit dealer, The Square
Kane, John, blacksmith
Kennedy, W., grocer, Killinchy street
Kerr, Matthew, printer, stationer, bookseller, and publican, Bridge street and The Square
Lindsay, Hugh, Ballyhenry
Long, The Misses, High street
Maginn, M., dressmaker, Killinchy street
Marshall, Mrs., refreshment rooms
Mawhinney, Kenneth, Islandhill
Millen, James, principal N.S.
Milling, R. & J., grocers, publicans, timber and iron yard, and weighmasters
Moore, Samuel, Islandhill
Munn, David, Ballyaloly house
Munn, David, Cattogs house
Munn, James, High street
Murdock, Miss, Crescent
Murdoch, W. J., publican, High street
Murray, John, schoolmaster, Brownlow st
M'Alpine, David, Mount Alexander
M'Burney, Thomas, The Moat
M'Burney, Robert, steam thresher proprietor, Ballyhenry
M'Cracken, The Misses, Ballyrickard
M'Culloch, R., tailor, Bridge street
M'Donald, A., posting establishment, Mill st
M'Donald, A. John, grocer and posting
M'Donald, Wm. John, grocer, Mill street
M'Dowell, Robert, Cherryvalley house
M'Ilvene, J., shoemaker, Mill street
M'Keag, S. B., wholesale grocer, The Square
M'Kee, Messrs., The Hill, Drumkirk
M'Millen, Robert, spirit dealer, Mill street
M'Morran, Hugh, Castleavery
M'Morran, James, bootmaker, Killinchy st.
M'Roberts, Thomas, clothes dealer & draper
M'Roberts, Francis, V.S., The Square
M'Whinney, H., butcher
Nesbitt, David, grocer, Mill street
Niblock, Mary, grocer and spirit dealer, Bridge street
Niblock, James, hardware merchant
Niblock, William, druggist, The Square
Oliver, Andrew, cutter and tailor, Mill st.
Orr, W. J., manager Northern Bank, Ltd., The Square
Osborne, Mrs., Glenview
Paisley & Co., woollen drapers, dresses, shawls, flannels, blankets, millinery, boot and shoe warehouse, Mill street and Cross roads, Killinchy
Patton, Thomas, Railway Inn, Mill street
Phoenix Fire Office—Agent, T. J. M'Donald, Brownlow street
Pinnance, William, tailor, draper, outfitter, &c., Castle street, agent for Mortimer's Dye and Cleaning Works, Plymouth
Quinn, John, stonemason, Mill street
Reid, Mrs., grocer and leather cutter, Mill street
Riddle, Miss, High street
Ritchie, Mrs., Cullintra
Ritchie, John W., wine, spirit, coal, timber, and iron merchant; funeral undertaker
Robinson, John, The Flow, Cattogs
Robinson & Co., Mill street
Semple, Rev. R. J., M.A., The Manse, Killinchy street
Shaw, Mrs. William, Cattogs
Shean, James, J.P., Killinchy street
Shean, Miss Mary, The Square
Simpson, A., grain merchant & spirit dealer
Simpson, James, bookkeeper, Killinchy st.
Skillen, Hugh, blacksmith, The Square
Smith, James, butcher, Mill street
Smith, Rev. George, Glebe house
Spence, Wm., schoolmaster, Railway street
Steele, Dr., The Square
Stevenson, Richard, Bridge street
Stone, Miss, Barnhill
Stone, Samuel, J.P., Barnhill
Strickland, Hugh, butcher
Sun Fire and Life Offices—Agent, James Milling, The Square
Thompson, John, tailor, Mill street
Todd, D., Railway Tavern, grocer, &c., Mill street
Todd, William, High street
Wallace, Dr., Lisbarnet
White, R. J., fancy goods dealer, Mill street
Wightman, J., shoemaker, High street
Withers, Mrs. R., grocer, The Square
Woods & Co., drapers, Mill street
Woods, Samuel, cattle dealer, Bridge street

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