Cloughmills, County Antrim

From the Belfast and Ulster Towns Directory for 1910

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Forty-three miles by rail on the M.Rly. (N.C.C.).
Corn and Flax Scutching are the principal industries; recently an Agricultural and Dairy Society, also a Co-operative Poultry and Egg Society have been established.
Market Day every Wednesday
Population about 200


—Alexander Turner, Postmaster.
Mails arrive at 8-30 a.m., and are despatched to the following offices at 8-40 a.m.:—Culcrum, Knockahollet, Loughgill, and Corkey and Omberbane.
A mail also arrives at 5-30 p.m., and delivered in the village only.


Church of Ireland, Killagan Parish Church—Service at 3-30 p.m. Rev. C. S. Stewart
Reformed Presbyterian—Once in a fortnight
Presbyterian, Ballyweany—Service at 12 o'clock noon. Rev. Barbour
Roman Catholic Chapel—Rev. P. Darragh, P.P.
Royal Irish Constabulary Barracks—Sergt. Brown and five constables
Bank—Branch of Belfast, attended only on market days
Schools in the District—Frocess, Mr. S. Craig; Drumdoon, Mr. J. Black; Loughill, Miss Higgins; Tullybane, Mr. T. Craig
Fairs are held June 9, November 26; and a cattle market 3rd Wednesday of every month
Petty sessions are held on 3rd Wednesday each month in a Courthouse at Killagan


Captain Armstrong, Captain Patrick, R. F. Crawford, A. Robinson, G. C. Macartney, H. Ross, Patrick M'Keever, Dr. Wallace, J.P.; Dr. M'Cay, and A. Fyfe
Cloughmills Co-operative Agricultural and Dairy Society, Ltd.—F. Buller, manager
Cloughmills Co-operative Poultry and Egg Society


Adams, D., Loughill
Bell, Francis, coachbuilder
Boyd, J., carpenter
Campbell, John, shoemaker
Craig, Nicholas, grocer and farmer
Doey, Patrick, butcher
Finlay, Andrew, hotel
Finlay, W. J., fruiterer
Gage, Margaret, fruiterer
Gage, W. & R., tailors
Gaston, James
Hunter, B., grocer
Kerr, William, blacksmith
Moore, D.
Moore, S. J., cycle agent
M'Aleese, J. S., hotel
M'Auley, William, carowner
M'Guickian, Bernard, publican
M'Ilroy, John, carpenter
M'Keegan, Patrick
M'Keever, Patrick, J.P., grocer and farmer
M'Vicker, Robert, cooper
O'Mullan, William, stonemason
Patton, R. J., publican
Richmond, A., butter and egg merchant
Shaw, J., carowner
Shaw, R. J., posting establishment
Turner, Alex., R.D.C., draper and farmer
Wallace, Dr., J.P., Castlequarter
Wasson, Harper, farmer
Wiley, W. J., publican and farmer


Adams, A., Lisnasoo
Adams, S., Frocess
Alexander, J., Omerbane
Alexander, M., Omerbane
Blair, James, Ballyhitherland
Blair, J., Drumadoan
Boyd, J., Drumaglea
Boyd, W., Ballyhitherland
Casey, D., Omerbane
Craig, S., Frocess
Crawford, Alexander, Lislabin cottage
Crawford, R. P., J.P.. Ashfield
Curry, William, Cornark
Dunlop, William, Mounthamilton
Finlay, A., Frocess
Cage, J., Loughill
Gaston, D., Rosedermott
Gaston, R. J., Drumadoan
Gaston, S., R.D.C., Frocess
Givin, S., Loughgill
Gregg, A., Lisnasoo
Gregg, D., Drumnaglea
Gregg, G., Frocess
Gregg, J., Frocess
Gregg, T., Lisnasoo
Huey, James, Lislabin
Kenny, A., Ballyhitherland
Knowles, M., Omerbane
Kyle, D., Cloughmills
Kyle, James, Frocess
Kyle, J., Drumnaglea
Kyle, William, Frocess
Linton, D., Frocess
Linton, J., Frocess
Linton, S., Frocess
Logan, M., Knockahollet
Luke J., Frocess
M'Clure, P., Mounthamilton
M'Clure, J., Drumaglea
M'Clure, W. J., Drumaglea
M'Guckian, B.
M'Killen, M., Loughgill
Orr, J., Frocess
Robinson, D., Culcrum
Ross, James, Frocess
Sayers, James, Ballyligg
Sayers, J., Lislabin
Scott, J., Drumadoan
Shannon, Robert, Omerbane
Sloan, David
Sloan, David, Drumbare
Sloan, R., Lisnasoo
Stewart, R., Frocess
Taylor, P., Tullybane
Templeton, J., Drumaglea

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