Clogher, County Tyrone

From the Belfast and Ulster Towns Directory for 1910

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Market Day every Saturday; and a Fair is held on the first Saturday of every month.
Population is about 225


—Money Order and Telegraph Office and Savings' Bank—Jas. Evans, Postmaster.
Letters arrive at 6-30, 11-30 a.m. and 6-5 p.m., and despatched at 11 a.m. and 6-5 p.m.


The Cathedral—Rev. Canon Haire-Foster, M.A., rector
Clogher Presbyterian Church—Rev. W. H. Bailie, M.A., minister
Roman Catholic Church—Rev. P. Boylan, P.P.; Rev. Thomas Murphy, C.C.


Parochial School—D. Irwin, master; Mrs. Lonsdale, mistress
Ballyscally N.S.—E. R. Rice, master; Miss K. M'Caughey, assistant
Carlcaghan N.S.—Miss M'Kenna, teacher


James K. Anketell, Esq.
Thomas Barnett, Esq.
William Coote, Esq.
J. Carmichael Ferrell, Esq., D.L.
Francis P. Gervis, Esq.
John Holden, Esq.
W. J. Jones, Esq.
George Mills, Esq.
Anketell Moutray, Esq., D.L.
George M'Elroy, Esq., C.E.
James M'Laren, Esq.
W. B. Peebles, Esq., M.B.
Thomas S. Porter, Esq.
James Stockdale, Esq.
Hugh Treanor, Esq.
Dr. Hugh Warnock
Captain Gosselin, R.M.
Thos. James Hughes, J.P.
Dr. Ross, M.D., J.P.
Petty Sessions are held on Second Tuesday of each month, at 12 o'clock noon. J. Cull, clerk; Arthur M'Cusker, summons server
Royal Irish Constabulary—Sergeant T. Reilly in charge
Dispensary Medical Officer—Hugh Warnock
Rural District Council and Board of Guardians—Chairman, George M'Elroy, Esq., J.P.; Vice-Chairman, H. Trainor, J.P., Esq.; Deputy Vice-Chairman (Guardians only), Matthew J. Fiddes, Esq., J.P. Board meets on Saturday at 12 o'clock noon
Clogher Golf Club—Rev. W. H. Bailey, secretary
Clogher Rifle Club—D. M'Laren, captain; D. Irwin, secretary; J. Gallagher, superintendent


Anketell, J. K., J.P., Brookvale
Armstrong W., coachman, Clogher park
Bailey, John, blacksmith
Bailey, Rev. W. H., M.A.
Barnett, John, R.D.C., Springfield
Barnett, John, farmer, Aughnaglough
Barnett, Thomas, J.P., Ballagh
Beatty, W., farmer, Tullybroom
Beatty , Miss, coffee house, Clogher
Boyd, R., porter, C.V.R.
Boylan, Rev. P. I.. P.P.
Boyle, Edward, harness maker
Campbell, Mrs., Lisnamoughery
Casserly, J., R.I.C.
Cassidy, T., bootmaker
Cole, Hugh, butcher
Conn, Wm., stationmaster, C.V.R.
Connolly, John, R.D.C., farmer, Cavan
Coote, Robert, farmer, Aughnaglough
Coote, William, auctioneer
Corbo Creamery—Mr. M'Allister, manager
Corrigan, James, boot and shoemaker
Cull, James, clerk petty sessions
Cull, Miss A., draper
Curry, Robert, carpenter, cooper, and wheelwright
Cuthbertson, Mrs., Aughintaine
Durnon, James
Evans, George, workhouse master
Evans, James, painter, builder, and contractor
Evans, James, post office
Evans, M., fancy draper, confectioner, and tobacconist
Ferrall, Patrick, baker
Gallagher, John, rural postman
Gray, J., land steward, Ballymagowan
Haire-Foster, Rev. Canon A. N., M.A.
Hall, Thomas, hotel keeper
Hamilton, William, R.I.C. pensioner
Holden, John, J.P., farmer, Ashfield park
Hughes & Co., drapers
Hynes, Edward, labourer
Irwin, D., teacher
Johnston Bros., grocers and hardware merchants
Johnston, James, farmer, Dromore
Johnston, William
Jones, Hugh F., farmer, Corbo
Jones, W. J., J.P., Corbo
Keys, Thomson, carpenter
Leslie, M. & M., dressmakers
Leslie, William, tailor
Little, James, grocer
Maguire, S., bootmaker
Mayne, Frank, solicitor
Mills, George, J.P., farmer, Carntall
Mills, James, grocer
Mills, M., grocer and publican
Mohan, Edward, blacksmith
Moutray, Charles F., J.P., Summerhill
Morrow, James, grocer, druggist, &c.
M'Aleer, A., grocer, baker and publican
M'Cabe, James, boot and shoemaker
M'Caffrey, Patrick, butcher
M'Connell, J., fowl dealer
M'Coy, Henry, Corbo
M'Dowell, James, Whitesmith
M'Elroy, M., charwoman
M'Gee, John, lodging-house keeper
M'Kenna, M., N.S. teacher
M'Kenna, Patrick, grocer and baker
M'Manus, W. J., R.I.C.
M'Namee, John, grocer and carowner
Peebles, W. B., J.P., M.B., L.S. (Dublin)
Porter, Thomas, J.P., Clogher park
Ramsay, Francis, farmer, Mullaghtunnery
Reid, John J., farmer, Aughendromen
Richardson, Andrew, farmer, Fairnetra
Richey, William, fanner, Froughmore
Ritchie, Samuel, farmer, Carnahinney
Ross, Robert H., M.D., J.P.
Short, James, publican
Smith, Joseph, LL.B., solicitor
Steen, Alex., grocer and druggist, newsagent, undertaker, and ironmonger
Steen, Joseph, egg dealer
Stewart, R., grocer and newsagent
Stockdale, James, J.P., butter and egg merchant
Stockdale, William, auctioneer
Story, J. B., Corrick house
Taylor, J., dentist
Treanor, Hugh, J.P., Killaney
Trimble, D., R.I.C.
Trimble, M., courthouse keeper
Trimble , Miss, dressmaker, Clogher
Turner, Thomas, clerk of union
Turner, Thomas, & Co., drapers and boot and shoe dealers
Warnock, H.


Barnett, David, Mullybaney
Barnett, John, Springfield
Barnett, Matilda, Fogart
Bingham, James, R.D.C., Cormore
Bingham, Minnie, Eskernabrogue
Blackburn, Andrew, Lisboy
Blackburn, Robert, Mullans
Blakely, Adam, Prolisk
Breen, John, Froughmore
Bryan, John R., Lungs
Bryan, William, Lungs
Campbell, Alex., Lisnamaghery
Campbell, James, Cavan
Campbell, John, Cavan
Clarke, James, Fogart
Collins, Hugh, Skelgagh
Condell, Henry, Tullyvernan
Connolly, John, Cavan
Connolly, Owen, Cullamore
Cooke, James, Ballaghneed
Curry, Robert, Clogher
Dickey, William, Ratory
Doherty, Patrick, Cormore
Donnelly, Charles, Fogart
Durneen, James, Clogher
Elliott, Robert, Corboe
Elliott, William, Corboe
Ewing, Samuel, Tulnafoile.
Fleming, David, Mullins
Fleming, William, Fogart
Geraghty, John, Tycanny
Gervais, David, Mullybaney
Gillespie, Charles, Eskernabrogue
Hackett, Andrew, Eskernabrogue
Hackett, Francis, Cullamore
Hackett, Owen, Aughamilken
Hackett, Patrick, Cullamore
Hackett, Peter, Froughmore
Hegan, Terence, Cormore
Holden, John, J.P., Ashfield
Irwin, Miss, dressmaker
Johnston, James, Dromore Middle
Johnston, James, Mullybaney
Liggett, John, Eskernabrogue
Little, W. J., grocer
Little, W. J., Slatbeg
Maginn, David, Lisboy
Maginn, John, Lisboy
Mahon, William, Froughmore
Mayne, Joseph, Lungs
Mayne, John, Lungs
Moffatt, Alex., Slatbeg
Moffatt, James, Slatbeg
Moffatt, Andrew, Cormore
M'Caffrey, Patrick, Shanco
M'Caffrey, Thomas, Beltany
M'Cammond, Samuel, Latbeg
M'Carron, Francis, Lisbane
M'Carron, John, Lisbane
M'Caughey, Francis, Froughmore
M'Caughey, James, Tulnavert
M'Caughey, Michael, Ashfield
M'Caughey, Patrick, Ballyscully
M'Caughey, Thomas, Kilnahushogue
M'Caughey, Thomas F., Tulnavert
M'Clean, William, Aughentaine
M'Combe, John, Tullycorker
M'Connell, Hugh, Ballyscally
M'Coy, Henry, Corboe
M'Dowell, Andrew, Kilrudden
M'Elroy, Joseph, Ballyscally
M'Elroy, William, Claremore
M'Ginn, Hugh, Lisboy
M'Ginn, Michael, Lisboy
M'Kenna, Michael, Lisgorran
M'Kenna, Owen, Lisnamaghery
M'Keown, W., carpenter
M'Kerney, Patrick, Mullybaney
M'Namee, John, grocer
M'Williams, Alex., Tullycorker
Nelson, Hugh, Townagh
O'Brien, Patrick, Cullamore
Orr, Robert, jun., Tullybroom
Owens, William, Knocknacarney
Potter, John, Froughmore
Potter, William, Carryclogher
Quinn, Daniel, Tulnafoile
Quinn, Patrick, Cormore
Reid, Andrew, Carryclogher
Reid, Robert, Carryclogher
Richey, William, Froughmore
Richey, Thomas, Carnakinney
Richey, William J., Carnakinney
Robinson, John, Cavankirk
Robinson, John, Mullybaney
Scott, Walter, Carntall Beg
Sharkey, John, Knocknacraney
Short, John, Cormore
Smyth, James, Lisboy
Steen, Alexander, Skelgagh
Steen, John, Prolisk
Stewart, John, Skelgagh
Stewart, Samuel, Gunnell
Tierney, Francis, Cavankirk
Tierney, William, Tulnavert
Trimble, Henry, Shanco
Trimble, Robert, Ballagh
Walker, Aaron, Slatbeg
Walker, James, Slatbeg
Walsh, James, Lisnamaghery
Watson, Samuel, Tullyvernon
Watson, Thomas, Tycanny
Weldon, Adam, Beltany
Weldon, Andrew, Eskernabrogue
Wilson, James, Tulnafoile
Wilson, John, Skelgagh
Wilson, William, Fogart
Wright, John, Tulnavert

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