Bessbrook, County Armagh

From the Belfast and Ulster Towns Directory for 1910

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32 ½ miles from Belfast.
A thriving Town; connected with Newry by electric tram.
Has a Post Office with Money Order and Telegraph Departments.


—Miss Boyle, Postmistress
Bessbrook Spinning Co., Ltd.—R. T. Scott and W. Malcolm Pim, managing directors


Church of Ireland—Rev. Henry Todd
Methodist Church—Rev. M. Douglas
Presbyterian Church—Rev. Thomas Doey
Also a Friends' Meeting-house
Roman Catholic Church—Revs. M'Keown and Rogers
Salvation Army Hall, College square—11-15 a.m., 3 and 7 p.m.


Convent of Mercy
Temperance Hotel—Miss Darker
National School Teachers—Male School, Mr. Simpson, principal; Mr. Shellerton, assistant; Girls' School, Miss Heweson, principal; Miss Douglas, assistant; Infant School, Miss M'Lachlan, Miss Jowle, Miss Wesson; Craigmore School, Miss M'Guffin; Maghernahely, Mr. Mulligan
Institute Town Hall and Reading Room—Reading room and lending library in connection with same—H. Davidson, caretaker
Dispensary—Dr. Scott
Newry and Bessbrook Tramway—R. Caven, manager
Half Holiday on Wednesdays
Orange Hall Reading Room—Wm. Grey, caretaker
Roman Catholic Reading Room—Secretary, John Boyle; treasurer, Luke Boyle
Royal Irish Constabulary—Sergt. Ballintyne, Constables M'Parland, Gibson, Berrson, and M'Keown


Adams, R., Millvale
Arnott, Martin, designer
Auterson, George, farmer, Maytown
Baillie, Thomas, & Sons, engineers and millwrights
Barr, William, draper and posting
Black, William, gasfitter
Bowes, J., bookkeeper
Boyle, Miss, china merchant
Brown, Mrs., grocer
Cinnamon Brothers, grocers
Couser, Mrs., draper
Crouch, Mrs., grocer
Dale, James, grocer
Dickson, Thomas, baker
Doey, Rev. Thomas, The Manse
Downey, J., grocer
Downey, J. A., clerk
Ferguson, J., manager
Ferron, P., victualler
Grey, Thomas, foreman
Griffith, W. J., draper and posting
Hardy, H., cashier
Hare, W. J., windingmaster
Harland, J., J.P., draper and grocer
Harris, Edwin, B.L., Divernagh
Hill, Mrs., Derramore
Honeyford, James, painter
Jamphrey, David, foreman
Jowle, Miss, stationer, newsagent, and fancy goods dealer
Mathers, J., electrician
Mathers, W., plumber, &c.
Maxwell, John, flaxbuyer
Moorhead, Robert, shoemaker
Morton, Thomas, painter
Munce, Membel lodge
M'Clelland, Edward, millwright
M'Clenaghan, John, farmer
M'Dowell's Temperance Hotel
M'Court, H., foreman
M'Culla, J., foreman
M'Culla, W. J., manager
M'Kee, R. G., pay clerk
M'Kinstry, William, manager
Orr, J. W., manager
O'Hare, D., victualler
O'Hare, D., grocer and coal merchant
O'Hare, John, carter
O'Hare, Thomas, J.P., grocer and draper
Palmer, B. A., M.D., Millvale
Paul, Mrs., farmer
Paul, Samuel, Scripture-reader
Pearson, Mrs., draper
Pim, M., managing director Bessbrook Spinning Company
Polly, Frank, costs clerk
Reid, Alfred, clerk, 2 River street, Newry
Reside, A., road surveyor, Millvale
Rice, Martha, dressmaker
Richardson, James N., Mountcaulfield
Richardson, Wakefield, Moyallon and Derramore
Riddell, Miss
Robinson, Isaac, hairdresser
Rodgers, Hill, joiner and cabinetmaker; also Soho place, Newry
Rodgers, John, carter
Roleston, Miss, bookkeeper
Ross, Robert, Lee place
Rowney, Wm., steward
Scott, R. T., managing director
Shimmons, E., grocer
Smith, Wm., gardener
Stevenson, Robert, foreman
Tonner, R., tailor
Vaughan, J., foreman
Wallace, Joseph, grocer
Williams, George, The Woodhouse
Wilson, John, grocer
Wright, Miss, Derramore

Camlough—Rev. Patrick Quinn, P.P.; Rev. Clark, curate
R.I.C., Camlough—Sergeant Murphy, Constables M'Gilligan, Quinn, Duffy, and Connell
Anderson, George, farmer
Brown, J., farmer
Cartmill, Thomas, farmer
Dillon, William, farmer
Harper, Robert, farmer
Ledlie, Joseph, farmer
Ledlie, Wm., farmer
Livingstone, A., farmer
White, John, farmer, Cloughrea

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