Benburb, County Tyrone

From the Belfast and Ulster Towns Directory for 1910

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About forty-three miles from Belfast.
Nearest Railway Station, Killylea, five miles distant.
Has a Post Office, with Money Order and Telegraph Departments.
Area, 19 acres.
Population, 273.


—W. J. Rolestone, Postmaster; Miss M'Eleavey, Assistant; J. Moore, Clerk; J. Richardson, E. M'Nicholl, and A. Kyle, Postmen. Mails arrive at 7-20 and 10-40 a.m., and are despatched at 1-25 and 6-55 p.m.
Royal Irish Constabulary—Charles A. R. Fitzsimmons, sergeant
Dispensary Medical - Officer—Theodore D. Browne


Clonfeacle Parish Church—Rev. Canon X. H. James, D.D., rector
Presbyterian Church—Rev. W. Clements, minister


National School (Male)—A. W. Bristow, teacher
National School (Female)—Miss Brownell, teacher; J. Hobson, monitor


Allen, William, carter
Armstrong, Galbraith, farmer, Tullygoney
Beatty, Ben., stonemason
Boyd, Alexander, merchant
Boyd, Robert, retired R.I.C.
Briars, M., milliner and dressmaker
Bristowe, Miss A. S., organist
Bristow, A. W., N.S. teacher
Browne, Theodore, D., L.R.C.S.I., L.M., K.Q.C.P.I.
Bruce, James, D.L.
Burton, R. C., farmer, Lisnacroy
Carr, M., millworker
Casey, James, spirit dealer
Casey, John, farmer
Clendinning, A. E., R.I.C.
Collins, William, egg dealer
Connolly, Patrick, farmer, Lisnacroy
Creggan, Thomas, miller
Crozier, John, farmer, Tullamore
Culley, James, coachman
Donaghy, M., millworker
Donnelly, Patrick, farmer, Kilnagrew
Dunn, George, farmer
Elliott, Joseph, farmer, Lisduff
Elliott, Thomas, farmer, Sessiah
Ewing, James, farmer, Derryfubble
Garland, J. H., carpenter
Gillespie, Robert, huntsman
Gilliland, Thomas, shopkeeper, Curran
Gillon, Samuel, farmer, Tullygoney
Grant, William, gardener
Gray, John, farmer, Carrowbeg
Gray, Thomas, farmer
Groves, William, mechanic
Hamilton, J., coachman
Haldane, William, gardener
Hobson, James, sexton
Hobson, John, farmer, Drumduff
Holmes, J. D., farmer, Drumflugh
Holmes, Thomas H., farmer, Tullygoney
Holmes, W. H., farmer, Tullygoney
Hughes, Michael, farmer
Hughes, Michael, farmer, Drumflugh
Irwin, Wm., under gamekeeper
Ives, F., stud groom
Johnston, Frank
Johnston, George, farmer, Drumflugh
Johnston, Henry, miller
Johnston, Robert, grocer
Judge, M., lapper
Kidd, Miss, nurse and midwife
Lennon, W. J., miller
Lloyd, Averell, J.P., land agent
Lutton, William, coachman
Madden, Francis, farmer and carowner, Drumflugh
Martin, J. J., R.I.C.
Millar, Alex., shopkeeper, Derryfubble
Millar, Francis, farmer, Derrycreevy
Millar, Thomas John, farmer, Derrygoonan
Millar, William, farmer, Derryfubble
Millar, Wm. J., farmer, Derrycreevy
Millar, Wright, farmer, Derrycreevy
Mills, John, estate clerk
Moore, Wm., mechanic
Murphy, John, farmer, Kilnagrew
M'Clelland, Joseph, farmer, Drumflugh
M'Cusker, Patrick, carter
M'Guigan, Thomas, farmer
M'Guinness, William, farmer, Drumduff
M'Kean, Henry, J.P., factory owner
M'Kean, R., J.P., factory owner
M'Kee, Samuel, farmer, Derrycreevy
M'Kee, Thomas, farmer, Derrycreevy
M'Keown, John, dyer
M'Kinney, William, Drumflugh
M'Mullan, Archibald, farmer, Mossmore
M'Mullan, Thomas John, Drumflugh
Nimmons, George, farmer, Killingun
Nimmons, John, farmer
Orr, D. I., farmer, Derrycreevy
Orr, W. J., merchant
Orr, W. J., J.P., farmer, Lisnacroy
O'Neill, Miss A., housekeeper
Patterson, John, factory manager
Reid, Richard, head finisher
Richardson, J.
Richardson, Joseph, farmer
Richardson, William, farmer, Moyadown
Robinson, J., carter
Rolestone, Wm. John, grocer, coal merchant, and postmaster
Runnett, John, carowner Runnett, Wm., farmer and carowner, Sessiah
Skelton, J. H., hotel
Shannon, James, farmer, Drumgose
Shields, John, farmer, Lisnacroy
Shields, John, Lisnacroy
Shilleday, Joseph, beetler
Smith, Wm., farmer, Derrycreevy
Taylor, Wm., farmer, Drumflugh
Walker, Andrew, farmer, Derrycreevy
Walker, William, farmer, Derrygoonan
White, Patrick, farmer, Moyadown
White, Robert, farmer, Drumduff
Whittle, John, farmer, Derryfubble
Whittle, Thomas, farmer, Sessiah
Williamson, Robert, farmer, Carrowbeg
Wilson, James, farmer, Rosedale cottage
Wilson, James, farmer, Edenderry
Wilson, James, farmer, Artisooley
Wilson, Joseph, flax-mill owner, Drumhurk
Wilson, Robert, blacksmith
Wilson, W. J., farmer, Tullygoney

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