Belleek, County Fermanagh

From the Belfast and Ulster Towns Directory for 1910

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Three miles from Ballyshannon.
Parish and Village.
Has Railway Station and Post Office, with Money Order and Telegraph Departments.
Area of Parish, 10,789 acres.
Parish Population, 1462.
Village Population, 281.
Market Days—Tuesday and Saturday Fairs are held on the 17th of each month; June Fair held on the 19th


—Miss M. A. Gallagher, Postmistress.
Mails arrive at 7-40 a.m. and 2-5 p.m., and are despatched at 11-32 a.m. and 5-15 p.m.
Church of Ireland—Rev. Naylor, B.A., The Rectory, Magheramena
Methodist Church—Rev. John Coulter, Pettigo, and Rev. Armstrong, Pettigo
Roman Catholic Church—Rev. G. M'Meel, Pettigo, and Rev. J. O'Connor, C.C., Belleek
Registrar of Deaths—Dr. George Kelly


Adair, John, Callaheen
Armstrong. Christopher Farncassidy
Barron, James, Derryhillew
Beacom, John, merchant
Blain, A., Esq., Carrenbeg house
Blair, Edward, Garrison sub-paymaster
Boyle, James, Derryhillew
Boyle, John, Ednagor
Boyle, T., Ednagor
Brock, William, Killymore
Bruen, Thomas, Cliff, fishery inspector
Burns, Daniel, Belleek
Campbell, John, Carrinmore
Campbell, J., sen., Carrinmore
Campbell, Thomas, Curry
Cassidy, James, Dernacross
Clarke, Aaron, secretary Belleek pottery
Clarke, James, Drumbad
Clarke, John, Crolea
Clarke, Myles, Drumbad
Cleary, Edward, Pottery
Cleary, James, spirit store
Cleary, John, Corlea
Cleary, John, Clyhore
Cleary, Patrick, Clyhore
Corney, John, Clyhore
Cunnion, O., Roscor
Daly, Denis, Ednagor
Daly, Edward, merchant
Daly, Thomas, Commercial Hotel
Dermott, James, Brallagh
Dermott, Terence, Poor-rate collector, Brallagh
Dick, J. H., N.S. teacher, Cornahillia
Dolan, Francis, Commons
Dolan, James, Brallagh
Dolan, John, boot and shoemaker
Dolan, Mary, Commons
Dolan, Michael, Brallagh
Dolan, Patrick, boot and shoemaker
Dolan, Thomas, Brallagh
Dolan, William, Bonahill
Donagher, James, Corlea
Donagher, P., Corlea
Donagher, Peter, Derryhillew
Donaldson, Alex., Erne View, Belleek
Donaldson, Mrs. H., draper, Clyhore
Donaldson, Robert, merchant
Doogan, James, Curry
Doogan, John, Dernacross
Duffy, Charles, Finner
Duffy, Denis, Callagheen
Duffy, Francis, Drumbad
Duffy, James, Largan
Duffy, John, J.P., D.C., Ballanadoughy
Duffy, Michael, Dernacross
Duffy, P., National School teacher, Carrowkeel
Duffy, Thomas, Corkeel
Duncan, James, Monienduoge
Dundas, Edward, Drumgrow
Dundas, Noah, Bolustia
Dundas, Robert, Roscor house
Dundas, Robert, Carrenbeg
Earls, Edward, Slavin, Belleek
Earls, James, Slavin
Earls, John, Gartnalee
Earls, Thomas, Carigola
Elliott, David, general drapery, millinery, and fancy warehouse; wine and spirit store, Erne Select Private Hotel
Elliott, George, Aughamuldoney
Elliott, John, Carrenbeg
Elliott, John, Manger
Elliott, John, Aughamuldoney
Elliott, Mrs., Gartnalee
Flagherty, Francis, Aughamuldoney
Flanagan, F., Lower Ardees
Gallagher, James, D.C., Commons
Gallagher, James, Monienduoge
Gallagher, Patrick, Commons
Gallagher, Miss M. A., draper
Gallagher, Thomas, Keenaghan
Gallagher, William, spirit merchant
Gallagher, William, Bolustia
Gilfedder, Michael, Laughel
Gilfedder, Patrick, Laughel
Gilmartin, L., J.P., Frevagh, Killyclogher
Gonigle, James (Bawn), Corlea
Gonigle, James, pensioner, Corlea
Gonigle, James, Corlea (Terry)
Gonigle, John (Oge), Corlea
Gonigle, Patrick (Road), Corlea
Gonigle, Patrick (Gettins), Corlea
Gonigle, William, Cliff
Graham, John, Drumgrow
Graham, Robert, Manger
Grevson, Phil, Finner
Higgins, James, Clyhore
Johnston, Christopher, Aughamuldoney
Johnston, David, J.P., hotel proprietor
Johnston, Edward, Tirenagher
Johnston, J. C., Magheramena Castle
Johnston, James, Magheramena
Johnston, Porteous, Laughel
Johnston, Robert, Aughamuldoney
Johnston, R. J., Fassagh
Johnston, Simeon, Bolustia
Johnston, Thomas, Tirenagher
Johnston, William, butter and egg merchant, Aughamuldoney
Johnston, W., postmaster, Magheramena
Keenan, Thomas, Brallagh
Kelm, Mrs., Belleek
Kelm, William, Commons
Kelly, Dr. George, Belleek
Keon, John, Cornahiltra
Kenigan, John, postman
Kerr, Edward, Drumbad house, Belleek
Kilfedder, Daniel, Drumanillar, Magheramena
Kilfedder, James, Commons
Knox, Edward
Knox, Richard, Clyhore
Knox, William, Clyhore
Lawrence, Robert, Clyhore
Loughlin, John, Commons
Loughlin, Michael, Drumanillar
Magee, James, Bonahill
Magee, Terence, Bonahill
Magovern, Thomas, N.S. teacher
Maguire, Francis, Cornahiltra
Maguire, Michael, Drumanillar, Magheramena
Maguire, Peter, Aughamuldoney
Meehan, John, Moniendouge, Belleek
Melly, O., Manger
Mills, John, Ardgart
Monaghan, Denis, Carrenbeg
Montgomery, Hugh, Drumanillar
Montgomery, James, Drumanillar
Montgomery, Patrick, kilnman, pottery
Moohan, Hannah, spirit merchant
Moohan, John, jun., baker
Moore, Mrs. M. E. M., Cliff
Morrow, Robert, Bolustia
Mortimer, Thomas, Commons
Mullen, Henry, Corlea
Mulhern, Patrick, Keenaghan
Mulhern, P., Bonahill
Murray, Anne, spirit merchant
Murray, Thomas, Commons
M'Brien, Frederick, Callagheen, Belleek
M'Brien, George, Callagheen, Belleek
M'Brien, John, Roscor
M'Brien, John, Lower Ardees
M'Brien, Joseph, Carrenberg
M'Brien, Thomas James, Ardees
M'Brien, Thomas L., Ardees
M'Brien, William, Drumgrow
M'Caffrey, Susan, Commons
M'Cann, P., Fassagh
M'Cann, Patrick, Corlea
M'Cann, William, Bonahill
M'Cleary, Rev., Garrison
M'Cormick, Michael, gamekeeper, Carrenbeg
M'Cowley, Daniel, Commons
M'Cowley, F., Corlea
M'Cowley, John, Corlea
M'Cowley, Patrick, Bonahill
M'Cowley, Thomas, Commons
M'Cowley, William, Commons
M'Dermott, Owen, Manger
M'Dermott, Patrick, Laughel
M'Garrigle, Cormick, Callagheen
M'Garrigle, John, Callagheen
M'Garrigle, Patrick, Keenaghan
M'Garrigle, Patrick, Callagheen
M'Garrigle, Terence, Fassagh
M'Gee, William, Devnamew
M'Ginney, Francis, Clyhore
M'Gloin, William, Fassagh
M'Gourty, Patrick, Fassagh
M'Grath, P., Brallagh
M'Gree, John, Fassagh
M'Manus, John, Moniendouge
M'Manus, Thomas, Aughamuldoney
M'Meel, Rev. George, P.P., Pettigo
M'Nulty, Patrick, Callagheen
M'Sharry, Bernard, Cornahiltra
M'Sweeney, D. J., manager of the Belleek Creamery
Naylor, Rev., Rectory, Magheramena
Ovens, Arthur, Gartnalee
Ovens, John, Drumbadmeen, Roscor
O'Connor, Rev. Joseph, C.C., Belleek
O'Keefe, Rev. G. C., Rectory, Garrison
O'Reilly, W., sen., Corkeel
O'Reilly, James, J.P., Corkeel, Belleek
O'Reilly, William, jun., Corkeel, Roscor
Scott, Thomas, Garrison
Shannon, F., Drumanillar
Shea, Daniel, Drumanillar
Slevin, Bridget, Clyhore
Slevin, Hugh, Drumanillar
Slevin, James, Corlea
Slevin, John, Drumanillar
Slevin, Luke, Corlea
Somerville, Mrs., Devnamew
Somerville, Earls, Drumbadmeen, Roscor
Somerville, David, Devnamew
Somerville, Gabriel, Bolustia
Teevan, James, Slavan
Timoney, Jameg, J.P., Chairman District Council, Tiranagher
Timoney, Mrs., Garrison
Tracey, P., N.S. teacher, Garrison
Tracey, Thomas, Ardgart, Roscor
Travers, Edward, Corlea
Ward, James, Corlea
Ward, John, Corkeel
Ward, William, Corlea
Young, J. M., Clyhore, Belleek

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