Bellaghy, County Derry

From the Belfast and Ulster Towns Directory for 1910

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Thirty-seven miles from Belfast.
Three miles from Castledawson Railway Station.
Has a Post Office, with Telephone and Money Order Departments.
Area of village, 34 acres.
Population 381.
Fairs held on first Monday of each month.


—Public Telephone, Money Order Office, and Savings Bank.
—Mrs. M'Erlean, Postmistress.
Mails arrive and are dispatched twice daily


Ballyscullion Parish Church—Rev. Wm. Kelly, rector
Bellaghy Presbyterian Church—Rev. Thomas M'Crea, minister
Methodist Church—Weekly Supply
Roman Catholic Church—Rev. P. M'Namee, P.P.; Rev. P. Conway, C.C.


No. 1 Male and Female (R.C.)—J. M'Quillan, teacher; Mrs. M'Quillan, assistant
Bellaghy Senior—James Marshall, teacher; Miss Gallagher, assistant
Bellaghy Infant—Mrs. Leonard, teacher; Miss M. Evans, assistant
Glenvale Male and Female (Pres.)—G. Kilpatrick, teacher; Miss Wilson, assistant
Ballynease—Mr. and Mrs. Kielt, teachers
Creagh Male (R.C.)—R. M'Williams, teacher


Dispensary Medical Officer and Registrar of Births and Deaths—George M. Thompson, M.D., M.Ch.. M.A.O. (R.U.I.), D.Ph. (Camb.), Cert. Psychol. Med. (Lond.), J.P.
Royal Irish Constabulary—T. Quigley, sergt.
Bellaghy Estate Office—S. Lyle, agent; John Leonard, clerk; John Overend and Isaac Overend, bailiffs


Barton, Patrick, delf and china dealer
Bell, Isaac, farmer, Sandymount
Brown, Alexander, carpenter
Brown, James, publican
Brown, M., publican
Brown, William, carpenter
Brown, William J., farmer
Campbell, James, weaver
Carson, John, butter and egg merchant
Connor, James, lodging-house keeper
Conway, Rev. P., C.C.
Cudden, William, cattle dealer
Daley, Thomas, J.P., grocer and draper
Davidson, Robert, carpenter
Davidson, Thomas, carpenter
Dawson, Hugh, sexton
Dawson, John, carpenter
Diamond, John, road contractor
Diamond, M., sempstress
Dickey, Mrs.
Dolan, F., draper and auctioneer
Evans, E., dressmaker
Evans, Henry, carpenter
Evans, James, mason
Evans, Randal, publican
Evans, William, mason
Faith, M. A., draper
Frew, Thomas, poulterer
Gillespie, Miss, milliner
Gray, A., dressmaker
Gray, Samuel, letter carrier
Gregg, Thomas, blacksmith
Hill, M., postman
Hueston, William James
Hunter, John, shoemaker
Johnston, James, grocer
Kearney, James, blacksmith
Kelly, Jane
Keenan, John, J.P., farmer, Leitrim
Keenan, R. L., nurseryman
Kennedy, James, sexton
Kennedy, Thomas, cattle dealer and shirt manufacturer
Kennedy, William B., mail car contractor
Kilpatrick, G., N.S. teacher
Leonard, John, sub-agent
Leonard, Mrs., N.S. teacher
Leslie, Robert, grocer, druggist, and auctioneer
Lormer, Robert, baker
Lynam, Sergeant
Lynd, C., laundress and restaurateur
Marshall, James, N.S. teacher
Martin, William, shoemaker
Mawhinney, Matthew, farmer
Morton, M., grocer and draper
M'Cann, R., corn and flax mill owner
M'Closkey, E. J., shirtmaker
M'Conomy, John, carpenter
M'Crea, Rev. Thomas
Martin, J., postman
Martin, John, sen., weaver
M'Donald, James, weaver
M'Erlean, R., postmistress and telegraphist
M'Gall, James
M'Goldrick, Michael
M'Ildownie, P., publican
M'Kenna, Matilda, publican
M'Namee, Rev. P., P.P.
M'Neill, M., sempstress
M'Quillan, James, N.S. teacher
Norwell, Hugh, grocer
O'Neill, B., grocer and china dealer
O'Neill, Charles, weaver
Overend, Silas, cattle dealer and farmer
Pimley, John, tailor
Pullen, T. H., N.S. teacher
Scullion, Hugh, cattle dealer and farmer
Scullion, Michael, tailor
Scullion, Patrick
Scullion, William, labourer
Smith, H., tinsmith
Spence, R. J., M.D.
Stafford, Francis, sawmill owner
Stanton, William, Rosegift
Steele, John, ex-sergeant
Steele, William, pensioner R.I.C.
Thompson, G. M., M.D., J.P.
Vance, Mary, shirtmaker
Vance, William, grocer
Walsh, Daniel, publican
Wilson, James, grocer, chemist, and druggist
Wilson, John, gardener


Townland of Oldtown, Deerpark—Arrell Allen, Dr. Thompson, M. Diamond, Hugh Diamond, P. Keenan
Drumanee—Francis Stafford, William Lee, John Godfrey, James Sculion, T. Berry, James Nugent, John Frew, Joseph Davidson, R.D.C.
Ballymacormbs—R. Junkin, R. Dickson. T. Mulholland, William Steele, Edward Steele, William Davison, A. Sturgeon, Andrew Adams, Wm. Mulholland, R. Burnside, R. Norwood, H. Nugent, Hugh Jenkin, William J. M'Culloch, R. Simpson, Joseph Johnston, George French, David M'Intyre, John Murray
Tamladuff—H. Scullion, Patk. Scullion, D. Cullen, P. M'Erlain, William M'Intyre. R. M'Intyre, J. Johnston, Solomon Carson
Mullaghboy—J. Pimley, Mrs. Pimley, P. Vaughan, T. Mawhinney, Mrs. Blair, J. Bruce, William Bruce, P. Murray, H. M'Erlean
Cavan—J. Scullion, M. Scullion, H. Scullion, J. Scullion, H. M'Elhatton, N. M'Coy, D. M'Coy, T. Mulholland
Killyberry—William Stanton, A. M'Neill, William M'Clelland, J. Rosborough. T. Scullion, J. Diamond, Wm. Strathern, William Kearney, James Kearney, John Kearney, George Mullan
Drumlamph—R. Porter, John Bruce, Matt. Bruce, William Bruce, Hugh Bruce, Stewart Lindsay, J. Speer, R. Speer, William M'Cracken, William Charters, T. Frew
Oldtown—John Leonard, A. Tombe, D. Kennedy, William J. Kennedy, M. Hefferin
Ballyscullion—Wm. Hogg, John Scullion, H. Kilpatrick, James Scullion, P. Scullion, P. Murray, John M'Elroy, P. Daley, D. Scullion, T. M'Erlaine, P. M'Erlaine

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