Ballymena, County Antrim

From the Belfast and Ulster Towns Directory for 1910

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Twenty-seven and three-quarter miles from Belfast.
Urban District and an important Market and Manufacturing Town.
It is pleasantly situated two miles above the confluence of the Main and the Braid waters, and on the high road from Belfast to Londonderry. The water in the vicinity of the town being pure and abundant, there are many bleach greens in the neighbourhood. Has large flax-spinning, bleaching, dyeing, hemstitching, and embroidering works.
Area of urban district, 1,224 acres.
Population (1901 census), 10,886

POST OFFICE—John Marley, postmaster. Supervising officer—R. M'Cullough. Sorting clerks and telegraphists—D. W. Linton, J. Albin, R. H. Spratt, J. P. Cluff, W. Orr; Misses E. G. Madden, H. Adams, C. M. M'Cann, R. M'Connell, A. M. Smyth. Town postmen—Thomas Linton, J. Brown, Wm. Cairns, J. Erwin, and J. Steele. Rural postmen—R. Aiken, W. Aiken, W. Magill, E. Nevin, J. Allen, A. Thompson, W. Patterson, W. S. Cunningham; and four telegraph messengers. Harryville P.O.—J. M'Cullough, sub - postmaster. Thomas Street P.O.—A. Smith, sub-postmaster. Cycle post leaves Ballymena office every morning at 7-35 o'clock for Broughshane and Aughafatten; Post car for Glenwherry at 7-20, calling at intervening offices for Ahoghill, 8-20 a.m.; 12-10 p.m. Broughshane, cycle post, 9-50 a.m.; Post car for Ahoghill, 5-45 p.m. Town deliveries commence—1st, 8-20 a.m.; 2nd, 9-45 a.m.; 3rd, 11-15 a.m.; 4th, 5-25 p.m. The telephone exchange for Ballymena and district is also at Ballymena Post Office. Arrival and despatch of mails—Arrival—7-40, 7-55, 9-0, 9-20, 11-0 a.m., 12 noon, 4-40, 5-0, 5-10; despatch—7-5, 7-45, 8-20, 9-40, 9-50, 10-40 a.m., 12-10, 1-20, 4-10, 4-45, 5-25, 5-45, 7-50 p.m. Medical officer—W. R. Davison, M.D.

Markets—Tuesday, pork market; Wednesday, grain; Thursday, pork market and grass-seed in season; Saturday, general market. The monthly horse fair is held on the last Friday of each month, except in July and October. Monthly fair for cattle, sheep, and pigs on the Saturday following the last Friday in each month. Servants' hiring fair, Saturday before 12th May and 12th November

Ballymena Urban District Council—Elected in January, 1908—Harryville Ward—Samuel Bonnar, Robert Craig, James Millar, James Mitchell, J.P. (chairman), Cochrane Shaw; Market Ward—James Kyle (vice-chairman), James Armstrong, J. Dugdale, J. M. Beaumont, and Mrs. L. A. Barr; Town Hall Ward—Thomas Burns, J.P.; Robert Barclay, J.P.; .Samuel Hood, A. O'Hara, and James Henry. Officials—Clerk, surveyor, executive sanitary officer—H. O'Hara; Medical officer of health—Dr. Currie; Sanitary sub-officers—C. Forsythe, T. Grant; Rate collector—S. W. Anderson; Solicitors to Board—A. Caruth & Son. Meetings on first Monday of every month, and sometimes by adjournment

Ballymena Urban District School Attendance Committee—This committee meets in the Ballymena Urban Council Chambers, Town Hall buildings, on the first Wednesday of each month, at twelve o'clock noon. Rev. H. G. Austin, Rev. E. F. Simpson, Rev. Thomas Haslett (chairman); Thos. Burns, J.P., U.C.; John Dugdale, U.C.; S. Bonnar, U.C.; A. O'Hara, U.C.; J. M. Beaumont, U.C.; Charles Johnston. Secretary—Henry O'Hara; school attendance officer—William H. Russell

Old Age Pensions Act, 1908—Ballymena Sub-Committee—John K. Currie, Esq., C.C., Linenhall street, Ballymena, Chairman; Andrew Kennedy, Esq., J.P., C.C., R.D.C., Kildowney, Glarryford, Vice-Chairman; William J. Barkley, Esq., C.C., Slatt, Ballymena; William Ervine, Esq., R.D.C., Carmacmoin, Ahoghill; Robert Gregg, Esq., C.C., R.D.C., Lr. Broughshane Ho.; Thomas M'Meekin Esq., C.C., Castletown, Ahoghill; Charles M'Connell, Esq., J.P., C.C., Church street, Ballymena; Captain J. Patrick, J.P., C.C., Dunminning, Glarryford. James Kyle, Esq., U.C., Secretary; S. R. Cairns, Esq., Pension Officer

Ballymena Rural District School Attendance Committee—This committee meets in the Boardroom of the Ballymena Workhouse on the last Thursday in each month, at eleven o'clock a.m. Chairman—Captain J. Patrick, J.P., Dunminning, Glarryford; vice-chairman—Rev. W. J. Gilmore, Woodvale, Ballymena; Rev. A. H. Beattie, Portglenone; Rev. A. Sloan, Buckna, Broughshane; A. Parker, J.P., Parkmount, Ballymena; Patrick M'Keever, Cloughmills; Samuel Carson, Terrygowan, Gracehill; Francis Johnston, J.P., Broughshane. Secretary—Charles Johnston, Ballymena. School attendance officers—David Logan and Samuel Alexander and M. Lamont

Ballymena Municipal Technical School Committee—This committee meets in the school on the second Friday of each month, at twelve o'clock noon. Chairman—R. Barclay, J.P., U.C.; Thomas Burns, J.P., U.C.; G. T. Graham, J.P.; J. N. Lamont, Cochrane Shaw, U.C.; James Kyle, U.C.; Archibald M'Henry, J.P.; Samuel Bonnar, U.C.; W. G. Watt, P. F. Gillies, B.Sc., principal; Henry O'Hara, secretary

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