Ballymena, County Antrim

From the Belfast and Ulster Towns Directory for 1910

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RAINEY, W., Temperance Hotel
Cameron, Miss, boarding-house
Ferguson, W., posting establishment
Mallinson, W., professor of music
Lorimer, John, tailor
Rea, David, general carrier
Steele, J., restaurant proprietor
Salvation Army Hall—Sunday Services—11 a.m.; 3 and 7 p.m.
M'Williams, Hugh, coachbuilder
Camlin, J., secretary Starr-Bowkett and Mutual Building Societies
Rennie, J., accountant
Adams, John, tailor
Stevenson, Mrs. Jane, boarding-house
Gilmore, S. D., constable R.I.C.
Millar, Miss, boarding-house
Craig, Mrs., boarding-house
Finlay, Miss, boarding-house
M'Cartney, R., supt. Britannic Assurance Co., Limited
Finlay, E., costumier
Simpson, Wm., butcher

Boyd's entry intersects.

Cleland, Jas. (of Cleland & Mann), Westland house
M'Dowell, W., labourer
Millar, S., boot and shoemaker
Forsythe, C., sub-sanitary officer
Larkin, John
M'Allister, Charles, shoemaker
M'Cosh, D., vandriver
Barclay, John, coal carter
M'Kinley, W., mechanic
Murray, S., baker
M'Bride, David, grocer

John street intersects.

Blaney, J., horsetrainer
King, James, tailor
Moore, Robert, tinsmith
Boyd, M., mill worker
Larkin, Wm., shoemaker

Springwell street intersects.

MacDonnell, Robert, Bank house
Adair Arms Hotel (rere entrance)
Court House (rere entrance)
West Presbyterian Church rere entrance)


Burns, Esther, grocer
Tennant, John, bank messenger and sexton West Church
Wilson, W. J., carter
Blakely, Thomas, railway porter
Cameron, T., bricklayer
Baird, R., millworker
M'Cosh, J., plasterer

Fountain place intersects.


Eagleson, S., proprietor Adair Arms Hotel and posting establishment
Courthouse—J. Moody, caretaker
West Presbyterian Church—Sunday Services—12 noon and 6 p.m.; Wednesday Evg., 8 p.m. Rev. E. F. Simpson, minister; Sexton, John Tennant, 2 M'Auley's terrace
Carson, Henry, Audley terrace
Cameron, Hugh, Audley terrace
Stewart, E. J., of E. J. Stewart & Son, Audley lodge

Fountain place intersects.

Gregg, Adam
Montgomery, H., Lawnview place
Glenn, George, Lawnview place
O'Halloran, Mrs., Lawnview place
Allen, W. H., telephone engineer
M'Keone, Patrick, agent Macardle, Moore & Co., Ltd., brewers, Dundalk
Gallagher, J. P., constable R.I.C.

Mount st. intersects.

Model School—J. B. Scott, resident head master
W. Box (No. 9), Model School—Collections: 11-30 a.m.; 5-30 p.m.
Knowles, Miss J., Flixton place
D'Evelyn, Alex., M.D., surgeon, Flixton place
M'Killop, Lambert, Woodvale
Marley, John, postmaster
Adrain, John, solicitor, Woodvale
Cooney, E., Mus.Doc., organist St. Patrick's Church, Woodvale
Munce, J. W., cashier Northern Bank, Woodvale
Gilmore, Rev. W. J., Woodvale
Moore, Rev. Wm., Methodist Manse
Methodist Church—Sunday Services—11-30 a.m. and 6 p.m.; Wednesday Evening, 8 p.m. Sunday School—10-30 a.m. and 3 p.m.
M'Kinley, John, Ennismore
Johnston, C.A., agent Belfast Steamship Co., Ennismore
Rainey, Misses, Edenmore
Boyd, Andrew, B.E., architect, Edenmore


Scott & Co., cabinetmakers, upholsterers & complete house furnishers
M'Allister, John, flesher
M'Fall, Mrs., refreshment rooms
Allen, David, tailor
Esler, John, grocer
Sterling, Henry, saddler
Wylie, John, flesher
Love, William, general outfitter

Greenvale st. intersects.

JOHNSTON, R. G., Wholesale and Retail Ironmonger, Paint, Oil, and General Furnishing Warehouse. Tel. No. 21. Telegraphic Address, "Implements"
HAGUE, R., Wholesale Glass, China, Hardware, and Wallpaper Merchant
Cameron, William, hardware merchant
Buick, Adam, draper
M'Nabney, James, grocer and provision merchant
M'CARTNEY, D., & SON, Provision Curers Sausage Manufacturers and Lard Refiners. Telephone 26; Telegraphic address, "D. M'Cartney"
Ballymoney Street National Schools—H. Kerr, teacher
COSBIE, JAMES, & CO., Timber, Slate, Tile, Iron, and Coal Merchants; Steam Saw Mills and Monumental Works. Telephone 13
Millar, Robert, grocer
Matthews, James, ironmonger
Ross, Hugh, saddler
Cathcart, John, spirit dealer and posting establishment

Springwell st. intersects.

Currid, P., spirit dealer
Dinsmore, John (Oldgreen Mills), woollen manufacturer
Cameron, James, cooper
O'Neill, Anthony, spirit dealer
Perry, A., farrier and jobbing smith
Simpson, Alex., flesher
Ballentine, Margaret
Barr, George, flesher
Maybin Bros., hardware merchants
Stevenson, Robert, provision merchant
Ross, John, flesher
Devlin, A., fruiterer and fish dealer
Houston, A., grocer
Gaston, W., & Co., grocers
Hillis, C., farrier
M'Connell, C. & M., wine and spirit dealers
Dornan & Co., bacon and ham curers and general merchants
Brownlee, Alex., spirit dealer and posting establishment
Hollinger, M., restaurant
M'Kenna, James, wholesale and retail grocer, tea, wine, and spirit merchant
Chartres, William, grocer
Barr, Arch., flesher
Harbinson, Samuel, grocer

Alexander st. intersects.

Clarke, M., spirit dealer
Brown, John, boot and shoemaker
Gilmore, Elizabeth, dining rooms
M'Caw, M., dining rooms
M'Ilroy, Henry, flesher
Gibson, James, spirit dealer

William st. intersects.


Cunningham, Miss, milliner
Maxwell, S. & J., costumiers
M'BRIDE, W. J., Watchmaker and Jeweller
M'Closkey, Mrs., fruiterer and confectioner
STEVENSON, J., Wholesale and Retail General Draper
Stewart, R., grocer and provision merchant
Greer, William, hardware merchant and emigration agent
O'Hara, C., spirit dealer
Kenny, Miss, Ballymena Dairy
Wilson, T., saddler
M'Curdy, Miss, tea rooms and confectioner
M'Bride, bookseller, newsagent, stationer, music seller.
Simpson, M., flesher
M'Connell, C. & M., wine and spirit dealers.
Ballentine, Hugh, general draper and boot merchant
Sanderson, J., registered druggist
Barr, R. A., grocer and provision merchant
Urban Gas Works—W. Nisbet, manager; G. Kerr, collector
Wilson, Mrs. A., spirit dealer
M'CARTNEY, F. J., Wholesale China, Glass, Hardware, and Wallpaper Merchant; House Agent, Stocks and Shares Broker. Telegraphic Address, "Progress." Telephone No. 70
Watt, A., grocer and provision merchant
Caufield, A., ice cream manufacturer
Elgin, E., grocer
Devlin, J., fruiterer and confectioner
Grant, E., spirit dealer

Bridge street place intersects.

M'Donald, J., roughing master
Hyndman, W., servants' agency
Spence, Mrs.
Boyd, M., dressmaker
Livingstone, J., preparing master
Crowe, J., store master
Mulholland, T. J., carpenter
Cahoon, W. J., engineer
Gordon, D., foreman painter
Ross, John, millworker
Longmore, T., flaxdresser
Henry, S., spinning master
Crowe, Wm., machine master
Frew, Harold A. G., artificial teeth maker
Braidwater Spinning Co., Limited, flax and tow spinners. Telephone No. 10. Telegraphic address, "Braidwater"
Russell, W. G., porkcutter
M'Vicker, James, baker
M'Vicker, Mrs., dressmaker
Masterson, P., sergt. R.I.C.
Wylie, Mrs.
Campbell, Hugh, supt. British Legal Life Assurance Co., Ltd.
Quinn, A., enginedriver
Service, John, draper's assistant
M'Kay, Mrs.
Gourley, J.
Getty, Andrew

North st. intersects.

Kearns, spirit dealer
ROBINSON, WILLIAM, Sack and Bag Merchant
ROBINSON, W., Cabinetmaker. House-furnisher, and Fancy Goods Merchant
Kielt, F., spirit dealer
Stewart, J., baker
Simpson, R., grocer and provision merchant. Telephone 73
Duncan, Alex., J.P., surgeon
GRAHAM, GEORGE, Hardware, Leather, Ironmongery, and Fancy Goods Merchant Red House

Linenhall st. intersects.

Millar, R., grocer, china, and delph merchant
Russell, Samuel, fruiterer and confectioner
O'Neill, C. J., flesher
O'Neill, C., flesher
MURPHY, P., Wholesale and Retail Wine and Spirit Merchant; Aerated Water Manufacturer
Morrow, John, draper


W. Box (No. 3), Broadway—Collections: 6-30, 9-10 a.m.; 12-35, 3-35, 6-55 p.m.
Bank of Ireland—J. J. Grayson, agent; C. E. Hopkins, sub-agent; W. Johnston, cashier; J. M. Diver, accountant
Kyle, James, auctioneer and valuator
Patterson & Grahame, architects and surveyors
Brandon, H. B., & Co., chartered accountants and auditors
Laughlin, Joseph, managing editor Ballymena Weekly Telegraph (published every Friday, 1d.)


Robinson, N., merchant tailor and clerical outfitter
Kernohan, R. & J., veterinary surgeons
Henry, M., rope, twine, and remnant dealer and servants' registry
Fox, C., confectioner
Steen, R., carpenter
M'Kendry, James, spirit dealer
Erwin, J., & Co., ironmongers and house-furnishers
Carson, E., grocer
Gordon & Esler, grocers
Owens, P. M.. seed and produce merchant, The Farmyard

Garfield place intersects.

Hughes Bros., shopfitters
Beresford, C., watch and clock workshop
M'Cann, Helen, restaurant
Cumming, David, grocer, &c.
Bolon, Mrs. M.
M'Mullan, R., spirit dealer
Watson, A., tinsmith
M'Donald, A., poultry dealer
Mackrell, M., lodging house

Flag lane intersects.

O'Neill, M., lodging house
Laird, J., lodging house
Lynas, J., plasterer,
M'Collum, John, mason
M'Kinney, Mrs. I., spirit dealer
Bamber, John, horse dealer, Farm lodge
Kerr & Curell, Misses, Market Temperance Hotel
M'Allister, A., flesher
Watson, R. J., bootmaker
Spence, W. J., & Co., furniture and antique dealers
Kenny, R. D., grocer
M'Henry, A., grocer and provision merchant
Barbour Bros, hardware merchants
Robinson Bros., grocers and provision merchants
Gilmour, A., grocer
Coleman, James, & Co., timber, iron and coal merchants; Mid-Antrim Saw Mills
Hanna, S. J., spirit dealer
Elder, J., fruiterer and confectioner
M'Ilhenney, M., fruiterer and confectioner
M'Ilhenney, James, farrier
M'Auley, M., cattle dealer
Scullion, M., dressmaker
M'Allister, M., boarding house
M'Ilwee, James, gardener
M'Neill, Mrs.

Alexander st. intersects.

Conway, J., flaxdresser
Walshe, C., monumental sculptor, cut stone, and marble works
M'Donnell, flesher
Dunlop & Johnston, wholesale and family grocers. Telephone 16
Taggart, P., confectioner
Cushenan, C., posting establishment
Logue, M., stationer and newsagent
Sproule, R., & Co., housefurnishers, glaziers, and picture framers
O'Boyle, A. F., spirit dealer
Cowan, John, ironmonger and produce merchant
Guy, Robert, draper
Mitchell, T. G., & Co., artificial teeth mkrs
Eglinton Limestone Co., Ltd., of Glenarm
Millar, T. N., grocer and provision merchant
Dinsmore, Francis (Templemoyle Mills), woollen manufacturer
Hamill, J. H., hairdresser, wigmaker, and tobacconist
Reid, R. C., watchmaker and jeweller


Magill, E., posting establishment
Fulton, W. A., shop assistant
Harryville Presbyterian Church—Sunday Services—12 noon and 6 p.m. Minister, Rev. W. H. Sloane, B.A., The Manse, Grange road; Sexton, J. Strahan, Francis street
[Ten?]nant, James
Montgomery, James
Carson, Robert
Witherspoon, W. J., carpenter
M'Carley, James
M'Clean, W. J.


M'Cann, Hugh, & Son, builders and contractors
M'Cann, F. J., C.E., architect
Russell, W. H., auctioneer, &c., Dunmore
M'Kay, James, builder and contractor, and monumental works, Fairview

Suffolk st. intersects.

Torrens, E. K., ladies' tailoring, Rosebery terrace
Keyland, Rosebery terrace
Johnston, R. G., Rosebery terrace
Wilson, G. W., Summerfield
M'Connell, William, Cooleen
W. Box (No. 5), Broughshane road—Collections: 6-35, 8-45 a.m.; 12-40, 3-30, 6-40 p.m.
M'Cann, H. R., builder and contractor, Oakdale
Robinson, John, auctioneer, &c.
Armstrong, C., Waveney cottages
Shaw, William, traveller
Bellis, G. H., Dalheim

Warden st. intersects.

Fleck, James, Braidview cottages
M'Fadden, J., Braidview cottages
M'Allister, T. S., Ardnagrena
Charlaton, T. J., Knocknagrena
M'Allister, Mrs., Kenbaan
Adair, B., Shandon
Dunlop, W. J., Ashleigh
Kane, W. H., Laurelville

Cushendall road intersects.

O'Mara, J., excise officer
Steele, J. A. M., Cushnakilla
Pedlow, W., inspector N.S., Culcavey
Davison, M., Elim
Dunlop, H. A., Hughenden
Gilmer, Samuel, Oakley
Anderson, Mrs., Thornfield
Brown, W. G., Sunnymeade
Kennedy, William, jun., J.P., Kenmuir
Johnston, Charles, Lisvarna
Armstrong, James, Craigavon
L. Box (23), Hugomont—Collections: 12-0 noon; 4-45, 6-0 p.m.
Dugdale, John, Hillcrest
Collins, John, Benedin
Allan, William, Coolgreaney
M'Dowell, John, The Bungalow
Erwin, John, Laurel lodge
Caruth, J. D., Hugomont
M'Mullan, R., Brigadie
Morton, R., Ballygarvey house
W. Box (No. 19), entrance to avenue, Ballygarvey—Collections—10-35 a.m.; 4-0 p.m.


M'Kinney, Ned, ladies' and clerical tailor and outfitter
Borman, S., dining rooms
Cairns, Alex., tailor
Cathcart, James, storekeeper
Turtle, John, sexton St. Patrick's Church
Mitchell, J., bootmaker
Wilson, C., Castleton place
Storey, L., Temperance Hotel and Cafe, Castleton place
Burns, Mrs.
Moody, J., sexton 1st Presbyterian Church

Meeting House lane intersects.

Ferguson, T., civil service and intermediate school principal
Lawthers & Ferguson, tailors
M'Auley, B., hairdresser
M'Bride, J. H.
M'Mullan, J., grocer and seedman

Coach entry intersects.

Montgomery, J., dairykeeper
O'Hara, Henry
Stewart, Wm., C.E., Mount Earl
St. Patrick's Church—Services—Sunday, 8-15, 11-30 a.m.; 6 p.m. Wednesday, 8 p.m. Rector, Rev. H. G. Austin, M.A., The Rectory; Rev. W. Brews and Rev. F. C. Roche, curates; E. Cooney, Mus.Doc., organist
Mullan, Mrs., Castle lodge


BONUGLI, FEDELE, Confectioner and Ice Cream Manufacturer
Gregg, Adam, draper
M'CLELLAND, WILLIAM, & SON, Grocers, Wine and Spirit Merchants, Fire and Life Insurance and Emigration Agents. Telephone No. 28
Wilson, T., & Co., drapers
BARCLAY & CRAWFORD, General Drapers &c., London House
Woodside, J. A., Pharmaceutical Chemist, Wholesale and Retail Druggist and Oil Importer; Sole Agent for The British Petroleum Co., Ltd. and Shell Motor Spirits at Ballymena, Antrim, Coleraine, Larne, Maghera and Districts. Telephone 62
MILLIKEN, ROBERT, Wholesale and Retail General Draper

Bryan st. intersects.

Stewart, E. J., & Son, general drapers
CARROLL, T. A., Proprietor Royal Hotel
COLLINS, J., & CO., General Drapers, &c. Telephone No. 61
MONTGOMERY, MATTHEW, Carriage and Motor Works. Telephone No. 35
Denham, J. H., hardware, ironmongery, and general furnishing warehouse
Ballymena and Harryville Co-operative Society, Limited, general grocers—Samuel Gass, manager
Hanna, R. J., & Co., chartered accountants
M'Neilly, H., hairdresser and tobacconist
Wylie, John, flesher
ALLAN, R., & SON, Wholesale and Retail Seed Merchants; Perennial and Italian Rye Grass a Speciality. (Established 1856.) Telephone 2
Singer Sewing Machine Co., Ltd.—G. Woodbourne, manager
Dowling, A., Crown Bar, spirit dealer
Armstrong, C., wholesale and retail general draper
Russell, S., fruiterer and confectioner
BARR, L. A., Live and Dead Pig Buyer and Posting Establishment
Pedlar, J., fruiterer
Foulds, H., fish and chip potato restaurant
M'Keen, T., boot and shoemaker
M'Cambridge, J., flesher
M'Curry, D., & Sons, fish & poultry merchts.
M'Kerville, J., flesher
FLOOD, WILLIAM, Wholesale and Retail Tobacconist and Cigar Importer
Hanna, J. & R., drapers
Kerr, Thomas, boot and shoemaker
M'Allister, J., confectioner
Ward, Griffin, boot and shoe warehouse
Keenan, J. G., rope and twine manufacturer
Gibson, William, spirit dealer
Lipton, Limited, tea and provision merchants—J. Marshall, manager
Boyd, Andrew, B.E., architect
Dunlop & Carson (Paragon House) general drapers
Gibson, William, spirit dealer
M'DOWELL, JOHN, Boot and Shoe Manufacturer
Kennedy, William, tea dealer, general grocer, and provision and seed merchant
Kennedy, Thomas, M.B., surgeon
Rainey, Hugh, provision, grain, and seed merchant
M'Mullan, R., flesher
M'Cartney, J., boot and shoe repairer
Murray, N., saddler
Galloway, David, tailor and outfitter
JOHNSTON, J. W., Watchmaker and Jeweller
MORTON & SIMPSON, LTD., Grocers, Bakers, Seed Merchants, and Provision Curers

Meeting House lane intersects.

Haskins & Co., general drapers
O'GORMAN & CO. (Established 1817), Wholesale and Retail Wine and Spirit Merchants
BALLENTINE, J., General Draper, Banner and Regalia Manufacturer
Sloan, C., watchmaker and jeweller
Compton, H., merchant tailor and general draper
WIER, JOHN, Editor Ballymena Observer (Established 1855), Published Weekly, on Friday
BUCHANAN, A., Watchmaker and Jeweller
Gordon, Joseph, wholesale and retail confectioner, restaurant and bakery
Barr, L., bookseller, school stationer, and newsagent, The Library
Tyler & Son, boot and shoe warehouse
BELL, J. & R., Booksellers, Stationers, Newsagents, School Requisites, Tobacconists, and Fancy Goods Merchants, Central Library
ARMSTRONG, JAMES, Merchant Tailor and General Draper
BLACK, G., & CO., Drapers, Outfitters, and General Housefurnishers
M'CONNELL, C. & M., Wholesale Wine and Spirit Dealers. Telephone No. 29. Telegraphic Address, "Towers"
Stuart, John, watchmaker and jeweller
LANCASHIRE, H., Pharmaceutical Chemist, Aerated Water Manufacturer
ADAMS BROS., Drapers
Burns, T., J.P., draper
Wilson, W. O. (successors), woollen drapers
Martin, Miss M., milliner
Montgomery, Wm. (successor to M'Kinley & Co.), hardware, ironmongery, and fancy goods merchant


Erwin, John, millworker
Gaston, Robert, carpenter
Smyth, Thomas, vandriver
Cooke, Miss Margaret, National teacher
M'Kay, Mrs.
Callander, John, mechanic
Wilson, S., superintendent London, Edinburgh, and Glasgow Assurance Co., Ltd.
Gordon, S., millworker
Keith, John, bank messenger
Thompson, Thomas, tailor
M'Collum, Hugh, railway porter
Simpson, George, butcher
Craig, M.
Bonar, Joseph, builder and contractor
Montgomery, M.
Laverty, James, blacksmith
Johnston, J.
Warwick, David, enginedriver
Little, William, enginedriver
M'Cartney, George, boot and shoe maker
M'Brinn, Wm., shirt and collar cutter
Kernohan, Robert, signalman
Shepperd, Jamieson, enginedriver
Henry, John, painter

Crawford, J., cattle dealer
Coulter, Samuel, factory worker
Clonavon place south intersects.
Scott, G., gardener
M'Laughlin, E., mill worker
M'Ilroy, J.
Montgomery, M.
Hepburn, W. J., tailor
Cairns, W., postman
Montgomery, A., gardener
Christie, D., engineer

North st. intersects.

Tinkler, T., billposter
Smyth, John
Blair, Mrs. Jane
Allen, Mrs.

Clonavon place north intersects.

Clarke, Joseph, carpenter
M'Gall, J., grocer
Carson, John, building contractor and timber yard


Carson, J., builder and contractor
M'Clelland, E., factory manager
M'Kinstry, T. A. T.
Anderson, W. S.
Gaston, M., dress and mantle maker
Johnston, W., cashier Bank of Ireland
Stevenson, Mrs. L.
Hood, Mrs.
Montgomery, E., motor engineer

Galgorm st. intersects.


Graham, Rev. W. A. Jason
Graham, J.
M'Cartney, Mrs.
M'Kee, Robert, shop assistant
Martin, J. D. (of Ideal Laundry)
Ballentine, Mrs. H.
White, Miss
Campbell, S., cloth passer
Hamilton, Hill, building contractor
Sloan, Mrs., boarders
M'Neilly, J., blacksmith
Carson & Giffen, confectionery manufacturers


Caruth, N. C., solicitor, Flixton place
Caruth, A., & Sons, solicitors, Flixton place. Telephone 47
Antrim County Land, Building and Investment Co., Ltd., Flixton place south——W. J. Knowles, secretary
Jones, W. E., surgeon, Flixton lodge
Nurses Home (J. H. Orr Memorial)
Ferguson, J.P., flaxbuyer, Glenmanus
Manson, Mrs., boarding house
Crothers, H. M., porkbuyer, Glenmanus
Anderson, A., boarding house
Millar, E., boarding house
Weir, William, marine engineer
Douglas, T., linenlapper
Adams, W., gas engineer
O'Rorke, James, patternmaker
M'Callion, B., contractor
Smyth, George, accountant, Woodbine cottage
Raphael & Co., linen damask manufacturers
Wolsley, W. C., handkerchief and embroidery factory

Clarence st. intersects.

Baillie, M., Kintullagh terrace
Wilson, J., grocers' assistant
Gore, M., dress and mantle maker
Coe, Wm., shop assistant
Moles, James F., solicitor
Kirkpatrick, Mrs., National School teacher
Watt, W. G., Kintullagh terrace
Currie, J., Dagusville
Thompson, Dagusville
Hunter, J., jeweller, Dagusville
Neilly, S. R., National teacher
Smith, N., mason
Young, Mrs. W. A., Kintullagh

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