Ballymena, County Antrim

From the Belfast and Ulster Towns Directory for 1910

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Acheson, James, Market road
Adair, B., Shandon, Broughshane road
Adair, Sir Frederick E. T., The Castle, Ballymena
Adair, W. J., grocer, 28 Queen street
ADAMS BROS., Drapers, 84 Church Street
ADAMS, DAVID, Registered Plumber and Sanitary Engineer, 1 Galgorm Road. Telephone 79
Adams, John, tailor, 16 Albert street
Adams, W., gas engineer, Cullybackey road
Adrain, J., builder and contractor, 24 Mount street
Agnew, Francis, draper, 4 Mill street
Agnew, Isaac, 11 Wellington street
Alexandra Cottage Hospital—E. Finlay, matron—Old Ballymoney road
Allan, R., & Son, agricultural machinery and seed warehouse, Wellington street
Allan, William, Coolgreany, Broughshane road
Allen, David, tailor, Ballymoney street
ALLAN, R., & SON, Wholesale and Retail Seed Merchants; Perennial and Italian Rye Grass a Speciality (Established 1856), 24 Church Street. Telephone 2
Allen, W. H., telephone engineer, 4 Lawnview place, Ballymoney road
Anderson, A., boarding-house, Glenmanus place, Cullybackey road
Anderson, Mrs., Thornfield, Broughshane road
Anderson, Mrs. L., Claremont, Galgorm road
Antrim County Land, Building and Investment Co., Limited., Flixton place South—W. J. Knowles, secretary
Armstrong, C., Waveney cottages, Broughshane road
Armstrong, C., wholesale and retail general draper, 27 to 30 Church street
Armstrong, D., draper, 44 Mill street
Armstrong, James, Craigavon, Broughshane road
Armstrong, John, M.D., surgeon, Wellington street
Armstrong, Maria, M.B.
ARMSTRONG, J., Merchant Tailor, Draper, &c., 77 Church Street
Armstrong, M. H., grocer, 76 Larne street
Arthur, Lachlan, J.P., Greenfield, Kells
Austin, Rev. H. G., M.A., The Rectory, Cushendall road

Baillie, M., Kintullagh terrace, Cullybackey road
BALLENTINE, J., General Draper, Banner and Regalia Manufacturer, Church St.
Ballentine, Hugh, general draper and boot merchant, 15, 16 Bridge street
Ballentine, Mrs., Ardvarna, Galgorm road
Ballymena Weaving Co., Leighinmohr
Ballymena Weekly Telegraph, Broadway; published on Friday
Ballymena Land Investment Co., Ltd., 16 Thomas street—S. Christie, secretary
Ballymena and Harryville Co-operative Society, Ltd., general grocers, 20 Church street—Samuel Gass, manager
Bamber, John, horse dealer, Farm lodge, Broughshane street
Barbour Bros., hardware merchants, Broughshane street
Barbour, James, spirit dealer, Thomas street
Barclay, Mrs., costumier, 23 High street
Barclay, Robert, J.P., Broclamont, Galgorm road
BARCLAY & CRAWFORD, General Drapers, &c., London House, 8, 9 Church Street
Barr, Archibald, flesher, 55 Ballymoney street
Barr, George, flesher, 12 Ballymoney street
Barr, John, fish and poultry dealer, 51 William street
Barr, L., bookseller and newsagent, 74 Church street
BARR, MRS. L. A., Live and Dead Pig Dealer and Posting Establishment, 33 Church Street
Barr, R. A., grocer and provision merchant, 18 Bridge street
Beattie, F., builder, 4 Mount street
Beamont, J. M., solicitor, Wellington street
Bell, E. J., grocer, 6 Larne street
Bell, E. J., grocer, 9 William street
BELL, J. & R., Booksellers, Stationers, Newsagents, School Requisites, Tobacconists, and Fancy Goods Merchants, Central Library, 76 Church Street
Bell, Matthew, hairdresser and tobacconist, Bryan street
Bell, R. M., saddler, 14 Wellington street
Bellis, George, J.P., Oranmore, Galgorm rd.
Beresford, C., watch and clock workshop, 16 Broughshane street
BLACK, G., & CO., Drapers, Outfitters, and General House Furnishers, 78 Church Street
BLACK, JOHN, Timber Merchant, Steam Sawing and Planing, Moulding, and Joinery Works, Warden Street. Tel. No. 75
Black, N., millowner, 1 Greenmount terrace
Black, Robert, tobacconist, 43 Wellington st.
Blacker, Rev. Thomas, C.C., The Presbytery
Blair, D., draper, 26 Mill street
Blair, Thomas, carpenter, High street
Boal, Hugh, solicitor, Mill street. Telephone 58
Boal, H., Beechmount
Boal, Mrs. H., Lancedean, Galgorm road
Boal, Robert, solicitor, High street
Boal, R., Lislea, Galgorm road
Bolan, M., Broughshane street
Bonar, James, boot and shoemaker, 5 Henry street
BONNAR & HENDERSON, LTD., Wholesale Druggists and Tea Merchants, Wellington Street. Telephone 9
BONUGLI, FEDELE, Ice Cream Merchant, Church Street
Borman, S., dining rooms, 4 Castle street
Bortrick, R. W., builder and contractor, 12 Waveney road
Boyd, A., cabinetmaker and upholsterer, Wellington street
Boyd, Andrew, B.E., architect, 49 Church street
Boyd, M., dressmaker, 31 Bridge street
Boyd, Robert, The Manse, High street
Boyle, Hugh, grocer, 14 William street
Brandon, H. B., & Co., chartered accountants, Broadway
Braidriver Weaving Factory—J. H. & G. Bellis—Railway street
Braidwater Spinning Co., Ltd., flax and tow spinners. Telephone 10. Telegraphic address, "Braidwater."
Bresland, James, Claremont, Galgorm road
Brown, John, boot and shoemaker, Ballymoney street
Brown, J., postman, 15 Princes street
Brown, J., carpenter, 32 Garfield place
Brown, W. G., Sunnymeade, Broughshane road
Brownlee, Alex., spirit dealer and posting establishment, 40 Ballymoney street
BUCHANAN, A., Watchmaker and Jeweller, 71 Church street
Buchanan, James, watchmaker, 27 Wellington street
Buick, Adam, draper, Ballymoney street
Burke, Robert, spirit merchant and bottler, 37 Hill street
Burns, M., grocer, 1 M'Auley's terrace
Burns, Mrs., Castle street
Burns, T., J.P., draper, 85 Church street
Butler, J. P. W., inspector Midland Railway, 23, 25 Queen street

Cahoon, W. J., engineer, 35 Bridge street
Cairns, A., tailor, Castle street
Cairns, W., postman, 13 Clonavon road
Caldwell, S., grocer, Francis street
Cameron, Hugh, Audley terrace, Ballymoney road
Cameron, James, cooper, Ballymoney street
Cameron, Miss, boarding-house, 4 Albert st.
CAMERON, R., Hardware, Housefurnishing, and General Ironmongery Warehouse, 38 Mill Street
Cameron, William, hardware merchant, Ballymoney street
Camlin, J., secretary Starr Bowkett and Mutual Building Societies, 13 Albert st.
Campbell, E., spirit dealer, 57 Springwell street
Campbell, Hugh, Supt. British Legal Assurance Co., Ltd., Bridge street
CARROLL, T. A., Proprietor Royal Hotel, 14 Church Street
Carson, J., builder and contractor, 1 Clonmohr terrace and Clonavon road
Carson & Griffin, manufacturing confectioners, Clonavon
Caruth, A., & Son, solicitors, Flixton place, Cullybackey road. Telephone 47
Caruth, James, The Grange, Galgorm road
Caruth, J. D., Hugomont, Broughshane road
Caruth, J. & A., solicitors, 36 Wellington street. Telephone 11
Caruth, N. C., Drumard, Galgorm road
Cathcart, John, spirit dealer and posting establishment, Ballymoney street
Caul, J. D., Supt. Prudential Assurance Co., Limited, Waveney road
Caulfield, A., ice cream manufacturer, 24 Bridge street
Chambers, R. H., accountant, Hugomont cottages
Charlton, I. J., cashier Provincial Bank of Ireland, Knocknagrena, Broughshane rd.
Chartres, A., marine store dealer, Henry st.
Chartres, M., grocer and confectioner, 66 Springwell street
Chartres, S., grocer, Ballymoney street
Chesney, George, 26 Wellington street
Chestnutt, A., of Gilmer, Moore & Chestnutt, Ltd., 6 Waveney road
Christie, D., engineer, 15 Clonavon road
Christie, Samuel, accountant, 9 Park street
Clarke, Wm., boot and shoe factory, 18, 19 High street
Clarke, James, solicitor, High street. Telephone 65
Clarke, M., spirit dealer, Ballymoney street
Clarke, Mrs. I., confectioner, High street
Clarke, R. A., merchant tailor and outfitter, 54 Mill street
Clarke, William, tailor, 16 Linenhall street
CLARKE, WILLIAM, & CO., Boot and Shoe Warehouse, 47 Wellington Street
Cleland & Mann, merchant tailors, 3, 4 Church street
CLYDE, A., Registered Plumber and Sanitary Engineer, 1 Smithfield Square, Galgorm Road. Telephone No. 12
Coleman, James, & Co., timber, iron and coal merchants, Mid-Antrim Saw Mills, Broughshane street
Collins, John, of J. Collins & Co., Benedin, Broughshane road
COLLINS, J., & CO., General Drapers, 15, 16 Church Street. Telephone 61
Compton, H., general draper and merchant tailor, 69 Church street
Compton, Miss, milliner, 47 Mount street
Connor, J., caretaker Protestant Hall, Galgorm road
Connon, N., flesher and spirit dealer, 36 Queen street
Connor, R., grocer and draper, 32, 34 Larne street
COOKE, HENRY, Cycle and Motor Works, Mill Street
Cooke, H., motor works, 11 George's street
Cooney, D., butcher, 22 Linenhall street
Cooney, E., Mus.Doc. (T.C.D.), organist St. Patrick's Church, Woodvale, Ballymoney road
COSBIE, JAMES, & CO., Timber, Slate, Tile, Iron, and Coal Merchants, Steam Saw Mills, and Monumental Works, Ballymoney Street. Telephone 13
Cosbie, Mrs., Greenoge, Galgorm road
Coulter, S., carpenter, 63 Larne street
Cowan, John, ironmonger, Broughshane road
Cowan, Mrs., grocer and spirit merchant and aerated water manufacturer, 49 Mill street
Cowan, Mrs., spirit merchant, 40 Hill street
Craig, J. E., costumier, Whinfield, Clonavon
Craig, Mrs., boarding-house, 20 Albert street
Crawford, Robert, Ashville, Galgorm road
Crawford, R., The Croft, Galgorm road
Crothers, H. M., pork buyer, Glenmanus, Cullybackey road
Crowe, J., storemaster, 33 Bridge street
Crowe, William, machine master, 40 Bridge street
Cumming, W. J., grocer, Moat road
Cunningham, Miss, milliner, 1 Bridge street
Cunningham, W. S., postman, 7 Princes st.
Currie, D., spirit dealer, 3 Ballymoney street
Currie, J., Dagusville, Cullybackey road
Currie, J. K., solicitor, 31 Linenhall street
Currie, R., M.D., surgeon, 14 Linenhall st.
Currie, Samuel, solicitor, High street
Cushenan, C., posting establishment, Broughshane street

Darragh, A., agent Prudential Assurance Co., Ltd., 27 Hill street
Davis, J., watchmaker, 6 William street
Davison, A., tailor, 28 Wellington street
Davison, Miss, Sandy lodge, Broughshane road
Davison, M., Elim, Broughshane road
Davison, R., Beechfield, Galgorm road
Davison, W. R., M.D., surgeon, 22 Wellington street
Deighan, Mrs. A., spirit dealer, Galgorm street
Denham, J. H., hardware stores, 18, 19 Church street
Devlin, A., fruiterer and fish dealer, Ballymoney street
Devlin, J., fruiterer and confectioner, 26 Bridge street
Diamond, J., spirit dealer, 44 Wellington street
Dinsmore, Francis, woollen manufacturer (Templemoyle Mills), Broughshane street
Dinsmore, John, The Limes, Galgorm road
Dinsmore, J., J.P., woollen manufacturer (Oldgreen Mills), Ballymoney street
Donaghey, Lennoxvale, Suffolk street
Dornan & Co., bacon and ham curers, &c., Ballymoney street
Douglas, M., N.S. teacher, 36 Larne street
Douglas, T., linenlapper, Cullybackey road
Dowds, J., grocer, 43 Mount street
Dowling, A., Crown Bar, 26 Church street
Dryburgh, Captain J., Gladstone terrace, Galgorm road
Dugdale, John, Hillcrest, Broughshane road
Duncan, Alex., J.P., surgeon, 64 Bridge st.
Dunlop, H. A., Hughenden, Broughshane rd.
Dunlop, Mrs., Springwell street
Dunlop, M., dressmaker, 21 William street
Dunlop, W. J., Ashleigh, Broughshane road
Dunlop & Carson, general drapers, 51, 52 Church street
Dunlop & Johnston, wholesale grocers, Broughshane street. Telephone 16
Dysart, J., spirit dealer, 9 Galgorm street
D'Evelyn, Alex., J.P., M.D., Flixton place

Eagleson, Samuel, solicitor, High street. Telephone 20
Eagleson, S., proprietor Adair Arms Hotel and posting establishment, Ballymoney road
Eaton, R. J., N.S. teacher, 35 Mount street
Elder, J., fruiterer and confectioner, Broughshane street
Elgin, E., grocer, 25 Bridge street
Elliott, M., grocer, 22 Moat road
Ellis, John, tailor, Henry street
Erwin, Andrew, road contractor, 2 Park street
Erwin, John, Laurel lodge, Broughshane road
Erwin, J., grocer, Windsor terrace
Erwin, J., & Co., ironmongers and house furnishers, 11 Broughshane street
Erwin, R. J., road contractor, 24 Hill street
Erwin, W., road contractor, 5 Fountain place
Esler, John, grocer, Ballymoney street

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