Ardara, County Donegal

From the Belfast and Ulster Towns Directory for 1910

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Five miles from Glenties. Post Office with Money Order and Telegraph Departments. Noted for its celebrated Donegal Homespuns. Market Day—Tuesday. Population—523

Miss L. M'Caul, Postmistress;
John Fisher, postman

Rev. P. Coneff, Irish Church;
Rev. William Bryans, Wesleyan;
Rev. Canon John Doherty, P.P.; Rev. John Byrne, C.C.; and Rev. Michael Gallagher, C.C., Roman Catholic

Constabulary—W. J. M'Ginley, D.I.; Mr. Creighton, head-constable; one sergeant, six constables

Dispensary—Dr. C. H. Falvey

Emigration Agents—Pearson & Co., N. Boyle, John Gilbride, Michael M'Nelis

Inland Revenue—Mr. Fox

News Agents—Derry Sentinel: Pearson & Co.; Derry Journal and Derry People: Mrs. M'Caul; Belfast Weeklies: T. Slye & Sons

Petty Sessions Clerk—Mr. H. Kennedy. Petty Sessions held second Tuesday in each Month

Rate Collectors—Francis M'Glinchey, John Gilbride

Registrar of births, marriages, and deaths—Patrick Maguire

First National: George Cunningham, teacher;
Wesleyan School: Mrs. Torney, teacher;
Roman Catholic School: Mrs. Cassidy, Mick Sweeney

Summons server—John M'Cole

Weighmaster—John M'Cole. Market held every Tuesday, for the sale of butter, oats, potatoes, &c.

Auctioneers—Gilbride & M'Groarty

Bakers—Mrs. Tague Bresland, Thos. Bresland, J. Sweeney, Mrs. Riley

Blacksmiths— James Byrne, John Byrne

Boot and Shoemakers—O'Donnell Bros., Joseph Maxwell, Patrick Early, N. Bresland, Bernard O'Donnell

Butchers—John Boyle, E. Boyle, Philip Boyle, T. Morrow

Butter merchants—William M'Groarty, Patrick M'Hugh, John Sweeney, James Molloy, John Sharpe

Carpenters—T. Fisher, Henry Cannan, Henry Spence, James Gallagher, Patrick Gallagher

Carters—Daniel Boyle, Henry Carolin, Patk. Gaffigan, Patrick Mooney

China, Glass, and Delph Warehouses—John Gilbride, Ann M'Hugh, Patrick M'Hugh, John Sweeney, James M'Nelis, Hugh Gildea, Nahor Boyle

Cooper—Henry Cannan

Drapers—C. H. Torney, Pearson, & Co., John Gilbride, Hugh Gildea & Son, Miss M'Caul, Miss Gallagher, Mrs. T. Gallagher, Mrs. Buchanan, Neil Sweeney, Nahor Boyle, Patrick Gildea, Con Kennedy, Joseph M'Hugh

Dressmakers—J. Cunningham, Mrs. Bresland, Mrs. J. Gallagher, Mrs. Bresland, jun., Mrs. T. Gallagher, Mrs. Buchanan, Miss C. O'Donnell, Mrs. J. Gildea

Egg mechants—Pat M'Hugh, Ann M'Hugh, W. M'Groarty, John Sharp, James M'Hugh, Thomas Campbell, John Sweeney

Fruit dealer—Mrs. M'Crea

Fishmongers—Henry Carlin, James M'Hugh, Joseph Gallagher, T. Morrow, J. Gallagher

Grocers—J. M'Nelis, Ann M'Hugh, Anne M'Nelis, J. Gilbride, N. Boyle, P. M'Hugh, J. M'Grath, W. M'Groarty, T. Bresland, Pearson & Co., J. Sharpe J. Heroran, J. Sweeney, N. Bresland, Nahor Boyle, Michael M'Nelis, James M'Hugh

Hardware merchants—Pearson & Co., J. Gilbride, John Sharpe, Anne M'Hugh, John Sweeney

Hide Merchant—Tom Campbell

Hotels—Nesbitt Arms: Mrs. A. M'Nelis; Family & Commercial: Joseph M'Hugh; Temperance: Mrs. J. Gilbride

Inspector of Weights and Measures—Sergeant M'Claine, Glenties

Knitting agents—Pearson & Co., Miss E. Gallagher

Leather Merchants—Pearson & Co.

Masons—M. Ward, P. Bresland, M. Cannan, Condy Gildea & Son, Charles M'Gill & Son

Milliners—Pearson & Co., Miss M'Caul, Miss Gilbride, Miss E. Gallagher, Mrs. Tom Gallagher, Mrs. Buchanan

Oil and Colour merchants—H. Spence, John Gilbride, John Sweeney, John Sharpe

Painters and Glaziers—Henry Spence & Son, Thomas Fisher

Posting Establishments—W. M'Groarty, T. Slye, Mrs. A. M'Nelis, Mrs. A. M'Hugh, N. Boyle, John Sweeney, Joseph M'Hugh

Publicans—A. M'Hugh, A. M'Nelis, Joseph M'Hugh, T. Campbell, John Sharpe, J. Dogherty, Mrs. Cannan, M. M'Nelis, Mrs. H. Gildea, W. M'Groarty, Neil Sweeney, Mrs. M. Bresland, Charles Keeney, spirit grocer

Restaurant—Miss A. Boyle

Seed merchants—Pearson & Co., John Sweeney, T. Slye

Sewing Agents—Nahor Boyle, Mrs. Gilbride, C. H. Torney, Miss M'Caul, Mrs. T. Gallagher, Miss Crumley, Mrs. Buchanan, Pearson & Co. Crotcheting—Miss O'Connor. Drawing Work Class—Miss Crumley

Tailors—John Gildea, P. M'Hugh, P. Heroran

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