Cork County Directory, 1862 (2)

From Thom's Irish Almanac and Official Directory for the Year 1862


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County Officers.
Clerk of the Crown, Rickard Donovan, esq. (1838), County Crown Office, Cork, and Clanloghlin, near Cork.
Clerk of the Peace, Noble Johnson, esq. (1844), Rockenham, Passage West.
Crown Solicitor, Sylvester Gillman, esq. (1861), South Mall, Cork, and 3, Palace-street, Dublin.
Sessional Crown Prosecutors, W. R., Bryan Gallwey, esq. (1838), 23, South Mall, Cork, and 4, South Frederick-street, Dublin; E. R., Philip O'Connell, esq. (1853), 37, South Mall, Cork; City of Cork, E. M'Carthy, esq. (1852), 25, South Mall, Cork.
Treasurer, James Delacour, esq. (1818), Sunnyhill, Mallow.
Sec. to Grand Jury, Wm. Johnson, esq. (1840), Vosterberg, Cork.
County Surveyors, E. R., W. A. Treacy, esq., Cork; W. R., Nathaniel Jackson, South Mall, Cork.
Sub-Sheriff, Joseph Bullen Johnson, esq., Hermitage, Glanmire.
Sheriff's Returning Officer, R. H. M. Orpen, esq., 41, North Great George's-street, Dublin.
Coroners, Wm. Honohan, esq., South Mall, Cork; Paul Limerick, esq., Skibbereen; Hen. Barry, esq., Ballyadam, Carrigtuohill; and Charles Daly, esq., Springvale, Kanturk.
Agents for Lloyds, Cummins & Co., Cork, Surveyors to Lloyds; George Wright, esq., Queenstown; J. H. Swanston, esq., Skibbereen; M. Kenefick and J. Lordon, esqrs., Kinsale.

Head Distributer for the co., Bernard Shaw, esq., Cork
Bandon, George Gabriel
Bantry, John Meara
Charleville, Mary Copley
Clonakilty, J. Spiller
Cloyne, Mary Travers
Dunmanway, S. Atkins
Fermoy, Jane Young
Kanturk, Mathew Savage
Kinsale, Charles Bateman
Macroom, C. Raycroft
Midleton, Mary Lamy
Mitchelstown, John Fraser
Queenstown, Hugh Cole
Skibbereen, J. Levis
Youghal, John Hay

Barretts, George Stawell Ware, Woodfort, Mallow
Barrymore, Henry Barry, Ballyadam, Carrigtuohill
Condons and Clongibbons, John Terry, Springvale
Cork Barony, John Wakeham, Springhill, Glanmire
Duhallow, R. Delacour, Fairy hill, Mallow
Fermoy, Arthur Williamson, Summerhill, Mallow
Imokilly, Henry Welland, Killeigh, Midleton
Kerricurrihy, W. Daunt, Springhill, Carrigaline
Kinnalea, Simon Newenham, Maryboro', Douglas
Kinnataloon, Robert Boles, Ahern
Kinsale, Michael Gallwey Kinsale
Muskerry, E., Horace Townsend, Woodside, Blarney
Orrery & Kilmore, Samuel Uppington, Mallow

Bere, John O'Sullivan, Millcove, Berehaven
Bantry, John O'Sullivan, Millcove, Berehaven
E. D. of E. Carberry, Geo. Sandes, Dunowen,Clonakilty
W. D. of E. Carberry, Adam N. Meade, River View, Enniskean
E. D. of W. Carberry, J. W. Levis, Skibbereen
W. D. of W. Carberry, J. Fleming, Ballydehob
Kinsale and Courceys, Mich. Gallwey, Kinsale
Kinalmeaky, H. T. Poole, Mayfield, Bandon
Ibane and Barryroe, D. M'C. Gallwey, Greenmount, Clonakilty
Muskerry, west, Devonsher Hawkes, Macroom

Inspecting Officers:- Lieut. Wm. Bailey, R. N. (1861), Castletown;
Commander Charles T. Dench (1860), Kinsale;
Commander Jas. A. St. Leger, R. N. (1859), Youghal;
Commander Goss, R. N., Queenstown;
Commander Montagu B. Dunn, R. N., Skibbereen;
Walter Townsend, esq., Blue Hill.
Ballycotton, Cloyne, * * *
Castletownsend, F. H. Jennison esq.
Crookhaven, John Mullins, esq., R. N. (1859)
Crosshaven, Lieut. George Stovin, R. N. (1858)
Dunny Cove, Lieutenant Robert Synge, R. N. (1854)
East Ferry, Lieut. Wm. H. Wright, R. N. (1861)
Oyster Haven, Kinsale, Thomas Palmer, esq., R. N.
Skull, N. H. N. Synge, esq., late E. I. S. (1853)
Youghal, John Sheppard, esq., late E. I. S. (1848).


County Inspector, John Duncan, esq., Cork.
Sub-Inspectors' Stations
Ballincollig, William H. St. Leger, esq.
Charleville, Edward Robert Curtis, esq.
Cork city district, Garret Parkinson, esq.
Fermoy, Arthur Curling, esq.
Kanturk, J. C. Mills, esq.
Kinsale, Richard Hadnett esq.
Mallow, Edward H. F. Royse, esq.
Midleton, Rowland Francis N. Fanning, esq.
Mitchelstown, Augustus Rudge, esq.
Passage, Allen Morgan, esq.
Queenstown, George S. Graves, esq.
Riverstown, William Gore Brett, esq.
Youghal, William Beresford Richards, esq.

County Inspector, Edward Hill, esq., Bandon.
Sub Inspectors' Stations
Bandon, William Walsh, esq.
Bantry, Martin Clune, esq.
Castletown, Francis J. Graham, esq.
Clonakilty, Patrick M. Feely, esq.
Dunmanway, Thomas P. Hewitt, esq.
Macroom, Henry Denny, esq.
Skibbereen, Bernard Potter, esq.
Skull, George Scott, esq.

Place where held, Day, and Name of Clerk.
Ahadalane, Mallow, second Thursday, John Sullivan
Ahern, Fermoy, second Friday, John Godson
Ballinspittle, Kinsale, second Tuesday, Patrick Griffin
Ballydehob, second Saturday, R. T. Baldwin
Ballymartle, Kinsale, second Monday, Wm. Walton
Ballyneen, Enniskean, second Monday, Ed. Connor
Ballyvourney, Macroom, third Thursday, Thomas Grainger
Bandon, Monday , Stephen Molony
Bantry, second Thursday, Alexander O'Donovan
Blarney, Cork, second Tuesday, Mark Burke
Buttevant, second Saturday, John Rogers
Carrigaline, Cork, fortnightly, Tuesday, John Travers
Carrigboy, Bantry, third Friday, David Burleigh
Castlemartyr, second Tuesday, William Weakliam
Castletown, fourth Saturday, J. L. Nicholson
Castletownroche, second Thursday, George Lodge
Cecilstown, second Monday, Stephen Holy
Charleville, second Monday, George Sandham
Clonakilty, Thursday, Henry Conner
Cloyne, second Monday, Samuel M'Culla
Coachford, second Monday, William Massy
Cork, daily, Henry Humphreys
Doneraile, second Monday, Robert C. Bolton
Douglas, second Thursday, C. Chambers
Dromoleague, Dunmanway, second Monday, William Kenny
Dunmanway, second Monday, James G. Atkins
Farran, Ballincollig, second Monday, Mark Burke
Fermoy, second Monday, Thomas Roberts
Goleen, Skibbereen, fourth Friday, R. T. Baldwin
Innishannon, second Tuesday, W. H. Daunt
Kanturk, every Saturday, James O'Connell
Kildorrery, second Monday, Richard Archdeacon
Kinsale, Saturday, William Walton
Knocknagree, Killarney, third Thursday, John B. Cronin
Liscarroll, Buttevant, second Saturday, D. Sharpe
Lisheens, Ballincollig, second Tuesday, Mark Burke
Macroom, second Wednesday, Thomas Grainger
Mallow, Tuesday, Henry Hume
Midleton, second Wednesday, Samuel M'Culla
Millstreet, second Monday, John Twomy
Mitchelstown, second Friday, Richard Archdeacon
Newmarket, Kanturk, second Wednesday, Thomas Homan
Passage West, Monday, Luke Howard
Queenstown, Monday, Francis Heany
Rathcormack, second Tuesday, John Godson
Reinmeen, Bantry, last Friday, Alex. O'Donovan
Riverstown, Cork, second Tuesday, Joseph Grogan
Rosscarbery, Wednesday, Robert T. Wolfe
Shandangan, Macroom, second Wednesday, Edward Carey
Skibbereen, Wednesday , Robert Atkins
Skull, third Saturday, R. T. Baldwin
Timoleague, second Monday , Samuel Hawkes
Tracton, Carrigaline, second Wednesday, J. Travers
Union Hall, Rosscarbery, second Friday, R. J. Hungerford.
Youghal, Thursday, P. Colman

The Board of Superintendence meets on the last Friday of every month.
Local Inspector, William Penrose, esq.
Governor, John Joyce
Chaplain, Rev. J. M. Reeves
Chaplain, Rev. John Clanchy
Surgeon, William Beamish M. D.
Apothecary, W. C. Townsend, M. D.

Local Inspector, Captain John Barlow.
Governor, Peter Hay, esq. Protestant Chaplain, Rev. Jos. G. Bouchier,Queenstown.
R. C. Chaplain, Rev. Timothy Lyons
Assistant do., Rev. Daniel Finn
Presbyterian Chaplain, Rev. Chas. B. Gibson, Monkstown.
Medical Superintendent, Jeremiah H. Kelly, M. D.

Protestant Chaplain, Rev. Francis Shortt
R . C. Chaplain, Rev. Richard Smiddy
Medical Superintendent, Robert B. Travers, M. D.

Protestant Chaplain, Rev. John Duncan Craig, M. A.
R. C. Chaplain, Rev. J. J. Crowe
Superintendent, Gustavus Campbell, esq.

Bandon, Thomas Allen
Bantry, Daniel Casey
Castletown, John Richardson
Charleville, Michael Murphy
Clonakilty, George Wassell
Dunmanway, Henry Hickson
Fermoy, Joseph Prior
Kanturk, Daniel Curran
Kinsale, Jeremiah O'Brien
Macroom, James D. Butler
Mallow, R. Harding
Midleton, William Coates
Millstreet, P. O'Meagher
Mitchelstown, P. O'Donoghue
Queenstown, David Ryan
Skibbereen, R. Gorman
Youghal, Robert Booth

For the County and City of Cork.
Resident Physician, Thomas Power, M. D.
Surgeon, Samuel Hobart, M. D.
Apothecary, William Thos. Jones
Chaplain, Rev. T. Bedford Jones
R. C. Chaplain, Rev. Francis Leo. Casey
Steward, Mr. William Rennick
Matron, Mrs Martha Clifton
Clerk, Mr. William Connell
Storekeeper, Mr. J. P. Duggan

Treasurer, Rev. Phillip G. Atkins
Surgeon, W. Galwey, M. D.
Apothecary, Parsons Bery

Surgeons, D. B. Bullen, M. D. and Samuel Hobart, M. D.
Physicians, Eugene Finn M. D. , and John Popham, M. D.
House Surgeon, J. W. Lougheed, L. R. C. S. I.

Consulting Physician, Joshua R. Harvey, A. B., M. D.
Physicians, William C. Townsend, M. D., and E. H. Townsend, A. B., M. D.
Surgeons, W. K. Tanner, M. D., Thomas Gregg, M. D., James G. Curtis, jun., L. R. C. S. I., R. C. P.
House Surgeon and Secretary, Richard Callaghan, M. R. C. S. L., R. C.P.

Poor law Unions.

20 Electoral Divisions. The Board of Guardians meets on Wednesdays.
Chairman, Right Hon, the Earl of Bandon, D. L., Castle Bernard, Bandon
Vice-Chairman, Lieut, Colonel Hon. William S. Bernard, M. P., The Farm, Bandon
Deputy Vice-Chairman, John Wheeler, esq. , J. P., Bandon.
Treasurer, National Bank, Clonakilty
Clerk and Returning Officer, S. R. Tresilian
Master and Matron, Wm. Nicolls and Margaret Walsh
Established Church, Rev. John Bleakley
Roman Catholic, Rev. Jeremiah O'Brien
Medical Officer, Samuel Wood, A. M., M. B.
Relieving Officer, James Fitzgerald, Bandon.
Medical Officers of Dispensary Districts.
Bandon, Henry B. Ormston, M. D.
Inishannon, Dr. Samuel Orr
Kilbrittain, Dr. Patrick Crowley
Murragh, Dr. Thomas Powell
Templemartin, John Belcher, M. D.

14 Electoral Divisions. The Board of Guardians meets on Wednesdays.
Chairman, John W. Payne esq., J. P., Bantry
Vice-Chairman, Robert H. E White, esq. , Glengarriff Castle, Bantry
Dep. Vice-Chairman, George Bird, esq., Bantry
Treasurer, National Bank, Cork
Clerk and Returning Officer, Maurice Healy
Master and Matron, John Y. Kingston and Ellen Burke
Established Church, Rev. Alex. B. Wilson
Roman Catholic, Rev. George Sheehan, P. P.
Medical Officer, Abraham J. Tuckey, M. D.
Relieving Officer, Daniel Donovan, Bantry
Medical Officers of Dispensary Districts.
Bantry, Charles M. Carthy, M. D.
Durrus and Kilcrohane, William B. Lane
Glengarriff, Abraham J. Tuckey, M. D.

7 Electoral Divisions The Board of Guardians meets on Thursdays.
Chairman, Henry Lavallan Puxley, esq., J. P., Dunboy Castle, Castletown
Vice-Chairman, William Gillman, esq., Cametringane, Castletown
Deputy Vice-Chairman, Mr. Robert Hanley, Knuckanroe, Castletown
Treasurer, National Bank, Cork
Clerk and Returning Office, James R. Johnston
Master and Matron, George Power and Margaret Sullivan
Chaplain Roman Catholic, Rev. Michael Enright
Medical Officer, Mathew Bagnell Lefebure, M. R. C. S. L.
Relieving Officers, William Murphy, Adrigole; Denis Leary, Eyries
Medical Officers of Dispensary Districts.
Castletown, P. A. Armstrong, L. R. C. S. ED.
Kilcatherine, M. B. Lefebure, M. R. C. S. L.

20 Electoral Divisions. The Board of Guardians meets on Fridays.
Chairman, Thomas Lucas, esq. , M. D., J. P., Richfordstown, Clonakilty
Vice-Chairman, Sampson Beamish, esq., Kilmaloda House, Timoleague, Bandon
Dep. Vice-Chairman, Francis E. Bennett, esq., J. P., Western-road Clonakilty
Treasurer, National Bank, Clonakilty
Clerk and Returning Officer, John Carey Spiller
Master and Matron, William Simpson and Julia Duffy
Established Church, Rev. Alex. B. Hallowell
Roman Catholic, Rev. Morgan Madden
Medical Officer, Henry R. Hadden, M. D.
Relieving Officer, Timothy Heas, Sovereign street, Clonakilty
Medical Officers of Dispensary Districts.
Clonakilty, Saunders Ffolliott, M. R. C. S. E.
Rosscarbery, Thomas Fitzgibbon, F. R. C. S. I.
Timoleague, Henry W. Garde, M. B.

28 Electoral Divisions. The Board of Guardians meets on Wednesdays.
Chairman, Major Gen. T. F. Burke, Prospect Villa, Ring
Vice-Chair., T. Ronayne Sarsfield, esq., Doughcloyne, Cork
Dep. Vice-Chairman, Nicholas Mahony, esq., Blarney
Treasurer, National Bank, Cork
Clerk and Returning Officer, R. J. O'Shaughnessy.
Master and Matron, Wm. Fitzmaurice and Cath. Horgan.
Established Church, Rev. George Webster
Roman Catholic, Very Rev. D. Murphy
Medical Officers, John Popham, M. D., and William C. Townsend, M. D.
Relieving Officers, Robt. Thompson, Grand-parade, Cork; Samuel Flanagan, Church-street, Cork; Timothy Lane, Clarence-street, Cork; E. G. Rowland, Sallybrook, Glanmire; C. O'Callaghan, Newcastle, Blarney; C. Crofts, Queenstown; William Kennefick, Carrigaline
Medical Officer s of Dispensary Districts.
Ballincollig, G. A. Roundtree, M.R.C.S.E.
Ballygarvan, G. Fowler, M.D.
Blarney, J. Lee, L.R.C.S.ED.
Carrigaline, B. Johnson, M.D.
Carrignavar, P. R. Tivy, M.R.C.S.E.; D. B. O'Flynn, M. D.
Cork, C. Armstrong, M. D.; J. D. O'Flynn, M. D; R. T. Fowler, M. D.; W. J. Cummins, M.D.; G. Wycherly, M.D.; S. H. Hobart, M. D.; J. G. Curtis, jun., M. D.; D. Cremen, M. D.
Douglas, Nath. J. Hobart, M. D.
Dripsey, R. C. Madras, M. D.
Queenstown, W. Humphries, M. D.
Whitechurch, J. Jefferie, M. R. C. S. E.

16 Electoral Divisions. The Board of Guardians meets on Wednesdays.
Chairman, Daniel Connor, esq., Manch House, Enniskean.
Vice-Chairman, Wm. Norwood, esq., Ballyhalwich House, Dunmanway.
Dep. Vice-Chairman, Leopold Shuldham,esq., Dunmanway.
Treasurer, National Bank, Clonakilty.
Clerk and Returning Officer, James Regan.
Master, James Regan.
Matron, Alice Bateman.
Established Church, Rev. W. R. Molesworth.
Roman Catholic, Rev. J. Hurley.
Medical Officer, John R. Young, M.D.
Relieving Officers, John Tamplin, Dunmanway; Denis Leary, Coolmountain, Dunmanway.
Medical Officers of Dispensary Districts.
Ballineen, Richard N. Willis, M.D.
Coolmountain, Michael Cogan, M.D.
Dunmanway, Stephen Holmes, M.D.

FERMOY UNION (Co. Cork), 24 Electoral Divisions.
The Board of Guardians meets on Wednesdays.
Chairman, Richard Carroll, esq., J.P., Fermoy.
Vice-Chairman, John George Nason, esq., J. P., Terramount, Rathcormack.
Dep. V.-Chairman, John Peard, esq., Bridevilla, Rathcormack
Treasurer, National Bank, Fermoy.
Clerk and Returning Officer, J. W. Healy.
Master and Matron, Edw. Gormly and Mary Anne Healy.
Established Church, Rev. M. A. C. Collis.
Roman Catholic, Rev. Michael Higgins.
Medical Officer, James Martin Roche, M.D.
Relieving Officer, David Byrne.
Medical Officers of Dispensary Districts.
Ballyhooly, John Peard Edgar, M.D ED.
Ballynoe, Edward Croker, L. R. C. S. EDIN.
Fermoy, Richard White.
Kilworth, Francis W. Smartt, L. R. C. S. I.
Rathcormac, William Dwyer, M. D.

33 Electoral Divisions. The Board of Guardians meets on Thursdays.
Chairman, Richard Oliver Aldworth, Newmarket House, Newmarket.
Vice-Chairman, Robert M'Carthy, esq., Kanturk.
Deputy Vice-Chairman, C. J. Daly, Springville, Kanturk.
Treasurer, National Bank, Kanturk.
Clerk and Returning Officer, Jeffrey Pigott.
Master and Matron, Jas. Chartres and Margaret Chartres.
Established Church, Rev. John Galbraith.
Roman Catholic, Rev. P. D. O'Regan.
Medical Officer, Gerard P. Barry, M.D.
Relieving Officer, John Clifford, Kanturk.
Medical Officers of Dispensary Districts.
Boherbee, Jeremiah O'Sullivan, M.D.
Kanturk, Michael Hudson, M.D.
Milford, Thomas Ahern, M.D.
Newmarket, Ebenezer Donaldson, M. R. C. S. E.

19 Electoral Divisions. The Board of Guardians meets on Thursdays.
Chairman, William R. Meade, esq., Ballymartle, Kinsale.
Vice-Chairman, Achilles Daunt, esq., Kinsale.
Deputy Vice-Chairman, John Sandy Bird, esq., Kinsale.
Treasurer, Provincial Bank of Ireland, Cork.
Clerk and Returning Officer, Joseph Hosford.
Master and Matron, Paul Woods and E. Chambers.
Established Church, Rev. Achilles Daunt.
Roman catholic, Rev. John Kelleher.
Medical Officer, William B. Hornibrook.
Relieving Officers, Andrew Whitelaw, Kinsale; Thomas Daunt, Belgoohy, Kinsale.
Medical Officers of Dispensary Districts.
Ballyfeard, William M'Dermott.
Ballymartle, James L. M'Dermott.
Carrigaline, William W. Pearson, M.D.
Courceys, William Hegarty.
Kinsale, Edward B. Dorman, M.R.C.S.E.

25 Electoral Divisions. The Board of Guardians meets on Saturdays.
Chairman, Robt. Nettles, esq., Nettleville, Killinardrish.
Vice-Chairman, Wm. G. Browne, esq., Coolcower, Macroom.
Deputy Vice-Chairman, John Hassett, esq., Forest, Killinardrish.
Treasurer, Provincial Bank of Ireland, Cork.
Clerk and Returning Officer, Thomas T. Herley.
Master and Matron, Denis Brennan and Eliza Collins.
Established Church, Rev. R. W. Marmion.
Roman catholic, Rev. John Cullinan.
Medical Officer, Warren Crooke, M.D.
Relieving Officer, James Lynch, Kilcullin.
Medical Officers of Dispensary Districts.
Cannaway, N. Williams, M.D.
Clonmoyle, Thomas Godfrey, M.D.
Inchageelah, Nicholas White, M.D.
Macroom, Valentine M. Swiney, M.D.
Slievreagh, W. H. Kent, M.D.

21 Electoral Divisions. The Board of Guardians meets on Fridays.
Chairman, James Delacour, esq., Sunny Hill, Mallow.
Vice-Chairman, Harmer D. Spratt, esq., Pencil Hill, Mallow.
Dep. Vice-Chairman, Arundel Hill, esq., Graig, Doneraile.
Treasurer, Provincial Bank of Ireland, Mallow.
Clerk and Returning Officer, Robert Barry.
Master and Matron, Michael Shea and Elizabeth Delmege.
Established Church, Rev. Allen Robert Cliffe.
Roman catholic, Rev. Justin M'Carthy.
Medical Officer, Philip Barry, M.D.
Relieving Officer, Maurice Griffin, Mallow.
Medical Officers of Dispensary Districts.
Ballyclough, J. H. W. Hall, M.D.
Buttevant, James P. Sheehan and N. K. Cotter, M.D.
Doneraile, Robert Reardon, M.D.ED.
Kilshanick, John Baily, M.D.
Mallow, Parsons Berry, Surgeon.
Rahan, Edmund Barry, M.D.

19 Electoral Divisions. The Board of Guardians meets on Wednesdays.
Chairman, R. W. G. Adams, esq., Jamesbrook Hall, Cloyne.
Vice-Chairman, John Turpin, esq., Young Grove, Midleton.
Deputy Vice-Chairman, John W. Scott, esq., Midleton.
Treasurer, National Bank, Midleton.
Clerk and Returning Officer, James Cotter.
Master and Matron, Patrick Burke and Ellen Curtis.
Established Church, Rev. John Quarry.
Roman Catholic, Rev. John Fitzpatrick, P.P.
Medical Officer, Benjamin Johnston.
Relieving Officers, James Barry, Midleton; John Daly, Cloyne.
Medical Officers of Dispensary Districts.
Aghada, Robert Travers, M.R.C.S.E.
Carrigtuohill and Lisgoold, John W. Barry, M.D.
Castlemartyr, Thomas Sandiford, M.D.
Cloyne, William Fowke, M.D.
Midleton, Philip Nicholas Walsh, M.D.
Walshtown More, East, William Buckmaster, Midleton.

12 Electoral Divisions. The Board of Guardians meets on Thursdays.
Chairman, John M'Carthy O'Leary, esq., D. L., Coomlegane, Millstreet.
Vice-Chairman, Nicholas M. O'Donnell, esq., Coolemore.
Deputy Vice-Chairman, Daniel Lucey, esq., Millstreet.
Treasurer, National Bank, Kanturk.
Clerk and Returning Officer, Patrick M'Gragh.
Master and Matron, Tim. O'Keeffe and Ellen Buckley.
Chaplain, Roman Catholic, Rev. P. Fitzpatrick, P.P.
Medical Officer, John Leader, M.D.
Relieving Officers, Daniel Cronin, Gurteenafinago, Millstreet; Thomas Barrett, Liscahane, Millstreet.
Medical Officers of Dispensary Districts.
Cullen, Jeremiah O'Sullivan, M.R.C.S.E.
Millstreet, John Leader, M.D.

18 Electoral Divisions. The Board of Guardians meets on Tuesdays.
Chairman, John Franks, esq., J.P., Ballyscaddane House, Knocklong
Vice-Chairman, Thomas O'Brien, esq., Mounteagle, Kildorrery.
Deputy Vice-Chairman, Michael Fitzgibbon, esq., Solicitor, Brackbawn, Kilbeheny.
Treasurer, National Bank, Mitchelstown.
Clerk and Returning Officer, Richard Fitzgibbon.
Master and Matron, Denis Dullea and Maria Dullea.
Established Church, Rev. Thomas E. Evans.
Roman Catholic, Rev. Wm. Ronayne, C.C.
Medical Officer, James Phelan.
Relieving Officer, James O'Brien, Ballyarthur, Mitchelstown.
Medical Officers of Dispensary Districts.
Galbally, John O'Brien. M.D.
Kildorrery, Samuel Piddell, M.D.
Mitchelstown, William O'Neill, M.D.

23 Electoral Divisions. The Board of Guardians meets on Thursdays.
Chairman, T. Somerville, esq., Drishane, Castletownsend.
Vice-Chairman, Thomas H. Marmion, esq., Skibbereen.
Deputy Vice-Chairman, John Limrick, esq., Union Hall, Rosscarbery.
Treasurer, Provincial Bank, Skibbereen.
Clerk and Returning Officer, Charles Clerke.
Master and Matron, Robert Evans and Honora Atteridge.
Established Church, Rev. H. T. Townsend.
Roman Catholic, Rev. John O'Brien.
Medical Officer, Daniel Donovan, M.D.
Relieving Officer, James Barry, Old Court, Skibbereen.
Medical Officers of Dispensary Districts.
Drimoleague, David Hadden, M.D.
Skibbereen, Daniel Donovan, M.D.
Tullagh, Samuel W. Robinson, M.D.
Union Hall, James Somerville, M.D.

11 Electoral Divisions. The Board of Guardians meets on Tuesdays.
Chairman, Wm. H. Hull, esq., Lemcon Manor, Skull.
Vice-Chairman, J. Limrick, esq., Union Hall, Leap.
Dep. Vice-Chairman, William B. Baldwin, esq., Glandore, Leap.
Treasurer, Provincial Bank of Ireland, Skibbereen.
Clerk, Master, and Returning Officer, John Evans.
Matron, Frances Crowley.
Established Church, Rev John Triphook.
Roman Catholic, Rev. John Barry.
Medical Officer, Stephen Sweetman, M.D.
Relieving Officers, Charles O'Regan, Ballydehob; Thos. William Evans, Skull.
Medical Officers of Dispensary Districts.
Goleen, James M'Cormack, M.D.
Skull, Stephen Sweetman, M.D.

YOUGHAL UNION (Cos. Cork and Waterford),
14 Electoral Divisions. The Board of Guardians meets on Fridays.
Chairman, Francis Kennedy, esq., Ballinamultina, Clashmore.
Vice-Chairman, James Joseph Barry, esq., Frogmore House, Youghal.
Deputy Vice-Chairman, John Ronayne, esq., Ardsallagh, Youghal.
Treasurer, Bank of Ireland, Youghal.
Clerk and Returning Officer, Patrick Kennedy.
Master and Matron, John Wagner and Mary Guinan.
Established Church, Rev. Samuel Hayman.
Roman Catholic, * * *
Medical Officer, Richard Charles Ronayne.
Relieving Officer, John Walsh, Youghal.
Medical Officers of Dispensary Districts.
Ardmore, William C. Poole.
Clashmore, Francis M. Luther.
Killeagh, James Joseph Foley.
Templemichael, Henry C. Garde.
Youghal, James Curran.


* Have served the office of High Sheriff of the County

† Are members of the Board of Superintendence of the County Prison

‡ Are Governors of the District Lunatic Asylum for the County

(for Magistrates, etc.)
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